I’m so sick of being seen as “the angry black girl”.Shit it’s like we can’t ever comfortably express our emotions whenever we’re upset or feeling some type of way because people will claim that we are “angry”. I have an Asian friend who thinks this shit is cute, he’ll call me angry when I try to express my perspective on certain issues, when I’m irritated with something, or sometimes he just takes the things I say out of context and decides to label me as angry. Why do I have to be angry for showing emotion? Why do I have to be angry because I’m not afraid to speak out about something that upsets me? Sometimes I can’t even joke around with him or other people without them commenting some bullshit. They’ll claim it’s my tone of voice or how I word things. I even have a lot of people tell me that I “just look naturally angry”, what is that even supposed to mean? The funny thing is that there is a white girl in my friend group who is actually a real life bitch and can be very rude, but when she acts out nobody says anything about her. It used to not bother me at first, but I’ve been seeing this consistent pattern of people(mostly non-black) saying this to me and quite frankly if I wasn’t really upset before they make the comment, that is what really sets me off. Being a black girl is just so tiring sometimes and I hate feeling like I’m walking on eggshells because stupid people want to interpret my attitude the wrong way.

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Solangelo ;)

i’m lazy so it won’t be that long but yee amirit? solangelo is what i live for guys, i shipped it before even reading blood of olympus. and tysmm sweetness. anD THIS IS SO BAD LIKE WOW WHY DO I TRY I NEED AN IDEA OR SOME INSPIRATION OR MUSE OR IDK

“Why does everyone keep saying that I like him!” Nico was tired of everyone. Percy’s not so subtle comments. Hazel’s suggestive smile. Reyna’s half-hided giggles! It wasn’t fair.

Annabeth gave him a look that read clearly ‘go ahead, believe whatever you’d like, but I know better’, her usual look, now that he thought on it. She smiled a very ‘Annabeth Chase, daughter of wisdom’ smile, “Oh, I’m sure, Nico…”

“Don’t talk to me like that, Chase!” Nico squinted at her heavily.

“What look?” She replied innocently.

He sunk back into his seat, it was no use. Their skulls were thicker than their egos. Percy looked up, chewing loudly, “Gods, Neeks, what’s next?” He imitated a suspiciously ‘Jason’ voice, “No homo?

The son of Hades groaned, “Shut it, Percy! I don’t like him, simple as that!”

Percy began to object when a wild Will Solace sat down next to Nico, “Hey, Sunshine, wanna help me in the infirmary? People are getting whiny. I don’t do whiny.”

Nico focused all his attention on not turning a color that’d rival Lou Ellen’s current hair color. “Um, what? Oh… yeah, sure. In fact, lets go, like, right now… And don’t call me sunshine, or you’ll never see it again.”

“Cool! Oh, hi, Percy. Hi, Annabeth.” The demigod’s muttered quiet greetings. The boys got up, and Nico turned back swiftly.

They were both grinning.

Unexpected Love part 3


A/n: I hope you enjoy. This is the end of this story, also here’s part 1 and 2 if you haven’t read it yet. (: Warning: some cuss words

I couldn’t even speak after Micheal’s flirt comment. Standing there awkwardly and looking like a dumb ass for not speaking up, the lights die down again for the next band which I don’t know so I turn around and walked off nervously. I take a deep breath as I go sit at a table. I can’t believe that just happen, what the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I always make myself look stupid in front of people especially in front of a hot guy!!? I feel so embarrass and a shame that I can’t even bare to look at him now, he probably thinks I’m an idiot. I put my hand under my chin and take another deep breath then close my eyes to the music in the background. I peak over to see if Michael is still there with y/b/n and the rest of the boys, he wasn’t tho. SHIT! Where the fuck he….losing my trail of though, I felt a hand on my shoulder. 

I flinched and looked up so shocked to see Michael in front of me. Oh God why is happening right now. “What do you want?” I said rolling my eyes pretending like I don’t care. Michael pulls out the chair and takes a seat close to me. What in the hell is he trying to do here? “Just want to say, I’m sorry for putting you on the spot in front people. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.” He said looking at me in the eyes. “Don’t worry about it. That’s all you wanted to say?” I said anxiously. I need to relax seriously. I take a deep breath and wait for him to respond. “Actually I been trying to talk to you since we bumped into each other by the bathroom but if you only you would give me a chance to talk instead of keeping running off from me.” Michael said with a hard stare. 

Leans back “Okay. Fine go ahead talk away.” I said crossing my arms. “Well I noticed you when you first came into the doors and I felt something strange not in a bad way.” He said with a low laugh then continues “I thought you’re really beautiful and I was thinking to myself damn I need to talk her.” He starts to sound nervous then looks down. “I’m sorry again I don’t usually get nervous when talking a girl I think she’s beautiful.” He said looking back up at me with a little smile. He has the most adorable smile ever, I smile back feeling my cheeks turn hot. Oh God don’t start blushing. Shit! I hope he doesn’t noticed my cheeks. “You’re turning red, I think that’s cute!” He said giving me a big smile. Damn it he noticed. “Is it okay if I can have your number?” He asked then looked at the time. “Ah sure as long as you don’t plan to blow up my phone with your lame flirt comments” I said jokingly and we both laughed. 

I pulls out my black marker from my pocket, I grabbed his hand then wrote my name and number underneath his arm. “What’s your favorite song by Green Day?” He asked covering up his arm. “Holiday” I said as I start to get up from the chair. “Woah! Mine too!” He said while getting up from the chair. We smiled at each other, the lights turn up as the curtains on the stage close and the crown died down again. Green Day is coming up next and I’m getting really excited now. "I can’t believe they are coming out next!“ I said with excitement and jumped happily. “You’re a big fan huh!” He said smiling. “Fuck yeah I am, I been listening to them since I was little!” I respond back. Michael is perfect even tho everything had happened just by couple of hours. He makes me smile and I feel connected with him, I know it probably sounds crazy but at this point I don’t care I just want to be with this perfect guy. Just thinking about him just brings a smile on my face. I wonder tho if he feels the same way for me, I really do hope so. 

I look over at him as he looking at his phone. His lips are kissable, if only I could just grab his face and give him a big kiss. I bite my lip and stare at him. He looks over at me and smirks at me. “You like what you see?” He said with a flirty tone then winks at me. I opened my eyes wide and stop biting my lip. SHIT! He must know that I been checking out his beautiful lips. I need to stop, oh my God. He stares at me for few minutes then the minute I knew he lock his lip against mine. Oh sweet Jesus! I kissed him back as he pull me closer to him to wrap his hands around my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck. Wow. Even his kisses are perfect, lord have mercy! He finally back up from me with a smirk. “You’re a good kisser.” He said while a smile. “Really? I never kissed before.” I said blushing while feeling little shamed. His eyes open wide with a shocking expression. “Well you sure know what you are doing.” He said with a small laugh. Oh God, I feel my face growing redder from blushing. He smiles at me then took my hand. “We should head back to our group before Green Day starts.” He said pulling me along into the crowd. 

Y/b/n looks over at me with a smile knowing something must had happen between me and Michael. Still holding on to Michael hand, the lights die down and Green Day stepped out on stage. Billie Joe started with greeting everyone then started to sing “Know Your Enemy”. I can feel Michael jumping up and down so I joined him. After few songs, my favorite song “Holiday” came on. I started to go crazy and danced, I felt two hands on my hip knowing its Michael. We dance together and it felt so right. He whispered in my ear “Will you be my girlfriend?” I stop dancing feeling nervous but also really happy. I turn around to face him and lean to his face to kiss him. “Is that a yes?” He said laughing. I smile then nod yes to him. He smile happily and grabbed my hand so we could back to dancing to our favorite band together. 

It’s been 7 years today since I got to see Green Day for the first time and meeting my soulmate Michael Clifford. We decided to have our wedding on day we first met. I couldn’t be more happy to call him my husband and spend the rest of my life with this beautiful human being.

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You make everything in your life about what you look like, that's why I made the makeup comment. Your dad is in the hospital and you "want to look human" let go of your appearance for once and get over yourself. Your food is about your appearance, your clothes, your masks from lush, your makeup, your exercise. STOP. You can't even let go of your ego in this time of crisis.

You’re exhausting honestly hop off my dick

Do you really think I need to deal with your bullshit right now
Do you really think now is the time to send me criticisms
I make money. I work hard. If I want to buy a $7 face mask from lush, I will. If putting on a tiny bit of foundation and mascara is going to provide me with a moment of relief, I’m gonna.

Seriously I am so tired of your SHIT and I am so fucking done with this stupid goddamn website

I pray when someone you love gets hurt you don’t get criticized for holding onto some semblance of normalcy. I pray you take a moment to understand that different people cope in different ways and spending literally 2 minutes putting on some mascara is none? of? your? business??????????¿¿¿?¿¿?

People like you make me nauseous bye

literally why do i even bother trying to educate antivaxxers about why you cant contract fucking diseases from fucking vaccines

someone just told me, a doctoral student, that I was “wrong” for saying pertussis was a bacteria “””because its a virus””” (NO ITS NOT), and that they hoped i enjoyed my career of “legally selling drugs” (but thats what it is tho…?) and promoting “autoimmune dysfunction” (what).

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Oh god, I was looking through some gf theories videos when I saw this comment : "If Mabel dies than Dipper can stay with Ford to try to stop Bill without Mabel getting in the way"..I want to throw myself into the bottomless pitt so bad right now.

why do people even open their mouths omfg. if you can’t see that Mabel is crucial to defeating Bill, which is most likely why all of Ford’s plans that have excluded her have failed thus far, I can’t help you. I really can’t. She’s never been in the way. She’s always been vital.

Dipper knows he needs Mabel–not the journals, not Ford–Mabel to stop Bill. Wendy says that together there’s nothing the twins can’t do, that they make an unstoppable team and they’ve proven that throughout like all of the show. The writers are literally telling you that Mabel is important. She lifts Dipper up like he lifts her up. The last thing she’s doing is getting in the way oh my god.

More than that, if someone honest to God thinks Dipper wants to stay with Ford after Dipper’s stated he doesn’t and wants to grow up with his sister, and believes that if Mabel dies he’s just gonna be totally okay and functional and change his mind like it’s nothing, that he wouldn’t resent the supernatural for taking her away, that he wouldn’t be furious with Ford and himself because Ford said Dipper was keeping her safe by keeping everything about the apocalypse a secret but it hadn’t Ford was wrong she’s gone she’s dead because of them, I…I don’t even know what to say. I’ll join you in the pit, man. Hasta la vista.

6x15 “Do Not Disturb” notes
  • The text messages popping up all the time was alright at first but they’re starting to overdo it and it looks cheap. I think it’s the text being on a slant that bothers me? I don’t believe for a second that A would be using that many emojis. 
  • Why is Byron the worst even when he’s not doing anything wrong.
  • I don’t get the deal with Sara’s hands… I thought she couldn’t use her hands at all? now they’re making out like she was some use but limited.
  • The asian comment made me feel so uncomfortable. No race is your prop. Thanks for promoting the fashion industry in a negative light too. Especially when we’re pushing for more diversity and the abandonment of certain ethnicity being used as props.
  • The culprit is always the person the girls least expect so let’s cross Shady Harvey off the list already.
  • This whole campaign stuff feels so underwhelming? we’re not seeing much of it besides the drama with Yvonne being Toby’s new girlfriend. I kind of got the impression that it would play more of a part. How is Spencer always available for A work?
  • How bad is the security at this school??? step your game up, Rosewood.
  • Why is Yvonne leaving when it looks like they both still have a full plate of food like how rich are these girls? I’d cry leaving that much.
  • Who hired Shady Harvey as an actresses? at least I like her jacket.
  • I have a feeling that she’s talking about Rollins.
  • The Emily x Alison scene made me aww a little. I don’t really ship them but that’s the kind of development I’d like to see between them if they do end up as a couple.
  • The hospital scene was really strange. I don’t know if it’s because she’s being nice but I’m getting a really shady vibe from Alison here. I wonder if she’s actually working with Shower Harvey and allowed her to come in for a minute and freak Emily out.
  • I don’t eat brunch!
  • Hell yes for Hanna standing up for herself.
  • Suddenly for the first time since the series started I care for Caleb.

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Why do you like SansxFrisk? Frisk is just a kid. Artists don't even try to make Frisk adult looking

I wondered when I was going to get one of these messages.
After being in the billdip fandom, I can’t motivate myself to care what others have to bitch about. No matter what is said or done, someone will always be salty about something.

As for how artists portray their Frisks and Sansies, take the time to actually investigate before you send hateful comments (if this honestly bothers you). Some artists draw their Sans as bara, so even if Frisk is adult height, they’ll still look small. People also view Frisk as female, male, and genderless and explore different timelines. Not to mention that Frisk is an ambiguous character because they’re molded to fit how the player perceives them. They have no defining gender, age, or race.

How I see it, if I saw a tiny kid Frisk like Nyu’s UT Mob’s Frisk on NSFW works, that would make me feel extremely uncomfortable and I would probably report it.

People using excuses like “Frisk is too short to be an adult”, “Frisk doesn’t have boobs or facial hair”, and etc is ridiculous to me. I’m 23 years old and I’m always mistaken for a high school student (15-18 years old) at my colleges and places of employment. When I wear baggy clothes, my boobs are like nonexistent. Am I going to tell guys that flirt with me that they’re pedophiles based on my physical appearance? No, because that’s so dang ridiculous.

If a ship or anything that bothers you on tumblr, just blacklist, avoid the tags, and/or put your safe search on. There’s truly no reason for this kind of stuff to be an issue unless the intention is truly to be a pedophile.

If you have any questions about this topic, message me off of anon.

Ohoho look at all those hate comments on Bora's IG post on Sooyoung's birthday party.

Stop it. Just stop it. Can’t we just appreciate the fact that idols from different groups, companies are making peace and befriending one another?

So why can’t we do the same? I don’t see the need to bash Bora for being at the party, while Seohyun and Sunny are absent. There is a reason they can’t make it. And the ‘Why you never mention Seohyun?’ comments, stop it. Seohyun isn’t even there therefore Bora did not mention her. Why dont you ask 'Why you never mention Sunny?’ too?

Stop being immatured Sones and let your unnies invite whoever they want to the party. Respect their decision. To all those Sones who are asking your friends to stop, thank you so much. For being a good Sone :)

Instead of starting fanwars, let’s all make peace :)

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Hiya I miss your scenarios...I know it's only been a few days but :'( krytoria please, feat jealous Victoria

“I wish I had your body.”

Krystal turned to lie on her side as she watched her girlfriend inspect her body in front of the mirror. “What are you talking about?”

“My tummy is flat enough but I wish I had your abs. Look…” Victoria raised her shirt high enough to show her stomach. “It looks so pale and unattractive. I miss my abs.”

She proceeds to carress her flat stomach while she complained. “I really shouldn’t have gained all that weight years ago. When I lost all the fats, I didn’t exercise enough and lost my abs. Now, I don’t even have enough time to develop them again.”

“You’re spouting nonsense again…” the magnae comments coolly, making Victoria smile.

“I know… But sometimes I do wonder why you would stick with somebody like me. Wouldn’t you want someone who at least looks as good as you?”

Krystal rose from the bed and walked to stand before the pouting woman. She placed a hand on the elder’s face before pinching her cheek hard between her fingers.

“Ow! Soojung, that hurt!” Victoria swatter the younger’s hand away and rubbed the sore spot on her cheek.

“That’s what you get for having such thoughts about me and yourself.” Krystal glares.
“I’m with you because I want to be with you, period. I’m insulted that you would think that I would choose to be with a person based on their appearance.”

“I’m sorry…I didn’t think of it that way.” Victoria captured the younger in an embrace. “Please don’t be mad anymore.”

“You’re forgiven just this once just don’t bring this topic up again. Besides… you can always have my body.”



“That’s really cheesy, Dduddungie~”


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What's your opinion on Mark trying to explain the gay club thing? I feel like people right away when he first talked about it questioned his sexuality and fuck they got me furious. I even made a post about it... Do you think Mark handled it well?

I think he handled it decently. I mean, there’s no perfectly right or wrong way to address sexuality rumours, but there are ways that are better than other and his was on the ‘better’ side.

I’m not certain why it’s such a hot topic with Mark in the first (apart from the fact he’s popular, attractive and the internet is a crazy place) and I dread to think how many comments/messages he has to look at with people discussing it. Urgh, it must draining in a way. 

(Also I’m nearly 100% certain that he only went to gay clubs because of the free drinks… from my experience normal clubs and gay clubs are very similar places, with the excessively loud music, too many sweaty drunk people and way too much sexual harassment for the experience to be enjoyable!) 

Where Does an Astronaut Drink? || katarinawilliams

“…and even though the malfunctioning thermal exhaust shaft is just a rumor, there is much to be said for the original designs, which might I add ARE in the public HoloRecords,” Eddie continued talking to the bartender, who was most annoyed that he had initially engaged him in conversation,”So; why would they have listed such a specific lie? UNLESS of course it was a double bluff?”

Eddie waited for the bartender to react to his inquisition.

“So, do you want another drink, or…?” was all the server said

“…a pint of local ale and a shot of Vanqorian whiskey, please,” Eddie requested, “So the exhaust shaft…”

“Hold on, need to get more whiskey…” the bartender commented, not even looking to him as he walked away, having been in desperate need of a break in the conversation.

Sighing out in frustration, Eddie slumped against the chair, then checking to see if anyone was looking before reaching behind the bar and helping himself to a few packets of protein flakes, stuffing them in his jacket before he could get caught.

Why do white fuckboys feel the need to comment on people who aren’t even acknowledging them like I’m just looking at what games this store has in stock I don’t need your shitty ass coming in invading my personal space and asking “what game are you looking for?” in a condescending voice like ugh get your pizza ass face out of here

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I hope this isn't rude of me to ask but in your experience what is a fair price to pay to have your dog in good agility classes? I'm looking into getting a German Shepherd and I want to do a lot of different sports with my dog and agility looks very fun but since I'm only nineteen money can be a bit of a problem and people like to take advantage since I'm younger

Not rude at all! In fact your ask illustrates a great point, as one of the comment complaints among agility people is “why aren’t there more young people??” Well I’d say the main reason is money. Many young people are busy paying off student debt or raising families or both and don’t have the extra income for dog sports. And even if you don’t have debt or kids to pay for, dog sports can still be prohibitively expensive.

IMO I feel like $10-15/hr is reasonable for group classes. When you get right down to it, agility is kind of a luxury. Maybe luxury isn’t the right word, more like extracurricular activity. It’s not a necessity like obedience or behavior mod. Therefore I feel like high prices for agility are kind of unjustified. Yes there are people who take agility more seriously (sometimes very seriously) but honestly for the bulk of agility competitors, it’s a casual hobby and high prices can be a barrier for entry into the sport or a reason that people drop out. I started agility when I was 16, and the main reasons we could do it were a) my mom paid for it, haha, but still it’s not like we had a ton of money so b) the $10/hr lesson price made it affordable.

As far as the reality, lesson prices vary from area to area. Group classes range from about $10-25/hr. In a few cases it can be substantially less as part of a club membership, but this doesn’t seem as common. Rates are usually dependent on the “going rate” (what are the other trainers charging, I’ll charge that too) and facility rentals. Around here I’m the only trainer charging $15, everyone else is $20 or above. I can only charge less because I teach where I live and don’t have an extra commercial facility or rental to pay for. When I teach somewhere else with a rental fee, I charge $20 but I still don’t really like it.

For an additional rambling tangent, when you look at these numbers you can see that agility trainers make anywhere from $30-120+/hr! Kind of crazy. My husband is a bridge engineer which involves a lot of complicated stuff and working on projects with millions of dollars in the budget and in that industry if things go wrong it’s hella expensive and potentially even people can die. He gets about $35/hr right now. Even at $10/hour with four dogs, I would get paid a higher hourly rate to teach people fancy tricks with their dogs. And that seems kind of wrong to me??

But anyway agility trainers also generally don’t work a full 40-hour work week, at least not in the form of teaching 40 hours of lessons. There might be a few that do, but they’re kind of the exception. Even if lessons aren’t a full work week, there are many other things that happen outside the lessons that trainers don’t directly get paid for, and so the lesson rates kind of carry over into that. Lesson planning, setting up equipment, maintaining the equipment, website, marketing, you could even consider the conditioning and training of their own dogs as part of the business, etc.

Anyway, as far as getting taken advantage of money-wise, I totally understand that concern. But in this case I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Agility trainers charge the same rates for everyone and if they have a website usually those rates are published. I hope you can get into agility! It is a lot of fun and it’s always nice to see GSDs out there. :)

tl;dr personally I think $10-15/group class is reasonable, but whether that’s the reality varies from area to area. $20/hr is probably average for individual trainers. Some areas are more expensive. If you can find websites or info with trainers in your area and see their prices, you’ll get an idea of what to expect.

“why do you care so much about your appearance anyway”

because im a vain little asshole whos been misgendered and called ugly (and thus more or less excluded from all age group / peer activities and social groups unless im disproportionately funny) all my life and who hates my hormone imbalances that have never fuCKi NG helped anything and i derive confidence from looking as close as i can to whatever idealized form of femininity i can whip up because i have nothing else to base my confidence on! (no, not even brains, dont fucking talk to me about ‘but ur so smart :)’)

and i don’t even fit said femininity bc i’m overweight, got one hell of an ugly gene set, and do nothing to improve my life bc i would really rather die tbh

Why do girls get shrewd comments for wearing their hair in a bun from men?

Having long hair is HARD. You have to comb/brush it, style it, straighten it, curl it, put numerous products in it, and wash it regularly (if your hair is naturally oily or not).

Do you even understand how much work this is? To get up an hour early, maybe two, to fix your hair? To make it look okay for the day, but then a couple hours later have it look just as bad as before?

I can tell you from experience that some days, I’m just tired of messing with it. I don’t want it in my face, and I don’t want to feel it on my neck, so what’s the easiest solution? A bun.

So please, don’t tell me it looks “Unlady like” or give me some shit like “why don’t you just cut it all off? You always have your hair up anyways.” (When I literally have my hair down 90% of the time), because that doesn’t make a single difference to me. I will wear my hair however I want to, and I, a woman, do not care what you, a male, think about my hairstyle choices. I get up an hour early every morning to do my hair for ME. Not you.

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I'm a skeptic who is also a straight ally, and, yes, I was honestly very offended by jtanon's homophobic slurs. I usually find her comments interesting, even when I'm not in total agreement. She probably meant to be "cleverly" condescendingly mocking of (that %=÷×*) "Gambles," but it was the wrong thing to do, no matter how you look at it. I am glad you did not try to defend it.

I don’t need to defend JT Anon Nonny, she’s a grown woman that knows perfectly well what she does and why she does it.  Sometimes she’s a bit harsh, but then again it’s all part of her special charm  ;o)