• Regina: Emma don't you dare ask her!
  • Emma: What? I think it's a fair question.
  • Regina: No.
  • Emma: Why not?
  • Regina: It was bad enough when you asked Ariel to sing 'Part of Your World' but now you have to pester Elsa over 'Let It Go' too?
  • Emma: All I'm saying Regina is that in a town full of fairytale characters, as the Saviour, surely I can ask for a Disney themed karaoke?
  • Regina: All you're doing is confusing people and those films were awful representations of us.
  • Emma: But the songs are so good.
  • Regina: I know dear. I do hear your shower singing most mornings.
  • Emma: I think you're just jealous there's no Evil Queen song.
  • Regina: Well it isn't fair. Ursula has one. Scar has one. I should have one too.
  • Emma: Write one. Then sing it at karaoke.