anonymous asked:

Can we have a comic like Sans's introducing the askers?

Sure thing ;D

Sorry for not doing this sooner x’D no internet land and commissions are certainly something ;P

  • Non voltron fan:so tell me about these gays in space. what are the ships?
  • Me:well there's lunk and shidge
  • Them:excuse...me...?
  • Me:and my ot3 is shklance
  • Them:bless you
  • Me:oh and i quite enjoy shatt
  • Them:
  • Me:
  • Them:i'm so sorry
  • Me:me too


No matter how badass or what kind of  personality has cross, cross always be a dork

Pretty much is how Natasha is related to these nicely dolls, she is not very good driving them but has improved… (tnaks to Doug and Alexa to not disappoint Lin). Still remains a dork as a pilot, especially in vehicle form(though it is the funniest way).

A small comic with my imlazyandiwantsomethingfastcosidonthavetimebutincolorstoo  style (went out of control with the bright colors shithappenswhenusewhitebackground)