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// enter stage left.
// opens mouth to say something.
// furiously exits stage left. gtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtg—

HI– HI YES. hi. it’s tin here aha- and !!! well !!! how do i start this !! okay let’s just go for it- LET’S GO. (( its about to get weird up in here )) WELL. it’s been a little over 3 months since i started this blog and i just !!! recently !!! reached !!! 1000 followers !!! (( we can now become a small country; who’s up for it ??? )) and it’s really ????????????????? with a side of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because whAT HAPPENS NOW ?? DO I HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL Y’ALL ?? AM I A LEGAL GUARDIAN ?? IS THIS EVEN LEGAL ?? IS THIS HOW CULTS START TO FORM– but well. apart from my mini mental breakdown- i just wanted to express !!! my gratitude !!! and love !!! to everyone who has made the whole experience running this blog so !!! amazing !!! i’m glad to have made at least a few friends and i really couldn’t thank all of you enough for putting up with me all day every day with my screaming and yelling gosh what a square– anyway !! i love !! everyone i’ve met on this site !! (( including those i admire from afar )) and i hope to be here for a long !! time !! and make more friends in 2016 !! even though i am an awkward peanut !!

anyway here’s a list of quality blogs i follow !! do check all of them out because (( bgm: worth it.mp3 )) !!
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Klance and the Voltron Team Youtuber Au because why not???

Okay so I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and now I’m going to because why the hell not???

  • Keith and Lance share a huge house. They always have the gang over so its like they live there too basically. 
  • Lance’s username is something like BlueLance or something cute idk
  • Keith’s is just Keith Kogane. Or basically simple af. 
  • Pidge has a gaming channel. They love to go on public servers and just wreck the 28 year olds that have been doing it for years. 
  • Hunk doesn’t actually have a channel yet, but he’s always in the videos so its almost like everyone just shares their channels with him. 
  • Shiro does a lot of vlogging or a couple of good RPGs or something idek im just making this up as i go lol
  • Allura vlogs. Everyday. Everyone loves her. She has the most subscribers. 
  • Coran doesn’t have a channel either, but he’s always in the videos like Hunk. 

Back to the Klance now. 

  • Keith is that guy who does all the game theories and makes random videos like,,, who even thinks of some of the things he comes up with???
  • He vlogs a little too if he’s going on a trip or something. 
  • Lance loves to do challenges with the whole gang. He also likes those dumb DIYs that he literally has 0 use for. 
  • Lance does that bathtub full of orbiez. (Whatever they are called lol) and makes a huge mess while Keith is filming. 
  • Keith is trying to not smile because oh my god??? He looks so happy and cute sitting in a tub of little gel orbs???
  • Keith cannot stay mad at Lance. 
  • That’s a lie he gets mad when they both have no idea what to do with over 7,000 orbiez. 
  • “Lance, you should not have filled the effing tub with these little-”
  • They also do the ‘Boyfriend Best friend does my make up challenge’
  • Lance does make up on Keith. Keith does not know how it ended up like this. 
  • Lance does an amazing job because oh my god someone had to teach his sisters how make up works when mom wasn’t around. He gets into it later bc of this…
  • Lance just kinda pauses at the end because holy crap Keith looks so fricken pretty. 
  • Keith thinks he made him look like shrek or something.
  • They end up with the klance fandom soon after a year or two. 
  • Pidge ships it and always makes references. 
  • They are still not together but they might as well be. It drives the fandom nuts. 
  • It’s even worse when they collab and Lance subtly flirts with Keith and it just goes over his head and the fandom looses its shit. 

Feel free to add on these are only ideas and hehe i might just draw some of this. 


((click for captions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ))

Could Someone Just Download All The Things and Send it to me Please?

Kidding of course. I swear I’ll never catch up. I remember when I had to go back and download all the things I wanted for TS3 over again, it took me less than a month. I’ve been at this TS4 downloading spree for… I think going on four months now? It’s getting ridiculous. LMAO. Oh well, here’s to another day.

anonymous asked:

hi! i just got into haikyuu recently and i ship kurotsuki alooottttt (i love your krtk fan arts btw) but i've heard about the growing hate of this ship? could you explain what was going on? why do people dislike this ship? thanks :))) have a nice day~

Hello, hello ;w; Thank you for enjoying my arts!

As for the hate, it has always been there.

This is gonna be long so under the cut it is. Warning, ramblings about ship hate.

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Okay so I just read some of the tags regarding my gifs of Azusa throwing Teddy in the fire AND I think a lot of people misunderstand Azusa’s motives. I’ve seen people saying that he is mean, but do you understand why he did that ? Azusa needs Yui to come with him ASAP. But Kanato, as always, is against it and even begins to strangle Yui. Azusa is not the type to create conflict (except with his brothers when he wants to get punished but it’s not the same type of conflict anyway). He wants to avoid violence and searches for other possibilities to distract Kanato and run away with Yui. And I repeat, WITHOUT using violence. And even before throwing Teddy, he apologizes to Kanato. He is doing this because there is no other choice. It’s his only option, since his top priority right now is to bring back Yui (because they were attacked and apparently Ruki is probably… hmmm well…, not that good?). Just keep in mind that if it was the other way around, Kanato wouldn’t search a way to distract Azusa, but would use violence.

Ok so I decided to make another follow forever cos my blog recently turned one (yesterday otl) and i’ve been planning on doing this for a while^-^ (also it’s christmas soon!!!)

I want to thank everyone who follows this exo filled blog, (even if i still dont wholly understand why u follow me with the rambling tags i always write) and just say that i appreciate all of you cos it would be pretty lonely without you     (●´ω`●)  

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Chapter 184 ramblings

Logically I know that Soma doesn’t know about Hayama’s childhood, and can’t really understand why he’d choose to avoid direct conflict (especially considering that that has always worked for yukihira, but not everyone can be a main character), but i’m still really salty. Like jfc soma who gave you the authority to go around insulting people’s character while shirtless

please give akira a break. he’s barely doing this for himself

(also the fact that akira is as good an assistant to Jun as Arato is to Erina. I’m emotional*.)

I can’t wait for someone to tell hayama that he doesn’t literally owe jun his life. Dude would both kill someone and be killed for her it’s concerning. 

I’m so Happy that Jun was Elite 10?? Like that one panel calling Jun ‘The Queen of Spice’ back in the autumn elections’ was great and this is BETTER. 

Where is Jun rn tho. 

Are they deadass just living in the same building rn. Why does Hayama moodily stand on the roof with his jacket open. How many times will Soma and Dojima have bath heart-to-hearts.

*Pro Erina/Arato romantically, but I don’t really like Jun/Hayama. I don’t want to imply otherwise. 

why do I loveeeee u all tho

Ily @grizmnn bc u always so nice and I’ve seen ur tags progress from cute to hoe and taught u the way of the pun. brilliant always and her writing is A+++. also gives solid life advice 11/10

Ily @atleti-penguins-and-jogis-jungs bc bantz bantz bantz turkey dinosaurs also is a coolio and indulges me in my lost puppy-like romanticism.

Ily @daddydurm u whore bc u always down to slut with me and ur selfies are always on F L E E K she’s a loveable hoe and such a nice friend to have on here aaaaa

Ily @edmplurfect bc have u seen her selfies holy fuckballs her eyebrows look better than my future. she a cutie too and she does EDM stuff which is funfunfun

Ily @gaygrizi bc u are my small child and I’ll protect u with my life and we obsess over hector together and wowee u cutie 

Ily @calumchambers bc u call me sunshine and it’s so cute and ur a beautiful ray of happiness aaaaaa

I LOVE ALL OF U SO MUCH i’m so lucky to have met all of u what BABES follow them all imma cry jésus byebye

Am I the only one that, when people tag Keith with “Wake me up,” I always immediately think of, “Wake me up, before you go go” instead of the hot topic Evanescence song? I don’t even know why but when I see that and when I see Keith that’s the song I sing, not Evanescence. Why am I like this?