Riverdale Cast vs Director #5
  • Director: Okay so it's the end of the season we should all have a good grasp on your characters sexuality
  • Cast: Of course
  • Cast: *Mumbling incoherently*
  • Director: ...
  • Cast: ...
  • Director: ...
  • Cast: ...
  • Director: What was with all the jealous looks?!
  • Camila: I thought that Veronica was trying to make the love of her life jealous???
  • Lili: And I thought that Betty was jealous of Archie???
  • Madelaine: Isn't that why Cheryl left because she could watch the girl she loves dance with someone else???
  • Director: You guys play your characters as straight as circles you need to play them as straight as a ruler!
  • Director: *under breathe* Why do I even try anymore?

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Request: #76 - Smutty, sloppy, dirty sex and #84 - Needy, clingy sex with Derek Hale

Author’s Note: I kinda feel like this sucks, so let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Always wear a condom/practice safe sex, kiddos!

Warnings: Language; smut; it is just plain porn; dirty talk; shitty writing


I let the loft door slam into the wall as I flung it open, storming in with Derek hot on my heels. To say I was pissed didn’t even cover the half of it. I was absolutely fuming.

“Really, Y/N?” he asked sarcastically. God, I could practically hear the eye roll as he pulled the door closed behind him. Biting my tongue, I simply ignored him and removed my jacket with tight, quick movements, kicking off my shoes next. “At least look at me.” I pursed my lips, keeping my eyes off of him. Just as I turned to head to the bathroom, a firm grip on my arm stopped me. “Dammit, Y/N!” Derek growled, spinning me to face him.

“Get the hell off of me,” I spat, yanking free of his hold. His green eyes were burning with anger and annoyance as we stared each other down.

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*Requested* Imagine you are the Salvatore´s little sister and they find out that you are dating someone and react to it.

(Because Stefan and Damon are quite different, they react react that way too. Damon more agressive than needed, but it´s Damon we´re talking about right? I apologize for the ending but my brain just stopped there, donßt know what happend.I hope you enjoy anyway and feedback is as always appreciated and now happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 963

Your name: submit What is this?

Being the little sister to Stefan and Damon has its perks but otherwise is a pain in the behind. Especially because they are so protective of you. They both protect you equally but Damon is the one who tends to behave a little overprotective.

You are currently kissing your boyfriend goodbye in front of the Boarding House, after an awesome date. You´ve been together a couple of months and everything goes well, but there´s one thing you´ve dreaded for a long time; Telling your brothers about him. You know you will have to tell them eventually, but you also know how they will react. Especially Damon.

You enter the house, immediately bumping into the chest of one of your brothers. You look up to see Damon´s eyes staring into yours.

Damon: “Who the hell is this guy out there Y/N?”

Great. That´s exactly what you tried to avoid.

You see Stefan sitting on the couch, a drink in his hands. He rolls his eyes at his brother´s unnecessary behavior.

Stefan: “Damon let her at least sit down before you annoy her with your questions.”

Damon raises his hands in defend, letting you pass to the living room. You sit down, knowing you will be here for quite some time. Damon grabs his glass from the fireplace and sits down across from you.

Damon: “Ok now that you´re comfortable: Who is he?”

You take a deep breath, bracing yourself for the impact of anger that´s about to hit you. It´s well-meant anger, but anger nonetheless.

Y/N: “Well he is kind of my boyfriend.”

Damon: “Your what?”

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If you still have requests open, I would adore seeing a high school AU where Peter Pan is the bad boy and the reader is the super smart, bookie type and they are forced to work together on something? Thanks either way and have a great day!

I am so sorry this took so long❤️

“Y/N and Peter.” I looked up from my notes. “Uh miss I’m sorry who?” I stuttered making sure I heard everything right. “Peter? Peter Panington.” “Oh-uh-okay.” I looked across the room to see him with an annoyed look on his face. (The gif) I slowly got up and walked over. He always had a desk next to him that no one ever sat in because everyone was to afraid of him. He was a badass of the school. He came about a few months ago and scared everyone to death. But the girls always drooled over him. He didn’t have any friends and was always seen alone, reading this old worn book. “Uh hi I’m y/n.” I said looking down at him. He looked at me and gave me the rudest stare ever. Oh god no please don’t hate me I already have enough going on, I though. I slowly sat down next to him. “Uh so what part of the project do you want to do?” I said clicking my pen. He glared at me but something told me to stand my ground. A small voice I had never heard before. It was as if looking in his electric green eyes something came alive. Soon it turned into a staring war. In the end he looked away first and I felt really proud to see him hiding a smile. “I can do the essay part, there should be no need for us to talk or hang out at all, I’ll do my part and you do yours. That’s it.” “Uh- okay.” The bell rang and he got up so fast that he dropped his book. I picked it up and saw the title on the old leather book.

The Peter Pan Prophecy.

Wonder what that could be. I ran out but he was gone when I went to go look for him. That being last period I left the school and went home. I was greeted at home with nothing. Fun having rich parents that don’t care about you and no friends isn’t it? Half the time my parents weren’t even here. I saw a note saying they wouldn’t be home so I got some pizza and did my homework.

As I put my finished work away I saw Peter’s book. I opened in to see it glow. What the hell?

One day the villain Peter Pan will start to die. In order to stop this he must find his true love. He must go to a modern day highschool in the year 2015 and find his love. It will be unexpected but if she does not fall in love with him after four months he will die. He will find this book in Neverland when he needs it most.

What?! This is a joke right. Wait Peter Panington. That sounds just like Peter Pan. No way. I looked inside to see nothing but blank pages. Once I touched them they showed words. This is insane. I read it though and saw the story of Peter Pan and Neverland, I saw how to get there and all the lost boys. When I finished reading the book I threw it in my bag. If this kid is actually Peter Pan I’m terrified he is a horrible villain with no mercy. I ran upstairs and had an uneasy sleep.

The next morning I awoke and went to school. Durning lunch I saw Peter sitting outside on the bleachers looking stressed. I took a deep breath and walked over. “Uh Peter?” He looked up with a cold face. “What did I tell you about-” I felt rage all of the sudden. “Listen buddy, I don’t even want to talk to you! I tried to be nice and all I get is your bitchy attitude for no reason, I’m here to return your whacked up book you left in class.” With that I threw his book at him in rage and walked off. Once I turned the corner I took a deep breath. How and how and how? This wasn’t me. I would never say that. I slid down the wall and threw in some earbuds. I rested my arms on my knees and cried into them. I hate everything why do I even try anymore, everyone hates me. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Peter. I sniffled, “leave me alone.” I muttered. But he didn’t he sat down next to me and took one earbud out. He placed it in his own ear. Confused. That’s one word to describe how I feel. Why is he doing this? “I’m sorry.” I heard him say. I looked over at him, his eyes where glued on the closed book. “I guess I’m just so easy at pushing people away.” “Is that because you’re Peter Pan or because you’re horrible at making friends?” I asked quietly. His head snapped up. “What did you just say?!” “I know who you are. You’re more than just an exchange student aren’t you?” “How did you find out?” “Your book.” “But it’s just a page, you can’t possibly think that’s real.” “No, maybe not but this convinced me.” I moved my hand over and opened the book on his lap. He looked like he was going to stab me. I flipped passed the first page. “I’m not scared of you. Now read.” He looked down in shock. “How did this show up?!” “I don’t know I just touched it. Anyways I can help you find her, your true love.” He looked at me. “Okay.”

In that time we grew closer than anything. We became best friends. We where sat on my couch, Peter was stressing out because his months ended tomorrow. Honesty I wished I was his true love. Because I have fallen in love with him. “Let me see the book again.” “I’ve looked through all of it but here you go! Oh what will Felix do?” I grabbed the book and ran my hands along the pages. I reached the back and felt a lump in the paper that was glued to the leather. I ripped it open. “Y/N WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Peter yelled at my as if I was insane. I pulled out a folder piece of paper. “Finding new things.” He gasped. I opened it up and read it.

Dear reader,
If you have found this then you are running out of time. I have one more final hint. The one who can make the writing appear and finds this is the real true love. The one that was never scared of Pan, the only one to call him by his first name, the only one that can get away with sassing him. You are his love and the queen of Neverland. If you want him to survive you must show him this and he will fly you back. You two will live forever together and you will never be sad again.

Best of luck.

I took it all in. I was his true love. “What does it say?” He asked nervously. I shakily handed him the letter. After reading it he let out a sigh. I looked at him confused. “Y/N I’ve been in love with you this whole time.” I stood up and so did he. “Are you lying?” “Why would I lie to you?” “I don’t know just people used to-” I was cut off by his soft lips on mine. I was shocked but kissed back.

“Let’s go to Neverland.”