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why do you like gale so much

oh, anon. my dear, dear anon. you don’t know what kind of situation you opened with this question. but since you asked…

i love gale because as a 14 year old, he dedicated himself to doing everything he could to helping his widowed mother care for his family. i love gale because his name was in a reaping bowl 42 times and he was okay with that as long as his siblings’ names didn’t have to go in more than absolutely necessary. i love gale because he carried prim’s goat home for her just because he wanted to see her face, because he watched nearly all of katniss’ games with the everdeen’s, because he cared for katniss’ family for her the entire time she was gone because that’s what they did, and he loved them, too.

i love gale because he always dreamed about something better. from the very first time we meet him, he’s thinking in ‘what ifs’. he’s wondering about a world without the capitol, and he believes it could happen. he feels that in his heart. because the capitol has taken everything from him and gale is a fighter. everything in him is screaming at him to fight back but he can’t. not yet. i love gale because when that opportunity finally comes, he’s faced with a decision: leave with the girl he loves or stay and fight. and he stays. he fights. because it’s not just about them and their families, it’s about everyone. everyone deserves the same chance to live in that world he dreamed of and gale wants to do everything he can to give it to them.

i love gale because he is constantly there to remind katniss who she is. when she thinks she’s what peeta sees after the hijacking, when she thinks she’s a monster who only hurts peope, gale is there to remind her that, as her oldest friend, she knows that’s not who she is. he’s there to remind her that she’s good, that what she does gives people hope, that’s she’s important. his voice is in her head. always. from the first game all the way until the very end of the books, when she sits on a rock and counts to 10 and waits for him to appear. he’s with her. and she’s with him.

i love gale because he rescued everyone he could from district 12 and wouldn’t accept thanks, because he thought he could’ve done more. he was the first person to volunteer to rescue peeta from the capitol. he went back in district 13 to rescue prim, and had the presence of mind to take with him possessions that would mean a lot to katniss. he is selfless and courageous and he fights because he loves so much. that’s something not enough people give him credit for. gale fights because he loves. because he loves his family and katniss and her family and the people in the districts. he wants them to be safe and healthy and free. so he fights.

and i love gale because he’s an asshole. i love gale because he says what is on his mind and doesn’t think about the consequences even when, honestly, the child should really shut up. i love him because his anger his overwhelming, because the capitol pushed him to the very brink. and people can hate him for what he did to fight back, but he, like so many, lived in misery, lived hungry and hurt and miserable, and he pushed back. and that gave him tunnel vision, that made him make decisions that are maybe questionable, but to understand them you have to understand gale. the capitol committed daily violence against their people and tore this boy apart so he pushed back with everything he had. he’s trying to free himself and his family and his people. as my friend elyssa would say, gale wasn’t born a rebel, the capitol made him one.

i love gale because he’s not perfect. i love gale because he’s messy and angry and loud and unapologetic. i love gale because he makes mistakes, because he says things he shouldn’t and does things he shouldn’t, but his heart is always in the right place. the things he wants, his intentions, are honorable. again, i say, gale fights to hard because he loves so much. and that’s the boy i fell in love with.


I glued my hair back for the first time since it’s been short ( and put it in a fake bun) and strange but somehow pleasing things happened when I took it out

Man I feel like trash.

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if ur wondering why stamina is so high but speed is so low: it took me at least two to three hours to draw all this and I didn’t get tired (cries and it isn’t even as impressive as several hours’ work should be)

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prob'ly gonna break some hearts, prob'ly gonna get mine broken. I don’t know. I’m gonna float on through. I’d never be so vain as to promise you endtimes tailing my love. Maybe some red wine and ice cream? An evening with a breakup album? Girls ain’t guns, I certainly ain’t one. So uh. Yeah. If someone promises their love will ruin you, run. Because that’s another way of saying “I don’t give a shit, I’m not even gonna try to pull my weight here.” Life ain’t a grand tragedy. Prob'ly gonna get your heart broken, prob'ly gonna break some hearts. Just float on through. Don’t waste your time fighting white water, drink from the still lake.
—  (by OTCpoetry)

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What do you think the stupidest thing 5sos has ever done is?? (I think this doge meme thing is pretty high up there tbh) (also my face page is tagged/me and my name is Emily)


Ship: Doge Irwin // Doge Official // Majestic Doge // Doge Hemmings
Why: bc you two both look punk rock (even though Michael definitely isn’t punk)
Ship name: Michily??? Emichael??? I’m really not good at this I’m so sorry
Best friend: Doge Irwin // Doge Official // Majestic Doge // Doge Hemmings
Like a brother: Doge Irwin // Doge Official // Majestic Doge // Doge Hemmings
Frenemy: Doge Irwin // Doge Official // Majestic Doge // Doge Hemmings
Song: Robbers- The 1975


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bechloe or halexis, can i do that

jesus christ lin you don’t pull any punches dO YOU

i don’t even know if i can make this decision

i love them both so much

i honestly don’t think i can make this decision

*whispers* bechloe i’m trash i’m sorry