Why does everybody think this ship is sunk??

Are you seriously basing it off the trailer? I’ve said it before, for the longest time we thought episode 4 and 8 would break whouffaldi, instead they were even more amazing!

We thought episode 6 would be funny and domestic, not leaving us in tears. Same with episode 7.

Point is, remember what Peter said? TRUST NO ONE!!!! Seriously, it’s trying to mislead us. So theory time to keep you calm:

1. Clara Oswald exists, she only said she doesn’t to get away from the cybermen that were probably hellbent on killing her

2. Clara isn’t going dark, she’s either being manipulated by Missy to turn against the Doctor…or maybe Danny did die (like we all thought in filming) and she’s acting out. And as others have said, she wants to rewrite time for that.

3. I think Missy is using Clara as a bargaining chip with the Doctor. Remember how in filming it was only Doctor and Missy on the streets? Where was Clara?

4. Twelve says ‘Clara, MY Clara’ words only used by Eleven when worried for Clara. At the very least souffez was as good as canon. All your arguments and worries are now invalid.

I am so excited for next week!!