MIND TRICKS PART FIVE:http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/147819675674/mind-tricks-part-four


WARNINGS: mentions of death and torture

Bucky locked eyes with you. He wondered if he could trust you and wondered if he told you the truth, would you still be willing to be his friend. Maybe one day more than friends.

He sighed out of nervousness, โ€œBecause I killed his parents.โ€

You froze. Your natural reaction was to do so.

Bucky killed Tony Starkโ€™s parents.

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Dating Jaebum would include

• him being super jealous when you laugh with the other members
• cuddle sessions on the couch wrapped up together in a blanket cocoon, eating snacks and watching some lame ass shows
• always kissing your earlobe and muttering ‘i love you’ in your ear
• holding hands in public to show everyone that you’re his girl
• spoiling you with meaningful little gifts
• puts his cologne on your stuffed teddy he won for you at the carnival when he’s on tour
• includes late night skype calls and maybe some phone sex
•"I miss you baby girl"
• smiles like an idiot when you fall asleep infront of the camera
• gets back from his tour and surprises you with many gifts
• and sex
• gets you ice cream and flowers after he’s done with practise when you’re on your period
• also when you’re not on your period
• he’d even carry you around the apartment bc you’re his little princess
• him being into you sitting on his lap
• kissing each others cheeks when the other isn’t prepared
• a lot of skinship!!!!
• even in front of his members
• but you two couldn’t car less about their ‘Eeeeeww’s
• taking selcas all the time
• doing weird faces at each other
• bear hugs you when you two are going to sleep
• also a lot of spooning
• sometimes him wanting to be the little spoon
• aegyo all the way!
• you talking about his dream high 2 and dream knight scenes
• and him being super embarassed about it and doing weird noises while kicking the air
• him being dominant af
• daddy kink
• making out on the wall
• shower sex
• lazy morning sex
• vanilla here and there
• you sitting on his face while he eats you out
• him giving you a back massage after a long day of work/school
• and that leads to something more like 99,9% all the time
• you sending him nudes when he’s at practise
• and he’d be like “my kitten needs some punishment i see. i’m coming home right now. face down, ass up on the bed in 3 minutes or i’m not going to touch you for the next 2 weeks”
• and you would just ignore him, putting on the dark red lace he loves so fucking much and waiting for him to come home, lying on your stomach on the bed while munching on some cheetos
• he’d still love the sight though
• but he wouldn’t let you cum all night
• and he wouldn’t touch you for 3 days straight
• so you’d walk around your apartment naked most of the time to seduce him
• and he couldn’t wait any longer
• but the two of you couldn’t even make it out of the kitchen to the bedroom or the couch
• so he’d just fuck you on the kitchen counter
• just thinking of it gets me wet fml
• you waiting for a chance to be the dominant in bed just once!!!!!!!!
• and when the chance comes around you’d handcuff him on the bedpost while he’s asleep
• and you’d wake him up straddling him
• and his face when he sees you sitting on his crotch would be a gift for the gods
• and he would want to flip you over when he noticed the fucking handcuffs he normally used on you while pounding into you from behind and spanking you
• and he would stop himself from moaning and coming right then and there when you sunk down on his cock

My little brother and I watched the new DR3 Future episode together and when he saw Asahina wake up the conversation went like this:

Me: OMG no way! Can’t believe they did that! What a twist huh?
Him: …
Me: *pauses the episode* are…you okay?
Him: …I can’t take this anymore.
Me: What?
Him: I just….*sigh*
Me: Did it shock you that bad?
Him: She just wants to eat donuts
Me: What?
Him: That’s all she wants.
Me: Ummm
Him: Why have they put her there? She doesn’t need to be there, she doesn’t deserve to be there, she just wants to eat donuts with her friends. 
Me: Do you need a minute or?
Him: No I don’t need a minute. I just don’t need THIS. Why are they doing this to her? To me? I can’t protect her….I just….want her to be safe.
Me: …
Him: …
Me: Do you love her?
Him:…shut up
Him: Just put the bloody episode back on.

Do you guys want more conversation between me and my 13 year old brother when watching these episodes?

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What do you think of Riley's flustered reaction when Maya went and grabbed Josh' hand after she said she needed to talk to him alone ? ( ski lodge part 2) I haven't seen anybody discuss it yet.

I finally watch ski lodge and i do find that scene interesting after you pointed out. It’s interesting she didn’t react when L*cas ran away as much after Evan was like how you know you love someone, then Maya interrupts him and grabs J*sh hands we see riley reaction, from confused smile that reminds me of cory to this bother look later. It’s that moment Riley bails out of the scene with a frown. Although i do believe she does like L*cas a lot the way the episode ended she saw herself and him as temporary. 

Why didn’t Riley bailed out after l*cas left, why did she after Maya took J*sh away. and this happens after the question about “How do you know you love someone” 

There also something i noticed, Riley didn’t want someone to figure out her talking to Evan and it’s interesting that it was L*cas and Maya who were the next people to see Riley and Evan. 

like through out all these Maya was teasing and L*cas was jealous but when Riley was like “Do you really want me to explain myself?” and maya was like “What you thing” to L*cas and he says “Yes” then Maya turns serious and both look the same and say “Yes” too. AND BOTH were wearing demin jacket in this scene. Maya was also jealous, and she also starts the same way when Riley meets a new boy on her life, she starts teasing.  

I don’t know, but it’s was a really interesting thing to notice. 

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tfln hazza about where playfully scold him for hurting himself on set and maybe a cheeky bit or two

Harry. Missus.

Harry Edward Styles.

What on earth have you done to yourself, huh?

What do you mean?

You either had a Keith Lemon moment and felt like trying the bandage thing.


You have an injured hand in that photo.

What did you do to yourself?

I just hurt myself.

It’s nothing bad, I promise.

Wait, why won’t you tell me?

Is it embarrassing?

A little bit, I guess.


Were you doing what I think you were doing?

What do you think I was doing?

Harry, this has happened before.

Wait, what?

What the bloody hell are you thinking of?

You had another hand cramp.

Were you wanking again?

You get hand cramps a lot when you wank yourself, Harry. Especially when you wrote a lot in your office. 


God, no.

I hurt my hand on set, I promise.

I fell over a wire from the cameras and sprained it and the medics put a bandage on in between scenes to make sure I don’t damage it even more.

Are you sure?

I’m more than sure.

I’d never wank on set, anyway. I’m a gentleman. No matter how much of a release I needed, I would never do something like that with so many people - and women, for that matter - around. 

I can’t really do much without you anyway.

And I also nearly got caught with my hand in my pants when I went back to my trailer. The costume lady knocked and came in to call me over to have my face done up.


I know, I know.

That was vulgar and awful.

Indeed it was, Harry.

You’re so dirty sometimes. 


But, I saw one of your selfies on Instagram and I got a bit turned on and I had a boner before I went on set and I needed to get rid of it, so, I tried my best to take my mind off of you to make sure my dick stayed soft but nothing.

You have that bad effect on me.

You make my dick hard. 

All the bloody time - even if you aren’t there with me. You make me have a hard-on the entire time. 

Oh, Harry.

I just wish you were here with me.

Well, I’ll come and visit you soon, I promise.

And I’ll pack some rubbers in, too.

I would love that. x

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MORE!!! CHUBBY!!! ICHI!!!! HCS!!!! Esp if they're with an s/o OH MY LORD

Okokok this is fair to ask for bc the first time around I only did 3. Time for m o r e

Chubby Ichimatsu:

-You know what’s one of the funnest thing to do with chubby stomachs? Tummy drum. I can see him laying down, lifting his hoodie up and just lightly patting his stomach to a rhythm.

-I think we’ve found the reason why so many cats like him, his tum is the best cushion ever. All the cats just curl up on it and sleep because it is so damn soft, who wouldn’t want to sleep there?

-This is from awhile ago, but anyone remember the hoodie popping scenarios? Imagine chilling in this guys hoodie with him, all cuddled up to his chest. It’s like an endless world of softness.

-Of course, he’s bound to be insecure about his chub at some point, so what does s/o do to combat this? Kissing! From his cheeks, to his stomach, to even his thighs, whatever part of his body that he says is “bad” or “gross” gets a smooch, because that is what it deserves.

-Part of being chub means having lots of thigh, which means having lots of room to sit. In his lap he can hold one s/o and at least four cats at a time, and that might be his favorite part about himself.


Summary: You convince Dean to go swimming with you at the Motels’ pool.

Warnings:  Motel pools, disgusting pool water, flluff.

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 578

Originally posted by sweetpea9873

“Deeeeaaaaann.” You whined.

“What?” He asked sternly, scrolling through the list of possible suspects.

“Can we go to the pool?” You rested your head on top of the table, looking up at him with the cutest most innocent eyes possible.

“Why?” He didn’t even look at you, he kept his eyes glued to his computer.

“Because, when was the last time you had some fun, like real fun, you’re too stressed, this case can be put on pause.” You shut his computer top with your pointer and middle finger gently.

“Why did you do that?” 

“Because, we’re going swimming sweetcheeks.” You kissed his cheek giggling running to grab your suit.

Dean groaned rubbing his temples, grabbing his trunks and getting ready to go to the motel pool “You suck”he mumbled.

“You love me and you know it.” You smiled heading to the bathroom to change.

‘I do you just don’t know it.’ Dean thought to himself.

20 minutes later you and Dean were closing the creaky door walking to the probably shitty pool.

“I dare you to drink that.” You pointed to the pool water.

“What?! No you do it!” Dean shrieked looking at the semi-clear water with dead bugs and leaves in disgust.

“Well we’ll be swimming in it so it doesn’t matter.” You stripped off your faded band tee you put on as a cover up.

“Damn Y/N I should go swimming more often.” Dean scanned your body up and down suddenly making you feel self-conscious under his piercing gaze.

“Thanks.” You looked at the water smirking a little at Dean Winchesters comment…wait did Dean Winchester just compliment you? Whatever it’s not that big of a deal, right? Big bad womanizer Dean flirting with you? Why? Was he trying to get into your pants?

“Y/N!” You were brought back to the real world by Deans’ hand waving in your face, and your name being called several times.

“Huh? Oh ya.” You looked at Dean who was already into the water about waist deep since the deepest the pool went was 5 feet deep.

“What’s wrong with you?” He questioned, watching you trudge into the water walking your way to him.

“Nothing-it’s just you never do this.” You motioned around you.

“Do what?”

“Ya know, this, you never ever go into a pool and the flirting a-and how easy it was to persuade you into coming here, why?” You were mere inches away from his face staring into his candy apple forest green eyes intently.

“Because” He carded his fingers through yours holding your hands in his. “I-um I-I love you” He looked nervous and hesitant to say those three simple but yet complicated words that could make your whole world spin a different direction.

“I-I” you stuttered looking around not knowing if you should say it back. Instead you kissed him grabbing his jaw with your right hand and placing your left hand on his firm broad chest for support, when you broke the kiss you stared into his eyes waiting for the right moment to say it. “I. love. you. too.” You pronounced each word slowly letting the sylabals roll off tongue smoothly.

“I’m glad because if not this would be real awkward.” he dipped you kissing you fiercely putting those words into actions.

When you separated you were hugging onto him until you took a few steps away playfully splashing his face in the cold mucky water.

“Ohhhhh it’s on!”

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for send me a song and ship - bridges by broods + fitzsimmons if yous till accept, if not feel free to ignore :)

[song here for reference folks!]

I don’t know that this perfectly meshes but… this is what I’ve got. ;)


[Season 2, because, duh. I assume after the “why do you think I left?” conversation Mack had a much better appreciation for Jemma. Or so I’d like to believe <3 ]

Mack comes to look for Fitz when he doesn’t show up to the garage and finds him in his room, sitting on the floor amidst an explosion of torn photographs, ripped posters, and discarded keychains.

“Woah, what happened here?” Mack asks gently, shutting the door behind him. “Did you stay up all night working on this, Turbo?”

Fitz blinks up at him, confused. “I – I don’t…”

He uncurls his hands and Mack sees the broken pieces of a little model TARDIS. “I didn’t mean to–”

He looks like a child on the verge of tears, though if his hoarse voice and the papercuts on his hands are any indication, he’s spent the night making sure he doesn’t have more tears to cry. Fortunately it seems as if his anger petered out before his room was totally ransacked.

“This is all Simmons stuff, isn’t it?” Mack carefully kneels just on the edge of the wreckage. “I figured you put that all in a box in deep storage when you thought she wasn’t coming back.”

“I did, but I needed to – I’m tired of–” Fitz huffs and pressed a shaking hand to his forehead. The gentle way he cradles the TARDIS bits in his other hand does not escape Mack’s attention. “I’m tired of missing her. I thought…” His voice trails off into an embarrassed whisper. “I thought hating her might be easier.”

“Look, man,” Mack sighs. “I understand that you want to rage and just go to that dark place. Obviously you two have a lot of shit to work out. But even if you can’t fix everything with Simmons, you’re not a hate kind of guy. You burn these bridges, you’ll only regret it later.”

“I won’t,” Fitz protests fiercely, but Mack shakes his head.

“Be real, Turbo. You’re punishing yourself as much as you’re punishing her. If there was something you could say or do to get your best friend back, you know you’d do it in a heartbeat. You’re just having trouble finding the right words.”

“What else is knew?” Fitz mutters.

“Give it time. Give yourself time. She’s only been back a few weeks. Just… be gentle on each other. Bring her tea, or something. It doesn’t have to go back to how it used to be, but… hurting her won’t make you hurt any less.”

Fitz nods, gnawing at the inside of his cheek. “Thanks, Mack.”

“And as for this…” Mack scoops the broken model out of Fitz’s hands. “I think I can help with that. It won’t be as good as new, but–”

“It’ll be good to have it back.” Fitz finally meets his gaze and almost, almost smiles.

“Yeah, you got it,” Mack chuckles.

“I’ll just clean up here and meet you in the garage?”

“Don’t you dare, Turbo. Take a nap. You look like crap.”

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How would the paladins react to their s/o getting a sunburn so bad that they basically look like a walking lobster?

im the palest motherfucker under the sun so you’re asking the right person…i burn like firewood

- he barely gets sunburnt so he doesn’t know what to do exactly, but he tries to make you feel better
- he DOES tease you a lot tho (you have permission to punch him)


- he lived in a desert for a while, he knows how sunburn can be
- if you’re in pain and can’t move, he’d be willing to get you stuff you need but can’t get bc you can walk

- like lance, he doesn’t get sunburned very much, but unlike lance he knows exactly what to do
- unlike the other paladins he insists you go to a healing pod bc honestly that might be quicker and less painful?? why did no one think of this before

- pidge used to get sunburn a whole bunch back on earth so they know how it feels, but laughs at you anyway. 
- they know quicker and better fixes than aloe vera, and help you that way

- shiro hasn’t been sunburned as bad as you, but he knows what it’s like!
- he DOES freak out if you start peeling, though. his sunburns always fade into a tan, so he’s never seen this before?? holy shit?? insists you get in a healing pod

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What did you end up doing with all of those copies of Speed?

Why? Do you want me to give them to that loser guy? I’d rather throw them in the trash than let him get his stubby fingers on my VHS copies of Speed. He gets nothing, Jerry! Nothing!!

Corey laughed as the shirt got stuck over the girls head. Finally he got it off and looked at her. “So maybe we shouldnt be doing this if I cant even get your shirt off. Like why would you even want to have sex with someone who cant get your clothes off?” It wasnt that he did something wrong, just with them moving around, making out and stuff, it was harder for him to get the shirt off her body. His eyes turned to look into hers as he smiled over. 

Twenty-Four ~ Part 6 ~ The Harsh Truth

Originally posted by refretable

Warnings: depression, drugs, miscarriage, oversdose.

Pairings: Chris X Reader, Sebastian X Reader

Word Count: 1677



“Nice to see you again, Miss. (Last Name).” He says his cold brown eyes staring a hole through me. “I must say it’s been about what? Eight, nine years, since we’ve seen each other.”

“What do you want?” I say unable to control the fear in my voice.

“Now now (Name), I’m not here to dredge up past memories.”

“Then why are you here?” Karen asks from beside me her eyes narrowing at him in anger. I glance at her confusion filling my eyes. How did she know who he was?

“It’s so lovely to see you again, Karen Mathews right?”

“That’s Ms. Mathews to you; and you didn’t answer my question.” Karen replies, inching further between the roots of all my problems and myself.

“Ah, forgive me Ms. Mathews.” He says his cold brown eyes staring challenging into hers. “I’m not here to start a war, at least not right now at least.” His eyes glance to mine as he continues, “I have to say I didn’t expect to see you here tonight, or at the premier either. I thought we had a deal (Name), I wouldn’t share some key information with the world if you just did what I asked.”

“I did do what you asked.” I say panic filling my voice. “I didn’t come here for him, if I had it my way I would’ve stayed away forever.”

“Then why are you here?” He asks angrily making my body break out in a cold sweat.

“It’s because I asked her.” Sebastian says his face filled with anger.

“Ah it’s nice to meet you Mr. Stan.” He replies his demeanor changing to a bright smile which only caused me to shudder. “I’m Marvin Grey, a Reporter for the New York Times Entertainment Division. I have to say I was really impressed with your portrayal of the Winter Soldier.”

“Thanks,” Sebastian says curtly trying his best not to lose his temper. Marvin glances back and forth between me and Sebastian before a devious smile covers his lips. I grip tightly to Karen’s hand as all sorts of fears run through my mind. Would he make me hurt Sebastian like I had hurt Chris? I felt Karen squeeze my hand back and a little bit of the fear starts to subside. “I see I’m unwanted,” Marvin says clearing his throat. “I shall take my leave. Mr. Stan, Ms. Mathews, (Name).” Then with a sneer he turns and disappears into crowd.

“(Name) are you okay?” I hear Sebastian ask and I slowly shake my head. “Come on, let’s sit down.” He says grabbing my free hand and pulling me toward a table in the back. Reaching it he sets me down into a chair before placing a cup of water on the table in front of me.

“Thank you,” I say as I reach forward and grabbing the glass quickly bring it to my lips.

“I know you might not wanna tell me what that was about, but please,” Sebastian pauses his hands resting on my arm. “I can’t stand seeing you hurt.” My heart clenches as I look from him to Karen who just silently nods. I glance across the room to where Chris was smiling and laughing happily with his friends and my heart clenches.

“I guess it’s time I told someone, might as well be my best friends huh?” I say offering a sad smile causing the two of them to nod. I gulp down a breath of air as I stare down into my glass and start to tell them my story. “It happened right after Emily died, I was in a real bad place, and you remember how I shut everyone out.” I say as I look at Karen who nods. “It was a few days before I went and told Chris that I didn’t love him anymore. I was in it real deep. I was drugged and boozed out of my mind. I was royally fucked up because I thought it was my fault. I thought if I hadn’t been with Chris I could have answered her phone call and saved her.”

“It wasn’t your fault (Name).” Karen says and I slowly nod. There was nothing no one could say that would ever change the way I felt.

“I don’t remember much about that time but when I came too I was in a hospital bed with Jack sitting next to me his face in his hands.”

“Jack? Why was he there?”

“Apparently he was still listed as my emergency contact. Any ways, of course I asked him why he was there and what happened.” Tears started to fill my eyes as I somehow found the courage to continue. “He said that I had taken so many drugs and drank so much that I had done the same thing as Emily and overdosed; but that wasn’t even the worst of it.” Karen’s grip tightens on my hand offering me moral support as I continue, “It seems that I had been two months pregnant at the time.” Karen gasps as she realizes whose baby it had been. “I lost my baby. I was distraught. I was borderline suicidal. Surprisingly though Jack was very helpful. He stayed with me, forced me to take my medicine and to stop drinking. He was a real godsend, which surprised the hell outta me cause before he was so mean.”

“I guess getting a phone call that your ex had almost died freaked him out enough to wake his abusive ass up.” Karen interjects matter of fact-ly.

“Apparently so. It was while Jack was still staying with me that Chris showed up one day wondering why I hadn’t answered the phone or contacted him. He saw Jack there, who was kind of an ass to Chris if I remember correctly, and automatically assumed I had cheated on him and went back to Jack. He left angrily not giving me a chance to explain. I was about to go after him when a reporter showed up on my doorstep and threatened to reveal the whole story, which would ruin not only my career but it would have done worse to Chris’s, he told me that if I ended things with Chris and stayed away from him he’d keep the whole thing secret. Even though it killed me I went to Chris’s apartment and told him the biggest lie of my entire life. I told him I didn’t love him anymore and that I never wanted to see him again.”

“And until today you kept that promise.” Sebastian says regretfully as he realizes that it’s because he asked me to go with him.

“Seb, it’s not your fault. You didn’t know. No one did.” I say turning my attention to him as I pull my hand from Karen’s and gently touch Seb’s cheek. “It’ll be alright. I’m a lot stronger than I used to be.”

“You have to tell Chris.” Seb says and my heart drops.


“(Name) he has a right to know the truth, all of it.”

“I won’t do that to him. I’m not gonna tell him that I lost our baby all those years ago and that’s why I shut him out. I can’t do that to him.”

“Is it really him you’re trying to protect, or yourself?” Karen asks and my heart drops.

“Both.” I reply as I push away from the table and standing up walk away from them and toward the bar. I was seriously craving a drink and somewhere quiet. At least I could have one of the two. Smiling politely I weave through the crowd until I make it out to the terrace. Thankfully there was no one else there so I walk over to the railing and leaning against it I let out a heavy sigh. I knew I should tell Chris everything but I was scared. I know that you’re thinking, that’s a stupid excuse but I can’t help it.

“I figured I’d find you out here.” I hear a familiar voice say and I feel butterflies dance in my stomach. I gulp down a breath of air as he walks up beside me and leans on the railing his arm inches from mine. “You looked spooked, are you okay?”

“Honestly?” I ask as I turn toward him my eyes finding his. “I don’t really know what I’m doing here.”

“What do you mean?”

“I hurt you Chris; if you knew everything you’d run away and never look back.”

“(Name), I just want the truth. All of it. I know you were going through a lot because of Emily’s death but I wanted to be there for you. I wanted to help you through it.”

“Chris you don’t understand,” I fold my arms over my chest as I try to keep my cool.

“Then tell me so I will.”

“I can’t!” I reply a little louder than I mean to causing his jaw to clench. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.”

“(Name),” He says closing the distance between us his hands reaching up to rest on my shoulders. “I understand that there are some things you are scared to tell me. I know you are worried about hurting me and more importantly yourself; but I’m a big boy, I can handle it.” He offers me a reassuring smile and I feel my fears melt away.

“What if it’s something you’d never forgive me for?” I ask my eyes begging him for an honest answer.

“We’ll deal with that when it comes to it. I just want a second chance at what we had; no scratch that. I don’t want what we had.” He pauses and my heart clenches. “I want to start over. I’ll wait for you to tell me everything in your own time. I won’t push you. We’ll take things slow. What do you say?”

Everything in my head screams at me to say no, to walk away and never look back. I lean forward and placing my head on his chest say, “Okay, we’ll try again.”

Will Continue in ~ Second Chances

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May I please have some Bucky angst with the reader for the prompt "Where are you? Why don't you ever tell me where you're going?" :D

I don’t know if this is really that angsty or if it’s just meh. But I hope you like it. Thanks for the request. 💙💙💙

‘Where are you? Why do you never tell me where you’re going?’

Bucky stared down at his phone, the waves crashing on the shore doing nothing to soothe his guilt. He thought he’d been sneaky. He thought she didn’t know. She’d never said anything before, never even hinted that she knew of his night time excursions, but of course she did. She’d probably known since the first time he’d left after midnight. Probably sat awake all night waiting for him to come back, hoping he wouldn’t just disappear like he had before.

That was a long time ago, but he knew it was always present in her mind. He’d never forgive himself for putting her through that before, and he wasn’t sure he could forgive putting her through this now. He wasn’t even sure what this was, this suffocation, this sick urge to run until there was enough distance between him and everyone he loved that he could breathe again.

‘I don’t want you to feel like you can’t do whatever. I’m just worried.’

Fuck, he was a terrible person. It was a vicious cycle. Bucky looked out over the water, past the surf to the distant horizon where the sun was starting to crest over the waves. He should have had this conversation already, he should have explained that he didn’t really understand what was going on with him before it had gotten to the point where she felt like she needed to confront him. She was so wonderful about letting him take his time with things, so understanding of the fact that sometimes he needed to work through something on his own, but even she had her limits. Especially when he was repeating a pattern.

But it wasn’t like last time. He wasn’t going to leave. He wasn’t going to disappear. He hoped.

‘I love you. Maybe we can talk later?’

Bucky hit the call button beside her name. She answered on the first ring, phone probably still in her hand waiting for any response. “I’m sorry,” he said immediately, before she’d even really finished saying his name.

He could hear the undertones of panic in her voice. She was struggling to remain calm. “What’s going on?”

Of course she would think the worst. He couldn’t blame her for that. “Everything is okay,” he assured genty. “I didn’t mean to make you worry.”

She let out a breath, long and shaky. He could hear the tears in her voice, and it sent a pang of guilt through him. She’d always live in fear. Forever. As long as he was here, she would be scared he would leave, waiting for him to run away again. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know,” he answered honestly. She sniffled on the other end of the line, not even trying to hide it. “I just needed to…” he wasn’t sure what to say, because it sounded awful. It was awful. He shouldn’t want to get away from the person he loved most. Bucky pushed to his feet, listening to her hiccuping breaths. “I’m coming home.”

“You don’t have to,” she said immediately. His chest ached. Even through her worry and her own pain, she tried to take care of him, tried to give him the space he needed. He didn’t deserve her. “I just needed to hear from you. I was just worried.”

“Thank you for worrying about me,” he said softly. He sighed. He’d been such an asshole. “I’m on my way. Do you need anything while I’m out?”

“Just you,” she said, and his heart throbbed.

“I’ll be home in a few minutes.”

He knew she didn’t want to hang up, but she said goodbye and did it anyway. He took his time walking home, passing early morning joggers and people on their way to work that didn’t pay him any mind. He pulled his phone back out to send a text to Steve.

‘Can I get the number to that therapist you were talking about?’

He wasn’t doing this anymore. He wasn’t going to hurt her anymore.

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Tommy wears a 'make America great again' t shirt jokingly. America doesn't think he's funny

“Hey America? You like my shirt?” Tommy asked as he entered the room where America was seated.

Tommy donned a navy blue shirt that read “Make America Great Again.” She looked over at him, her head tilted in confusion, and didn’t say anything.

Tommy was smirking when he asked, “So? What do you think?”

“I don’t get it,” America said with a blank face.

“Are you kidding me?” Tommy questioned in disbelief.

“When did I stop being great?” America wondered, her eyebrows furrowed as she looked at the t-shirt. “I was always great. Why’re you having to make me great again?”

Tommy stared at her, dumbfounded. “Jeez, Chavez, have you really not heard this slogan once in the last year?”

“Nope,” America said, popping the p.

“Alright… well, I got you one too, don’t wear it outside is all I’m saying,” Tommy advised as he threw the bundled up shirt at America, leaving her more confused than before.

Steve Rogers x reader

“Y/N please don’t go… please. It’s not what you think it is.” Steve pleaded with you after you had walked into your apartment you shared with him after a very long day spent with Bruce Banner trying to deal with the latest mastermind criminal who had decided it was their turn to try and take of the world. But what you had been greeted with was not what you were expecting. Steve, who you had been with for the past three years, and Sharon Carter another bloody Carter. What was it with the Carter women, all they had to do was say Steve’s name and he was mesmerised with them. And you did understand why he was spending so much time with her, Peggy had only just passed away and Steve was the only person who could help keep Sharon’s memory of Peggy alive. Of course you understood, you weren’t a monster.

But after walking into your apartment to see the two of them… well cuddling… on the sofa together when it was your anniversary meal with Steve this evening which had already be rearranged too many times because of that persistent woman. You just snapped. It was the final straw, even you could only stand being the third wheel in your own relationship for so long.

“I can’t do this anymore Steve. Do you even know what today is?” Your voice broke as you finally found the courage to reply.
Steve gave you a puzzled look and quickly replied, “yeah it’s a Wednesday but I don’t get what that has to do with anything.”
“ Yeah Steve its Wednesday, and tonight we were going to go out to celebrate our third year anniversary because even though you wouldn’t believe it, it is me that you’re actually in a relationship with, not her! Not the person who has caused us to reschedule five times already! And I know she’s sad and I understand that it’s important to you to make sure Sharon is ok, but do you know when the last time was that it was just you and me? Three weeks ago! I love you Steve, but I can’t carry on like this.” Steve audibly gasped at the last thing you said, you two were meant to be together forever.

Steve was left in a state of shock and couldn’t get the words to leave his lips, you stood there heartbroken as you the person up until half an hour ago you pictured spending the rest of your life with, didn’t say anything, he didn’t fight for you, he didn’t try and stop you. He just stood there. And with that you walked away, you left, you left the love of your life, you left your home, you left it all behind.

konoe, wAIT

At that moment, something snapped in him.
Konoe leapt up at the seductively-dancing bloom
He did not make it.
Although he streched his arm up, it was just out of reach.
Suddenly he felt eyes on him and looked back.
The cats gathered in the square all looked at him.


i mean, as long as you have fun but…WHY

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hey so i know about why gal gadot and ezra are cancelled so to speak, but what did jason momoa do? i don't know much about him and i'm curious

i got like five (5) asks about this, he made a rape joke and his twitter/ig handle has a slur (despise ppl calling him out on it?) and both things make me uncomfortble so yeah, not on my list