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Think you can whip up angst OT3?

Angst? Why you do this to them?? Jk, don’t worry, I got some angst prepared. *evil laughter* (but with a somewhat happy ending lol).

-The conflict starts between Katsuki and Shouto. They never got along as well as Izuku did with the both of them.

-An argument breaks out one day concerning the way Katsuki still continues to swear a lot at Izuku and calls him “Deku.” Nothing serious at first, but then it escalates.

-The whole thing ends when Izuku sees the sparking at Katsuki’s hands and the look of cold rage on Shouto’s face. He rushes in to separate the two before they can cause trouble.

-Nearly in tears, but desperate to hide it, Shouto storms out of the house and into rain-soaked streets.

-Katsuki and Izuku argue for a heated five minutes, until they hear the screech of tires outside.

-Shouto was angry, and didn’t see the car until it was too late. Thank god it’s just a broken leg, but the minute Izuku and Katsuki see him laying on the pavement in pain, they run to him.

-As Izuku calls for help, Katsuki takes Shouto in his arms and tells him he’s okay, he’s going to be okay, smoothing his hair back and fighting tears.

-the tears escape when Shouto whimpers, pressing his face to Katsuki’s chest.

-“No, no, I didn’t want this, please. Fucking stop bleeding! Shouto, you’re gonna be okay, I need you to, I fucking love you, just be okay, I’m sorry.”

i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


why is he like this?? ;-;

“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 

  • Taeyong: Hands up if you feeling the vibe now
  • SM: that's great Taeyong just like that!
  • SM: Oh and hey wait here's a bunch more lines for you! ;)
  • Winwin: Hey Boss what bout me? Where my lines at?
  • SM: Dw i got it. here you go
  • Winwin: Whoop Whoop
  • Winwin: Wait what that's jus-
  • SM: Ah yes. My aesthetic ryt there. Much talent. Much inspiration. Much beauty. So gr8. 10/10 recommend. Yes good shit over here. So pleasing in the ears.
  • Winwin: ??
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Sehun: Dw bro ik how it feels -_-

Someone save Solas from Miel.

It keeps bothering me that they decided to show that galra shield in Sendak’s ship to the audience through Keith, when they could very well have used Shiro or Allura, people we know has a past with the Galra empire, or even Sendak himself.

Okay, that sounded confusing, so let me try to elaborate. English is not my first language, so it will be a bit hard.

On the first episode, after Shiro and Pidge casually ditched Keith to his own luck on finding Red, we see him running around until he find himself in a… A…

He has two paths to go and doesn’t know which one to take.

You know, this

Now, the composition on this scene is interesting. You have the galra symbol hovering above Keith, who is right in the middle. It’s almost like it is pointing at him. 

Scratch that, the whole scene seems to be pointing at Keith in this one. No matter where you look, the lines take you back to our favorite Red Paladin. 

And then, this happens.

His whole body language changes when he sees it. He straightens his back, his arm falls to his side and I do wish I had HQ screencaps of this moment, but I don’t, so bear with my rushed kisscartoon misery.

And then he actually stares at it.

He stares at it for sometime, and only stops when he hears the galra soldier coming. His whole expression is… I don’t know how to put it. fucking language barriers, dude. If I were to name it anything, it’s almost of somewhat familiarity. 

As if he’s seen it before.

And then we see his expression changes yet again as he hears the soldier approaching and remembers why he’s there.

And not once the galra symbol leaves the screen in this brief moment. It’s always there, pointing at Keith, above Keith, on Keith’s visor…

Now, after three years hearing my teachers saying over and over again that nothing in animation is there just because, that everything was throughout planned to be there and be the way it is, I can’t help but wonder what were dreamworks and studio mir’s intentions with this one.

I mean, there’s the obvious one: to show the viewers one of the shields of the Galra Empire. To know that, whenever this symbol and others similar to this appear, it means that it’s related to the Galra in one way or another.

The thing is… Why do it through Keith, out of all the characters?

They could have done it earlier with Shiro’s flashback, as he remembered that he was in that ship before, at one point of his time as a slave from the galra empire. 

They could have done it with Sendak, since, you know, it’s his fucking ship.

They could have done it even with Allura, when Sendak first contacted the castle, and she could have recognized the symbol from the time Altea was being attacked.

But they made the deliberate choice to do it through Keith’s eyes.

They sat down in a room, discussed over this scene, made the storyboard, and decided that showing a Galra symbol through Keith, going even as far as keeping the reflection on his helmet’s visor when there were very few other times they used reflection to show anything in this show.

And here’s my guess on their not-so-obvious reason on to why they made this choice:

They want us to associate the galra with Keith, even if in the back of our minds.

The last time I saw a show giving this sort of hint was in the really fucking good anime Erased. In the op, for a very brief moment, you see the reflection of the killer in the shattered glass.

It’s not a really obvious reflection, for you still have a hard time associating the face with any named characters before the great and majestically composed reveal. And it lasts not even a second, so, unless you’re an obsessed theorist who lives in a shack in the desert and went through the op frame by frame, you barely notice it.

But is enough for you to make out a black suit, and now it’s imprinted in your mind that you cannot trust the man in the black suit.

SPOILER: And, as it turned out, the only character who used a black suit in a regular basis was the killer.

And just like in Erased they wanted you to associate black suit with the antagonist through the reflection, I feel like Voltron is trying to do something similar in here with Keith.

They aren’t straight out telling us, but they aren’t exactly keeping it from us. At a first glance, it’s just another in between scene before Keith gets to his lion.

But when you put it together with all the other slightly more obvious pieces of evidence…

… I dare to say it’s a quite brilliant hint.

TL;DR: Either Keith is a galra and they want us to associate one of the galra symbols directly to him as a hint, or I’m going completely crazy here.