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  • hp: i second marisa on this one idrc about marauders (except for remus) my intp ass demands facts and info i rarely invest myself in things pure fanon so yea~`
  • marvel: the winter soldier wasnt that good idk + stucky what
  • sherlock: i dont understand benedict cumberbatch hate did he even do anything wrong or yall just dont accept his looks or what
  • dw: i dont like amy pond and idc that she waited for eleven for years u dont go around kissing guys and cheating on your beautiful kind and loving fiance easily like that bye
  • kpop: im ready to Die™ why are ppl hating on namjoon (rapmon) for his past mistakes like have u heard of ppl changing and becoming better versions of themselves???? he’s not stealing other boys’ text bc he’s a leader its bc he can rap better and faster and the boys know that and willingly give him the lines and he’s just doing his best??? please stop namjoon hate 2k16

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This is what Julie said about SJW in Edinburgh, (maybe at first it was a joke, but she definitely is considering now): “one fan submitted a question asking whether there would be a June wedding in the final episode, “Ha! That’s good fan service,” laughed Plec, “when you’re like, ‘This is cute – people notice something we did in the first episode of the series that we might want to live up to in the last.’” Then she added archly, “And that’s all I’m saying”

Here’s the link www(.)mymbuzz(.)com/2016/08/25/julie-plec-says-rise-her-new-series-is-hamilton-meets-red-dawn/

Real talk: can this JW bs DIE already? I truly do not get why it’s a thing. Every time it’s brought up I’m reminded of what happened after - Stefan callously crushing her Caroline. He’d lived 2 lifetimes, surely could have done it more gently but nope, went about shooting her down in the most dickish way possible. It just reminds me of how easily he treats her like garbage, like her feelings are less important than everyone else’s, for no reason, and has all along.

Yeah, JP laughing and calling it fan-service is not something that’d hike up my concern level. And neither is the rest of the answer, that’s as ominous as it gets. Especially since that last episode has probs been decided for years, mainly so with the trio, which Stefan is a part of. Let alone tossing in something that she just had brought to her attention?? Like there’s nothing worrisome about that answer, some of ya’ll gotta let this go. Like just—leave it be, it’s not a thing. 

And this is the last question I’ll ever answer about a sjw, cause again, it’s not a thing, and no one, let alone us, should be discussing it. And I’m kinda over this already, which is rich given that I don’t think it merits any attention.

Do you think when students die at Silas, their parents get sent a multiple choice form letter?

“Dear (Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence), we regret to inform you that your (daughter), (Danielle Lawrence), will not be returning home as (she) has: 

A) Perished in a completely unavoidable accident through no fault of the school

B) Died doing something rather stupid that was their fault

C) Ran away because they did not want to be at school and did not want to return home, possibly because of your incompetence as parents, and really why does anyone do anything? 

(Her) remains, should there be any, have been disposed of by the school and no further action is required on your part. 

Our Condolences, 

Silas University” 

Facts  you might not know about Tolkien's Elves, the Eldar:
  • Ageing: Elves learn to speak, walk & dance when they are 1 year old. They age slower than humans after the 3rd year and when a man would have reached full hight, Elves still look like no older than 7. With 50 they reach their shape and stature and after a few hundred they are fully grown.
  • Marriage: Most marry shortly after the 50th year and usually have 1-2, max. 4 children. (Fëanor’s 7 children were unusual)
  • Rebirth: Elves can be reborn once, if they die in battle or similar. If they choose (and are allowed by Mandos) to be reborn, they will recover their memory of the past life during their youth, to continue their previous life. [This makes me wonder why Thranduil is so upset about his wife’s death, since they could be re-unitied, unless she didn’t want to, or did something horrible, or died for the second time?]
  • Marriage after death: If one party dies, they can choose to remain in the halls of Mandos until the end of Arda and allow their spouse to re-marry. This means they will not be able to be reborn ever again. If they chose to be reborn, they will eventually „re-marry“ their previous spouse, since their union last until the end of Arda unless broken by death & choice.
  • Gender: An Elf’s gender is part of their „fëa“ (spirit). If they are born as man, they can not be re-born as woman or the other way around, as this would also confuse the continuation of their previous life.

Source: “Morgoth’s Ring”  by J.R.R.Tolkien