Anonym schrieb an meru90 :can i suggest kagehinayachi with the haunted house meme since its halloween soon :^) !!???

i did more than u asked for dear anon but i had way too much fun (ref under cut)

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doctordonnaaa  asked:

tentoo discovering his & rose's new tardis already has an orange spacesuit...

A Somewhat Decent Rick And Morty Episode Guide!

So, I decided to put this thing together because… Rick and Morty is, for the most part, a really good show, and I feel like it has the potential to reach an even bigger audience than it already has, BUT since it’s an adult cartoon some people might feel some apprehension about it, which imo is understandable considering some of the genre’s other popular hits.

With that said, I present the Rick And Morty episode guide! Which includes which episodes are a must-watch to follow the major arc/relationship developments, basic synopses and warnings for sensitive material where it’s necessary, because honestly, there are people out there who like to know what they’re getting into. I just wanted to put this together for anyone who might need it, so if anyone thinks this is too, I don’t know, compassionate or helpful, you can just keep your mouth shut tbh because I don’t want to hear it.

It’s worth mentioning that every episode has funny and important scenes/moments that add to the characters, relationships and the general vibe of the show, but for those who prefer plot-relevant episodes I decided to list the must-watch episodes for both seasons as well! It’s also worth saying that almost all of the really sensitive topics I mention in this post with a simple tag aren’t just spoken about or dealt with in passing, but treated seriously.

Some very basic plotline descriptions under the cut, but nothing too spoiler-y!

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what she says: i’m fine.

what she means: why are they not bringing the hunchback of notre dame to broadway? it has one of the most operatic and sweeping scores by disney i mean have you heard entr’acte recently? also they put so much effort into marrying the book and the movie to come up with a compelling and dramatic story and drive it to its inexorable end. if the movie went darker than most disney movies, the musical went grey, giving each character greater nuance and sympathy. did you see quasi throwing shade or esmeralda being scared of heights or phoebus’s sardonic humour? did i mention michael arden’s gut-wrenching made of stone or ciara renee’s gut-wrenching someday or patrick page pain? do i have to wait another 15 years before they bring it to broadway?

i’m tired of being expected to feel sorry for ignorant white people

i’m tired of the fact that some of y'all get to walk around blissfully ignorant until a little brown person comes along and takes you on a spirit quest so you finally understand. you have access to the same books and resources i have. i was not born black and just understanding how the world works. if anything, it takes tons of effort for me to understand why a world hates me so much, when i did nothing to deserve it. i put in work to understand, for my sanity, for my survival.

the least you could do is open up a damn book and educate yourself

i’m not hand holding you through race matters that are often painful for me to even talk about

you think black people just love talking about their oppression?

that s#!t hurts

it hurts a lot

we talk about it to deal with and learn about our struggles. this isn’t fun. we don’t enjoy being mistreated day after day, year after year, century after century

it takes so much time to decolonize our minds so we actually feel like we are worth respect and human dignity

so miss me with that 

“help me i don’t know anything because i’m white”


you don’t know anything because you’re lazy

it’s 2014

open a book, hit up google, go on wikipedia

i don’t care what you do

but you will get no pity from me because you don’t get it

nope, not i