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I always wondered why tsukishima caught so much flack for not being energetic or not putting in extra efforts. He did what he was supposed to do and he did it well. It didn’t seem fair especially when there’s characters like kunimi and kenma and taichi who aren’t asked to change. But now that I’ve thought about it, there are a lot of factors in play. Up until now, I’ve thought of it as “tsukishima was wrong”. He was wrong in not practicing more or “showing his passion”. That’s what I thought the message was, and I think a lot of people think of it like that too. But the fact of the matter is, it’s not a simple matter of everyone else being “right” and tsukishima being “wrong”. There was nothing wrong with him not being passionate otherwise the way people treat kunimi and kenma wouldn’t make much sense. Tsukishima wasn’t doing anything inherently wrong by being uninspired and unmotivated. It would have been wrong if he didn’t fulfill his role, but that wasn’t the case. Even while complaining about him, ukai couldn’t say that tsukishima didn’t fulfill his responsibilities. Because it’d have been untrue. Tsukishima showed up at practice on time and stayed the duration, he learned to read block, he learned to recieve better, he learned the synchronized attack, and he even balanced his schoolwork with his extracurriculars perfectly. If it were just a matter of responsibility then tsukishima met his better than hinata or kageyama. So what was the problem?

Well part of it was simply that his environment required him to have more enthusiasm than he was showing. Kenma is in nekoma, kunimi’s in seijoh, kawanishi is in shiratorizawa. Their teams permit and can easily accomodate their lackluster attitudes. But karasuno can’t. That’s not the kind of team they are. Their playstyle and goals can’t accomodate that. And, with a few exceptions, the players have got to try and accomodate their teams as much as the teams accomodate them. If he were someone like hinata or kyoutani or bokuto or ushijima things may have been different. Those are the chracters that recklessly charge forward without worrying what kind of environment their teams have. They reshape the team. People work around them. And maybe that’s a good thing and maybe it’s not, either way it’s a thing. But tsukishima is nothing like them. He HAD to learn to accomodate the team a bit, his team needed him to have a different attitude. If he went to aoba jousai, oikawa might have found some way to fit him in without making him change. If he were in nekoma, he might have had to change but it probably would have been a slower burn. If he went to shiratorizawa then it wouldn’t have mattered as long as he could play and play well. But he went to karasuno, they needed something else from him. And luckily, it wasn’t something he didn’t already have.

And that’s probably the second factor. It’s not like tsukishima didn’t have enthusiasm or that he truly didn’t care, he was just afraid to show it. Kunimi’s lackluster attitude and play style is something he’s turned into an advantage. Kenma’s is both an advantage and just a fact of life, that’s just the way he is. Point is, none of the other unenthusiastic players were unsatisfied with what they were giving. They were playing in a way that made them happy, that achieved their goals. But tsukishima was different. He was competitive. He wanted to win. And having such a competitive and victory-obsessed team aggravated that even more. The problem was that he was scared of what might happen. He wasn’t playing in a way that achieved his goals, he was too afraid to set goals in the first place. He was almost afraid the expectations would kill him. He didn’t lack drive, he was just burying it. And that’s a lot different from naturally being like that. Forget the team, if it were just that the team needed him to be different I’d have said that he should have just bummed off and found another club. There is no reason for someone to change who they are against their will for a sports club. But he had to change for himself too and that makes all the difference. What he was doing, the burying his emotions and hiding from something he loved out of fear and anxiety, it wasn’t healthy. He had to change that sooner or later.

Anyways that’s what I think about it. I’m super proud and happy about the interest tsukishima’s showing now.


Someone asking me to RESPECT and BELIEVE kubo .. why should I respect someone who doesn’t know how to RESPECT others ?

If kubo really intended to make ih from the beginning .. tell me what is this all about ? why did he put so much effort making Ichiruki moments from chapter 1 to 500 episode 1 to 366 , during interview he talk about Rukia’s name and says that she is like ichigo’s Ray of light , poems , color spreads , movie , symbolic BLACK SUN AND WHITE MOON , he even make Rukia’s Bankai form which exactly looks the same as ichigo’s , opposite color BLACK AND WHITE and both their robe change as if they’re related to one another , Urahara’s prophecy, Kyoraku visit the human world to meet ichigo’s friend blah blah as if ichigo will end up staying in the soul society , Isshin Masaki Ryuken love story parallel to ichiruki/ren.. with his sweettalk about ichiruki during interview he has ichiruki under his spells to stay by his side for many years and make us believe and hope that Ichiruki will happen but he crush ichiruki’s hope with single chapter in the END for what? For moneys sake ?! For marketing purpose ?! .. kubo is making too many excuse just to get Fans attention and sympathies and now he have ichihime brainwashed and make them believe everything he said .. good job ship war maker ..
Why bother listen to guy like him ? To me , ichiruki are not a part of bleach anymore, without bleach Ichiruki can still stand but without ichiruki bleach is nothing like right now

stefan: begs caroline to flip her humanity back and tells her he’s there for her and wants to be with her

stefan: tells caroline loving her changed his life and he will wait till she’s healed and is ready for a relationship

stefan: says “i love you” first

stefan: wants her back the second he’s in town after a 3 year breakup when they’re both in different relationships

stefan: literally asks her to marry him


what she says: i’m fine.

what she means: why are they not bringing the hunchback of notre dame to broadway? it has one of the most operatic and sweeping scores by disney i mean have you heard entr’acte recently? also they put so much effort into marrying the book and the movie to come up with a compelling and dramatic story and drive it to its inexorable end. if the movie went darker than most disney movies, the musical went grey, giving each character greater nuance and sympathy. did you see quasi throwing shade or esmeralda being scared of heights or phoebus’s sardonic humour? did i mention michael arden’s gut-wrenching made of stone or ciara renee’s gut-wrenching someday or patrick page pain? do i have to wait another 15 years before they bring it to broadway?

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dID YOU WATCH THE NEW EPISODE? ALISHA DID IT! SHE REALLY DID IT!! My heart burns with this new development. TT ^ TT

IF THEY DIDN’T DO THE THING I WOULD HAVE THROTTLED SOMEONE. They teased it so hard in the last episode that if they denied us that one thing, it would have been a cruel cruel joke. I’m really glad they did do it frickin finally

I’m just not sure why they make such a big deal out of armatizing. I mean, yes, it’s a big deal, but they make it such a strain on the users and they put so much effort into showing us how it would probably kill them, that it’s leaving them unable to move afterwards, all the effort needed to put in to make the armatus work at all and…………

Then we remember that Anime Sorey just did it right off the bat, no problems, no struggles, no effort. Lailah never even warned him about it. Even game Sorey had trouble with the armatus at the beginning

I just wish they’d stayed consistent. Just let the girls be awesome without nearly killing them every time, PLEASE. Or at least have made it hard for Sorey too

A Somewhat Decent Rick And Morty Episode Guide!

So, I decided to put this thing together because… Rick and Morty is, for the most part, a really good show, and I feel like it has the potential to reach an even bigger audience than it already has, BUT since it’s an adult cartoon some people might feel some apprehension about it, which imo is understandable considering some of the genre’s other popular hits.

With that said, I present the Rick And Morty episode guide! Which includes which episodes are a must-watch to follow the major arc/relationship developments, basic synopses and warnings for sensitive material where it’s necessary, because honestly, there are people out there who like to know what they’re getting into. I just wanted to put this together for anyone who might need it, so if anyone thinks this is too, I don’t know, compassionate or helpful, you can just keep your mouth shut tbh because I don’t want to hear it.

It’s worth mentioning that every episode has funny and important scenes/moments that add to the characters, relationships and the general vibe of the show, but for those who prefer plot-relevant episodes I decided to list the must-watch episodes for both seasons as well! It’s also worth saying that almost all of the really sensitive topics I mention in this post with a simple tag aren’t just spoken about or dealt with in passing, but treated seriously.

Some very basic plotline descriptions under the cut, but nothing too spoiler-y!

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