Present Mic - Impression
Present Mic - Impression

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I got your ask about who I would like to voice as if the BNHA/MHA asked me to be in the dub but instead of sending it I somehow clicked delete.

I thought about this a lot, and I think I have a pretty versatile voice since I’m pretty good at producing both masculine voices as well as feminine voices (whatever the hell that means) but they might need to be foreign lmao I have an accent.

OK ALSO because I know this will never happen (the dub thing), I’m gonna use this as an opportunity to read a few lines from the manga as Present Mic (click play first!):


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tentoo discovering his & rose's new tardis already has an orange spacesuit...

Things i’ve noticed about their selfies

This was a draft i found… so apparently this is what i do when im bored haha…why did i put so much effort into this jfc

Dan: He does the signature “tilts head slightly to the side and smirks adorably” and of course has his fucking adorable dimples.His angles are usually up and a little to the side.and his ironic peace signs

Some examples:

50% hobbit awe

Phil: Doesn’t usually show any smile in his selfies alone,but he smiles with his eyes.His eyes do all the posing for him and they are always doing something to show more expression without his smile.He usually goes for right in front of him which is great because we get to see his gorgeous face more.

Some Examples:

Phan Selfie: Dan is always taking the picture and is slightly in front of Phil.Phil is doing something cute behind Dan.Dan is always on the left and Phil is always on the right.Phil is usually showing a crazy facial expression and Dan is usually doing something “ironically”

Some Examples:

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Shiro's Lost In Space™ episode comprises of him getting adopted by a small and fluffy creature that protects him. He sleeps. That's it memories recovered he gets a new pet space dad is safe and happy

Shiro lands on a planet where there’s no civilization, only alien animals, and he becomes the Disney Princess he was always destined to be. Have you seen that eyeliner game? Shiro is a beautiful man with a beautiful soul, and the animals would recognize this and vow to protect him.

Animals Shiro would accidentally befriend over the course of like a week:

  • A bunch of water-type animals who obv can’t leave the rivers/lakes, but everytime Shiro walks along the riverbank they gleefully swim after him. Shiro is a little disturbed but they seem harmless so… Stalk away, Mr. Goldfish.
  • Animals that look like a cross between a squirrel and a cat. They like to perch on Shiro’s shoulders as he scrounges for berries (Shiro would refuse to eat meat after he realized How Much these animals love him). They get a kick out of sticking their tongues in his ear, Shiro jumps for the sky every time it’s hilarious.
  • A unicorn. An honest to God unicorn. It has the horn and everything.
  • These birds that really strongly resemble the dodo. They like to hop around Shiro as he walks, and they have a tendency to ram into his legs and then just. Fall over. They’re fine, don’t worry.
  • The birds like to divebomb Shiro because of his shiny metal arm, but they do it in a teasing manner?? The birds essentially play chicken (LMAO) with Shiro.
  • Some BIGASS animal that looks like a cross between a bear and a mountain lion, has at least a foot on Shiro, and has the teeth of a sabertooth. It loves under the chin scratches and Shiro affectionately names it ‘Junior.’ When Shiro eventually has to leave the planet, he saves his goodbye with Junior for last.
    • Leaving is so hard. Junior holds Shiro in its awkward approximation of a hug and refuses to let go. Hunk swears up and down the room that Junior is crying; Pidge insists that there’s biologically no possible way for Junior to cry, but everyone is very uncomfortable intruding on this tender moment between Junior and Shiro. 
    • Keith tries to hint that they should get moving and Junior sneezes on him. Lance laughs and the unicorn kicks him into the river.

Junior is my fave oc.