Present Mic - Impression
Present Mic - Impression

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I got your ask about who I would like to voice as if the BNHA/MHA asked me to be in the dub but instead of sending it I somehow clicked delete.

I thought about this a lot, and I think I have a pretty versatile voice since I’m pretty good at producing both masculine voices as well as feminine voices (whatever the hell that means) but they might need to be foreign lmao I have an accent.

OK ALSO because I know this will never happen (the dub thing), I’m gonna use this as an opportunity to read a few lines from the manga as Present Mic (click play first!):


doctordonnaaa  asked:

tentoo discovering his & rose's new tardis already has an orange spacesuit...

when you realize, as an artist, you can legit draw what ever tf you want lol

but srsly tho she is p much Inu-yashas gemsona lmao

bonus shippo amethyst because why the hell not: