Why hasn’t Xabi retired yet? Why was Thomas subbed off? Why did we buy Vidal? Why is Pep still coaching this team? Why do I have so many questions?

Me: *walks around all day wearing Hufflepuff colors and a golden snitch necklace*

Me: *buys a Marauder’s Map button and wears that too*

Me: *alternately hums “Hedwig’s Theme” and “Get Back to Hogwarts”*

Person: …

Me: It’s Harry Potter’s birthday.

Person: …

Me: This is why we’re not friends.

Person: I don’t know you.

Me: Still.

For people who say that antisemitism has been eradicated:

+ “Jewish girls aren’t pretty.”

+ “You’re going to burn in hell.”

+ “Why did your people murder Jesus?”

+ “So what do they do at Jewish camps? Teach you how to do taxes?”

+ My mother was called a “Jewish cunt” and “fucking Jew bitch” by an aggressive stranger on the street today.

+ Somebody carved a swastika into the sidewalk in front of my home when I was a little kid.

+ When I try to buy a Hannukah card for my parents, the only ones I can find (if any) are cards for holding checks/cash.

+ Stormfront. Jew Watch. National Alliance. Aryan Nations.

+ Israel. Enough said.

+ On March 19 of 2012, Mohamed Merah opened fire on a Jewish school in Tolouse, killing several paratroopers, a rabbi, and three children aged 3, 6, and 8. (link 1, link 2, link 3)

+ The Anti-Defamation League surveyed 53,100 people in over 100 countries regarding their views on Jewish people and common stereotypes about Jews. The results reflected that 26% of those surveyed (suggesting 1.09 billion people worldwide) harbor some degree of antisemitism.

There is SO much more I could add, but I’m exhausted.

Fellow Jews, feel free to reblog and add your own bullet points.

Goodnight, internet.

Wow, Nicki. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in you.

I don’t understand why Nicki felt the need to mock Drake/throw shade at him when he never said ONE bad thing about her. In fact, he never did anything but support her EVERY FUCKING TIME he had the chance. He was constantly praising her, telling how good she is and telling people to buy her album, not to mention the multiple times he said she’s the queen of rap, defended her publicly (the Lil Kim thing), pulled out of Summer Jam when Flex dissed her and so many other things. They know each other for almost 10 years, you know? Now, she’s only DATING Meek for 8 months and already lets him influence her THAT much? Ugh. WHAT A SHAME. She used to say Drake and her are family. Drake and her are labelmates. They’ve been friends FOR A LONG TIME. And that’s how she treats him. It’s so low of Meek to use his super famous girlfriend tour TO SHIT TALK about Drake. GROW A FUCKING PAIR. And it’s disgusting how Nicki allows it.

Drake NEVER SAID ONE BAD THING ABOUT HER. I can’t stress that enough.

Nicki kept her 12 years relationship as private as possible and now all of suddenly she is all about showing her love for Meek, touring together, posting instagram pics of them together every 5 minutes, kissing him all the time on stage, etc. WHAT THE FUCK. I have one word for this: PUBLICITY. It’s almost like she’s trying to promote him??? Which doesn’t make sense. But really who knew Meek before he started dating Nicki? And don’t tell me the “if you didn’t know Meek before you don’t know rap” bullshit.

No, I didn’t call your shitty movie a “comedic masterstroke”

Dear Mongrel Media,

You owe me an apology. You know what you’ve done. Isn’t it time to come clean and make amends? Look, I get why you did it: You were burdened with the impossible task of getting people to buy or rent a movie that basically no one liked.

Not that you don’t know, but I’m referring, of course, to Nailed, the “lost” David O. Russell movie you put out on DVD and Blu-ray in Canada. (We called it Accidental Love down here in the States. It does indeed look like an accident—the kind you might see on the side of the road.) Surely, I thought, there must be glimmers of Russell’s talent and energy in the finished product, even if he didn’t direct every scene or sit in on the editing process. Well, the glimmers are there, for sure. I’d even go as far to say that Nailed is recognizably a Russell movie, no matter how much the filmmaker cries otherwise. But it’s also a misbegotten hatchet job—a movie of wildly disparate acting styles, of erratic shifts in tone, of jokes butchered by choppy editing. My curiosity satiated, I slapped the film with a for-fans-only C- and moved on with my life.So imagine my surprise, months after my review went up, when a Twitter user reached out to inform me, via photographic evidence, that I had become—in Canada at least—one of the film’s most enthusiastic supporters. Here’s the back cover of your own DVD release, just as a quick reminder of what you did.

Funny, I don’t remember calling the film “a comedic masterstroke.” In fact, even “comedic” is a bit of a stretch; at best, one could say of Nailed that it approximates the general appearance of something attempting to elicit laughter. What I actually said, as you well know, is this:

“To be fair to whoever refashioned Accidental Love from the abandoned scraps of Nailed, there’s little reason to believe that the ideal, untroubled version of the material would have been a comedic masterstroke.”

To be fair to whoever refashioned Accidental Love from the abandoned scraps of Nailed, there’s little reason to believe that the ideal, untroubled version of the material would have been a comedic masterstroke.

Did you think I wouldn’t find out, Mongrel, just because you’re all the way up there in Canada? This is the internet age, dudes. Word travels.

Read the full letter at avclub.com

The signs lost at an airport

So the signs where going to catch a flight to go to Spain for the summer but someone *cough* pisces* wanted to buy an icecream but the got lost.


Pisces: *looking like they might start to cry* LISTEN HERE SCOPIO, I WANTED IT STRIGHT AWAY OKAY, THATS REASON ENOUGHT!

Leo: Scorpio, stop shouting at Pisces-


Aries: *Holding scorpio back* okay okay, no point in fighting.

Virgo: Aries is right, we should find a map or something.

Scorpio: *evil look at everyone* *is about to talk*

Cancer: *shaking* we- were lost and we dont know where to go and and-

Scorpio: *soften ups a bit* okay okay.

Capricorn: Shit… where are the others?

*meanwhile at the archade*

Sagittarius: YES! I WON! BO YA!


Gemini: *laughing* come on guys we should go now…

*Sag and Aqua stop playing, they look a bit worried*

Gemini: *looks franticly between the two* wait…. hold on… YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO GET TO THE OTHERS!? *looks twitchy and angry* 

Aqaurius: *looks worried* okay okay, ill just call the others…. *reaches for the phone*

Gemini: *looks like theyre going to stranggle sag* this is all your fault i swear-

*meanwhile at the food court*

Libra: *laughing* i cant belive the others didnt notice we ran away with all their phones

Taurus: *throws popcorn at Libra* i swear they’re probably looking for them right now….

Libra: okay, well now lets go.

Taurus: okay, lead the way.

Libra: wait what… i dont know the way…

Taurus: *Dramatic look* sh**

well…. this cant be good…can it….

(this was requested like 4 months ago and i totally only got around to it now… omg…)

EXO REACTION (Don’t get your panties in a twist. ;D )

I choose to do Exo, because I am doing so many BTS related reactions. Anyway hope you enjoy ! :D - Admin A 


Sehun: “I never took her to be someone of red lace, this will do. Yes it will defiantly do. I wonder what else she is hiding under those clothes of hers..” 

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Kai: “ Oh damn..”

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Tao: “Yah! Y/N Why are you so messy, huh? Pick this up.” *Secretly turned on*

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Kyungsoo: “I know she did not just leave her underwear on my floor.”

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Lay: “Oh my god! All I needed was socks!!”

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Chanyoel: “She has unicorn underwear?!”

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Suho:”I’m gonna buy her more of these, yes these are sexy.” (looks like sugar Daddy turned on)

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Baekhyun: “I must inspect this more.”

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Chen: “This won’t go unpunished”

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Xiumin: “ Aww she has matching cupcake bra and panties.”

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Luhan: “Damn she is so womanly she fits well with me aka Mr.manly”

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 Kris: “This is my style.”

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Well I hope you enjoyed this reaction! I hope to get more Exo reactions n.n

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:the basketball gym was so far away from kise that aomine can't possibly gotten the ball that far and still hit kise on the head without actually doing it on purpose why does he even know about kise beforehand anyway did he do his research did he buy kise's photobooks somebody tell me


Its been going around that some artist’s artwork is being put up on this website ‘wallpart’ for sale. I got hit as well. It Cheats the artist and also it Cheats the buyer. It only uses the file already online, the low resolution version. Thats why its only 6x4 in size.

I also heard from people who actually did buy prints from this store, and never got them. So it sounds like a scam. Be smart when you buy online.

If you do want to buy my artwork online…

I do have some illustrations and tee designs on WeLoveFine. It’s legitimate, and you get the highest resolution I have as a print. As a bonus, its officially licensed and approved by Hasbro! So it directly supports the show.

My Actual Store

The Signs and Why They Refused to Go Outside During the Summer

Aries: “It’s like a million degrees outside why on earth would I go out and be blasted by Satan’s staff of hell within three seconds of leaving my house???”

Taurus: “But outside means you have to pay for good food, why would I buy a snow cone for five bucks? And no, I’m not going to be carrying a goddamn backpack with food in it, it’s too heavy.”

Gemini: “I have an iPhone and there aren’t any convenient chargers that happen to be lying around in the grass. Do you see my point?”

Cancer: “Outside has people. Did you understand what I said? People.”

Leo: “If I go outside, people will be blinded by my beauty. They’ll also be blinded by my paste-white legs.”

Virgo: *shrieks at the sight of daylight*

Libra: “Well… The last time I went outside was on a beach trip with Capricorn and Leo, and ended up with a bloody nose during a volleyball game against Capricorn soooo… no.”

Scorpio: “One word. Mosquitoes.” 

Sagittarius: tbh I’ve never seen a sag that doesn’t like going outside, so I don’t even think there’s anything for them

Capricorn: “I’m scared of Libra coming and whopping my ass because of that volleyball game…”

Aquarius: “You see, there are these wonderful things called the internet and my laptop and AC.”

Pisces: “…Do you hear that? That sound, that’s the sound of Netflix calling my name.” *Slowly fades away*

I went to go buy more fabrics today…And the store keeper gave me their goldfish too. I…Do not think he’s moving. [Taps on the tank] See, this is why you did not earn a name.
request: bts at a child’s birthday party

RM: Hoseok, I can’t believe you bought a robot for the present.

JH: What’s wrong with a robot?


JH: Girls… might… like… robots…? 

RM: I had to be paired with you.

JM: Jungkookie! What did you buy?

J: Jungkook and I bought a tea cup set. //really proud of himself//

JM: Jin-hyung, nobody asked you. 

J: …

JM: //ignores Jin// Jungkookie, what did you buy?

JK: Jin-hyung just told you. 

JM: What did you buy?

JK: We bought a tea cup set.

JM: Cool!





JK: Why are you still here?

JM: Aren’t you going to ask me what Taehyung and I bought?

JK: No.

JM: Don’t you wanna know?

JK: No, not really.

JM: Not even a little bit?

JK: Don’t wanna know. 

JM: Really, you really don’t wanna–

S: Can we get inside now? We’ve been talking about presents for the past five minutes. 

J: Where’s V?

JM: He already went inside.

J: What?! And you let him?!

JM: Who can stop him?

//V screams from inside the house//

S: //dives in// What, what?



J: //bursts in// What’s wrong?



JK: //comes in late// Did Taehyung-hyung drop the cake again?

S: What do you mean, again?

JK: Don’t you know? That’s the third cake we bought today. 

JM: Taehyung already dropped the first two.

S: No wonder.

JK: Why?

S: Taehyung told me that the cake was seventy dollars, so I gave him seventy dollars. 

JK: //laughing// He asked you for seventy dollars because he already spent a lot buying the first two.

S: //sighs//

RM: There’s the birthday girl! Happy birthday–

//girl starts crying//

RM: O_O Why is she crying? 

JH: Because you’re scary looking. 

RM: What?

JH: Jungkook, go to the girl.

JM: //pushes forward// WHAT IF SHE’S DANGEROUS? I’ll go instead. Hi, little girl, happy birthday–

//girl starts crying again//

JM: I told you she’s dangerous.

JH: Jimin, get back and let Jungkook do his magic.

JK: I’m not good with kids though. 

JH: Just try.

JK: //smiles// Hi, little girl. Happy birthday. //hands her the birthday present//

//the girl smiles back and shyly takes the present from him//

JK: She likes me! 

JM: … How can she like Jungkook but not me? 

V: It’s understandable, actually.

JM: Shut up, Taehyung.

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~ Jexo