Since we know very little about He Tian and since Old Xian is unpredictable I have no clue how He Tian will behave in the next chapter. I’m having a really hard time imagining how he would act.
Like I said in a previous post, I would love to see a sulking He Tian that acknowledges that he went too far and that he hurt Guan Shan’s feelings and that next time HT sees GS he will act kinder, maybe even apologize , even if it’s just HT buying him a sandwich.

My fear is that he thinks he did nothing wrong. To him it was just a joke and he’s wondering why Guan Shan thought it was so disgusting, because according to He Tian, the kiss and he himself are amazing.

But I have a felling that He Tian is not as confident as he appears to be.

I don’t know, I’m just as confused as Guan Shan.

But of course I’m hoping that He Tian gets it together and reflects on how he has been a jerk.

asriel20asi-shenanigans  asked:

Can you write a scenario on how the other Nordics reacted when Sealand was adopted (bought) by Sweden?

“Who’s this?” Denmark asked, peering at the small child curiously. Norway and Iceland came up behind him, equally curious. 

“I bought a child.” Denmark looked over to the stoic Swede, pointing at the child. 

“You BOUGHT a kid?! You can’t just buy humans! That’s illegal. Here it is at least. I expected more decency from you.”

“Denmark’s right for once. What do you mean by you bought a kid?” Norway asked. 

“I bought him. From England.” 

“England’s selling children?!” Iceland asked. “Why?!” Sweden shook his head. 

“The kid’s a Nation too. Sort of. He’s a micronation. I bought him and hoped to have him become an addition for the family.” 

“Did you tell Finland yet?” Denmark asked. He walked closer to micronation, getting a raspberry. He stuck his tongue out in return. 

“When he comes home I’ll tell him.” 

“What’s his name?” Iceland tried to greet the kid as well but he just stepped farther back. 

“Sealand. England said his human name is Peter.” 

“Peter? Who’s that?” Finland had just walked into the house, spotting the small child. His eyes lit up. “Are we babysitting?” He has a weak spot for kids of course. 

“No. He’s a new addition to the family. Meet Sealand.” Finland walked over, crouching down and smiling at the young boy. 

“Is he now? Well it’s nice to meet you! I’m Finland!” He reached out to the small boy, Sealand looking at him curiously. He stepped forwards, not seeming intimidated and ended up jumping into the Finn’s arm, smiling widely. 

(I have no fucking idea how to end this I’m sorry ;-;)

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I like that Touka (and Ayato's) kagune has been drawn since TG in a way that you could see the brillinat parts as lightening. (you can even seen a small lightening while Ayato fights Kaneki). I love the fact Hikari means light and I wonder if this connection between Touka and lightening will be explored more now that we have seen her creating lightening and have explored Yomo's relationship with Hikari a bit more and seen how similar to Touka she was. I also wonder if Hikari is associated to con

rabbits as well and if Touka (and Ayato) liking rabbits has some root in the family happy past. I love their family!

I am so thirsty for more Hikari backstory! Why did we have to choose a character to love so much that was already long dead before the series began o)-(

I actually have a headcanon too that Hikari loved bunnies and that’s why Touka and Ayato do. Hikari dressing them up in matching Rabbit onesies, buying Touka her bunny hair clip, collecting Rabbit plushies until their room is filled with them. Planning to buy a Rabbit as a family pet when Touka and Ayato were old enough to look after it… I could read an entire manga on the Kirishimas (ToT)b


Hello Hello~

As I enter my last year of college I find myself needing to make a little bit of money to help me pay for graduate school applications, so why not share my love for klance and make my first ever charm XD ~

I am selling a 2 inch double sided clear acrylic Klance charm, I love Klance and wanted to share a charm design I did on my tictail:


The back will say: We had a bonding moment, relating back to that special cradling in Keith’s arms. Each sporting lion ears and tails, they want to share their bond with other Klance shippers.

The price is 13 dollars plus shipping.

I am keeping the pre-order open till October 31st. I will only be buying as many charms as there are pre-orders~

I plan to send the order in at the time of the pre-order closing. From there I will be using Acornpress to print, to which they say that they can have them done and shipped around Late November, Early December.

If you have any questions shoot me an e-mail or contact me from the about page. Or send me an ask, every little bit helps.

Thank you so much for the support I’ve been given.

honestly it fuckin BLOWS MY MIND that they really tried to play it off that they thought kylo ren would be the most popular character. kylo ren who murders one of our generations childhood heroes. like ???? shut the fuck up dude are u serious !!!! who are you marketing to?? you really thought people were gonna rush to buy kylo ren merch when we have 3 new heroes? i literally do not understand the logic. like i get that vader is a huge cultural icon but kylo ren just. isnt developed enough in this movie to have an immediate impact as influential as darth vader did as a character. like im sorry but its such bullshit that i can find a fuckin kylo ren cuddle buddy on amazon but i cant find a single rey figure in stores anywhere or online that isnt ridiculously overpriced.why the FUCK would i want to cuddle with that punk ass bitch

and this “kylo ren is the Coolest” excuse still doesnt explain away the fact that they have falcon sets with poe, who literally never sets foot on the falcon for the entire movie,and not have one with rey, who LITERALLY PILOTS THE SHIP and is implied as the new owner of the damn ship!!!! and why does the force awakens figure set have two rando stormtroopers when they could’ve so easily put in phasma & rey???? like what is the excuse???? there is none you all know why rey is excluded from merch.

its the same reason gamora was excluded and the same reason natasha was literally replaced by cap on the motorcycle

EDIT: here’s a more comprehensive post with actual links & quotes regarding this issue

some things that actually happen in civil war, a movie released to the public:

  • steve leaving the avengers to protect bucky
  • your bucky
  • “rumlow said bucky and all of a sudden I was a 16 year old kid again in brooklyn”
  • cap being the one to take bucky in bc he’s the one “least likely to die trying”
  • “you pulled me from the river. why?” “i dont know” “yes you do”
  • bucky and steve protecting each other with the shield
  • cap gets arrested because he protects bucky and believes his innocence
  • long painful glances as bucky is interrogated
  • steve climbing up an elevator shaft for bucky
  • The Helicopter Scene™
  • steve pulling bucky from the river just LIKE BUCKY DID IN TWS
  • steve trying to reassure bucky that what he did as the winter soldier wasnt his fault
  • buckaroo and stevie reminiscing about old times and steve knowing the name of the girl bucky was with bc HE WAS TOTALLY JEALOUS
  • The Elevator Scene™
  • steve fighting tony to protect bucky

alright gang
lets catch us a white dude in a mask

scooby doo, where are you??

Smh I can’t believe all these fake ass bitches who say they looove Mozart now. If you only started liking him after Don Giovanni dropped in 1787 then you’re a FAKE FAN!! Where were you when opus 1: four sonatas for keyboard and violin came out huh? I didn’t see you queuing up to buy kv 6-9 in the 18th century when they came out. Honestly don’t even talk to me if you say you ‘like’ Mozart and you can’t even name 600 of his works. Disgusting.


But really did they put Kylo Ren on sunscreen to be ironic cuz if so I’m buying it.

me before: i don’t really care if Elsa gets a girlfriend or not

fb comments: why can’t Elsa be in love with HERSELF?? not every character has to be gay!! it’s a KIDS movie and my child™ shouldn’t have to think about orientations!!! it’ll confuse the youth!!!? do disney movies have to be politically correct too now??!!

me now: giving Elsa a girlfriend is the best fucking idea i’ve ever heard and i’ll buy 40 tickets to see 2 hours Elsa and her fire-power girlfriend running around Arendelle together singing amazing lesbian duets 

[K] Wonderful School Days


The protagonist was a normal high school student when her ability awoke and went on rampage.

Alienated by the power, the protagonist was forced to drop out when a letter of recommendation arrived, written by principal of the Super Ashinaka Academy(1); Miwa Ichigen. This enabled her to transfer to this school as an exception.

The protagonist’s heart was full of excitement when she was shown around by her kind classmate; Yukizome Kukuri, when suddenly she got dragged into the dispute between club activities.

The dispute was between two out of the seven extraordinary clubs that are specialised in recruiting people with unique abilities;

The Red Club [known as HOMRA] and the Blue Club [known as SCEPTER4].

For some strange reason, either club presidents’ eyes were fixed on the protagonist/each other(2) and the protagonist was rescued by three members of the Silver Club; President Isana Yashiro, and member Yatogami Kuroh and Neko.

Surrounded by characters with overflowing personalities, the curtain of the protagonist’s new school life is now open!


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I'm not allowed to steal without saying what I'm taking anymore

Halfling Rogue: “I go to the general store and steal something. Literally anything.”

GM: “Alright, roll Slight of Hand”

Rogue rolls a 22

GM: *sighs* “Roll 2d100 for loot tables”

Rogue rolls for loot

GM: “A'ight, you get…” *groans*

Rogue: “Hell yes, what did I get that you hate?”

GM: “A masterwork +1 Battleaxe that you can’t even wield. It’s bigger than you are”

Rogue: “I take it to the blacksmith and ask if he wants to buy it off me.”

GM/Blacksmith: “I just made that yesterday, and and gave it to the owner of the general store. Why do you have it?”

Rogue: “I leave and give it to our warrior.”

Some time later, after a dungeon crawl, the party ends up back in town.

Rogue: “So I’d like to go to the general store and steal something”

GM: “NO.”

Rogue: “First I’d like to hide from the guards”

GM: “Fine. Roll Move Silently.”

Rogue rolls a 23

Rogue: “And here’s my Slight of Hand:”

Rogue rolls a 24

Rogue: “And for the loot tables.”

Rogue rolls 2d100

GM: “You’re a smug bastard, you know.”

Rogue: “Yeah, but what’d I get?”

GM: Long, sullen silence, then, “A +3 Str Masterwork Composite Longbow”

Rogue: “Sweet.”

GM: “Can you stop breaking my game for at least a single session? You’re level 2. You’re not supposed to have masterwork items yet.