• <p> <b>The greasers reactions to the Harry Potter series, why did I make this tho:</b> <p/><b>Ponyboy:</b> Why the fuk is everyone dying<p/><b>Johnny:</b> Don't worry Harry, you'll be at Hogwarts soon. You won't have to suffer at the Dursley's anymore.<p/><b>Two-bit:</b> why do I love Fred and George so much<p/><b>Dallas:</b> I'm attracted to bellatrix, I'm not even ashamed<p/><b>Darry:</b> guys but wouldn't I be such a great Hogwarts professor tho<p/><b>Soda:</b> SLAY HARRY SLAY BOI YOU SAVAGE YOU SAVAGE YOU SLAY UMBRIDGE YOU SLAYYYYYYYYYY HER<p/><b>Steve:</b> hermione, ginny, luna, paravati, pansy, they all look so hot pls direct me to them<p/></p>

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I would ask you a question if I could 0-0 you are just...wow. DAMN. I'm so trying not to sound like a creeper here but you're just fffffff so cool!!!

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