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tbh i find it annoying that you feel like you have to upload the dvd too. like you could've worked hard for something better? big accounts upload these things anyway, idk why you're trying so hard to make a name for yourself in the fandom. you're just a gif maker.

i’ve uploaded other things from dvds before tho. and i did work hard for something better, i just had extra money and decided to buy the dvd. and tbh i really dont care in “making a name” for myself. i just wanna upload the dvd. 

Tsubaki Dialogue
  • Tsubaki Dialogue
  • Fire Emblem: Fates

For the two anons!

Same disclaimers as usual. Btw, Tsubaki speaks in a very sing-songy and playful way which is why there’s copious usage of ~ aha.

EDIT: Changed the nuances of one of Tsubaki’s last lines to hopefully convey his meaning across better.

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The Signs at a Party
  • Aries: *looks better than everyone*
  • Taurus: where's the food tho
  • Gemini: *probably in a corner telling people funny things that didn't really happen to them*
  • Cancer: *extreme sarcasm* ha this is so exciting... lol ...
  • Leo: *makes sure to catch everyones attention*
  • Virgo: everyone here sucks
  • Libra: whatever I'll do what everyone else is doing it seems fun #yolo
  • Scorpio: *unintentionally scares everyone*
  • Sagittarius: GUYS YOU KNOW WHAT WE SHOULD DO *suggests a crazy idea*
  • Capricorn: why did i even come here omg
  • Aquarius: *pretends they're not having fun but is lowkey having the time of their life*
  • Pisces: *song plays that they don't really know* omg i LOVE this sONG