Is anyone else mad with how Bleach ended?

I’m mad af. I mean……., I’m just literally so enraged that I have no words. I’m mad as hell that Ichigo decided to go ahead and reproduce with Orihime, and Rukia with Renji. Like….., bitch wheeeettt?? Who did this? Who decided to make these decisions? Why did Kubo make me not wanna eat my lunch? I literally feel like I’m gonna throw up. I’m not trying to come off as a hater, but giiiiirrrrrrlllll 🙄 I’m trying to let Jesus take the wheel bc I invested so much of my heart into Bleach. Then on top of the obvious reasons I’m pissed, they didn’t even give it a proper ending. I get they gave the man like two weeks to end it; however, if you knew you had to end that boy, you should have went ham and cheese on that ending. I just….I can’t man. I’m so disappointed 😢😢😒😒 Like, I haven’t felt this disappointed since my brother ruined Santa Claus for me when I was six years old…., or the time Hurricane Katrina cut our family vacation short. My heart is breaking. Now I’ll bury myself in a bubble bath and Hennessy 🍸🍸🍷🍷