@floweringred, i haven’t thought about it at all until this moment tbh, but looking back at the series……. a demiromatic!kagome is actually strongly supported by canon

kagome only actively shows legitimate romantic interest in inuyasha. her relationships with koga and hojo, for two examples, are both very one-sided

and looking a bit closer at her relationship with the angry puppy himself……that crush only developed after they became friends and got closer

Okay but what if on the first Malec date they have a grand old time and it’s perfect and Alec has managed to make Magus laugh multiple times and they’re holding hands across the table and it’s great and they’re walking back together and finally make it back to the Institute and they’re just standing there and Alec is like “So.” and Magnus is just staring at Alec fondly and says. “So.” right back and they just look at each other for a few moments with their hands intertwined not saying anything and then Alec laughs a little and rubs the back of his neck with his other hand and says. “I don’t want to leave.” 

And Magnus just about swoons because it’s the cutest thing he has ever heard and he’s already in so deep with this gorgeous  Shadowhunter and he finally manages to gain his composure and responds back sweetly. “Neither do I.” and Alec smiles at this and he’s running his thumb over the back of Magnus’ hand and not meeting Magnus’ eyes and he looks like he wants to say something but doesn’t but then he finally stammers quietly. “Can I kiss you?” and Magnus beams at him and his heart swells with adoration and can’t help thinking how has this wonderful person never been in a relationship before and says. “Of course, Alexander.” and then Alec slowly takes Magnus’ face gently into his hands but he doesn’t kiss him yet he just caresses Magnus’ face with his hands and strokes his cheekbones and is looking at him with such awe and wonder and is analyzing his whole face as if this was going to be the last time he would ever see it and Magnus can feel the butterflies erupting in his stomach and almost dies as Alec’s eyes move from his own to his nose, his cheeks, and finally his lips and  Alec smiles the smallest of smiles and leans in, giving Magnus the most careful and tender kiss 

And Magnus’ hands grasp onto Alec’s elbows and the kiss is so different from their first one this one is more thought out and precise and caring and chaste and it’s just perfect and Magnus wants to sing because of how happy he is at this precise moment and he can smell Alec’s aftershave and hint of cologne that Isabelle probably forced him to wear for the occasion and Alec’s lips are so soft and warm and he tastes of determination and and excitement and  that chocolate cake that they shared earlier at the restaurant and Magnus almost dies at the sensation of Alec’s long eyelashes fluttering against his cheekbone and they finally both pull away and both men are grinning from ear to ear and Magnus feels a laugh bubbling up in his chest and he ducks his head to hide his blush. “You never cease to amaze me, Alec.” He smiles up at the other man and Alec just about loses his breath at the sight of Magnus with his dopey grin and shining eyes and slightly tousled hair and he can’t help thinking that he’s never seen anyone more beautiful in his entire life and how he made him look like that and suddenly Alec  has forgotten everything horrible in his life all because of Magnus Bane and he finally manages to stutter a “Thanks for tonight. We…we should do that again sometime.” 

 And Magnus has to tell himself over and over that it would not be appropriate on a first date to full on sprint at Alec and hug the life out of him and and it took all of his willpower not to scream YES YES YES and to instead respond with a “I would love that.” and Alec is smiling as if his life depends on it and says. “Great.” and suddenly feels daring and leans in for a quick peck that takes Magnus completely by surprise and mutters a “Goodnight, Magnus.” while blushing furiously and Magnus’ hand goes to his lips and calls out a “Goodnight, Alexander.” as Alec makes his way to the Institute door, his eyes never leaving Magnus and Magnus does his best not to laugh out loud when Alec smacks his head against the door frame and almost trips over his own feet and looks back at Magnus with a sheepish look on his face and states “That’s a door.” and Magnus nods but cannot stop the titter that escapes from him and waves at Alec cheerfully and Alec, clearly relieved that Magnus does not think he is a complete fool, waves cheerfully back and walks into the Institute, but not before giving Magnus a loving and longing look before closing the door.  

And if anyone later that night saw a glittery man pirouetting in the old churchyard while giggling like a gleeful child, they probably were extremely confused.



but also!! the very interesting Knowledge Nugget™ of Know Your Fusion is that a gem’s room can’t exist if the owner themself doesn’t exist. not even just the physical gem(s) itself/themselves count, as Garnet and Pearl were both still *there* with their gems. the gem as a PERSON has to exist. the gem as a sentient entity.

the continuous existence of Rose’s room has…. VERY interesting physiological/biological(/geological?) implications for Steven

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I'm dying to see Levy •3• Like how you have drawn the others with flower crowns

It’s always the right time to draw my smol princess ◕◡◕❀

hey can you tell I actually tried to draw the flowers this time?


send me your girl group bias and i’ll make you a gif set
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Backyard Races

a/n : A day out in the sun with Nathan and your daughter. MAJOR FLUFF!

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“Sweet cheeks, please sit still and let mommy rub in your sunscreen.” you try pleading with your daughter, her four year old body squirming in excitement as her deep brown eyes, restlessly set on her father. Nathan’s much larger body swimming in the medium sized pool a couple yards away. She couldn’t stop herself from turning her head every few seconds, not wanting to miss another moment of fun as she gazed longingly at her cousins throwing a blown up beach ball in the chlorine infused water.

“but-mommy-wy do I haf to put this stuff on wen they don’t.” her puffy lips pouted, questioning why she couldn’t just jump into her daddy’s arms and swim around gleefully like the rest of her family. The anticipation dimming her patience with each wasted second.

Sighing, you lay the bottle down by the patio chair you were currently sitting in, before looking into your daughter’s solemn eyes, “Baby, unfortunately you’ve inherited my sensitive skin- meaning..” you pause, noticing a shift in her facial expression, eyebrows scrunching up as she attempts to grasp and understand your choice of words, “that the sun could hurt you, but only if we don’t use precautions and smother you in this lotion that blocks the sun from burning your beautiful skin.”

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