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i’m bored of this idea that individual female characters need to themselves be “feminist” — like, as far as feminism affecting the stories we tell, i’d personally just like it for female characters to be more, and varied, and doing everything, and some of them are good, and some of them are feminists, and some of them are terrible, or evil, or morally bankrupt, or charming-but-awful in the way male characters get to be.  we’ve got a lot of those types of characters in the media at the moment, and it’s true we need more types — more heroines, more joan watsons and women like the mills sisters, like the stark sisters — but i’m not discounting the “evil” ladies either

like, i support you if you want more truly feminist characters in media, that’s not a bad thing at all, but for me, i just want more female characters that feel like they’re actually real and human, rather than a sketch of a person, meant to support the real (male) characters and not do much else

syncopated-rhythms asked:

Kiss and Rose :)

kiss: have you had your first kiss? with who?

Yes, with a guy that I had a huge crush on

rose: are you romantic?


Staying up late,
I try to create,
Something I do not hate,
A picture I feel like I can relate,
To how I want to feel inside,
And on the outside,
I try so hard for perfection,
I’m never satisfied with myself,
Why aren’t I ever happy unless I’m perfect
when beauty is what is inside,
Sometimes I don’t understand,
Why I can’t feel okay,
Or brave,
I wish I could run away with my angel,
To a place no worries exist,
A place with you only happiness.
Poetry created by: Suzana Poljak