I love Glenn Rhee so much. No, you don’t understand. I love the way we got introduced to him. It’s honestly iconic. I loved how geeky and witty, he was in the beginning. I loved that he was smart and brave. Both things that Maggie, his future wife, noticed. The group trusted him. No, you don’t understand. They trusted him with their lives. Lori told him about her pregnancy first and he was so understanding about it). Hershel trusted him with his daughter, his own flesh and blood. Dale literally treated him like a son. They all know that Glenn is trustworthy, he’s your guy if you ever need someone to cover your back! Glenn was literally alone in the beginning, but he found a family and love in the zombie apocalypse. He never stopped hoping. That’s what makes him so great! His hope in humanity literally made him give Nicolas a second, third chance. Nicolas, who killed Noah and tried to kill him. If this was anyone else, they would have killed Nicolas without second thought. He helped Tara, who was on the Governor’s side. Glenn didn’t give up on Tara. He didn’t leave her behind. Tara means so much to Glenn. He literally gave her a family. Glenn is so good. Full of hope and love. He’s so brave. He’s so amazing. His journey is just unbelievably heartwarming. And without him, there’d no Rick. Hell, there’d be no The Walking Dead. He’s literally the most important character of the Walking Dead. I just love him so much. I’d die for him. I literally would. No questions asked.

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yo yo wazzup darlingsanha aka karin here!! so uhm recently i’ve really been wanting to befriend more astro stans but i’m super awkward and usually keep to myself ;~~; to be honest i don’t even know how to befriend people on here… orz 

anyway, that’s why i’m posting this! i’ve got a lot of new followers and i thought if any of you guys want to become friends then feel free to send me a message either here or @ darlingsanha on twitter! ;uu; i promise i don’t bite!!! please don’t let this flop </3

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There's so many things I want to do in life and doing them on my own is just lonely. I'm still young so I have time to meet new ppl but I feel completely alone. I want to travel and do creative things but everyone just wants to party idk am I weird

You’re not weird, isolation forces one to search for spirituality, the soul pulls one into loneliness so you learn who you truly are without taking on attributes of everyone/thing around you. Most people are just a mixture of other persons characteristics, if you want to be an original individual it’s going to take a long period of isolation to make you strong in your individuality. Hence why you feel so different to everyone else, it’s really a good thing even though it doesn’t feel like it right now. At least unlike most people, at the end, you will know who you truly are (away from the external world). Most people don’t have a personality without clothes, makeup, money, cars, status, relationships. As St Therese of Avila said “The more loved she is by the beloved, the more frightened she is of herself.” Your fear of being different is a good thing🌹

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(I know this is random, don’t mind me. I just gotta share my fangirling with someone)

Ignore my messy hair and the fact I’m not wearing glasses. But, my friend just pointed out that I somehoW MANAGED TO DO THE MAKEUP FROM THE EXO MONSTER MV 😱 I’m a genius (this is my first time making bruises with makeup too like wtf).

Ok, I’ll just awkwardly leave now… 🙈🙈

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omg Billie why you SO CUTE <333333 THAT MAKEUP LOOKS GOOD THO :O It looks likes sehun’s makeup in monster tbh <3333 A FUTURE MAKEUP ARTIST ;)



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Someone on twitter tonight very kindly informed me that, waaaaay back once upon a time in 2011, @linmanuel posted his dream cast for a West Wing musical on his now-defunct blog. And since the internet never forgets, I share it with you all now.

I support everything about this casting (Patti LuPone as Marion Coatsworth-Hayes! Audra McDonald as Nancy McNally!) and wish to see it become reality as soon as humanly possible.

  • steve:you wrote about me
  • bucky:I don't know what you're talking about
  • steve:you pulled me out of the river
  • bucky:idk why I did that
  • steve:you nearly killed tony because he hurt me. you actually roared like an angry pigeon or something
  • bucky:I don't like him
  • steve:you tried to pull me behind the shield when I was covering you with it
  • bucky:I didn't mean to do that
  • steve:you remembered my shoes and the hotdogs but not that girls name
  • bucky:I have memory problems that's all
  • steve:you left our dates because I ran off, didn't even apologize
  • bucky:your date would've wondered where you went, I found you for her
  • steve:you lied and told me you only knew me because of the smithsonian because you wanted to protect me, to make me go
  • bucky:blame the brochure
  • steve:you made me share an apartment with you
  • bucky:I needed someone to do the dishes
  • steve:you kept my picture
  • bucky:memory problems remember?
  • steve:you didn't like it when I kissed sharon, I can tell your fake smile from your real one
  • bucky:you were wasting valuable time
  • steve:you put yourself back into cryo so I'd stop being reckless and not become a criminal just to keep you
  • bucky:I was tired
  • steve:you made a vow, told me you'd be with me until death
  • bucky:idk why I did that
  • steve:you interrupted my moment with peggy because you were jealous
  • bucky:you deserved applause and attention for your bravery
  • steve:you fell from the train because you were protecting me
  • bucky:wasn't my smartest move
  • steve:you gave me heart eyes at the bar in '43
  • bucky:I was drunk
  • steve:we shared money and everything else like...a couple
  • bucky:it was convenient
  • steve:you're in love with me
  • bucky:yes
  • steve:what
  • bucky:what

Tamaki Suoh + Pink!
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