Ok just to prove to all of you what a fucking loser I am I decided to analyse tigress even more (yeah didn’t even know that was possible myself)


LOOK AT THEM!! It both adorable and creepy on my part and I don’t know what to do with this information but LOOK AT THEM ANYWAYS.

its 2am by the way so now you know why I’m being so weird.

Good night and enjoy Tigress and her cute little ears.

I was working on my thesis today which was interesting because I don’t have any English ‘classes’ rn. And that’s my language. I can churn out literary analyses like nobody’s business. All this library stuff, especially the technical bits, is a whole new language. And while that’s trickier, I also kind of like the feeling that I’m actually *learning* stuff, instead of just sitting in a rut repeating what I knew I was good at. Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that, but I think it’s neat. 

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Hands Cell a bag of homemade confectioneries. (Don't eat them Cell, they are lethal. Seriously Bulma is the worst at cooking or baking). "Trunks asked that I help him make chocolates for his classmates but there were some left over. I thought you'd might like to try them. "

      He says nothing at first, merely choosing to accept the proffered treats from Bulma’s hands in silence before shifting his puzzled gaze from the bag resting neatly in his formidible palms back to the woman herself. Of all the people she could have offloaded this rubbish to, she’d decided Cell was the best option? He didn’t even need to eat, but then again, it would have been churlish to turn her offering down, especially after she’d already gone out of her way to deliver them. Opening the bag in an almost nervous fashion, as though worried about breaking whatever was inside, the chimera nodded stiffly and smiled.

            “Umm… thank you very much, Bulma. I don’t recall eating chocolate before so trying these might be… nice,” he said, fishing out one of the homemade treats before clutching it between forefinger and thumb gingerly. Something about it didn’t look quite right, but Bulma said she’d made it along with her son and even passed some around at his school. It couldn’t possibly be poisoned - or hazardous - if her precious child had a hand in it…

      Popping the treat into his mouth, Cell chewed, his sharp chimeric teeth crunching through the hard confectionery that might have cracked the molars of lesser mortals. It wasn’t exactly what he would call nice, but it wasn’t like he had much experience with good food anyway.

          ”… They’re okay.”

                        Let’s see if he still thought that later on.

of course i got problems. of course i have moments when i do not know what to do. of course i make mistakes, like a million a week. of course i am not good at everything. of course i screw up. of course i am human

why are you so surprised about this

just because someone seems so “good at giving advice” does not mean that person does everything so great and also, people are right when they say it’s easier to say than to do when you’re not in the situation

so yes, i struggle with everything, too.

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concept: weiss/blake/coco/velvet poly hell

[adam voice] why must you hurt me dave

no but really omg that’s so good???? i think that poly has been brought up before but i still love the concept of it

especially because i love all the pairings when it’s broken down tbh

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Plz. Why would you do this to me :'( after I finished run I read the short of jhope the dream/awake one and my heart. It hurts. :( why are you so good at twisting hearts. You're writing is great.

(me crushing all of your hearts)

(just kidding)

thank you!

Please Watch Shadowhunters! - Why the TV show ISN’T Bad!

I just wished to express my opinion about the TV show known as Shdowhunters. Based on a hit book series known as The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. (For one thing, I noticed how the ratings for Shadowhunters seems to be quite low and getting lower. We at least want to get it up to 1 million-some viewers. So, if you are a fan, PLEASE WATCH THE SHOW IF WE WANT A SECOND SEASON OF THE MORAL INSTRUMENTS!!! Get the news out please, if you will!!!) 

And yes, I am aware quite highly that there ARE many differences between the show and the books. But, let me remind you of something that I don’t think anyone is quite noticing. At least on my Tumblr feed. Lots of TV shows that are based on books NEVER stick the books. Yet somehow these shows are quite popular and are running many seasons. To name a few…

- Pretty Little Liars - Toby died in the books but served as a major love interest to Spencer, all the girls on the show physically resemble nothing of their book character, Caleb never existed in the books, Maya never dies, Emily was bisexual and had a baby, the Ezria relationship is a lot less epic and romantic, Emily’s family is a lot more extended in the books with 3 siblings, NAT club didn’t exist. Just to name a few.

- The Lying Game - Sutton was dead in the books the entire time but was a major alive character in the show, new added characters that didn’t exist in the book, storylines for the parental folk, etc.

- The Secret Circle - Again, the cast resemble little of their book characters, there are 6 witches in the show but there were 12 in the books, Cassie’s mother is alive in the books but dead on the show, characters are rather drastically changed from their book personality, TV characters were given siblings they didn’t have in the book, Faye was evil in the books but is rather just a bitch in the show who did care a bit. 

- The Vampire Diaries - Elena was a fair skin blonde haired girl in the books, she has a 4-year-old sister in the books but a teenager brother on the show, various characters have been re-named, family and vampire history is changed, fan favorite character Jeremy doesn’t exist in the books. Also, on the show, Stefan doesn’t drink human blood, but does in the books. 

So, while all these changes were added to these book-turned-into-TV shows - I don’t see anyone complaining about it so much. If anything, I only see heaps and heaps of love that I can DROWN in them. Pretty Little Liars still had 2-3 million viewers for each episode of season 1 despite changes. And they have strayed SO FAR from the books, it is now literally nothing like the books. Not mention the whole Charlotte/Charles twist that had fans near seething in disappointment for the terrible writing, yet are they complaining and have stopped watching the show in result? No. They still love it and are still watching.

Yes, The Secret Circle and The Lying Game got cancelled, but they still did decent in the ratings and people seriously did try to get them re-booted. TVD, well, we all know how THAT show did. 

Yes, Shadowhunters IS different from the books. But, there is something that needs to be understood. Book and film storylines run VERY differently. Things need to be sped up and since there are going to be viewers who probably never even heard of the novel series, they just need to get things to the point and get on with it. Pacing in books and films are very different. Cassandra even mentioned how she fully understood that and was fine with the fact that there were going to be changes

At least the show is sticking generally to the book, unlike other TV shows based off of books. Which I have seen many complaints about online. Also, for those complaining, Isabelle, Alec and Simon didn’t have much of a plotline in the first book. If the TV show was to follow the storyline exactly like the book plot did - and these are the MAIN characters of the show that literally NEED to have plotlines - then half of those characters would have literally NO plotline at all. And that isn’t going to do so well in a TV show

So, why not take what the book interprets about the characters lives and just add all the unseen stuff into the show for entertainment? Like The Hunger Games franchise did in adding additional scenes that we never saw in the trilogy? No one complained about it then and even said how they loved the idea of having additional character’s storylines explored - unlike the book in which we never saw such novel content. Also, be thankful that we are getting to see SimonxIsabelle and MagnusxAlec’s stories told on screen. Whereas the movie had completely cut out and ignored their scenes. At least we are getting to ser their love story actually happen now. Why not be thankful for that instead of complaining?

And yes, there were added changes, but when changes were made in the other TV shows above, those complaints didn’t last too long. People still tuned in to see the show again and again. What makes it so different for this show? And they are still sticking to the general storyline and even adding various book quotes to the episodes. There are just some changes tweaked here and there to keep the show interesting to non-readers and keep it exciting. What a TV show generally is supposed to do. 

Those complaining about Jace and Clary? MANY fans of the book have said how they believe Clary to be just about exactly who she is in the books. Yes, she can be annoying sometimes. But what main leading character doesn’t prove to be annoying here and there on ANY show? Her character fits well in the books, which I have read and love to bits. And those complaining about her hair? Have you read the books? Her hair is literally described as fire itself. It is her signature physical trade mark. And, for the record, the actress Kat is a natural red head

And yes, Jace can be an asshole sometimes. But, again, read the books. His father - SPOILER - is Valentine and he was taught that “to love is to destroy”. To him, in his mind set, LOVE IS A WEAKNESS. Emotion is WRONG. Clary helps him to see that is just the opposite. That it’s okay to be sensitive and emphatic. To open up to your emotion. So, give him time to learn that like he did in the first book trilogy

And those complaining about the Clace romance speed? If you’ve read the books - you would know that Jace was attracted to her the instant he met her. Isabelle in the books even confirms it and said how after he met Clary he began changing bit by bit for the better and was genuinely attracted to her the second he saw her. When Jace reported to Hodge about Clary, a supposed mundane who could somehow see them, he instantly volunteered to go get her before anyone else could. So, no. Their relationship isn’t progressing too fast. In the first book, where they met, they end up making out and fall head over heels in love. What does that tell you? Ha ha. :)

And I would like to say that I am a big fan of the books and discovered the series long before the movie or show was ever announced. I was sorely disappointed in the movie and was excited to see the show. Yes, I was disappointed at first with some changes. But, now the show is my new obsession. I approve of the changes that were made. I love seeing the life of Isabelle and Alec and Simon that we didn’t get in the book until later on in the series. The show gave us that. Yes, changes have been made but they were done to keep the show at a good pace like any other show script demands. 

If they had to give the character’s screen time for the first season, why not make it of what their storyline was in the series? If it wasn’t shown in the first book, but the ones that followed later on in the series. We are just getting it a bit early because the producers have to keep things interesting. It is their job to keep things interesting - to both readers and non-readers. Can you imagine how difficult that must be for them?

As stated above, many popular TV shows based on books had a lot of changes. But, I don’t seen anyone complaining now seasons after it got started. Why? Because they learned that they can love the show based on their beloved book series regardless of any changes that have been made to it. So, why not the same with Shadowhunters?

We, the fans, have been deprived of a movie franchise. But we are getting a second shot at seeing our beloved series brought to life. All I am asking is that you give the show a chance to smooth out the wrinkles like you did with other TV shows based off of our other loved stories before rejecting it altogether. They are getting things going and I read how people believe the show to be getting better with each passing episode. Like any other show. Fans of Supernatural said how the first season sucked, at least that’s what I have heard and read online, but with the following episodes it got better and better and now they adore it

So, don’t be too quick to judge and just give it a chance to get better and see how good it can truly get. 

I get that I may be getting hate for this. But, I am a bold person and I believe in fairness to the books, movies and TV shows that I love. Also, if you do have your opinion on the show, just letting you know that MAGNUS AND ALEC ARE COMING UP! I am pretty sure the next episode is when Magnus asks Alec out. I am SO excited for it! And I am just dying to see where Clace is going and see their fan favorite book scenes on screen! 

So, for those complaining? You should first try to read the books before you make your complaints and judge. 


Ahren and his penguin bf in target
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