Exo's reaction when their gf playfully hits them

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XIUMIN:*tries to keep a straight face but fails* “why are you so cute baby?”

LUHAN: “when you least expect it i’m going to have my revenge y/n”


SUHO: “not you too babe”

LAY: *overdramatic unicorn* “baby, i am offended”

BAEKHYUN: “if you keep doing that, i’m not going to give you any kisses”

CHEN: “how can you hit your amazing and totally awesome boyfriend? what is this? huh? hit jongdae day?”

CHANYEOL: *when you accidentaly hit his little yeolie* “waaah! why did you do that?! what if little yeolie broke? what are you gonna do then?!”

D.O: “two can play that game you know”

TAO: “why are you hitting me? what did i do this time?”

KAI: “how dare you hit my glorious body!”

SEHUN: *upgrades the game, that little shit*

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may i request a scenario where you haven't seen Kris in about 3 weeks because he's been busy promoting and stuff. he finally comes back to his apartment after staying in the dorms for so long expecting an empty bedroom only to find you sleeping with one of his shirts holding Ace and he hears you whisper his name in your sleep? thank you!~

omg this request is so cute! :D Sure, dear! And you’re welcome!


I miss you - Kris of EXO

“Ah, finally!” Kris exclaimed as he got in his car. He cracked his knuckles before he drove to his apartment.

“A week off, things couldn’t get any better…" Kris chuckled and entered his apartment. It had been about 3 weeks since he came to his apartment, and since the last time he had seen you.

Due to his hectic schedule, he had no time to come back to his apartment or yours. Although he wanted to, his schedule won’t let him. Right after his schedule ended, he will go back to the dorm  and sleep for a few hours before starting another day.

Kris entered his living room and laid down on the couch as he played with his phone.

He looked at his phone and smiled when he saw your photo as his wallpaper. ”Should I ask her to come over?” He asked himself. He glanced at the clock.

"Aish, it’s already 1 in the morning… She won’t be awake… I’ll just call her later…”

Kris went to the bathroom and took a quick shower before he went to the bedroom. He turned on the light and his heart almost fell when he saw a very familiar figure on his bed.

“Baby?” Kris softly called out.

He inched closer to your sleeping figure and smiled to himself. He bit his lips to stiffen a laughter as he ran his fingers through your hair. He slowly got under the covers next to you and laid beside you.

He wanted to pull you into his embrace so bad but 

“I was wrong when I said it couldn’t get any better…” He mumbled. He smiled as he tugged on his shirt which was on you.

“Hmm, Kris oppa…” Kris chuckled silently when you suddenly whispered his name and snuggled to Ace which was in your arms.

Kris grinned and lightly pinched your cheek. “Why are you so cute, baby?”

“I miss you, Kris…” You softly whispered in your sleep. Kris chuckled and blushed a bit. 

“I miss you too, baby…" 

Kris wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you to his chest. You stirred in your sleep and slowly woke up.

"Kris?” Kris smiled and stroked your hair. He placed a kiss on top of your head and whispered, “Shh, just go back to sleep…”

You shook your head and put Ace aside. Your arms snaked around his waist and your head leaned on his chest. You inhaled his scent and looked up at him with a smile.

“I miss you so much, baby…” Kris softly whispered. “You don’t know how happy I was when I saw you here…”

“My girlfriend, sleeping peacefully in my bed, wearing my shirt which was obviously over-size for you, hugging my Ace, whispering my name in your sleep, you just made me fell in love with you again, baby…”

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i just found your blog a couple days and i love it and your stories and wow you're awesome :3 umumum can i request the sleeping habit scenario with chanyeol please? keep up the amazing work!!

Thank youu!! -3- :D Original version ft Baekhyun


Underneath - Chanyeol of EXO

Chanyeol yawned and slowly opened his eyes. He smiled when he saw you on top of him. Chanyeol caressed your head and leaned down to press his lips on top of your head.

The two of you were watching a movie last night and ended up falling asleep before the movie finished and Chanyeol laid you down on top of him as he lied on the couch.

Chanyeol moved you into a better position and then he noticed something. He looked down to your hands and realized where they were. He chuckled and tightened his grip on you.

His chest vibrated when he chuckled and slightly made you woke up. You opened your eyes and looked up at Chanyeol. Chanyeol looked down to you and kissed your eyelids.

“Hey there, baby…” Chanyeol smiled. “Did you sleep well?”

You nodded against his chest and leaned on his chest.

You tried to move but then you realized where your hands were. Your cheeks turned crimson red and you immediately pulled your hands from Chanyeol’s stomach.

Chanyeol chuckled and took your hands only to put them back underneath his shirt.

“You can touch me all you want, you know that?” Chanyeol teased. “Another thing I love about you is your sleeping habit~”

You pouted and hit his stomach. Chanyeol pretended to be hurt even though you hit him with no force. Chanyeol let out a laugh and buried his face on the crook your neck.

You tried to take your hands out but Chanyeol hugged you tighter and your hands were trapped underneath his shirt.

“Yah, let go…” You whined.

You were blushing even harder since your palms were pressed on his abs and it felt really nice. You didn’t want to pull away but Chanyeol will be teasing you about it and you knew he will tease you forever.

“You tell me to let go but you didn’t make an attempt to push me away, baby~” True, you didn’t.

“I’m trying but you’re too strong!” You whined again. Chanyeol raised his eyebrows when you said he was too strong.

“I’m too strong?” Chanyeol asked. You groaned and struggled in his arms. “Does that practically mean I have a nice body?”

“No, it doesn’t!” You hit his stomach again but there was no space for your hands to move so you only hit him a bit.

“Yah, give up already… We both know you like touching my abs~” Chanyeol said. You sighed and stopped resisting, knowing he was right.

Chanyeol chuckled and leaned down to capture your lips. Chanyeol wrapped an arm around your lower torso and held you tight.

“I don’t mind at all when you touch me, you know that?” Chanyeol asked.

You nodded and rested your palms on his abs. You slid them up and down to feel his abs and sighed dreamily. Well, he had given you permission, so you should enjoy them.

“Does it feel good?” You nodded and rested your chin on his upper chest to look up at him. Chanyeol grinned at you and leaned down to nuzzle his nose with yours.

“Why are you so cute, baby?” Chanyeol exclaimed. “This feels really nice!”

You nodded and smiled at him. “Your abs feels really nice~” You exclaimed.

“I think you should work out with me later, baby?” Chanyeol suggested. You tilted your head to the side and looked at him, confused written all over your face.

“Why? Is it because I’m not all muscle up like you?”

Chanyeol shook his head and grinned. “I want you to go with me so that you can see how I made them… And maybe touch them while I work out~”