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Whats up with Anders thing with cats?

Well, do you want the short, happy answer, or the long, sad one?

Short, happy answer: Anders loves cats and it’s adorable.

Long, sad answer: Anders loves cats and it’s fucking heartbreaking if you think about it for any length of time.

I do think he’s always been a cat person, partly because, even before Justice, he didn’t have a great level of self-worth. Because when a dog loves you, it’s because it’s a dog. Dogs love everyone. Having a dog, arguably even a mabari, love you isn’t an accomplishment. But with cats, you have to earn it. Cats like very specific people, and it’s not always easy to get one to love you, particularly in the Circle where there’s a sort of shared ownership. So having the Circle cats love him was probably pretty cool in Anders’ mind, because hey, the cats loved him, even if no one else did. That was impressive. And once a cat loves you, it’s just as unconditional as a dogs. He’d earned that love, the kind of love he desperately needed, even if it was only from a cat.

Then there’s Mr. Wiggums. He says in Awakening that Mr. Wiggums was ‘the only company I had when the Templars locked me up’. And even though he didn’t say exactly what that meant, I’m willing to bet he meant also during his solitary confinement. Which means that literally the only real contact he had with another living, breathing thing was this cat coming to visit him. That’s all he got for an entire goddamn year. Given that, it’s no wonder that he’s so attached to the creatures. That cat is likely the only reason his mental health is as good as it is (plus his incredible willpower, of course; but the point is, it’s a fucking miracle he’s even functional after that), and he probably knows that, on some level.

There’s also a popular headcanon that the reason Mr. Wiggums got possessed was it was actually related to Anders. Because it was a rage demon, and thus it could’ve either been an attempt to save him from the demon, or because this tiny kitty was so full of rage towards the people who hurt his human (I lean towards the second). Because seriously, cats may be angry creatures sometimes, but this one was so angry he attracted a fucking rage demon. That’s some next level shit. And even if that’s not the case, Anders could think it is, which would add to it.

And then he gets Pounce in Awakening. He already loves cats, and for the first time ever, he can finally have one for himself. And he can basically deposit his overflowing reserve of repressed love onto this cat (seriously listen to the way he talks to him; that’s some serious love right there), and it’s not weird. And Pounce would love him back, because Anders took care of him and all that, and then he has something that loves him, even if it’s ‘just a cat’ to everyone else. So I think Pounce was really fucking important to him, for those reasons. He wants and needs love (both to give and to receive), and, once again, a cat serves as his outlet for all of it. And he’s happy with that.

So yeah, Anders loves cats. A lot. Part of it is probably just that he prefers them, but his life experiences also contribute heavily to it, I think. I might be putting way too much thought into this, but it fits really well, so I can’t help it.

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I just saw your answer to the anon asking how old you are. Idk why but I always think that people on here are like 20 or something

Apparently 34 is the average age of users on Tumblr, but I think fandom on tumblr skews a little younger. I always assume that too, even though I know tons of people my age and older on the site. :D

  • Cullen:Guess who is being knighted tomorrow?
  • Alistair:Oh no...
  • Cullen:Me! I'm being knighted tomorrow! Are you happy for me, guys?
  • Carroll:(indifferently) Oh yes, of course, Your Nerdy Perfectness.
  • Cullen:There will be a vigil, and then I will get my lyrium! They say it's like a kiss of Andraste!
  • Carroll:Just get laid already!
  • Alistair:He's saving himself for Andraste!
  • Cullen:Look who's talking! Why don't you focus on your studies Alistair? Maybe then you will earn your knighthood at last. In the next age!
  • Alistair:Why you! (grabs his pillow)
  • Cullen:I'll beat you both with this pillow (grabs his pillow) and then with your own!

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My problem with society is that they are telling you what you should say, what you should be comfortable with and what you should believe in. As long as it is not illegal and it doesn't physically hurt someone then who cares? I'm terrified in having my own view, because I know society would kill me for it. I'm uncomfortable with Trans, but I never act on it, they'll do what they want. People hate it when others shove religion in their face. So why is that any different?

In this day and age of the internet there’s an incredibly intolerance to differing opinions and as a youtuber of considerable size it’s VERY intimidating and and scary to put yourself out there everyday saying whatever comes into your head wondering if society is just going to tear you apart for it.

in the dream I mentioned I was in an old mansion. everything was perfectly placed, but a teensy hbit dusty. everything had a purple hue and the chandeliers were beautiful but everything was extremely still except for me and the few others that walked around it.i remember an older woman running around the kitchen, panicking a bit, but I can’t specifically remember why. there were ghosts in the house too, they grasped at your hands and back whenever you passed by the doors or stairways they were in or watched you carefully from across the room, except I was the only one who felt it. it was never malicious, they were curious but didn’t know how to go about it. I later went to a market with a few other people and toyed around with the antiques, there were adults and people my age there, but everyone kind of just ignored me. eventually I left and went into the other room. I don’t really remember what happened In that room, but I remember watching people running around and talking, like elementary school kids on the playground, but they were all around my age. eventually a certain person (that I know in real life) came over to sit down and calm down for a little bit. I don’t think I was clothrd, and they started talking and I started panicking, until I realized they couldn’t see me. i was invisible, I was a ghost. the person didn’t say a whole lot else, but they ended up putting their head on mine and their hand on mine, before apologizing and returning to thheir friends. I knew I was never goung to see them again. I’m never gonna see them again in real life either.

I’m sorry for posting this but I wwant to

My manager put me on a late shift for the first time in ages, so naturally once the shop shut I blasted 1989 on. He goes: now I remember why I moved you to mornings. Me *struts off to style*

Flashback to the time my grandpa was over at our house, helping my dad with renovations and he was sweating so hard there was a drop of it on the tip of his nose, which little 8 year old me found funny and told him, “Grandpa! You’ve got sweat dripping off your nose like you see on TV!”. To which he replied “Yeah, well you’re fat but you don’t see me pointing that out, do you?” I cried and told my mom who told my dad who made him apologize but his apology literally consisted of “Well your aunt was chubby when she was your age and that’s why she got bullied so maybe if you lost weight, people wouldn’t be so mean to you.”

13 years later, I still find morbid hilarity in that statement because to this day, the only people who ever bullied me as a child were my own family members. No kids at school ever made mean comments about my weight! Only the people who were supposed to love me the most and I don’t care how fat a kid is, that’s not right. Teaching a child to hate themselves before they’ve even hit double digits is sickening.

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Is having a sex drive a bad thing? Is wanting to explore and look at sexual images a bad thing? Apparently I'm not seen as a "trustworthy, good, clean girl" for my friends to hang around with anymore because I embrace my sexuality. My mom raised me well. I just see nothing wrong with embracing it. I don't sleep around. I'm still a virgin. So why am I being considered a slut by adult conservative Catholic mothers?

i don’t think it’s really a bad thing. this is the age you start being a bit more curious about things like that, and it’s absolutely fine. if you’re not ever curious, you’re never going to find out who and what you’re interested in. so don’t worry about what other people think, it’s just a really strict religion but don’t let it limit you entirely. 

Meet the blogger~~

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Name: Abby

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Self photo: (my hair’s wayyyy shorter than this now buuuuuut I’m really tired, so have an old selfie~)

(and I honestly have no clue why I look like I’m in pain in all of my pictures)



Book: I really like Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Not because the world is great or anything - I actually hate the world he’s writing about and all of the characters. It’s just really interesting and kind of scary.

Movie: UGH I DON’T KNOW. There’s not really one movie that I will watch over and over again other than Mulan and Mulan 2. So I guess Mulan is my favorite???

Band: As in like real band with instruments and everything: Evanescence. As in just a singing group: SHINee obviously.

Place: I like my school for some reason??? I really don’t know why, because I hate the idea of even going there, but once I’m there I don’t mind it. I would say my house is my favorite place but there are times here that I just really want to cry or storm out or be anywhere but there because of my family, but at school I don’t have that…

School subject: I like math a lot - I’m pretty good at it, so I get a giant sense of accomplishment from it. But then there’s music class that I like a lot too… Ugh. I don’t even know man.

Sport: I hate playing any sort of sport but I LOVE watching basketball. I’m in the pep band at school, so we go to all of the basketball games and bro it is so much fun for me

Male actor: I can’t really think of one ^^;

Female actor: Anne Hathaway probably.


Siblings: I have an older brother

Dream job: I honestly have no clue. On one hand, I’m really interested in sociology and things like that, so some sort of job in that field would be awesome. And then on the other hand I like the concept and idea of doing graphic design or something artsy, but one issue: I’m not artsy at all unless music is involved.

Fears: Bugs of any kind. They freak me the fuck out. I saw a stink bug on the glass door heading outside the other day and just turned around like nOPE.

Tattoos: None yet

Piercings: Ears

Languages: English, and right now I’m trying to learn German at school. I’ll be moving onto the third level next year~ (I’m really bad at it though sooooo)


Reason behind my URL: for real I was really just a gross fourteen-year-old so I was like “lol blingblingpuppysaur would be freakin HAY-LARIOUS HAHAHAHA”  and now I’m stuck with it and I’m too attached to it so I’m never changing it

Why you joined: I was on here all the time anyway, looking at pics just for fun, and then my friends were on here too so I was just like whatever man, let’s just get this over with

# of blogs: I have this one for everything kpop, a pastel/aesthetic blog where I reblog things I find pretty, and then just a random personal blog where I put everything else. I’m that type of person that wants to know where I can find this or that, so I figured why not. Plus most people follow me for kpop, so it would be pretty weird for me to all of a sudden spam them with food posts or pink things~

Anyway, I’ll tag: everyone-loves-jinki, laziestasitgets, an0ther-paradise, kooreum, happyshawol, and turn-over-onew-leaf

Dear 13-year-old followers I potentially have,

I have a 13 year old 8th grade boy I teach at work, and he’s gay. He has a secret boyfriend, and he doesn’t know that I know. None of his friends know, and sometimes they make homophobic remarks in class. I always stop them and explain why it’s not appropriate, and I’m also a teacher he generally likes. Would it be a good/bad idea to approach him and be like “hey kiddo just want you to know that I know and that you can talk to me if you need to because I’m not straight either” or should I just leave him be, or?

Someone who is 13 or 14 and not-straight, is this something you would find comforting, or stressful? I didn’t even know you could be not-straight at the age of 13, so my memories aren’t really helpful in this regard. Thoughts?

Introducing Sarah.

Age: 24

Country: Australia

1) Fitness Moto: If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

2) Current Fitness Goals: To run 10K without stopping, and to improve my lifting strength.

3) Tea or Coffee?  Definitely coffee - I’ve tried so hard to like tea, but I just can’t!

4) What Have I Learned About Myself: That I can do anything I set my mind to. My determination has helped me achieve so many of my goals!

5) Why Did I Start My Journey: I started my first journey to lose the weight I’d put on during the first two years at university, but that took me to a very dark place, and it took me a long time to break out of it. Post-recovery, I decided to become the happiest and healthiest person I can be, and that’s what I’m doing right now.

6) Love the skin you’re in!

Follow the fabulous Sarah, you won’t regret it

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  1. Do people often mistake you for younger or older than you really are? If so, what age(s) do they mistake you as?
    Yes, I’m usually mistaken for someone who’s like 15-17 because I’m so small.
  2. What would you say is your best quality?
    I’m patient, especially when teaching someone or putting up with a friend’s bullshit.
  3. Has anyone inspired you in your life? If so, why or how?
    My mom, she’s overcome extreme adversity and illness and still manages to get up every morning happy to be alive, plus she’s always there for no matter what I do.
  4. Would you rather be loved by many or respected by few?
    Loved by many of course. Respect and love aren’t mutually exclusive so.
  5. Are you happy where you live right now? If not, where would you rather live?
    I am, I live in a pretty affluent city and neighborhood so it’s safe and the people are nice and the are good stores and restaurants. My college town is a typical southern college town so I can’t complain.
  6. Do you like to travel?
    I enjoy travelling immensely but I hate jet lag and plane rides, mainly because airports give me a headache.
  7. What’s your favorite pizza topping (if you like pizza anyway)?
    Mushrooms or peppers probably.
  8. Are you a religious person?
    I’m not super strict but yes I definitely believe in my religion 100% and trust God with everything.
  9. Are you a cat person, dog person, both, or neither?
    I like both! I want a dog but I think a cat would suit my lifestyle better.
  10. What was your childhood career choice?
    I wanted to be a psychiatrist…lord knows why.

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[[Work was not pleasant tonight. I think nothing drives me up the wall more than when customers complain about prices. “Why does it cost 11 dollars to fax that!?” Well gee ma’am, maybe because you’re sending 5 pages of information across the fucking state in the form of AN ELECTRICAL SIGNAL. Fucking ingrates. And it’s always old people too. Always. Maybe lunch used to cost a fucking nickel back when you were my age and dinosaurs roamed the earth, but shit changes. Pay me or leave. Got I hate old people.]]

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I'm a hardcore Richonne shipper, but I also really loved Lori. Do you think if Lori was still around she and Michonne would be friends? And would there be any possibility for Rick and Michonne to have some sort of relationship or do you think it would just be tension?

We’re one in the same then, anon. I know a lot of people don’t like Lori and they have their reasons and are entitled to feel that way but, personally, I loved Lori. I thought she was so much better than everyone gave her credit for and I don’t understand why she gets so much flack from the fandom. I really don’t, but I digress.

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Hi! So lately I've been having problems with my stomach, and I've been eating like crap more then I should and I just feel really bad about myself! I see pictures of people my age(teen) loosing a lot of weight within a couple of months, I feel like I'm not working hard enough because it's been over a year and I'm not where I want to be. My eating is all over the place and I just want to get everything straight. I don't know what to do. :( do you have any pointers?


You know that you’re eating is the root cause so see you know what to fix!

Identify why you find it hard to eat healthy! Maybe it’s lack of planning, lack of will power, emotional eating etc. and then use the most logical solutions



Fenris Beaker as a toddler, child and teenager
WIP for Strangetown: Ansgar Landgraab University

Circe: “Tell me again why they chained your son!”
Loki: “He grew.”
Circe “And that´s a problem how?”
Loki: “You didn´t let me finish my sentence. He grew a fur I tried to say. As in: he is a werewolf.”
Circe: “Alright, I repeat: that´s a problem how?”
Loki: “He´s turning into a human every morning. Some things are less tolerated in Asgard, believe me.”

I want Loki´s kid in my Strangetown game in the next round, only undecided what age he should be. The Beakers could adopt him as young as toddler or he might join the university cast as a YA or anything in between. The general idea is that even though he has lived a very long time and sired cubs of his own, Fenris´ actual life experience isn´t so thorough.
And if the Beakers thought that having Nervous as a foster son was tough, with Fenris they´ll be in for a whole new level of parental woes.