Guess who’s got a store now 8V 

I’m not sure why Society6 takes //ages// to upload my art but Redbubble does it in the blink of an eye? Either way I’ll find a new store if there are issues but for now, interested in some wrestling swag? :’3
Phone cases, shirts, mugs, tote bags, we got ‘em all~

Also note! The artpiece feat. Sami Zayn is basically for charity ie. the entire markup price will be donated to Syrian aid charities (and I receive no profit from it!). This is permanent and you can request Paypal statements for veracity. 
I’ll be doing hi-def versions of certain pics from the past to be uploaded so if there’s a specific work you want me to put up there, let me know!

Please spread the word!

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mate, dan turns 26 this year. it's not really that big of a deal to consider yourself to already be the age you're turning. i'm the same age, i'm 26 this year, it is my 26th year, i'm basically 26. It's not like he was saying he was 24 or 28, it's not wildly different from the truth, it's just not bothering to wait until the specific day to acknowledge that

anyways why does dan think he’s 26. he’s still only a quarter way to death

echocantstopscreaming replied to your post “Okay but in a universe with soulmarks, you can’t tell me Kent Parson…”

Does he get tattooed before or after Jack idk why my mind jumped to this

If Jack and Kent share soulmarks, then they absolutely 100% get tattooed within three months of finding it out. In separate tattoo parlours in separate cities. Because look, a LOT of tattoo artists will reshape or obscure a queer kid’s soulmark without parental consent, and fuck age laws.

(Okay but what if the soulmark is an image or sthg and Kent’s mark is that image before it was modified, and Bitty’s is it after)

If they don’t share soulmarks, then after. He knows how much NHL players get fetishized, ogled, and chased after (he experienced it in Juniors, now turn it up to over nine thousand) and he doesn’t fucking want anyone using it to get at him… and, he probably won’t admit to himself even though it’s true, he doesn’t want (or feel he deserves) anything else to do with love, so fuck that entire idea.

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I can't put my finger on it but I still don't see Sam/MM. If he's spending thanksgiving w/ fam/baftas/weddings, cat's out of the bag my dude. Why does it seem he's not that into her? It's not even about SC. You don't need to parade her around but there honestly seems to be so little interest from him. A guy who tweets about having great friends, feeling blessed, etc. & not one post or accidental slip up about his long term gf? He seems too emotional to be so lacking in emotion, even for privacy.

I don’t see it either. That’s why I’m so goddamn confused right now. I swear, I thought Sam had integrity or, at the very least, a set of balls. Seems he may have neither. If he was my age or younger it’d be a bit more excusable (though still gross) but as a guy turning 38 this year it’s no longer excusable and just straight up gross. I don’t fuckin know. 

levi is the only one i can draw semi-consistent, so i figured… why not draw a bunch of different levis so i can confuse myself?

i haven’t read @valisi-clark‘s fic smack[x] yet, so i’ve spent the past couple of days reading through this novel-length monster. i’m one chapter away from being caught up. it’s quite a fucking ride, i gotta say. very, very good. i’ve been tickled that our interpretations of levi have been so close when i haven’t read this fic before–so i wanted to sketch my final tour[x]!levi along with canon!levi to see how different each levi can be. i’m not really happy with smack!levi yet, but there will definitely be more fanart to come, so i’ll figure it out.

don’t worry guys. i start some figure drawing courses tomorrow, so hopefully i’ll Git Gud at this soon.

Find Out Who You Are - Part 2

Part 1

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Y/N jerked back from Wonder Woman’s embrace and scrambled back several feet. “Who the hell is Andromeda and why were you hugging me?”

Diana sat back on her heels and look at the frightened girl. Upon closer inspection, she realized that she wasn’t shoe she had originally thought. Y/N’s hair and face were mostly the same, but those definitely weren’t Andromeda’s eyes.

“Apologies, little warrior. I could have sworn you were my missing sister. I must ask you though, do you happen to know her?” She carefully watched Y/N’s reaction.

“I honestly don’t know. I was orphaned at a very young age and I have been through a bunch of different foster homes.” Y/N winced a little bit at the thought of the people she had loved and lost in her short life.

“No matter. We have bigger things to worry about. For starters, how your powers suddenly manifested.” Diana looked over at Tim. “You said the witch boy did this?”

Tim squirmed a little bit when all eyes landed on him. “Yes. I don’t know what he said though. I just saw his magic hit her.”

“We can discuss this more back at the Watchtower. Y/N, do you think you can walk?” Kaldur crouched in front of her.

Y/N nodded and carefully stood up. Every movement was unsure and slow, she was terrified of what she was capable of and didn’t want to make any wrong moves. Cassie strode forward and wrapped her arm around Y/N’s waist.

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you.” The blonde girl smiled and pulled Y/N forward. The trip back was admittedly a bit nerve wracking as Y/N was scared that at any point in time she could punch a hole in the bioship just by moving the wrong way.

When they arrived, Zatanna was there to greet them. “So I heard someone had a magical encounter and now has superpowers?” She reached out to touch Y/N, but she pulled back when the girl flinched. “It’s okay. We are gonna figure this out.”

Y/N sighed and let her shoulders relax. “Sorry, today has just been kind of weird.”

“I know, but I am going to do my best to reverse this.” Zatanna reached out again and put both hands on Y/N’s shoulders.

She chanted her spell and everything appeared to stay the same. “Hm… That’s funny. That should have worked if that was the spell I thought it was. Let me try something different.” She chanted a different incantation and this time when she finished, she was thrown back as though she had been shocked.

“Zatanna, are you okay?” Kaldur and the rest of the team rushed forward.

“I’m fine,” Zatanna said as she steadied herself “but I have learned something very important. Klarion didn’t cast a spell on Y/N. He reversed one.”

“So you are saying, whatever spell he reversed was holding back whatever powers I now have?” Y/N asked vulnerably. It was one thing to suddenly have super strength and lord knows what else, it was another thing entirely to find out she had really had these powers all along.

“Yes.” Zatanna answered carefully. “I still need to find out more, but whoever cast the first spell is a lot more powerful than I am. I am going to need to call in some help.”

“Then go do that. Meanwhile we will try and help Y/N learn to control her strength.” Kaldur turned to find that the girl in question was gone. “Robin, do you think you could run a background check on Y/N? Find out everything you can about every foster home she stayed in and her birth parents, if you can find it.”

The team slowly scattered to various parts of the Watchtower, some to train, others to relax. Conner, however, went looking for one person in particular. He found her in the memorial garden.

She didn’t know any of the people remembered there, she had joined to late to meet them, but she thought that it was a relaxing place and it was where she went when she was distressed.

He didn’t say a word as he sat down next to her. They just sat there for several moments before she broke the silence.

“I’m strong.” The words were barely uttered.

“Yes. You are.” He replied in a similar tone.

“And I apparently look like a missing amazon.”

“Yep.” Conner glanced over at her. She was crying, but her face showed no emotion. He took her hand in his and began to rub soothing circles into the back of it.

“It just kind of feels like everything I know is a lie. Like everything I thought I was is wrong.” Y/N said as tears continued to roll down her face.

“Well, that’s bullshit. You are still the same Y/N. You just have powers now.” Conner said with a slight shrug. “Look at the bright side, now you don’t have to ask me to open all your jars for you.”

Y/N laughed and wiped her face. “Thanks, Conner.”

“Y/N? I called in a colleague to help figure out the origin of the spell.” Zatanna called from the door. A man with blonde hair and a tan trench coat stood next to her.

“Hello, love, my name is John Constantine. Heard you could use a bit of help?”

hello peers i have been high lately and i finally decided to draw this out (moar demons & angels AU cuz why not)

the ‘ why is life like tis children ‘

this smol and insecure child is precious, please protect him

while this poor child is sometimes fed up with dumb life and pretends to be happy.


moar stats ( i was high okay?) :

Isogai Yuuma

Age: 14

Type: Demon ( cuz why not )

Height: 172 cm ( considered sadly short for a demon that age )

Ability: Healing ( why is he so precious )

Special: Understands animal language ( i sold my soul for this)

( and yes his horns and wings are that smol and tiny )


Karma : “ You’re so small, it hurts. “

Gakushuu: “ Do you have an allergy of saying ‘no’ ?”

Maehara: “ If it weren’t for you Nagisa would seriously kill me.”

Nagisa: “ I know how this feels too…” 

Maehara Hiroto

Age: 14

Type: Angel ( surprise. )

Height: 175 cm ( considered average )

Ability: Multiple ( fire, wind , earth , light :3< )

Special: Able to conduct fire ( keep him away from the kitchen XD ) 

( and yes he owns that spear XD)


Nagisa: “ We ran out of bandages. Again.”

Isogai: “ I really admire you :) “

Karma: “ We should go out more often….”

Karasuma: “ You should stop setting your healing instructor on fire.”

oh my god i never made such a long post before

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Is James the only member of Metallica that you find super hot or do you like some of the other past/present members? Do you have any pics of them that you find attractive? I probably have at least 700 pics of Kirk. 😂😍❤

Thats the thing once you fall in love with this band you fall for all of the members. I have a thing for all of them

Lars is definitely up there, like black album era lars is a guilty pleasure of mine:

Then Jason my god:

Just way too attractive for his own good.

I actually find nowadays kirk to be smoking hot:

He has aged so dang well

But yeah these three are sort of my guilty pleasures beside James (James and Jason are like neck and neck for me, I just dont see enough Jason on my dash which is why you see me fangirl over James more ahah)

Just a mini introduction~! ^o^ My name/nickname (as you can probably tell from my bio) is Kate and I am a Year 11 student studying in Melbourne. I turn 17 soon (which is why I’ve already typed my age up as 17 rather than 16) and I am of filipino/chinese descent (ooh fa-ncy). Important fact! I also love love love animals and I really wish I had a pet ;;

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I'm just going to start out by saying that Jin is more than 10 years older than me. I feel really awkward sometimes as an ARMY (and especially as a Jin stan) because of my age. I feel like some people view younger fans negatively since a lot of their international fanbase is already in their 20s or at least in the 15-19 age range. In fact, I'm going to one of the wings concerts and I'm a bit worried that some of the older ARMY might judge me because of my age. Sorry if this sounds weird (>.<").

honestly yeah a lot of people view them negatively (i have a few times) but that’s mainly because of the level of immaturity that most of the fans at around that age have (which is maybe 11-13 years of age) but i get why you would be awkward about it since there’s such a stigma on those people. it must suck to be a part of that or to be somewhat associated to it. honestly though if you keep a level head and just act maturely i don’t think that they would judge you at all

The thing with romancing characters in a video game is even if the game allows you to romance the characters, I still feel the need to make excuses for them being together. Especially when it comes to fan art/fiction.

“[Love Interest] just has lower standards now! That’s why they’re with my piece of shit oc!”



🌁Hello everyone!🌁

This is a spread(?) from last week as always lol
I kinda wanted a clean look to my spread so this is what it looks like.
And I also wanted to journal everyday instead of cramming everything on weekends.
It will take ages to read all of them when I’m old haha but I like how this looks so maybe I’ll try this again…?

+) why my days are written in Swedish ; I watched Frozen at the start of the week lol
I don’t know, it’s a story of two Scandinavian girls and Swedish is what I’m learning so… ❄ Let it go ❄

I reached 4K 🌼🌼🌼 I’m like…😱

“I was first exposed to ballet at the age of seven when a traveling company came to my church in North Carolina. By the time I was eleven I was practicing six days a week. It became my all-consuming monastic devotion. I eventually made it to the New York City Ballet. I’ve always seen ballet as my way of serving God. I think it’s what God has called me to do. You can call it frivolous, or superficial. But you can stretch that argument to infinity. Why do we have painting? Why do we have architecture? I think it’s all a form of worship. In a secular age the theater becomes the cathedral. There can be such a lack of empathy and collaboration in this world. But in the theater we see beauty and order and harmony modeled for us– two hours at a time. And it took a lot of sacrifice to make that possible.“


Have you ever found yourself wanting a metric ton of DAI music? Have you ever thought to yourself, aw man, DAI’s soundtrack was 15 hours shorter than I wanted it to be? If that sounds like you, then this is a link for you.

I’ve ripped all the music from this game - that is, all the ambient snippets of music that you hear while running around in the world, and all the music that happens in cutscenes - and it turns out there’s 16 hours (1.6 gigs) of it.

(- here’s the download link -)

So if you’ve found yourself wishing you had the heaps of music that never made it to the official soundtrack, you can now roll around in hours of it. 

Not So Shore

A ‘Mortals Meet Percabeth’ fic, with a twist!!
10k words

“Hey, Kelly?”

Kelly looked up from her biology textbook, blinking at her best friend Olivia, who was definitely not doing the chapter review questions they’d been assigned. “What?”

“Do you think there’s something weird about Percy Jackson?” Olivia asked.

Kelly followed her to gaze to where Percy was sitting at the back of the room, leaning back in his chair. He wasn’t doing the review questions, either - instead, he was staring into the fish tank behind his desk. Kelly couldn’t see his face, but his dark hair was ruffled up and he was wearing his AHS hoodie with ‘Jackson’ emblazoned across the back of it.

“What do you mean, weird?” she asked, turning back around to Olivia.

Olivia shrugged. “I mean, just… there’s something strange about him.”

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Sometimes I think it’s weird that Zenyatta is as young as he is, cause he always seems so much more mature than you’d think a 20 year old would be, but then I see his emotes and

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