You know, I still haven’t really figured out my sexuality and more than anything I’m just confused. I go through periods of thinking that I DEFINITELY don’t like men at all. And then I go through periods of being like “Nah, I really am way more sexually attracted to men actually and maybe I really don’t like women at all and am just scared.” And although Jon turned out to be a dick, I was very much attracted to him so I’ve found myself back in the “I’m totally straight, why would you think otherwise” camp lately.

But the girl who works at the front desk at my apartment complex (who is a student at UW) saw me today and got super excited and smiley with me and then told me that I’d been emailing with her about getting maintenance aware of the fact that I have a therapy cat in my room (I hadn’t known it was her I was talking to, because I didn’t know her name). And I smiled like an idiot the entire walk back to my apartment because she knows my name and was happy to talk to me and she’s super lovely.

So, her name is Kim. And guys I totally am not straight like for real okay.