Why was Andy Demayo’s blatant xenophobia never actually addressed and was brushed aside for his dumbass family issues? I guess he learns to accept the fact that he has aliens in his family-but beyond that like, where was the part when Steven was supposed to be all “we’re all welcome here in this country” after Andy said “get out of my country” like it was nothing?

Several reasons why Andi Mack is important

First reason- the main family are poc that get the least representation out of poc in general. I love that an Asian family is getting screen time and they don’t get forced into any kind of stereotypes.
Next there’s the thing the show is getting so much attention for- the non-traditional family. Kids haven’t been shown very often that a family can be something other than one mom and one dad who had two+ kids only with each other. There’s some representation of divorced parents but in most cases, the kid didn’t grow up with them separated. I’m just so happy to see this family dynamic taking center-stage.
Then there’s all these feminist overtones. Buffy standing up for herself against sexism from what’s his name, Andi standing up against the ridiculous dress code and finally realising that her life doesn’t have to revolve around some boy who doesn’t even listen to her. It’s all just great.
We also have Cyrus. First, just the fact that he’s feminine and his friends don’t pick on him for it and it’s not like the audience is supposed to either. He’s kinda girly but no one makes a big deal out of it, it’s no big deal. Then there’s the gay foreshadowing. Nothing is confirmed but disney is dropping some serious hints that they’re gonna do this. For real. Like ahhhhhhhhh
Finally, Mack Chat.
Why is this important? It’s giving a giant middle finger to people who say this content is “too adult” for kids to understand. They’re smart enough not only to comprehend what’s going on but also to have a real dialogue about it. And to ask questions to further their understanding.
This is the best show Disney has ever made and I just hope they don’t fuck it up.

why you should watch andi mack:

  • centers around an asian-american family
  • normalization of interractial couples (asian-american mother, white father)
  • mature storyline
  • continuity of said storyline throughout the entire season
  • a main and supporting poc cast
  • created by the creator of lizzie mcguire
  • said creator picked the cast based on their normal, non-glamed up looks
  • possibly storyline about sexuality for one of the boy characters
  • similar to gilmore girls w/ mother-daughter relationships
  • no laugh track or bright, unrealistic sets
  • relatable characters
  • just a cute ass show tbh.

why y’all should watch Andi Mack:

  1. 4/6 of the main cast are women/girls of colour
  2. it’s really mature for a Disney show and is dealing with tough topics that kids need to learn about
  3. it looks like one of the main characters is (hopefully) going to be gay
  4. made by the lady behind Lizzie McGuire
  5. it’s hilarious
  6. everyone is adorable
Emo trinity band members as things heard in the band hall

Patrick: I have spotted my true love…he wears a purple cardboard fedora he probably ordered off amazon.

Pete: This is America, and I should be able to stand up in a bus

Joe: Even in death I can’t get a simple cheese quesadilla

Andy: Why does everyone keep sitting on me?


Dallon: I’m not the only horrible person on this bus. You’re here too.

Ryan: If you keep stepping on my shoes, I will step on your corpse.

Spencer: Really? We’re not allowed to ransack our teachers’ rooms?

Gerard: He’s been playing checkers for ten years now

Mikey: Why is there a rainbow lollipop stuck to the back of my shirt?


Frank: Don’t pat my head consolingly