Side effects being friends with me include gaining extensive knowledge of tv shows you don’t watch or care about.

why you should watch andi mack:

  • centers around an asian-american family
  • normalization of interractial couples (asian-american mother, white father)
  • mature storyline
  • continuity of said storyline throughout the entire season
  • a main and supporting poc cast
  • created by the creator of lizzie mcguire
  • said creator picked the cast based on their normal, non-glamed up looks
  • possibly storyline about sexuality for one of the boy characters
  • similar to gilmore girls w/ mother-daughter relationships
  • no laugh track or bright, unrealistic sets
  • relatable characters
  • just a cute ass show tbh.

Why would Andy want you? Look at you! You’re a Buzz Lightyear! Any other toy would give up his moving parts just to be you. You’ve got wings, you glow in the dark, you talk, your helmet does that… that whoosh thing. You’re a Cool Toy. As a matter of fact, you’re too cool. I mean - what chance does a toy like me have against a Buzz Lightyear action figure. All I can do is this.

Quality questions to ask Andy and Danai at their WSC panel

To Andy & Danai: Will Rick and Michonne ever tell each other that they love each other?

To Andy & Danai: What has been your favorite scenes filming together?

To Andy & Danai: How do you feel about the positive fan feedback you’ve received regarding the Richonne relationship?

To Andy & Danai: You and others have referred to Say Yes as Rick and Michonne’s honeymoon episode. Do you consider them married now?

To Andy & Danai: When do you think Rick started to fall in love with Michonne? Do you think he knew before he set out to get her toothpaste or did his feelings catch him off-guard? And Danai, what moment do you think she started to catch feelings as well, even ones she wasn’t aware of?

To Andy & Danai: The meeting at the fence was epic and launched a million shippers. What direction were you given for that scene? It definitely came across as a big moment for both characters.

To Andy & Danai: During the initial casting process for Michonne, was there a chemistry test? Or was the chemistry between Rick and Michonne noticed only after your first scenes?

To Andy & Danai: Has falling in love made your character softer or fiercer and why?

To Andy & Danai: How will their relationship progress this season?

To Andy & Danai: Do you think Rick and Michonne will plan to have a child together or does it happen by accident?

To Danai: Danai, do you know about the richonne poem Andy read in Madrid? 

To Danai: What does Michonne’s ‘M’ necklace represent?

To Danai: Since they haven’t given Michonne a last name, what do you think it was or what would you have liked it to be?

To Danai: What character or characters do you want Michonne to have more scenes with and why?

To Danai: What do you think about Negan’s creepy harem?

To Andy:  Did Rick give Carl “the talk”?

To Andy: Where’s that extra 7.12 footage you were talking about at Paleyfest? Can you find it for us and leak the footage, please?

To Andy: Does Rick know about Michonne’s son, Andre?

To Andy: Why did Rick snitch to Morgan about Michonne stealing that protein bar?

To Andy: Is there anything Rick wouldn’t do for Michonne if she asked?

To Andy: What is the major difference between his relationship with Lori and the one he now has with Michonne? 


Okay but you guys. This episode (and all the other episodes that have touched on this subject) is so important.

Andi like most teenage girls is being pressured (whether she knows it or not) into starting relationships regardless of if she’s ready or if she even likes Jonah all that much. I mean most of us have had compulsory heterosexual crushes and to some level sexualization from a young age.

Andi has to learn that just because there’s a cute boy that’s nice to her doesn’t mean she’s ready or even truly willing to be in a relationship with him.

In the same light, Bex isn’t ready or willing to marry Bowie right now for the same reason. She does love Bowie, but she doesn’t want to feel pressured. My guess is that the social pressure and sexualization that young women often experience is a part of why Bex had Andi in the first place, and sure Bex loves Andi with all her heart, but she doesn’t want to feel that pressure again.

Both Bex and Andi aren’t ready for romantic relationships, they might be eventually, but they need to be more comfortable with each other and themselves and their lives before they’re ready.

This is so hecking important for kids and teens to learn, that yes relationships are great and there’s nothing wrong with wanting them, but that if they aren’t ready yet or if even they don’t experience romantic or sexual attraction that that’s okay.

I cannot stress how important all this is and how wonderfully this show is handling all this important topics. This is by far the most progressive children’s show I have ever seen, it’s just so amazing.

as much as i love that fob is cartoonized adorably why pete so white… why patrick so skinny… why joe so beefed up…. why andy so-