Deadlines and new friends

“Was it two spoons or one? gods be cursed i can’t remember” Chiara muttered, tapping her lip before sighing as the bell above the shop door rang. She did not have time for this, she had to get this custom spell done by the next day and she wasn’t even half done “Why did i call early lunch break again?”

She got up, dusted her skirt off before walking into the shop. A bright but kind smile on her face

“Hello! how can i help you?” Chiara asked


do you remember when jikook was having their little breakfast scene at BV and then Jimin was like “You slept so well” or whatever to Jungkook and all the Jikook shippers were like “WELL JIMIN HOW DID YOU KNOOOOOOOW” and even then I just kind of laughed softly and played along like “he probably checked on him in the morning or something.”




I’m not over this. We were all joking about it, and they fucking. did. it. Remind me never to reprimand any of you for your “delusions” ever again because Jikook is nuts. -.-


“when did this happen !!…..h-how do i call it back ?!!”
((it’s the second time i’m using this hermit purple [on avdol] joke i’m done))
discovering stands and their abilities…………….

this is a very specific throwback post that i’m pretty sure not even people who used myspace back in its peak remember because it seems like i was the only fucking one who knew why the bulletins would get fucked up and how to fix them:

making an inane bulletin post just to add closing html to the top of it because your friend who did a bulletin post above yours didn’t add closing html to their bold rainbow-colored bulletin quiz and it’s fucking up the formatting of all the text below their post. you’re fucking welcome, 2005.

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can you explain what's currently happening with Matt and Natasha? i'm not caught up unfortunately, p.s love your blog!

Matt went full One More Day during the 8 month gap between Secret Wars, sacrificing his relationship with Kirsten McDuffie to mindwipe everyone into forgetting he’s Daredevil. This extends to Black Widow and Spider-Man and everyone who knew Matt’s identity even before he was outed way back in Bendis’s Daredevil run. Foggy is the only one who knows Matt is Daredevil now, and he’s mad about it. There was a recent arc with Elektra that contemplated the way all his relationships have shifted:

How does she remember it, I wonder? She was with Matt Murdock… and she was with Daredevil… at the same time. I did one small thing— put my secret identity back in the box— and suddenly she’s a cheater. Her and the others—Milla, Natasha. One small thing.

Exactly why Matt felt he needed to do this or how he accomplished his little mass brainwash are still vague. Spider-Man was able to figure out that some of his memories of Daredevil seemed off, but not to remember Matt correctly. Elektra was extra brainwashed (to mess with Matt, of course!) and there’s some implication that whatever mindwhammy Matt pulled made her more vulnerable to someone’s else’s manipulation.

Matt Murdock: he’s a bad boyfriend.

I stopped myself and asked why the hell I even did this (I am also extremely tired) but I then remembered subconsciously Lauren Zuke, Zamii, and the SU fandom.
It’s funny how the song in this video includes the lyrics “learn how to love” when some SU fans can’t. Clearly. Remember, this is the fandom that sent a storyboard artist off of social media and someone to near suicide. At the end of the day… it’s just a show. lol, relax. More importantly, love and be loved. No one wants to come into a series with a fandom that is worse than Sonic’s fandom.
Whatever, I’m on fumes. Enjoy.

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WinterWitch + 22. Caught in a Storm

sweet affectionate moments / accepting

pairing: bucky/wanda
word count: 670
prompt #22: caught in a storm + #14: a sad kiss ( requested by @seductiveturnip )
rating: t 

I saw these two prompts sitting together in my inbox and thought, why not combine them together? Thanks for sending guys! This is my first time writing for this pair.

Wanda was never a fan of thunderstorms.

Even as an adult, every crack and roar from the warzone outside makes her a little girl again, running to her parents room and burying herself under the blankets. She remembers how Pietro would sense that she was scared and bring her a glass of milk. How just talking to him and he doing everything he could to distract her did so much for her.

She lays alone in her bedroom, curled up in the fetal position with her head peeped out of the cocoon she made of herself. Missing Pietro. Missing Mother and Father. She takes it day by day without them, but it doesn’t get any easier. It will never be easy again, until the day she falls into an eternal slumber with them. Her expression is vacant, unchanging. Her heart aches, her head pounds, and she wants to stop feeling cold.

Bucky is late again, but she cannot find the strength to be even a little mad at him. She knows what it’s like to leave for something important and not know when you’ll be back home. It doesn’t stop her from missing him though. She hasn’t been getting much sleep lately.

Natasha offered to stay the night with her, but she kindly refused. Naturally, of course, the spy didn’t leave her without getting a smile and some snuggles out of her first, but as soon as Natasha left her alone the smile slowly falls from Wanda’s features.

The door opens and she sighs.

“I’m fine, Natasha,” she insists.

“Try again,” a different voice answers with a deep chuckle.

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Fear, Stupidity, Emotion

I abandoned them, I abandoned the family that I put so much faith in. The faith they put in me, I broke it. Bonds that I thought were everlasting, that couldn’t be shattered– I challenged that notion and I wish I hadn’t.

Dishonor, rude– I spat in everyone’s face, I disgraced the Roseguard, I disgraced Stygian. An honorable discharge like Renault’s the day before? No, why even compare the two. When I watched him, what did I feel, envy, sorrow? Or was it neither, I threw away how I felt, into a bottle already filled with betraying thoughts, fit to burst. Zevaron, Callias, Syvard and now Renault, things were different, but I know I could adjust. So why am I running away again?

That morning, all I remember was being roused awake in the Consulate. It was early, far too early for the bells to sound. They rang in the far distant, drowning out the criers. I woke up and I left, daggers at my hip, sword clung to my back. I was still in a morning daze, but I had enough sense to make out what the criers were speaking of, what the patrolling guards were in a fuss over. They spoke of Westfall, the entire region was under attack, that the Burning Legion had returned. I didn’t believe what I heard, but I had not the chance to think, only act. I followed the next platoon out, thirty to forty men, hardly enough to stem the tide, but enough to reinforce the ones fighting. The ride would only take an hour on horseback and among me were soldiers and adventures, a mixture of curiosity and disbelief in their eyes.

That’s when I saw it, a massive airship. An airship that could rival ten of ours, clad completely in armor, raining down a hell storm of chaos. I felt a cold chill and the blood drained from my visage, from my fingertips. I didn’t even realize how tightly I held the reigns, but I continued forward with the rest of the group. Entire farms were scorched to the ground, gnoll, murloc, bandit, protector– It didn’t matter what allegiance you were, you fell under the might of the Legion if you were of Azeroth.

Fel flames, that verdant fire that smelt of brimstone and death, it bathed nearly the entire platoon. The whine of the horses as they were burned from the inside out, oh how corrupting the power was, how raw it was. I was lucky, half of us fell there, on the road leading up to Sentinel Hill. Fight, fight… Fight, it’s all I wanted to do, all I had to do. The felguards towered over me, but I could get around them, I was quick and while my steel couldn’t penetrate their armor, I knew their weak points. Neck, the back of their legs, under their arm. I don’t remember how many times I had to dodge, had to slip into the shadows, how many I struck and defeated with the aid of those around me. The fighting must have been more severe at the Hill, we had to rally to them. But for every stretch of road we fought forward for, we were pushed back. Sentinel Hill was surrounded, but they could hold, they had walls and a tower. We were out in the open, no cover, almost no where to go but forward. Scattering would be a fool’s gambit and the road was the quickest path to the besieged encampment.

However, soon enough we were surrounded, demons at our flanks. They seemed endless. Why did I ride out? Why am I being punished for the good that I was trying to do, why now? –I fled like a coward, I slipped into the shadows as the ones that would be called heroes continued forward. I ran, ran as fast as I could. The screams were too much for me, the voices playing in my thoughts, “why are you running again Venezio?” They needed me and I didn’t man up, I trembled.

I couldn’t think anymore, the fear took me over and then my emotions, unfiltered and without pause, tormented me. I was going to lose everything again, I was going to lose Dilleana and the family I’ve fought for. Would they care if I was gone, would anyone? Stab after stab after stab, I fought with my own mind. I was never afraid when I had nothing, but now I was given something, given a chance. Every time I am given something, I throw it all away, a cycle I accept, endless. The patterns I recognize in my life, that reoccur like a nightmare.

I left that sacred night, after more family took their oaths. Faces I’ve never seen, that weren’t familiar… I would lead them? Lead them to their deaths? I couldn’t, I wouldn’t… I can’t, I won’t. But I must, and I faltered. I was alone when I should not have been. On that night, I left Stygian, I left my hope, my family, my love and my purpose and found a dark corner where I could be safe again, alone and purposeless. Would they ever forgive me? I left Stygian in their time of need, I became what I loathed and I fall again, into self-deprecation…

..But, a spark still remains, a swelling of hope. A want to change things yet again. I was selfish, I only thought of myself, how I am affected and not of the others that I care about, that care about me. A thread yet remains that tugs at me, that wants to make right the things that I do. I am still Stygian, and I will fight for what little I have left.


[ Music ]

             Haven’t you done this before?
                  Yes. The people were different though, the situ-
            How did that end again?
            You remember, so why do you need reminding? Mm?

  The phial glistened from the lamp’s illumination that persisted around the warrior. A blanket of humidity and darkness had claimed the air, unrelenting even as the hour grew towards morning. The persistent grumble of thunder threatened to approach from over the horizon with distant flashes. It was a chaotic backdrop to the more soothing, rhythmic percussion of the waves licking against the shoreline beneath the docks.

  It was a good time to be alone. His bones ached and his eyes felt weary from the lack of sleep the previous night. The pinpricks of pain were infrequent now, but jarring enough to deny him true rest. His own fault, he mused to himself. He could have solved it, but part of him felt like it would have been a waste and the other part knew it was a bad crutch. Especially when none of them knew when another demonic fight would be on their hands at any moment.  

            You’re thinking of telling her.
                  I said I would.
            How did that end again?
                  It’s not the same. She’s different.
            Why risk it, dear? What good would it do for anyone right now?

  Farwyn’s nose wrinkled as the words echoed around him, rivaling the ocean’s pulse. Her arms were draped around his shoulders and a slender, graceful hand began to slide down the hard contours of his chest. Nails lightly grazed along the ugly clawed scar before drizzling down to circle the old arrowhead wound.  Her scent had always been intoxicating, nearly stifling him to the world as perfume and clean hair drowned out the smell of sea salt and old wood.

            Shh. We’ve dealt with this before.
                  I have and I can handle it.
            That’s why we’re here.

  She continued to hug herself against his bare back, locks of hair teasing at his skin. It roused a lingered yearning as her persistent fingertips left his senses to grace the darkened markings along his pelvic region. As always, any touch wasn’t felt along their smooth, glass-like contours. His eyes shifted to look and he could see her aim, obviously knowing his lack of sensation. Her hand then drifted away and ventured further once more.

            Either they’ll go off on their own.
                  That’s their choice. Reasons for it. Or-
            Or you’ll kill them.
                  No. It won’t be like that. There’s more to it than just those two ends.
            I’ll remind y-

  “Fuck off!”  Farwyn snarled, thrashing his arm out to push her hand away. All at once, everything dissolved like a morning’s dream. He was back to simply sitting along the edge of the dock, feasting on the sight of the dark horizon. The orange glow of the lamp perched next to him flickered within its cage, offering a dim cascading light. Its reflection gleamed off of the glass vial he still held, shifting as he twirled the petite item between his fingertips. The dark liquid within didn’t seem to move though, filled to the brim with no pockets of air.

      You cannot keep protecting them, Farwyn.

  His knuckles went white as he gripped the vial in his palm, threatening to crack the fragile surface. The visit from the young warlock had things fresh on his mind. His brow furrowed as he growled inwardly to himself, recalling Laeken’s words. They had stung, mostly because they had been a reminder of others’ similar parting words. They were even his own personal echo, truer and striking closer to home than most would ever realize.

    You can’t keep this up.
        You can’t stay out here.
            You can’t find her.
    You can’t rebuild what was lost.
        You can’t fight forever.
    You can’t lock this away.
        You can’t win without it.
    You can’t save them.
        You can’t succeed.
            You can’t. 

            You won’t.

  Lips tugged into a wolfish smirk as he drew in a long breath before crackling out a growl of a sigh. Farwyn heaved his free hand against the creaking wood of the dock and rose to stand. His shoulders rotated absently, popping in a few places as he relieved some of the tension from his muscles. The potion was tucked away in his pocket for safekeeping and he walked away from the dock’s edge a few paces. He could smell the oncoming storm and knew he’d have to collect his freshly maintained armor soon before they’d be drenched. Still, he had enough time for his usual run and routine. He had enough time.

                              Just watch me.

To The Man I'm Waiting To Love Me Back

I talk to you at times past 10 in the evening because they say the ignoring rate is much lower, since you don’t have many reasons to do so; but you know what, I hate small talk before midnight. The night is freaking young, the moon light shines the most, the stars are all dead and we’re all living below them. The night sky is as deep and vast as the ocean and I remember your eyes where I found the waves and let it crash into me, and how I’m glad it did.

Drop all the crap we would talk about during the afternoon heat; tell me about your weirdest dreams, why blue is your favorite color, your childhood even when you think its plainly boring, your opinion on politics and all the universe’s conspiracy theories, your fears and phobias, your first heartbreak, your everything – spill anything you can and I promise to do the same.

Let’s try to escape the people we’ve been during the day. I know you are tired and you just want to lie down and rest. Let’s be our own selves, someone we’ve always been but we’re always afraid to show the world. Let’s be bare and unafraid.

So can we have a moment and let’s be each other’s?

If we cannot, can I just express how much I love the simple things about you? I love how you close your eyes whenever you want to feel something. I love the way you tie your hair so it won’t irritate your face, and even so, you like your hair long. I love that mole on your cheek, and the way it makes you unique. I love your crooked lower teeth that you don’t show whenever you smile, but I see it whenever you laugh. I love the calmness in your voice, even when you sound so excited and exaggerated.

I love how whenever you let me embrace you, I feel so secured and safe. I love how you make me feel like I’m complete whenever I’m with you, whenever I’m watching you play. I love that whenever i talk to you, I suddenly become so honest and bold. I love how you make things so much easier and happier. I love that whenever I think of you, I only think of blissful thoughts.

To be honest, I want to let you feel that I am persistent. I will never stop until I reach you, until we’re just a few inches apart. I want to let you feel that in your world full of uncertainty and madness, I am consistent. That even when in your ups and downs, you know someone who’ll always stay — someone whose options never includes leaving you all by yourself, who believes that it’s better to lose with you than to win without you, who will be willing to hold your hand when you feel sad and afraid yet in denial, and who firmly believes that you deserve all the love in this world.

You aren’t just an admiration I found floating elsewhere, you were different and I held on to that ever since that day.

We may not have mutual feelings, but it is fine. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s more than letting you know through flowery words everyone could say. I just want to climb your wall and run into your heart to let you feel how my love for you grows stronger every waking day. I want to let you feel you are worth more than what you always think. Someone out there is willing to go across the planet as long as her destination would always be her home — to you.

Giving up isn’t an option. You are worth taking risks for.

I got published on Thought Catalog! I was so happy because they responded so fast. Link here: http://tcat.tc/2bfdhOG (Will fix this as soon as I get on desktop!)

about wins, let me say this

it is hard to win at these shows

it is a hard thing to do, it takes far more than one element being just so, and even when all your chips are aligned, you can still not even come close to the actual winner’s scores

do y’all remember just how many comebacks bts had before even scratching the surface of how popular they are now? i couldn’t believe how often they were promoting but in the end, that kind of fandom building, promoting knowing damn well you’re not going to win but doing your best for the people who did come here to see you, is why you cant go anywhere now w/o some army sittin in the bushes looking for yoongi’s mixtape

do y’all remember exid before hani’s fancam blew up? they legit did a 360 as a group, not because up & down was the fucking bop of the century (it was), but because they legit got lucky. i remember listening to up & down for the first time and thinking, ok this is it, this is their time. but the promotions came and went, like it wasn’t one of the best songs released that year. flash forward to the fancam thing, and suddenly people can pay attention again? now exid does more than well for themselves

do y’all remember sistar before alone? 

or vixx!! they had so many comebacks before their real time happened. it’s just not an easy thing.

look at infinite too! they’ve had a good amount of wins so they can relax for the most part if they want to, but i was there in the beginning where all they could do was their very best and hopefully build their fandom as they went. eventually it paid off.

it’s a shitty thing, but so much of this is out of our and even mx’s hands. all you can really do is consistently show your support and be fans. no they’re not like gfriend where its guaranteed they’ll be in the running for wins every time, but they also aren’t like the clear bulk of idol groups where no one knows them to begin with. we have a long ways to go ofc, and personally speaking im feeling like if they’d gone down the hero road a lil more then we might be having a different conversation, but even then we might not, it! takes! time!

stop beating yourselves up, /especially/ if you did the voting, had the videos on loop, and for those able to, bought albums/digital singles or went to the fansigns, etc etc. it means so much to me that a group i like actually has a sizable enough fandom that it’s legit a community on here. those boys work so hard (and have been wildly busy lately) but i’m also just glad they get to actually work. despite not being from the biggest company, they have fansigns and people show up. they have concerts and people show up. they have performances and there are consistent fanchants because people show up!

i honestly think they’ll have their time. idk if it’ll be the right song, fandom building for a long ass time before it’s sizable enough in SK to carry them, or something completely random like a fancam lol, but i really think mx will have their shine.

i just wish they didn’t blame themselves, or we didn’t get so down on ourselves, when this is a hard af industry to do anything in. all idols train their asses off but the pure fact is that sooooo many of them will go on to debut in groups that no one has heard of (legit think of how many groups exist but you don’t know them at all!). with mx, i’m taking the ‘glad we have something’ and ‘i seriously love all of them sfm!’ route and supporting till the wheels fall off. that’s for better, worse, or simply not quite what you wanted. not having a win doesn’t make them any less talented, any less worthy, any less amazing to me and likely to y’all.

lastly, i’ve been around kpop enough to know that 1) it could be worse  2) it can, and for some groups often does, get better and 3) sometimes you really can do a bomb ass job! but you’re promoting next to people with super strong fandoms/recognition in SK so it’s harder for that reason alone! but ok! weren’t those fanchants bomb anyways?

tl;dr - i love mx, they’ve worked their asses off, and win or not, i hope they’re doing well. y’all dont beat yourselves up. they’re still rookies, and kpop is hard.

Texts || Rytana
  • Santana:Why are you angry? Damn guys, no one died, no one got mind controlled, no one recieved a weird vision of something from their past that follows them with guilt everytime they even dare to remember it…
  • Santana:I call that a total success!!
  • Santana:Blaine is going to get a lot of shit from a lot of people.
  • Ryder:Did you forget the part about how I care about Blaine? He doesn't deserve to get shit from anyone, but he will. And he got sued. And he had to make himself look like something he hates.
  • Ryder:I'm happy about Elliott, don't get me wrong. I just wish Nike hadn't played us all into her trap
The Bookish “How” Tag

Oh oh oh, this looks fun!! Thanks for the tag, Boo bibbidi-bobbidi-bibliophile <3 

How do you find new books to read? I honestly don’t know. I feel like books tend to find me! I usually find new reads on goodreads or I find them on amazon by just browsing! I’m ashamed to say but covers are what get me! If the cover is pretty I’m all in! And I also find myself drawn to black and red covers and I have no idea why!

How did you get into reading? Honestly, I don’t even remember! I definitely wasn’t a big reader when I was younger and it’s funny that my adult self loves to read! 2012 was the year I picked up a book and fell in love with reading and just kept picking up and wanting more and more! After that I wanted to challenge myself and read more than I did the previous year and so on! I also loved the idea of going into another world and passing time!

How has your taste in books changed as you’ve gotten older? Oh jeez. I’ve becoming more well rounded, I could say. I use to like a specific kind of book and I still like my bloody horrors and psychological thrillers, but I’ve also become obsessed with romance books, which I use to swear off! I use to hate romance books becuase I swore they were all the same! Now that I’m older, I realized I just disliked generic ya romance books. I can get down with a NA or adult romance book any day of the week though!

How often do you buy books? Toooooo often. I need to stop. I’ve cut back, but I literally just bought one today. I’m an ebook junkie but I also am a hard copy junkie too and I love filling my shelves. I’ve limited myself, sort of, to one big purchase of 4-7 books a month! 

How did you get into booklr? No idea!! I think one day I was just like “hell, I’m gonna blog about books!” And I just started it! I met some cool and awesome people that I’m still definitely friend with til this day and I had and still have a good time on tumblr!

How do you react when you don’t like the ending of a book? I’m very vocal about it. I tend to scream. Ask @ffeebb :). I will scream and curse and probably laugh but it wasn’t my story to write and I accept it. (After my yelling of course).

How often have you sneaked a peak at the last page of the book to see if there is a happy ending? I actually never do this. I never even think about it lol I just hope for the best and keep reading! And that’s why I scream if the ending isn’t what I need it to be because I got my hopes us! Lmfao I can’t.

I tag @intoxicatingstories  @ffeebb @books-cupcakes @bookphile @buttermybooks because this was pretty fun to think about.

Lyrium’s Bane Chapter 16

Sorting the Puzzle

Negotiations are had and no day is complete without a sense of furious betrayal, right?


I had pushed myself back off of the table and was standing stiffly before the rest of them, trembling slightly as my hands clenched and relaxed at my sides, eyes to the ground. I didn’t know why the Archon wanted me, someone he’d only met once and whom he had to know was not even Tevene to represent him in the Inquisition? And how the hell did he even know I was here?

“Ila.” Kirill’s soothing voice moved closer to me. “Ila. Look at me.” When I resisted, there was a tentative touch at my cheek that I flinched away from before slowly raising my eyes to meet his compassionate copper gaze. “Ilaria Zavetnya. When was the last time you brushed your hair?”

The question was so unexpected I snorted a helpless giggle. “I do not remember?”


“A month ago?”

“Slept in a bed?”

“Two months ago.”

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I dreamt of you last night. For the first time ever. 

I am not sure why though. I guess I just miss you. It’s been months since we last saw eachother.

It was a strange dream. I don’t exactly remember how it started nor what happened at the end. The only thing I remember cristal clear is the hug we shared. It was a long hug. I am not even sure did I wanted it to end or last forever. It’s funny how I just chose that moment to hold on dearly. 

It was nice seeing you again. Even if it was just a dream.

Maybe this is the last time. 

I hope this was our closure. Our goodbye.

Wish you all the best,


HAH WELL FUNNY STORY I actually planned on making a gryles post about this very song and Nick had to go and tweet about it just now so that’s just great. Fantastic.

This gorgeous, heartbreaking song had me thinking about gryles angst allllllll day. 

I thought that I was dreaming when you said you love me
The start of nothing
I had no chance to prepare
I couldn’t see you coming

I need to lay down and catch my breath the paiiiiiiiiin. The connection was so unexpected they took each other by surprise you know they did. Who would have ever thought, you know?

Arm around my shoulder so I could tell
How much I meant to you, meant it sincere back then
We had time to kill back then
You ain’t a kid no more
We’ll never be those kids again
It’s not the same, Ivy’s illegal
Don’t you remember?

im too weak this is When We Were Young all over again :( want even more angst? WHY NOT:

I could hate you now
It’s quite alright to hate me now
When we both know that deep down
The feeling still deep down is good

:( :( :( 

anonymous asked:

I was watching one of the panels CP went to in Dallas and someone asked if the cast auditions would ever be released. CP said she wouldn't want it to because it's embarrassing, but then the moderator made a good point. He mentioned how watching the

auditions of the different ppl who tried out for Lois Lane in the old Superman movie kind of helped ppl understand why the woman (can’t remember her name) cast was the one they picked and not someone more prominent in Hollywood. Do you think if they did the same for The Flash and ppl were able to see why CP was chosen and not someone else, they’d warm up more to her? Or do you think it still wouldn’t matter?

Maybe, I definitely think it would help people see the chemistry (even tho it’s so obvious now) and being able to compare her audition to the others would help to see that, but I honestly don’t think it would change that much because people are still looking for any reason to hate her so they would just shove it aside, you know? especially since a lot of the initial hate was because of the color of her skin (not saying that everyone who doesn’t like Iris is racist)

  • Me:Sometimes why did I ever try to even get on with my life?
  • Me:*Remembers there's my bae who will always support me no matter how far apart we are.*
  • Me:*clenches fist* Do it for her, I'll do it for her.
*sighs* I wish I liked the chapter, but...

How is Hinahoho the King of Imchakk?

No seriously. Weren’t Imchakk’s system something like this (if I remember right):

There are a bunch of Imchakk tribes. Each tribe has a Patriarch. Imchakk as a whole is ruled by a Chief. The Chief is elected from the Patriarchs.

Hinahoho was in Sindria all this time. Even if he managed to be a Patriarch (at the other side of the world of the tribe he’s supposed to lead <_<), there would have been a bunch of more electable Patriarchs.

How? And if Sinbad meddled, why did Sinbad meddle? He wanted an end to nations, kingdoms and so on, right? So why turn Imchakk into a monarchy?

(Also note that the guys with parentheses are all described by their own station in life rather than their spouse’s/sibling’s.)

And I ranted earlier about how rude and frankly disgusting Sinbad is to Kogyoku.

The full pages are a million times worse.

He arrives unannounced at the imperial palace and demands to speak with the empress when she, graciously, gives him leave to work things out with the prime minister who has all the power needed to do this.

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