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I finally got out of a relationship with a Singh I was with for a couple years. He consumes my thoughts and recently I feel like I'm at an all time low because of it. arrrghhhh -.- sorry I just had to get it all out.

hey man,
hang in there.
you are so much more than him, or what you two had. it’s tough, hella, trust me. but always remember that even alone you hold so much power.

guru sahib wrote about chandi, a female character that slayed an army of demons. she was so indestructible, she could never be defeated. why did pitha ji use durga as an allusion and not another devi? because as parbati only lives for shiva, and how lakshmi for vishnu, durga rolled on her own. durga was with no man, or had ever given herself up to one. and alone she was so utterly fierce and violent but beautiful and graceful, all at once.

so know this,
that your being was never meant to be for someone else, it takes one hand to wield a khanda, not two. rely on your own ferocity, love, and slay with your head held high, you alone, have the power to independently take down and slaughter an entire fauj,
that power rests within you .
so let no boy, make you feel otherwise.

The Warden Character Sheet: Even Longer and More Gratuitously Unnecessary

Finding character questions for dao ocs is basically impossible, so I made one myself for personal reference. A lot of it is plot-focused so I can remember what my Warden did and why, but it could be good for character building in general so I expanded it and thought I would share.

NOTE: I’ve only ever played Origins as a city elf, a noble human and a mage. Any information about other character origins (specifically the origin-specific quests) I got from various wikis and watching playthroughs, which could lead to incomplete knowledge about those quests. If anyone notices incorrect information, please let me know!

ALSO: I have never played any of the DLCs, including Stone Prisoner or Awakening, so nothing about Shale is present in this questionnaire, and Awakening is only briefly mentioned with no indication to actual choices made in-game.

Questions under the cut!

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You moved to touch my leg that day but you stopped yourself and I asked you why. You said, “It’s so small,” then you looked up at me like I was something precious you didn’t want to break. I wanted to tell you that I’ve never been broken and that I never will, but then I realised that you could. You could break me. I did feel small then, vulnerable, heart in the palm of your hand. I don’t even know how you got it because I don’t remember giving it. Maybe I don’t even remember having it. The point is, you told me to feel the rise and fall of your chest and I breathed in time to it. The world didn’t shatter around us, but I felt different, somehow. Like an earthquake had taken place inside of me and yet, I was still standing, and you were still there with me.

restless, sleepless, alone-

it’s 9:41 and i can’t sleep
at least not yet
at least not until i’ve figured out
what the fuck
is going on 
inside of my head. 
i miss the way we used to fit
and i miss waking up next to you,
even if you had drooled all over
our pillows.
i don’t know why i felt so compelled
to reach out to you,
to talk to you for the first time
in months-
i don’t know why i have been
so good at pushing the thought
of you
as far away as i could,
gone just as quickly
as they first arose.
why did i ever break up with 
you in the first place?
i pretend that i don’t know,
but part of me remembers
how i never felt
like i was enough.
the worst part is knowing
how much i still love you
and how much i still hope
that you love me.
i hate that i can picture
how this scenario would pan out-
me coming to you,
and asking for another shot.
i can almost hear the words
leaving your lips-
“we were never meant to be,
but that doesn’t mean we can’t 
stay close.”
the thought of hearing those
or something like it 
is crushing me right now.
it’s 9:46
and i know you’ll probably
never read this
but i want you to know
that i think i fucked up
the best thing to ever happen to me.
and i may never be able to
from you.

Why gaara is (deeply) in love with naruto: A summary.

- Naruto helped gaara to remember was love is and how it made people strong. 

- gaara always talk to the people how one person changes him + the flashback of naruto everytime he talks about that

- Gaara makes the dream of the blonde his own dream and he become in the kazekage 

- When gaara said to sasuke “you should be able to see even the slightest flicker of light back then, and even now!” * did you mean naruto? yeah,you do*

-”As the kazekage I would give my life to protect you”

“sasuke doesn’t care for you anymore” gaara feels so bad because naruto is so worried about sasuke and the uchiha don’t give a damn about naruto

- gaara really wants to naruto become hokage


-Gaara scolds Naruto for coming into the battlefield when he was suppose to be hidden. 

- gaara smiled when the second mizukage said that him and naruto make a good duo

-”Now is my chance…I  will definitely not let you die”

- Stuck into the Genjutsu of Infinite Tsukuyomi, Gaara dreams of his family and Naruto being his friend while the Uzumaki asks him to go play.


lol at some people who are so catch up with what taemin means by boring. maybe what he wanna say is the regular and repeated routine are boring, maybe he wants some nice, relaxed vacation with jongin like last time…they both confused me, their words are sometimes twisted….

vacation in japan - taemin loves it, he felt warm and he enjoyed lots of tasty food. when mc asked how’s the weather he couldn’t answered properly, i’m pretty damn sure he didn’t take note of that, having too overwhelmed with warm jongin lying beside him *ehem* while jongin said it’s such a waste

going out together - jongin said they probably have fun more than any other people while taemin said it’s boring

jongin said i miss you - taemin laughed and said they met everyday, why jongin always said he missed him? remember, how taemin would always went to jongin in every damn concert or even running just to take jongin in his embrace because they did not meet e/o cos of schedule, like what happened at the backstage of smtown beijing.

taemin said their behavior is the same and they click well - moonkyu said taemin and jongin have different personality and taemin is more cheerful like him. -i guess taekai is the opposite attract, they completes e/o-

taemin said going out with jongin is boring - in one interview he admits jongin is his stress reliever and that jongin is the person he trust the most in this whole world. i believe when you’re with someone who you wants to rely on, there’s no such thing as ‘boring’

taemin said their relationship is like pure love comic - he goes around telling people that him and jongin have aggressive skinship

taemin said he didn’t know why there are rumors of them dating - they hang out 24/7, they hug, they held hands like lovers do, they walked closely together, they only had eyes on e/o making others felt like a thirdwheels.

they slept together, eat together, watching movies together, practice together, sitting on the plane together, went on the trip together…basically, they couldn’t live w/o each other and it shows a lot.

all and all, idk what to say. we don’t know what taemin think. exo L are quite scary fandom  -last time sasaeng called him gay and he was chased down just cos he’s with jongin- and he was scolded by SM after going to the trip. then this time, netz accused him of hitting on jongin. that would possibly be traumatic events for him.

one more thing, i’m fucking annoyed with all the kaistal and kaisoo posts in taekai tag. what the hell are you guys doin in here? your attempts on making us stop shipping taekai had failed miserably. your pathetic arguments are invalid. now, i’m asking you nicely. please leave out taekai immediately. your post is annoying, disgusting,unethical and nasty. GET OUTTA HERE.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:why the fuck does lauren jauregui thinks she's a hufflepuff when it's canon/common sense that she is a slytherin. lauren has 0 hufflepuff traits. the only other house that would make sense for her would be ravenclaw, and even then it wouldn't be completely accurate. lauren jauregui is a slytherin. i don't know how the fuck she got assigned to hufflepuff. did she take a proper quizz? was she completely honest? of course not. because then she'd be assigned to slytherin. because lauren jauregui is a slytherin.

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So glad you are back Puffy! I was pretty bummed too & little mad , most of the mad was directed at myself. I kept thinking how could I b so stupid & why did I even think he was w/Cait? Then after I calmed down I really started thinking (I am certainly not pretending I have any real info on this) but I really do think there is more to this. Saw pics of Sam with Amy, & Cody. S didn't even remotely look like he does w/Cait. I think there is more to this story & not sure Mt. IG pic is final proof!

We’re gonna have to wait and see.  We have to remember that there are millions of tv watchers for Outlander.  We shipsters (past, present and future) are a small fraction of the viewing audience.  Having said that, however, it would behoove Sam (if not Cait) to at least have the people to whom he pays good money for advice help him handle the issue of his personal life with a little more dexterity and finesse than he’s shown.

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I am worried that The Punisher is gonna share screen time with Matt/Daredevil. Please don't make it the Punisher show with occasional appearances by daredevil. I felt Fisk had too much screen time in season 1.

hmm i know what you mean but i wouldnt worry about that, the people behind this show have been longtime dd fans that’s the reason why the first season was such a success im sure they know what theyre doing. imo fisk had fair screen time to fully introduce/develop his character, remember how we did not even see him in the first two episodes. but yeah i hope that frank will get /significant/ screen time for whatever plot they have going on and im sure we’ll see more of matt considering the positive feedback they got on charlie and… well… after all this is the dd show.

  • What she says:Just laying in bed. You?
  • What she means:Seeing Bucky Barnes made Ant-Man 100% worth it; so many questions. Is he okay? How did they find him? What is he thinking? Why isn't Steve talking to him? Is he working on a car? How long has he been there? Is he employed? Is he on the run? Has he thought about Steve? Does he remember Sam? I bet he's good at working on cars. Is he homeless? That's an interesting color for him. Where did he even get that shirt? Still beautiful. He needs a hug.

OKAY SO I BARE NOTICED THE NEW UPDATE AND LET ME TELL YOU THIS CHAPTER WAS FILLED WITH INTENSIVE FANGIRLING LIKE YEEESS Okay aside from the whole karmagisa I’m really really happy how this chapter came out like I was really worried about what would’ve happened if either of them losed. The whole reason why they parted was because Karma felt uneasy with Nagisa’s bloodlust and Nagisa felt in a way inferior to Karma. So ideally either of them losing would’ve increased that negativity right? Well apparently that wasn’t the case. Close to the verge of defeating Nagisa with the knife Karma remembered how Nagisa wasn’t the fighting type unless it was ABSOLUTELY necessary and if there was something important behind it. Nagisa upon winning couldn’t even believe it I mean did you see how tight he was gripping Karma’s neck unaware that it was all over?! Then Karma acknowledging Nagisa and his strength/determination I mean I’m pretty sure Nagisa felt more than happy at this point. No only because Karma acknowledged it but himself “I won? Against Karma?” That’s a huge boost on his self-esteem ASDFGH LET’S NOT FORGET HOW THEY FINALLY STOPPED USING HONORIFICS BRAVO ON THIS CHAPTER!!!

Anon Requested: Loving your blog. May I have a reaction of exo trying to remember what happen after a hard night of partying. Oh and stay awesome!

I’m really not awesome, but thank you! :D



Xiumin: I’m sure I kissed someone at one point… was it Luhan or someone else?


Luhan: *thinking about everything that could’ve happened last night*


Kris: Ah! Why is my brain being like this now when I need to remember something important?


D.O: What if I accidentally killed someone, and I can’t even remember?


Suho: I got too hammered and now my memory is all over the place!


Lay: How did I even get here? … Where is here?


Baekhyun: *rinsing out his mouth* I don’t remember what I did to have this strange taste in my mouth, but I don’t like it


Chen: *getting random flashbacks* I hope none of that happened or I’m screwed.


Chanyeol: I hope I didn’t do something I’ll really regret


Tao: If someone yells again, I’m gointo urder them. I have a headache and I can’t remember last night


Sehun: Now I understand why the hyungs don’t want me to drink. 


Kai: Who is _____, and why do they want me to call them?

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How does Kags and Hinata's relationship affect their playing long term? Like in their second and third years (maybe beyond?)

Their relationship totally affects their playing for the better no doubt. 

In the beginning of their relationship, sure their chemistry on the court was a little whack. For example, Hinata would forget to swing at the ball or Kageyama would toss it feet away from where it needed to be. And they would angrily/embarrassedly whisper to each other things like:

Kags: Why did you hold my hand at lunch and then fall asleep on my shoulder?! You didn’t even finish eating!  I’ve been thinking about how cute your dumbass face is all day since then!!

Hinata: Asshole, well, don’t leave these stupid bite marks on my neck! I can’t even spike because I keep remembering that they’re there!


But after they get used to the fact that yes, they indeed are dating, their chemistry returns to normal. But then it starts to improve more and more and more. Their trust in one another skyrockets, they’re able to better predict each other’s movements, and suddenly the team is noticing that it doesn’t even look like they’re even communicating. They’re just reacting and moving. It’s almost like choreography. It’s all instinct, and everyone knows that and it’s fascinating but it’s also terrifying.

And also, they’re both competitive as hell (you’ve watched/read hq!!, you know how they are), so they push each other to practice more, to get better, to become so good that they’ll wreck all the opposition and finally get themselves to nationals like they’ve always dreamed. Volleyball was what got them to meet, after all. It’s how they both ended up falling for each other, and they love it as much as they love each other. 

When they’re third years, it’s basically mind reading. They’re usually in perfect sync. Kind of like how Iwaizumi and Oikawa were in their prime at Seijoh, but a little wilder, less calculating but still formidable and scary. The whole team envies their court chemistry and their skills, and when they play their last official high school match with each other, people are sad, they’re sad, because yeah, those two together are unstoppable.

And I’m hopeful that they still play volleyball in college. And I’m a little more hopeful that they both go to the same university and play on the same team. But that’s my perfect world, and who knows what’ll happen. Furudate make my dreams come true

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just curious, why do you say tigerstar was the worst leader over say, brokenstar? i mean of course tigerstar was godawful but as far as i remember he actually did sorta hold together shadowclan? even if he had hidden motives, i recall that all the shadowclan cats were at least happy at first to have a strong leader to get the clan back together, i think once they found out/realized how awful he was that changed, but everyone hated brokenstar from the start.

Becuase Tigerstar literally started a genocide

Around 1 AM in the morning…1 AM one year ago was the last time we ever talked. The last time you told me you loved me…The last time where I told you I loved you back. I never knew it until I woke up that morning on July 19 last year knowing you aren’t a part of my life anymore…you suddenly told me that you can’t talk to me anymore…& you never told me why. I wasn’t over you during those months that passed by..it’s been a year & yet memories of you haunt my mind at times…I remember how I spent my nights, crying, crying my eyes out, where I can barely even breathe. I used all my 11:11 wishes on you…hoping you’d return but never did. Today is the day, The day one year ago where you broke my heart into a million of pieces…The day I remember & the day where I bet you absolutely forgot about…
—  The day where I bet you absolutely forgot about…

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I don't believe that Louis got her pregnant at all bc of your proof but why are celebrities like Mel B commenting on how excited he is to be a father

Well, A. Is there a video of Mel B. saying congrats?  Cause print articles, even if they have quotes can be fabricated.  Remember what Demi Lovato once said (actually said) “just because it’s in quotation marks doesn’t mean I said it.” and B. Even if she did say that, she’s not a close friend.  Some person interviewing her probably asked because it’s a huge rumor and she doesn’t know if it’s true but if it were to be, she’s gonna wish him well.

-Martha x

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Yes! Now I can finally dig up my Minish Cap cartridge and put it to use! Remember how you said awhile back that Link was a trans girl or something? Well, lots of evidence points to the contrary. For example, literally every reference to Link in all the official LoZ stuff (the books, games, and so on) refers to him as a boy or man. Elzo did it, Gannondorf did it, even Marin said so! Anyway, point is, why is it that you say that link is a trans girl? I became insatiably curious, and I have to ask.

So why do you hate trans women and their headcanons that characters are also trans women

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I continue to love your Tumblr so much :D Keep up the great work. I've just watched the deleted scenes of FF7 that were just posted. Best way to wake up this morning but it's left me with so many questions. Like how was she listed at the hospital as Letty Toretto if she couldn't remember. Did Giselle know her name? And then there's the whole FF6 thing with the team trying to get Letty back. Giselle must have known this was the same woman so why didn't she say anything? My mind is inF&F overdrive

This is actually killing me. Gisele had to know at some point who Letty was, why didn’t she say a word? I will never understand. It’s so confusing. Even if Gisele never knew the name of the woman she rescued, she had to know Letty was running for Braga, and she had to be the one to tell Braga where Letty was, right? So a man, Dom, suddenly comes to avenge his woman, and it doesn’t even cross her mind it could be the same woman she took to the hospital? How many female racers were out there? And how many disappeared/died? Come on.

Even if Gisele knew nothing about how Dom’s girl died, which I find very strange since they are family, right? When they go to London on mission to basically get Letty back (FF6), Letty’s photo is front and center on the table, so why didn’t Gisele say anything then? And let’s not forget the two were face to face at that military base in Spain (FF6). She had to recognize Letty. Why? Oh why?

As for the name Letty Toretto, I was just discussing this with the lovely nikitadreams and it’s possible she offered her name and then passed out and forgot everything.

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How did you MU become the next king of Plegia? I mean, it's so cool... but it doesn't make sense to me. How Plegians would accept a king who was a friend of Chom and helped with the war against Plegia and killed many people? Why would he even bother to deal with plegians?

You didn’t just ask THIS question. I’m going to spend the next hour writing this answer. I can’t believe you actually want to know omg

ok firstly let’s get some facts in case you don’t remember. My MU’s choice was to let Chrom kill Grima. Grima returned to his slumber, which left MY Grima with many doubts and worries about the future.
Grima is still there, still ready to come back and ruin everything. Since my MU didn’t sacrifice himself to save the world, he feels obliged to somehow ensure that his bloodline won’t fuck everything up again.

I imagine there are four types of people in Plegia:
1. those who didn’t like Grima but had to pretend they are Grimleal because they had to (like Gangrel)
2. those who were devoted Grimleal but opened their eyes when thousands of people were eaten just to resurrect this stupid ass hoe, probably having lost friends and/or family members
3. those who hold a grudge against Ylisse for the wars and side with Grimleal just for the sake of opposing Ylisse whenever possible; often being pretty passive about it, especially the younger generations and people who have the Ylisse hate set as a tradition in their family
4. Grimleal 4ever

Now, my MU at first goes to Plegia as Ylisse’s ambassador- to help with maintaining peace among people, assist Chrom during his diplomatic meetups, and helping with embracing the general chaos during the interregnum period. Since he is very passionate about politics and he has a thing for leadership, he was a perfect candidate for this task.
His job at first was supposed to be temporary and he was supposed to come back to Ylisse once Plegia gets a new king. He realized that it wasn’t actually a good idea to leave Plegians in hands of Grimleal again- since they still were there and still wanted to cause a lot of trouble.
His first idea was to completely dominate Plegian leadership with Ylissean, and to make Chrom maintain both countries, just to make sure that worshipping Grima was considered a crime and that there would be no one who’d dare to mess around with resurrecting him again.
Chrom of course didn’t like the idea of playing Walhart and trying to win peace through violence, so my MU figures he will have to do it himself- and came up with a more civilized plan, and gets it approved by Chrom ofc.

Firstly, he talked to crowds, quickly gaining a lot of supporters and a lot of enemies. But that was the plan- to make people talk about him in general, to make himself recognizable and to encourage people to even consider the idea of removing Grimleal from their lives entirely.
Some people join him because they want Grimleal to disappear.
Some join him because they think he’s the hierophant and they acknowledge him simply because of that.
Some join him thinking he’s Grima himself (well, his name IS Grima.)
Some oppose him, knowing well he’s here to wipe out Grimleal and that he’s a threat to whoever Grimleal wanted to take the throne.
Some oppose him because he was with Ylisse.
Some attempt to take his life, either because he’s a threat to Grimleal’s authority or because he’s a threat to the world (being Grima).

He leads people toward a safer idea of life and religion, and works hard on changing their mindsets.  Of course he sometimes has to conquer some of the opposing regions. But he does that after claiming the throne. He can do that easily- because he’s the rightful prince. He has to kick everyone from the court though since they refuse him entirely, so taking the castle required force. BUT WITH CHERCHE AT HIS SIDE IT WAS EASY. Morgan probably wrecks everything herself haha.
He can’t become the king yet, he is just the prince.
Originally he planned to make Plegia’s religion illegal and replace their main god with Naga- but soon enough he realized most of the people wouldn’t like the idea, and that majority of the people just want to believein something. They aren’t dangerous, like Grimleal are.
So one of his first changes after becoming the ruler was to separate Grimleal’s beliefs from his own follower’s harmless beliefs. He claimed those completely different- and Grimleal were considered a dangerous sect people didn’t want to fear anymore.
After some time it turned out he wasn’t followed by people only because they acknowledged and accepted him as the new candidate for the throne- but also because they saw him as their ‘spiritual leader’, too. He basically became a god, but he always made sure it was harmless- and that there weren’t any fanatics among his people and among those who chose to stay loyal to the real Grima.
He still let everyone know he is against the real Grima and that he is indeed one with him- but refused to /become/ him. He didn’t like how people claimed him their almost-god, but accepted it and said that as long as people need it, if they need to believe in something and cling to their beliefs, then it’s okay and he’s here to help (so any requests to murder someone or destroy the world were refused ofc lol).
His main goal was to rid Plegia of fanatics and maniacs. And it took him years to accomplish it, while struggling with many other things (his own newborn children, people who didn’t like how lovey-dovey he was with Ylisse, Rosanne (of course he helped Cherche with it, what do you think), maintaining good relations with Regna Ferox and Ylisse, handling his people’s needs, uprisings etc.)

I have millions of ideas and I love to think about this stuff. What I just wrote is maybe 2% of what I should really write lol.

tl;dr he just went and took the throne to make sure his bloodline and his choices wouldn’t destroy the world in the future, because he felt it was his duty and that he owes that .
He sets a lot of new laws regarding Grimleal and worshipping THE Grima, and also sets rules and 'guidelines’ for his descendants. Somehow he has to tie his family with Chrom’s family to make sure they would always be in contact- just in case Grima comes back. They need to know what to do and how to handle shit, after all.
He has a lot of things to worry about and deal with.

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Every time I see your url I remember how much fob information I have to absorb

OH MY GOD….. I don’t even know why I’m like this I’ve just gathered all this knowledge over the years…. i woke up like this… this reminds me when i was like 11 or 12 probably 12 I printed out the entirety of fall out boy’s wiki page…. I don’t even know why I just did it