i just saw jurassic world and it was okay but i am just SO tired of boring perfunctory heterosexual romances in films, where the two characters do not have any chemistry whatsoever, or even a conversation that wasn’t in any way antagonistic, and yet they get together anyway. why. what is the POINT

PLEASE that was not a drag ,,,, grouping harry with channing tatum ???? ok work? nah and then being a deactivated account is the biggest drag itself why would you embarrass yaself like that…miss me with that bullshit i had to leave my yt tumblr to reblog that foolishness cuz i knew 1d tumblr was willing to let that person catch hands.. but then i saw !! they are deactivated !! good !! im tryna live a healthy life in harry’s ass !! when he is positive, so am i !! when he cleanses, so do i !! i need to replinish myself, stay hydrated….dragging for notes SCREAMS thirst like you askin fo it cuz you bored…embarrassing..that whole post was a mess smh bye…

thicchoe fuckboyharry ALAYSHAS this is my semi clapback/ me poppin off that shit was embarrassing im actually pissing

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  • who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave - Jason. Him and Percy were bored. 
  • who forgot to put the cat outside before sex - I imagine it’d be Nico. The son of Hades gets impatient hehe
  • who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit - Nico, but rather than to embarrass Jason it’s to ask his followers “why am I still dating this loser?” 
  • who breaks the most phones - Jason. I like to think that all the time spent in the Lotus Hotel made NIco very good with technology.
  • who dies first - Gah this question. Um…Jason? But I see Hades training Nico to help out in the Underworld so I don’t think Nico would be too terribly upset because he’d be with him in the Underworld
  • which one I could see as being lactose intollerant - Jason and Nico teases him relentlessly. “You weakling with your soy milk. Natural selection is coming for you, Grace.” Or “Hey Jay, want some ice cream - oh wait!”
  • who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t - I think it’d be Jason, but he’s actually good at most of what he does much to Nico’s chagrin.
  • who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed - Jason. I headcanon both as huge cuddlers but sometimes it’s just too much for Nico; he just wants to sprawl out sometimes. 
  • who uses the computer most -  Nico

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my sister and I are going to do a borderlands cosplay, her as handsome jack and me, my Hyperion OC, as his personal assistant. She was practicing getting the voice and mannerisms down and there where quite a few gems that came out of it.

Her: Hey, Tess! You’ve been real quiet, whats the matter? Come on! You can talk to me!

Me: My name’s not Tess sir, it’s Ri-

Her: SH-sh-sh you’re voice annoys me Tess. Never speak again. Okay kiddo?

Her: I am SO bored! Hey Tess why don’t you come over here and let me shoot you in the foot okay?

Her: I like you Tess, maybe you will survive the day after all..

Me: Thank you si-

Her: Eh-eh I thought I told you to be quiet Tess. (gestures to leg) You see this gun Tess? It’s here by my leg, (moving hand up to my face) now its pointed at your face. Here, your face, here, your face. Get the picture?

There will probably be more later as she keeps practicing, and as I remember more. she insulted my oc so many times today it was great

The Signs in Math class

Aries: uGH whhhyyyyy

Taurus: All of you people are stupid. M= slope, why is that so difficult?!

Gemini: Excuse me but I don’t get it.

Cancer: *is too cool for math class*

Leo: Pretty people don’t need math so I don’t know why I’m here.

Virgo: *falls asleep*

Libra: Somebody kill me. Now.

Scorpio: Fuck this *leaves*

Sagittarius: *is slapping everybody with their ruler*

Capricorn: I. Am. So. Bored.

Aquarius: Lol I’m failing math guys haha

Pisces: I’ve got all my homework done in time and I also worked ahead hey do you guys need help because I actually understa- *gets punched out by Sagittarius* 

  • Me talking about Monster Hunter on Tumblr:Do you SEE this broken shit? Do you see these dumb monster being cheap as fuck? God I am SO FRUSTRATED all the time I am ripping my hair out playing this game why does it subject me to this bullshit!?
  • Me talking about Monster Hunter to people IRL:Oh man if you own a 3DS YOU NEED THIS GAME it is seriously the best game available for the console. The combat has so many nuances to it and I never get bored because there's always different weapon types to use and different monster to hunt like seriously this game is my life.

I’m going to do a personal experiment in the next 10 days. I’m going to lock myself out of my internet. When I say “my internet” I mean social media because I will need to access email. Here is why, and here is how I am doing it, and then, even better, WHAT WILL HAPPEN? This post contains boring stuff but then sets the challenge at the end.

I’m doing this now because these next few weeks are the busiest and most physically demanding of my year. Plus, today is the start of the holiday in the US and everyone is going to be off, so it seems like the right time to do it since everyone’s off at the beach or whatever it is PEOPLE DO WHEN THEY GO OUTSIDE.

The busy stuff: GeekyCon planning is in full swing, which means I am doing that many hours out of the day. We go to Florida in THREE WEEKS. Also, I have DEADLINES. I have several things due. I HAVE BOOK STUFF TO WRITE. And I have just gone from being really quite sick and not being able to work much for 4-5 months to going FULL SPEED trying to make up for not being able to work for 4-5 months, which feels like being the person who unlocks the doors of Wal-Mart on Black Friday morning. I have barely been able to write because I had to do 4-5 months worth of admin. While I am not as sick as I was, I am not, as my doctor just pointed out in an encouraging but also firmly worded email, actually better yet, if there is a “better” after this. This has been all about finding my new normal.

The medical update, if such things interest you: I have good days and bad days. I try not to talk about the bad days too much. The days are mostly good! But apparently neurological stuff is tricky and slow. I’ve regained most of my ability to walk around. I no longer get the really bad stuff (*knocks wood*) like the difficulty breathing or the problems with my heart. But I do tire easily and I am frequently in a fair amount of pain. That’s going to happen. But! There are things I am doing to work with this. I’m well managed, medically. My doctor has also just set me on a new course of physical therapy to help me be able to take on the physical and mental demands of getting back to work. I’ve been just about keeping up, but with a conference in three weeks, I have to hunker down and save a few ENERGY SPOONS. (Thank you to everyone who explained Spoon Theory to me, because man, now I know my spoons.) I leave for the conference in three weeks, so now I have to conserve if I want to DANCE AT THE BALL AT GEEKY.* I’m being RESPONSIBLE and LISTENING TO MY SPOONS. Work sensibly. Meditate. Rest. Recover.


*resets self*

*continues being sensible*

SO! For the next few weeks, I have to finish all of this planning and writing, and I also have to do my physical therapy and…rest. Apparently I have to rest. The doctor seems to mean it this time. I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of extraneous stuff in the schedule. I am actually doing what I need to do. And, as I said, I am going to LOCK MYSELF OUT for ten days. Starting today. This means I am giving my passwords to Oscar and to my assistant Felicity Disco, and erasing my copies

There is no other way. I’d make it maybe a day and a half if I had the passwords. I have to COMMIT. 

I have never done this before. I’m not sure which day I will start ripping apart Oscar’s drawers looking for my LAUNCH CODES. I don’t know what point I will drive the many hours to Felicity Disco’s house and ransack it. I was going to try this for 14 days but I knew I would never make it and there would be fires in the house and terrible things would occur as I tried to get my passwords back. Ten was about what I thought I could manage without DEFINITELY doing something drastic to get back on.

I will see you on Monday the 13th. If you see me before that, you’ll know that I’ve raccooned my way in somehow.

What could go wrong? LET’S FIND OUT. 

*eyes POST button*


* Dancing is probably out of my physical reach no matter what. To be fair, I never dance at the ball because I am usually in the managers’ office doing something while it is going on and even when I go to the ball I just stand there and dance in my mind but physically I just stare at the stage until the amps start to smoke. This is my kind of dancing. 

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ppl are really sticking up for misha like why??? he looks like a melted elbow, his acting is meh and it's not like he's been in a lot like he's not some great actor like what is his contribution to the entertainment industry anyway??? who is he/???? and finally oh ok he does charity or something but um so do I??? jw why people are so far up his ass he isn't even cute or nice or cool or INTERESTING i am so bored w/ this man why do people like him he is like a pile of toast crumbs



A/N: I’m really happy about NaLu week. Enjoy~

Day 1: Wander. AU: Natsu works at a book store and Lucy is new into town. Let’s just say, this isn’t the first time they met.

A pink haired boy was behind a counter at Barnes and Nobles. He sighed bored, and glanced around. The place was practically dead in the morning, so he didn’t understand why he was here. Besides no one came to him. He was too scary for costumers. The manger and staff loved him so they kept him. 

The boy ran his fingers through his hair silently. He looked up, and blinked softly seeing a girl. She had beautiful straight blonde hair. It was a little past her shoulders but still. The boy leaned over the counter, staring at her. Sure it was creepy but something about the girl drew him to her. She was tall, and slim. She really beautiful as well. Her skin was a nice cream color and seemed smooth. The boy sighed, and turned hearing his name.

“Hey Natsu! Take over for a bit.” One of the workers said and jogged off.

Natsu nodded and turned back, seeing the girl one. “Damn.” Natsu muttered and looked seeing a box of books he had to put back. Natsu picked the box up with a small gruff and found the teen romance. “Gross.” He said and started to put the books away. He turned, seeing the girl from before. She was wandering the store aimless, seeming lost. Natsu put the box down and walked over, twirling a book in his hand. 

“Hey you need help?” Natsu asked, and looked at her.

The blonde girl turned to Natsu and stopped. Natsu tensed and froze in place. No. It couldn’t be. How could it be her. She…She was dead. He watched the only one he had left die.

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SHIPS !!!!!!!

i am extremely bored ssoooooo im doing ships!

what you have to do:

- REBLOG so more people know that i’m doing them :)

-follow me (you don’t have to but it would be nice)

-send me a message. ask me anything, or come say hi (and if you ship me and tell me why as well you might get a little something extra for your ship wink wink)

What you get:


lukey | Clum | Ash | Mikey

- gif of the boy

-best friend

lukey | Clum | Ash | Mikey

- drunk hookup

lukey | Clum | Ash | Mikey

- has a secret crush on you 

lukey | Clum | Ash | Mikey

-ship name


- maybe something special if you ship me (but you don’t have to!)

you need to have a face page, and if you don’t, send me a description of yourself! 

happy shipping:)

(I should be writing, not painting) but being bored and currently unemployed, I tend to do things that don’t take too much brain power… ugh

This is an unwritten, *unplotted fic (more like idea) along side this xxxHolic AU written by arisprite and username-goes-here (AU where nobody’s dead and it’s just wonderful)

Anyway, the idea is Tsubasa side being adjacent in a hotel AU and Syaoran is a bellhop <3 that’s like the only thing concrete. Also Syaoran and Watanuki are cousins. Fai’s probably a concierge and Sakura’s parents probably manage the hotel. I don’t what know Kurogane’s doing. Security?

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Are you normally as outgoing as you are on the internet? If so how do you do it? It's hard for me even to like order something over the phone or buy something from the store.

I am if I’m comfortable around you. If not, you’ll probably think I’m boring or really shy. I use to be too shy over the phone and things like that, but then I thought “they don’t even know who I am, why am I scared” and that constant reminder made me not be extremely shy to ask for things and what not.

uchiha clan

I don’t know what happen i used to love Naruto and now it just got boring more maybe because i want to know more about older generation not new but it my opinion. i just wish they change system  of the village im happy  sasuke is cure from his hatred but i am piss about uchiha clan not being resolve because next 40 or 80 years it might happen again. 

i stilll wish that they brought them back if others people can be redeem why not them they had reason why they was blame for something they didnt do.

i also hate that karin character getting so much hate. 

hey so…whats the point of life again? im not sad im just bored i genuinely do not remember why i am here


So I am incredibly bored so I decided why not try and do some ships!

What you need to do:

Send in an ask (a ship, a compliment, or just telling me how your day is going)

MBF ME (I will check)

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Ship: C/A/L/M

Cuddle Buddy: C/A/L/M

Best Friend: C/A/L/M

Secret Admirer: C/A/L/M

His Favorite thing about you:


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