I know nothing about Roland Deschain or The Dark Tower?

You wanna fucking bet?

Yet ya’ll crying over Idris Elba. Comparing it to whitewashing of Japanese works in an industry that excludes them from roles made for and about them? Watch any fucking western and hand pick your white cowboy. Supporting Idris makes me anti-white? Hire fucking Bradley fucking Cooper (no scratch that I hate Bradley Cooper). Hire any fucking white guy that wasn’t Bradley Cooper and I’d still watch it because I like Roland fucking Deschain. I loved the fucking novels.

Roland Deschain was not the fucking Gunslinger because he was white. Have John Cho play the fucking Gunslinger it still would’ve been fucking great.

Keep fucking crying.

Now that I’m done with school for the week, I’m not nearly as stressed as I was when I woke up this morning. I’m so excited for this weekend. I’m especially excited to dress up as a vampire on Saturday. My mom is a make up artist and knows how to do special effect make up SO IT IS GOING TO BE THE BOMB DIGGITY (did I really just say that? It’s the first that came to my mind)! I’m really excited to see what else everyone is going to dress up as…. especially Steven.  He won’t tell me what he’s being. This is actually the first Halloween party that I’m going to attend. If you couldn’t tell, I’m excited and this paragraph has absolutely no structure.

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If you want to lose weight why don't you just eat healthy food instead of starving yourself or eating pizza for example. I'm sorry if I sound ignorant, I don't mean to sound rude!

u seem to not understand how a fucking eating disorder works. i have explained before WHY i am doing this to myself. its not because i want to fucking lose weight. jesus christ.

You all have to stop looking for validation on Tumblr/ Internet

Every other post is “what about me” be it




Hair texture



Sexual fetishes

You got to be good with yourself before you expect others to be, and honestly you shouldn’t even expect that from others. I’m not represented a lot of ways on this site but i really don’t care because why am i gonna explain myself to some stranger in Iowa who obviously does not give a damn. I was taught “Don’t be a what be a who” and when i see these “what about me” post full of cosigners all i see is “what”. Healthy debates are different especially since you almost always learn something from them but i see less of that and more obnoxious people telling another person what they should and should not like, who they should and should not like etc they just exert information with no intent to actually receive any. TBH shit like this started the moment Yahoo acquired Tumblr because before that these kinds of posts never existed and everyone was a fucking individual.

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Asking you "could you see what was happening?" means "what happened in that scene?". I'm just saying, you and other people do this again and again. It's fine if you don't want to tell us what you've seen, just don't TEASE us about it! Don't say "oh i know what's happening but i won't tell"! Would you like it if i told you "hey i met josh and he told me to tell you something but i won't"?

Could you see whats happening definitely isn’t the same as asking what was happening. The question itself was “could you see” which I did answer. Why am I even having to explain myself? I don’t need to give details especially for such rude people like yourself.