why does this video exist


every single day i am haunted by that one bastille interview with dan and kyle where theyre asked about their most awkward romantic encounter and kyle talks in great detail about getting wanked off in french class and dan is completely silent, avoids the question, and asks the interviwer instead. what did that interview mean? was kyle emotionally stable enough to share that? why didn’t dan answer? where is the video now??? does it even exist???????


I NEED a Best of Omega video series. Why does this not exist yet?? From interviews and live performances. This seriously needs to happen. Or is there one and I can’t find it? Either way, I need a compilation of this magnificent bastard in my life.

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kind of like these so i’ll add ‘em up

some really quick 10-15 minute doodles done just to draw flowing capes/hair and to see how my lines look like without doing any guidelines

( i was gonna do more but i made the mistake of watching the mess that is the It’s Raining Men music video while doing this and had to stop after laughing so hard that my shoulder is now in pain

seriously look at 1:17-1:19 thAT’S MY FAVORITE ) 


here, have a video where a can of chef boyardee becomes engulfed by lava 


I FOUND THIS VIDEO????????????????

why was there a shot of just his thighs and groin

why was he just slow-motion spraying things

why was he nailing things with hammers

why was he typing

why did he have glasses

why was he moving big pieces of furniture

why was he doing his Watson fist fidgets

why was he orange fargo man turn baddie

why was he hitting things with an even bigger tool

why was he undressing

why was he holding more and more phallic tools of destruction

why was he neck cracking and rage sniffing

why does this video exist

why does the buttplug interview exist why does the paris interview exist why does the twitcam exist why do the video diaries exist why does wellington exist 


Buck 22 - Achy Breaky 2 (Feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)

Literally the worst song I’ve heard this year. It’s so bad I had to share it.

Why does this exist? Why? Seriously though… WHY!?