why do i even do the name thing at the end

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TRUTH Dos the mun name Emi, Dos is she know for holding grudges at folks.

* Pur-etty sure this is not how Truth or Dare is played. 

* But why not. 

* Mew seem to have some sort of…  Purr-sonal investment in this question, so I’ll oblige. 

* The MUN, ‘Emi’ is a purr-etty patient purr-son. It takes quite a lot to get under her skin, and even more to make her legitimately angry at someone.

* She’s typically rather vocal when it comes to things that make her angry, and warnings will be given if it persists. 

* So once someone passes that ‘threshold’ of her patience, it’s VERY HARD to get back on her good side. Not impaw-sible by any means. People have done it be-fur and she’s rather close fur-ends with a few of them. 

* As fur others who continue to do the things that got under her skin in the fur-st place, and show no signs of change or remorse, and even go so far as to do things that make the situation worse? 

* It’s better just to leave her alone at that point.

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your apology wasn't an apology it was a "don't jump down my throat for insulting someone that a lot of people DO think deserves to be put on a pedestal", no offense but I know a lot of the lyrics don't make sense at all and you wonder why the words are even put together but if you research a combination of different things they end up being really crazy amazing and insightful and intricate but you gotta do some work like he did, he is a musical and lyrical genius so sorry if you don't realize it

i didn’t make an apology in the first place… i tried to explain myself more clearly bc i thought maybe some people had misunderstood and that’s why they were upset but i don’t feel i have to apologise. i think his lyrics are beautiful and touching and definitely mean stuff. i never said i didn’t think these things. the amount of assumptions people have made about me and what i think today are ridiculous, i’ve been called so many fucking names for having an opinion, i don’t mind having discussions about why other people think differently and have in the past completely changed my opinion on things after hearing what other people think but all people have done is say i’m wrong, that i’m stupid, idk what i’m talking about and that i /obviously/ don’t even like the band. have you seen my blog?? what kind of moron would have a blog for this long about a band they didn’t even like???? ok great you think he’s a genius, that’s great is wonderful to admire people but personally i don’t think that and that’s ok it doesn’t take away anybody else’s opinion and doesn’t diminish what you think AT ALL i’m not trying to make anyone /realise/ anything or change what they think bc i don’t want to and that was never my intention

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4. do you like your name? why?

I hate my name solely for the fact that no one knows how to correctly pronounce and/or spell it… 

12. what size bed do you have?


17. how many times a week do you shower?

like, 5-6? it honestly depends if I’m going anywhere or not and if I feel like taking one, but it hasn’t been everyday like it usually is during the school year. 

24. how much money do you have in your wallet at the moment?

literally $2 and some change because I never carry cash with me. 

29. whats the worst thing you have ever done? 

I did something a few months ago that I can’t say, but it is probably my biggest regret ever, even though it all worked out in the end. I’ll never do it again because it was undoubtedly the stupidest decision I have ever made and I’m really fortunate it didn’t turn out bad.

31. 3 favorite boy names

Eli, Cayson, and Theo.

32. 3 favorite girl names

Phoenix, Serenity, Luna (and this is so hard to narrow down, but also Iris, Lux, and Electra).