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the way i’ve seen people online talk about bayleigh, rockstar, and haleigh all season long has made me feel so uncomfortable. no one in that house is perfect, yet you’d think these 3 killed somebody while level 6 were perfect angels who were victimized lol. i will miss this trio and i hope that they’ll focus on the people who like them instead of the vicious haters once the season is over.

Had a conversation with a friend today and it led to this heartbreaking thought.  In PoA Remus gets the map from Harry and of course he uses it to see if he sees Sirius and to watch Harry, but he also realizes he could use it to talk to his old friends.

Remus took a deep breath before saying, “I solemnly swear to tell you the truth”.

His heart clenches as he sees the following words appear:

Mr. Prongs would like to inform Remus that he of all people should know the correct way to unlock the secrets of this brilliant item.

Mr. Wormtail would like to say he finds it a bit odd that Remus is using the wrong phrases and hopes he hasn’t been hit by a stray jinx.

Mr. Padfoot is wondering why Remus isn’t using the proper phrase, but would like him to know that even if his brain is addled his arse is still delectable.

Remus stared at the words for a few moments before shoving the parchment in his briefcase.  He tried to fight down the lump in his throat and the ache in his chest as he settled in his bed, but he couldn’t stop the memories from flooding his mind.  Tears ran down his face as he remembered how happy they’d been before everything had fallen apart.

My Youtuber-sona is a 20 year old dude from LA named Zach Roman, also known as TheMainManZ (though most people call him Zach after he got popular).

He does video game LPs and also reaction videos of fail compilations. He has 12k followers, and was once mentioned in a Forbes magazine article about internet startups. He starts his videos saying “What up Z-nerds!” which is what he calls his fans.

He once did a charity stream thing and raised 20k for dog heart disease. He calls it Zach Hearts Dogs, and it’s supposed to be a live show where you get to bring your dog to watch him play PUBG. He never told the venue owner about the dog thing until the very end though, and it turns out the venue has a strict no animals policy. The fans who came there with their dogs ended up having to leave them in a makeshift doggy daycare across the street run by Zach’s parents and agent.

Two days after the event, Zach made a vlog addressing the situation, where he indirectly blamed the venue owner. This led to the fans starting a harassment campaign towards the venue owner, which included vandalism towards the venue. Zach made another vlog the week after, saying that the people who committed the harassment “are just passionate about dog health”. Although, a month later in an interview he said that they “weren’t real Z-Nerds.”

One day he said a racist thing during a stream, and when he got criticized for it, he just laughed it off as a joke. Then he lost a sponsorship deal, so he made an apology video where he points out that he’s a nice person who did a charity stream for dogs.

Then he made a video titled “A Message for Z-Nerds” where he says that Z-Nerds are family and family sticks together no matter what.

Like I know Neil loves exy more than life itself and almost more than Andrew but I can’t help but think he gets caught up in the stick ball jokes simply because it makes Kevin shit himself. So imagine Neil getting drafted onto his pro-team and saying: “I’m just so thankful for this opportunity. I used to think I wouldn’t make it this far but Stick Ball has given me a reason to live.” And Kevin, who’s in the audience, legit lets out a horrified yelp and the camera pans to him and he’s sobbing.


Snowbaz artist au

  • Simon’s work is bright, abstract and messy
  • (I’m thinking colourful KwangHo Shin)
  • he always has paint in his hair / on his hands / face
  • Baz is a successful art curator 
  • baz likes classic art / simon likes modern
  • they meet at a formal art event
  • Baz see simons and is like ‘???? how did such riff raft get in’
  • ‘he’s some handsome gorgeous riff raft tho nonetheless’
  • they start chatting but of course baz is just angsty af
  • baz pushes simon down the stairs
  • bc he had too much champagne
  • and couldn’t deal with that golden hair
  • simon finds a shared art studio to work at
  • not knowing baz is the owner 
  • simons has just started throwing paint at the wall 
  • when baz walks in
  • but baz is wearing jeans
  • simon is shook
  • every morning baz greets simon ‘yo yo yo its simon bloody snow’
  • simon tries so hard to be tidy
  • because baz is a bit of a neat freak
  • but its doesn’t really work
  • Baz is infuriated because paint is always everywhere
  • he finds it in the mugs, in the sink, in the scones
  • Simon always mistakes the paint water for tea and drinks it
  • Baz finds it endearing
  • Simon likes to work topless
  • Baz finds it distracting
  • simon starts painting baz 
  • all the time
  • but just because he needs a subject
  • and baz is always there
  • and its good to watch him bc he’s probably plotting how to evict him
  • baz begins to appreciate modern art a little bit more every day

Mamà Coco is a Disney Princess

This wonderful, ole bitch is Disney’s first Mexican Princess. This woman is disabled (has dementia and legs so weak that she requires a wheelchair), she is the matriarch of a thriving, multi-generational Mexican family, she holds out hope for her father, whom everyone despised, even at deaths bed, her hopeful demeanor towards her father’s abscense (and Miguel’s help) restores music to the Riveras family and keeps Héctor’s spirit alive, and her death even marks a new era of appreciation for the family’s core values and culture. Hell, the film is even named after her. Though it seems as if she has not done too many heroic acts, she does inspire Miguel to believe in a future with music. It’s her unyielding sense of hope -uttering “papa” when Miguel analyzed the old photo on the enfrenda- that urges him to dig deeper into the family’s history.

Mamà Coco is a Disney princess who offers the universe an untraditional hero. She’s a princess that defies agism, race, the status-quo, ableist-centric ideals and even death (sort of, she lives on in the after life). Recuerdé not Coco as simply a culturally-mold-breaking film, but as Queen Coco’s coronation.

Jumping on the demon!Shane train with an au that, secretly, he’s actually a really powerful demon and one of the sole reasons why ghosts and other supernatural beings don’t fully present themselves to Ryan (even if they wanted to) is because they’re afraid of Shane.

(because some want to hurt our pure boy but the tall demon boyfriend is not having any of that shit)

Hi my name is Pink Diamond I have fluffy pink hair (that’s how I got my name) like cotton candy that almost reaches my shoulders and bright pink eyes like cherry soda and a lot of people tell me I look like Rose Quartz (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!!). I’m not related to Mystery Girl but I wish I was because she’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a diamond but my teeth are pointy and white. I have pale pink skin. I’m also a gem, and I come from a magic planet called Homeworld in space where I’m the fourth diamond (I’m really important). I’m a big deal (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly pink. For example today I was wearing a pink croptop with matching pink poofy sleeves on it and a pink frilly tutu, poofy pink pantaloons and hot pink boots. I was wearing pink lipstick, pink foundation, black eyeliner and pink shadow. I was walking inside a moonbase. Some drop ships were attacking a planet, which I was very happy about. Yellow Diamond stared at me. I put up my middle finger at her.

It’s Okay, I Hate Me Too. (Langst)

I posted this on AO3, but I decided to post it on here too because I love it so much ahah (also this is OOC)~

Being overlooked wasn’t a foreign feeling for Lance.

Back at the Garrison, he often heard a plethora of insults directed towards him, said by students and instructors alike. A lot of them from Iverson, the dude who oversaw the cadets. Man, he hated Iverson.

He happened to be strolling past a group of his peers. They were looking at him from the wall they were propped up against.

“Did you hear about that one guy Lance? He just failed his simulation test for the fifth time in a row.”

“Yeah, I did. The dude’s pathetic. How’d he even get accepted into the Garrison in the first place?”

“He only got into the fighter pilot class because Keith dropped out. I’m shocked Lance wasn’t the one to get dropped.”

“He can’t even handle the shit in the cargo pilot class. He’s pathetic.”

Lance just smiled. It’s okay, I hate me too.

“We’re going to have to visit the Worbla planet for some supply negotiations,”  Allura says, after shortly gathering all the paladins plus Coran for a meeting. “The Worblon are fairly nice aliens, so the negotiations should go fairly quickly. So be on your best behavior,” Her light tone disappears as her eyes land on Lance. The mood suddenly becomes more hostile. “Especially you, Lance. You stay in the back. I don’t want you messing this up.”

Lance lets out a nervous, breathy laugh. “Got it, princess.” Allura narrows her eyes even more. Great, she doesn’t trust me. I should’ve seen that coming, though.

The castle-ship lands on the planet. The Worblon gather around the paladins in awe, talking amongst themselves.

“Can you believe it?! It’s the paladins of Voltron!”

“Strong and mighty, strong and mighty.”


Allura gains a confident stature when the leader of the Worblon comes forward. They both go somewhere else to talk. Shiro and Keith have a private conversation. Pidge and Hunk had a ‘who can fit their fist into their mouth’ competition. Lance stood by himself until several aliens approached him.

“Excuse me,” The Worblon said, looking up at Lance. “Aren’t you the blue paladin of Voltron?”

Lance gave a soft smile. “Yeah, I am. I pilot one of the legs.” And I’m also the most overlooked member of Voltron…

“You’re not as uptight as the other members,” Another smiled. “I like that. You’re very lighthearted. I don’t think you get stressed in battle. The others are so serious, so scary. You’re, ah, cool.” Lance’s eyes lit up and he gave a genuine grin. This was the first compliment he’s ever received.

“Thank you.”

LANCE!” A voice screeched from behind him. He turned around and saw the fuming face of Allura stomping towards him. Her fists were balled up, and she had gritted teeth. The Worblon he talked to slowly backed away. Lance gulped. What did I do now?

“I specifically told you to stay in the back! What are you even doing?!” She yelled, and the other paladins looked at Lance. They all had the expression of “Jeez Lance, you already messed up?”.
“You’re messing things up again, aren’t you?!”

She turned towards the Worblon. “I apologize for whatever he did. He doesn’t seem to have any seriousness in his body.” The Worblon looked at her, confused.

“He didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, we were just complimenting him. You should be more like him, he’s very lighthearted compared to the serious faces of you guys.”

Allura just gave a forced smile and commanded all of the paladins to go back onto the castle-ship.

“Did you trick the Worblon or something?” Allura asked him later, during a meeting. “We all know the real you. You’re not the one to be complimented on.” Ouch.

“Yeah,” Pidge piped up. “You don’t take anything seriously. You don’t do well in battle either. What’s there to compliment?” The others laughed. Lance just bit his lip and exited the room. It’s okay, I hate me too.

Well, at least the Worblon were nice enough to compliment him.

Lance and the other paladins were currently in a battle with the Galra. Ships surrounded them.

“Pidge, use your invisibility cloak to get us close to the main ship. Keith and I will cover while you and Hunk shut down their ion cannons. Hopefully Pidge will get the information they need,” Shiro speaks from the com, but pauses. “Oh, and Lance, just don’t do anything stupid. We don’t need you goofing off and jeopardizing the mission.”

Lance sighed. “Got it.”

They all split up, each lion tackling their own problem. Lance just wandered around, carefully aiming the giant energy rifle on his lion to blast random Galra ships in his line of vision. He wanted to be careful, because if he fucked something up, then Shiro was going to scold and berate him while the other paladins looked at him with no pity.

Suddenly, the ion cannon blasted Blue, and she went spiraling off into space. Lance got dislodged from his seat and was hitting nearly every wall inside of Blue.

A weird-looking sheet of metal got lodged into Lance’s side. He screamed in pain, and he widened his eyes at the sight of the blood. Another piece of metal punctured Lance’s right eye. He saw a flash of blindingly bright light, and then darkness. He screamed his heart out, and then blacked.

When he woke up, he discovered that the inside of Blue looked like a crime scene. Blood was everywhere. He looked down at his armor to find out that it was damaged severely.

“You okay, Blue?” He rasped, and Blue responded with a purr. She was alright. “Good. ‘Cause I’m going to need you to fly us back to the castle-ship. She started moving.

He reached for his helmet and put it on, hoping to communicate with his teammates to signal that he strayed. Instead, he heard more slander.

“Lance screwed up again. “ Pidge.

“We clearly gave him instructions, how hard is it to follow them?” Keith.

“They were simple orders. I’m honestly kind of shocked.” Hunk.

“Don’t be. When he gets back, I’ll make sure to reprimand him for the trouble he’s caused.” Allura.

“I second that. He needs to learn to take things seriously. We’re saving the universe, this isn’t a board game.” Shiro.

Lance threw his helmet to the other side of the area. He felt tears coming out of his eyes, and he released a shaky breath. He tried his best to huddle into a ball. It’s okay, I hate me too.

Lance put Blue into her hangar and slowly limped into the halls of the castle. He was forced to perform an impromptu stitching on his side with a random first-aid kit he found because the wound was starting to become worse. His eye, however, was a different story. It was still bleeding, and the area around it was slightly swollen.

He heard the voices of his teammates coming from the meeting hall. Holding his side, he limped over to the door. He stopped when he heard the topic the teammates were talking about.

“Honestly, Lance is quite pathetic. He can’t hold off very well on his own, judging by his performance in this battle.”

“He didn’t get his beauty sleep,” A chorus of laughs echoed. “You know how terrible he gets without his beauty sleep. Or manicure, whatever.”

“He acts so much like a kid. How did his parents even deal with him? He’s in his late teens. I’m sure his family was glad when they heard the news of him moving out.”

“He’s a walking, talking disaster.”

Lance slowly opened the door and limped into the room. His teammates, Allura, and Coran gasped at the sight they saw. That was the first time he saw the look of sympathy directed towards him on their faces. He coughed, and blood splattered onto the floor. He gave a weak smile.

“It’s okay, I hate me too.”

damage || park jimin (i)

Park Jimin x reader

Summary: Subject to harsh judgement and hate from the media and fans, sometimes the comments that come with dating Jimin are too much for one person to handle.

Genre: Angst

Words: 2128

I’m sorry 

part two

Originally posted by mvssmedia

“What are you looking at?” Jimin’s voice from the doorway startled me into slamming my laptop shut, my breath quickening.

“Ah,” I forced a smile onto my face, putting a hand to my chest, “you scared me.” He moved further into the room, his eyes not leaving my face.

“Y/N.” He said, not ignoring how I avoided his question. I sighed, my smile slipping away.

“Nothing, Jimin.” I turned away from him, looking for my phone. The bed dipped as he sat on it, but I didn’t look at him until he said my name again.

Y/N.” His eyes were sad as he took in my face, scanning over my features. I fiddled with my fingers in my lap, not trying to stop him as he reached for laptop and opened it, turning it towards him so he could read what was on the screen. He sighed, his eyes closing in defeat as he saw the comments open on my twitter mentions. He shut the laptop, pushing it away and moving closer to me, his expression pained.

“Baby…” he started, but I stopped him with a wave of my hand.

“No, Jimin, it’s fine.” I gave him a small smile.

“It’s not fine.” He frowned and shifted so he was next to me before putting his arm around me and pulling me into him. I buried my face into his neck gratefully as he rubbed up and down my arm, squeezing me to his side. “You mustn’t listen to anything they say.” He whispered, his lips brushing the top of my head. I nodded into the fabric of his sweater, biting my lip. He held me tightly against him and pressed a kiss to my temple, his voice rough.

“I’ll make sure they stop.”

But they didn’t.

The comments by fans and journalists only seemed to get worse, and countless times Jimin found me upset by them, eventually making me delete my twitter account. It was hardest when he was away on tour, or for some other project, and I was alone. I knew none of it was his fault; he tried his hardest to stop the comments, and to be with me as much as he could, but it was his job.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, you don’t deserve this.” He would whisper into my salty skin as he wrapped me up, sheltering me from the rest of the world as best he could. But it wasn’t enough.

Time and time again the words would find me, and slice into my heart and my head, marking the insults on my skin for everyone to see. I didn’t want to let them hurt me but I couldn’t stop them from doing so, hoping their effect would dull over time but feeling every insult as sharply and as keenly as the first one. And no matter how many times I told Jimin that it wasn’t his fault, that I knew what I was getting into when I started dating him, and that I loved him, I could see it was tearing him up. I couldn’t stop him from blaming himself.

It was after a particularly unpleasant encounter with a fan on the street that he finally reached his breaking point, storming away from the scene.

“Jimin! Jimin, calm down!” I cried as he pushed into our apartment, fuming. He tore off his jacket, pacing the room and running his hands through his hair. I moved closer to him, reaching for his hand and rubbing it gently. “Baby, calm down, it’s okay.”

“No it’s not!” He shouted, ripping his arm from mine, his eyes blazing, and I took a step back. “It’s not okay!” He slammed his fist against the wall, creating a loud crash that made me wince, my eyes widening. He leant against the wall, his chest heaving. Just as I began to approach his bent figure, he whipped around and turned to me again.

“How can- how dare they do this to you?” He hissed. I knew he wasn’t angry with me, but it was still terrifying to see him in this state. “I mean, they’re my fans, they’re supposed to love me. But no one who loved me or cared about me would ever behave like that to you, of all people.” His voice lowered from a shout to an unstable mutter, delivered through gritted teeth. “You’re the most important person in my life, I mean, I love you.” He muttered the last sentence, and I was alarmed to see tears in his eyes when he looked at me, though his brows were still furrowed and his jaw set in anger.

“Jimin…” I whispered, moving towards him cautiously, almost in tears myself.

“No.” He stopped me before I could reach him, waving a hand. “I can’t, I-I have to be alone for a while.” He whispered hoarsely, moving quickly to pick up his jacket.

“Wait, no, Jimin wait. We have to talk about this.“ I started, frowning.

“I’m sorry, I love you. I’ll be back tomorrow.” He whispered, reaching forward to hurriedly kiss my forehead, before turning and walking out of the door. I stood, stunned and confused, a tear falling down my cheek as I was left alone.

I stayed up late into the night, huddled on the couch under a blanket, not wanting to go upstairs in case he returned home at any point. I was on edge, picking at my nails and tapping my foot as I itched to call him. I decided against it, trusting him, but my nerves remained constant.

What the fan had said to me hadn’t been horrific, but it was the last straw for Jimin; I had been forced to drag him away by his hand before he did something he would regret. I hated the thought of him beating himself up for what happened. All I wanted was for him to come back to me, so we could find comfort in each other, like we always did.

But like he had said, he didn’t return until the next day.

I was awakened suddenly from my restless sleep on the couch by the front door opening, the soft click of the lock echoing through the silent house. I immediately sat up and stood as Jimin entered. His movements were slow as he kept his eyes down, quietly taking off his shoes.

“Jimin.” I spoke, my voice hoarse. His head whipped up, his eyes meeting mine and taking in my figure before they lowered again. He quietly shut the door and I walked over to him.

“Jimin, are you okay? What- what happened?” I asked my voice shaking, but he still refused to meet my gaze. I reached for his hands and was shocked when he pulled them away from me, out of my reach. He seemed different, his usual aura of comfort absent and his movements closed off, and I immediately felt unsettled.

“Y/N…” He sighed. He looked up, his eyes red-rimmed. “Sit down. I need to talk to you.”

I wondered if I had done something wrong as he sat on a chair opposite me; he was almost unrecognisable without his usual desire to be close to me. My thoughts were running wild, taking in his shaking hands and red eyes, and his inability to look me in the eye. He didn’t speak for a long time, and I eventually grew frustrated.

“Jimin, what is going o-“

“I’m breaking up with you.”

It was barely a whisper, but I heard it sharper and clearer than I thought I had heard anything in my life. My heart immediately dropped to my stomach, all the air leaving my lungs.

My breath caught in my throat as I tried to inhale, echoing the words he had just said to me over and over in my head. I felt dizzy, running through everything I could have done wrong, and praying it was some sick joke. I struggled to form a coherent thought, my throat closing up.

“W-what?” My voice was so soft I’m surprised he heard me, but as his face creased in pain, I knew he had. I swallowed harshly, my head spinning.

“Did I… do something?” I asked quietly, tears brimming in my eyes, and he immediately shook his head.

“No, no, no. You didn’t do anything, I promise.” He said quietly before looking down at his hands. “This was all me.”

His words caused something to click in my head, despite my disorientated state, and I immediately frowned.

“Jimin, if this is about what happened yesterday, it wasn’t your fau-”

“But it’s not just yesterday is it, Y/N?” He cut me off, his voice raising before he shook his head and returned his gaze to the floor. “The things they say to you,” he started again, his voice much softer, “they say them every day. And no matter how many times I tell you they’re lying, I can see it’s hurting you, so don’t even try and deny it.” A tear fell down my cheek, my lips trembling.

He ran a hand over his face, closing his eyes and taking a painful, shaky breath.

“You experience so much hurt, because of me. I can’t…” he looked up and met my gaze, his eyes shining, “I can’t let that happen anymore.”

I sat in silence, trying to process what he had just said, anger and hurt rising me. I forced down the wave of emotion bubbling up my throat, shaking my head and meeting his eyes.

“You’re breaking up with me… because you want to stop me from hurting?” I asked him bitterly, almost laughing as my eyes brimmed with tears once again. “Do you realise how stupid that sounds?” He sighed, wringing his hands in his lap.

“It’s for the best…” his calm and quiet voice contrasted wildly with my sharp and loud voice. I clenched my jaw, wondering how he could be so blind to my feelings towards him that he could believe that.

“The best for who?” I asked furiously. “You don’t think breaking up with me is going to hurt me?” His pained expression did nothing to halt my words. My lip quivered. “I can tell you, Jimin, you breaking up with me will hurt a hell of a lot more than anything they say ever could.” My voice broke as tears began to slip down my cheeks. He said nothing, but only stood looking at me, his face held in agony.

The reality of what was happening set in and I began to cry harder. I tried to calm my breathing as desperation clawed its way up my throat. I needed him to change his mind. I could live with the hate; I could live with the rumours; I wasn’t sure I could live without him.

“Do you love me?” I asked him determinedly. His face crumpled.

“Of course, of course I do.” He whispered, his eyes shining.

“Then what else is there?” I asked, shouting again, but with tears still slipping down my cheeks. He shook his head.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry… but you’ll get over me.” He said hoarsely, meeting my eyes. He looked down again, to his hands now clenching in his lap. “If we stay together, it will only get worse. You’ll keep getting hate until it breaks you, and I can’t watch that happen.” A tear fell down his cheek. He wiped it away hurriedly, taking a deep breath and nodding. “If we break up, you won’t have to deal with them anymore.”

“It won’t make a difference if I don’t have you!” I cried at him, my throat raw as I heaved in breaths of desperation. He looked away and stood up, refusing to meet my gaze. I grabbed his arm, forcing him to look at me. “Jimin, if you care about me at all, don’t do this.” I sobbed. “I need you.”

But this time his face didn’t fold; he didn’t move closer to me; he didn’t even look at me. He set his jaw, his eyes glistening but his face impassive, and began walking towards the door.

“No, no, please.” I uttered, my chest caving in on itself. I stumbled to the door as he slipped on his shoes, his eyes never leaving the floor. “I love you, please.” I wept, trying to reach for him, but he slipped away, always just out of my reach, and opened the door. He looked back at me, his eyes the only indication of how much it was hurting him to do this. He looked back at the floor and took a deep breath. When he spoke, his voice was low and gravelly.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered.

My knees gave way as he shut the door.


So I have this head canon that Damian’s not that big on physical contact and affection due to his League training, he only tolerates it from Dick and Bruce and even then its only for a couple seconds. It’s a batfamily rule. Don’t touch the demon brat unless you’re looking for trouble.

And then one day, the Kents come over for dinner, probably for some bonding time between superheroes and the moment Jon sees Damian, he’s body slamming him with a bear hug while yelling his name happily and the entire batfam just. freezes. doesn’t move. just waiting for Damian to bust out the swords and Kryptonite-laced batarangs he surely has on his person but they realise that Damian isn’t actually doing anything?? he’s just. standing there. with 70 pounds of overeager puppy clinging on to his carefully pressed shirt and Tim just about passes out when Damian huffs dramatically and wraps his arms around Jon and the entire gathering of Waynes just looks around at each other like. oh.

“Code Red”  LokixReader

Prompt :: Ah, the joys of having your period… If only your boyfriend didn’t think you were dying.

Features ::  XX Chromosome/Female reader, Avenger reader, pre-established relationship with Loki, confused Loki, not-a-villain-anymore Loki

Warnings :: Talks about having your period and how much it sucks, cursing, reader has a vagina/uterus (that’s what XX-c is for)

Word Count :: 1392

Additional Notes ::  I remember reading somewhere that Asgardian women (or Norse goddesses?) don’t have cycles, so I ran with it.  I might do another part to this, but I’m not sure.  For now, it’s just a silly little oneshot.

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