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I saw people on you're ask raving about your gif set and I was like what's this about ... I saw the gif set and i know know why they were raving its so beautiful you are amazing!!!!! Also i see you've watched stranger things, I've just finished episode 6 and am ADDICTED (haha little accidental reference to the gifset there) IT'S SOOOO GOOD! <3 <3 <3

where did all these cute and sweet anon came from??? Thank you so much!!!! 😘😘💕💕💕 IKR!! I started and finished it yesterday lol, I love that kind of tv shows. Eleven is so freaking cute and Dustin is my spirit animal lol

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Also I watched a random episode of tvd where Caroline was giving birth and woah has it changed... I was like wtf is happening on that show. Steroline is cute though but why did they put her with Ric?!


s7 start they got together

so cute!! i just1111

caroline got magically impregnated with jo and alaric’s twins but she kept dating stefan while alaric grieved jo duh

(this is just him getting her food its so cute rip)

otp: food


then stefan was being hunted by an immortal huntress who wouldn’t stop until she killed him so he had to run 24/7

and steroline exchanged ily on the phone (!!!!) and u cried and i cried and candice and paul cried and kcers also cried bc theyre doomed

for a while he was trapped in a stone or some shit and came back w major ptsd and panic attacks? but he was ok in like 2 episodes

stefan asked caroline to run away with him after she gave birth but incompetent alaric needed help and she went to dallas w him for a few days and obviously got attached to the newborns so she said no because “its a warzone here, alaric and the babies really need me” and theyre both like “we’ll figure it out. ily”

stefan returned and saw her happy with human children and alaric around a kitchen table and realised he cant put her or her newborn children in danger so he stopped returning her calls and kept running from the huntress

(like yeah he fucked up but if he told her caroline forbes being caroline forbes wouldnt have listened and fought for him idk it makes no sense lmao. stefan and caroline talk about literally everything theyre best friends so “miscommunication” makes no sense stefan would never decide to run off without telling her. but writers suck and they needed a reason for conflict i guess he thought he was being selfless? maybe he wanted to be an emo dude travellin the world heartbroken? maybe he should she had gone all elena? maybe he took klaus’ advice?

then theres a 3 year time jump where stefan returns and caroline is engaged to alaric for her kids but she doesnt love alaric (she says it in canon. another dumb thing. if u dont love ur baby daddy u dont have to marry him 2 be with your kids lol why would you subject yourself and your kids to a lifetime of an unhappy marriage)

caroline hates stefan who’s literally running running running

the huntress takes caroline and idk how she gets saved but its all ok for a while

we found out he returned once in those three years and guess what it was for

we find out he wrote her letters for 3 years (!!!)

valerie leaves stefan (shes the ex gf who was helping him for 3 years)

he returns and they all meet and sc come face to face!!!!!!!! and i cry a lot

stefan wants to explain but caroline is hella pissed obviously so he gives her space. then they have to travel to where bonnie and damon and enzo and alaric are

and then she gets marked too so they gotta run more?

stefans an ass in 1 ep and its like im watching klaus or damon but not as bad. 

ughhh shut up steffy

how dare you become damon

but the next episode he tells damon to fuck off

“see ya”

we finally know why he ran

and he apologises 

has any character on this show ever apologised to someone they hurt until now? i couldnt believe my eyes

this is so cute and nice i just. look at how loving and patient omg

bc of Plot unless they kill the huntress bonnie dies. so then theyre basically rushing to save bonnie together and its the cutest theyre like a badass vamp duo wait that’s what they are

stefan asks her in the car they if there’s a thaw and she’s like nah

theyre smiling wtf who does that when will your otp ever!??

but a few hours later:

then they reach and stefan goes inside the armory where damon and bonnie are captured to save them and its v scary and there’s some murderous thing there and he could die and caroline is freaking out outside and alaric sees that they still love each other after all this time so he tells her:

stefan stumbles out and she runs to him and this happens: 

thats right!! they kiss!!

the last few seconds of the season finale- flash forward a few months where the 3 of them are working to save damon and enzo who got possessed by the murderous thing and are on a killing spree

so after all that nonsensical shit STEROLINE GOT BACK TOGETHER AND GOD IS REAL!!!

bonus: SDCC today







“Why is one episode so long? I was here less than 30 minutes last time. It’s been two months now! Why isn’t it over yet?! What if the time keeps on running like this? That’s right! This is a serial webtoon. Does it need something to end the episode? Right! Something should happen to the lead character! An incident which can be the ending scene. An incident. What kind of incident?

Hey guys do you think I should change my blog theme? It broke yesterday so I have to remake it but I was wondering if I should make my blog look more serious or just less comedic. I’d obviously still keep my mustache icon! But I’m not sure if I wanna put more serious pictures on my blog (especially because my favorite Merlin with a mustache gif from my blog has mysteriously vanished from my files and was lost when my theme randomly borke/changed). Thoughts?

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why did you decide on bob morely for Perry's fc?? i think he's a wonderful fit, i'm just curious as to how you decided on it!!

honestly, i’d been seeing him on my dash for months and his face always kind of shouted “perry” at me. but it was lost in the white city gif sets that really got me hooked to him and i kept seeing his face in my head when i read the book so!! then i finally watched t100 and that gave me muse for perry lmfao. and then when i made his blog and decided to use bobert as his fc instead of dave. i think he works v nicely and i’m glad ppl agree.

authenticpandas replied to your photo “So, I found out why no one could see the original video I posted for…”

Really, tumblr…? Really….? And I mean obviously, because there is nothing explicit on tumblr… -_- Did you change anything in the video I saw or is it the same one??

Exactly the same, I just uploaded it to youtube instead of directly onto tumblr.  I know that @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld had this problem with some videos too, that were clearly NOT in violation of anything.  I don’t quite get why you can have porn gifs all over the place, but a video with some skin showing – and not anything you wouldn’t see at a beach –  is not allowed.  So weird. 

How They React To You Hiding Your Face In Their Chest In Embarrassment (BIG BANG)

Requested by the lovely @getzjinxed <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! I do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell me who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3

*Don’t own the gifs yo*

Author: Laymedown

T.O.P: Despite what most people believe, Seunghyun is just a giant man-child. The main reason why you are probably even hiding your face in his chest from embarrassment is because of him. He probably did some of his special dance moves for you in public or even started getting in to one of his many drama characters. To stop him, you threw yourself at him, but hid your face as you knew many eyes were watching you two.

DAESUNG: Daesung would be a little confused at first as to why you suddenly embraced him. When he saw your red ears and your refusal to look anyone in the eyes, he would piece it together. To ease your embarrassment, he would probably try to embarrass himself way more than what you just experience. You would be so busy laughing, you wouldn’t even remember why you were embarrassed.

TAEYANG: Taeyang would be the most considerate of you when you get embarrassed, as he knew the feeling well (having friends/band members like TOP and GD it was only inevitable). He would quickly remove you from whatever situation you were in and take you someplace where it was just the two of you. He would gently tell you embarrassing moments of his own to try and help you get your mind off your own. 

G.D.: Ah Jiyong…. he would be that one boyfriend you would never want to show embarrassment in front of. It would have to have been something extremely embarrassing for you to hide in his chest. And when you did, that’s when the teasing began. He would make it his goal to embarrass you further. Secretly though, he did it because it gave him an excuse to have you in his arms without asking you. 

SEUNGRI:Seungri and you are very in sync with how each other feel. When you were upset he was upset. When he was feeling depressed you were as well. So whatever caused you to be embarrassed, he would be too. As you hid in his chest, he was probably hiding his own head between the crevice of your neck and the two of you are most likely embarrassing yourself more by laughing like the couple of idiots you were.  

(sory for being dead :x)

Ways my best friend has ruined watching comic book related trailers from this year's comic con

On Luke Cage: “if he can’t get hurt and he can go through walls, why did he need that car door?”

On Iron Fist: “but where are his shoes?”

On Suicide Squad: “I just can’t get as excited as you? It looks like batman on crack cocaine?”

On Justice League: “Is this the one with Captain America and the Hulk? I’m #TeamCap”

Bonus: upon seeing a gif of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts “what’s her name again? Cinnamon?”

The little prince

Today, at nearly 18 years old, I read The little prince for the first time.
I mean… I knew what it’s about and all, but as a kid I never actually read the book.
Today I did.
Omg. I was just… sitting there, crying.
I don’t even really know why, it was so…. I don’t even have the right words for it! But… it was beautiful.
and I can’t believe I have never read it before

And… how does little kids can even read it! It’s really sad! Like, really!

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“I remember after we did that take, Zack came to me and he said, ‘Did you just have a smirk?’ I said 'Yeah.’ And he asked, 'Why? I think I like it, but why?’ 'Well if Doomsday’s gonna mess with her, then she’s gonna mess with him. And she knows she’s gonna win.’ At the end of the day Wonder Woman is a peace seeker. But when fight arrives, she can fight. She’s a warrior and she enjoys the adrenaline of the fight." 

- Gal Gadot

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Your Mingyu edit is A++ and beyond, really!!! // AH NO MY EDITS ARE LIKE NOTHING! I still need to learn a lot because I have no idea what to do there I just play with whatever I have at hand. ;^; // you stalked my blog? Holy damn, I'm honored right now. *blushes* And yeah, I make gifs, but they're nothing really! As I said, still have a lot to learn! Need to view some tutorials and stuff, I suppose!

What are you saying?! Heyyyyy your edits are fab. okay? That’s basically what I do, I just play around with all the tools. . Yes I did.. I was happy I did after too! It’s so cute! Tutorials don’t help me with editing, I don’t know why. I try to follow the instructions, but it just ends up looking awful 

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why are you freaking out about gifs..? like chill all you did was capture a moment in the episode, nothing else.

Wow thank you very much. Maybe I’ll just stop making them then. Considering I spend hours making them, editing them, coloring them. But it’s “nothing.”

I’m guessing you’ve never made gifs before, because it takes a hell of a long time to make and it hurts when people take them. Gtfo.

You don’t like my thoughts and how I feel? Easy. Don’t follow me.

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I have always wondered how people did this, how do you gif things?

You need to download the video and then it depends on how you make them but I choose the part I want to make a gif, cut it, import the frames into photoshop, delete frames, resize it, set the frame rate, colour it, add text, and then fiddle around until I like it. And that’s just for ONE GIF.

It is a process which is why gif makers get upset when people use their gifs and don’t give credit.

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hey, question: why do you put suicide squad's Harley with the dark knight's Joker? Shouldn't you put ss Harley and Joker together in your gifs? Not trying to be rude.

First: I just made one edit once with Ledgers Joker and Margots Harley for a blog that I admire. I never did a gif set with them together myself XD But anyway, I don’t see a problem with this ship. Heaths Joker and Harley are beautiful together too. Of course Jareds Joker is the one who really belongs to Margots Harley and as ya can see: my blog is all about them. But I reblog what I love and tdk-Joker x Harley is part of this ♥

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2, 17, 18 :)

2. How old were you when you made your blog(s)?

i was 14 when i made this one, i made my first general fandom blog in 2011 so i was 12/13 but i don’t have that one any more

17. Who told you about tumblr?

i remember seeing something about it on twitter which caused me to make a blog in 2011. but when i joined properly in 2013 it was because of one of my school friends. i’m not sure how i found out about this fandom on tumblr, i think i just searched some dancers that i liked to watch and discovered it haha

18. Why did you stay on tumblr?

because it’s a place where i can post my gifs! and i like to see other gifsets/ posts of things i like. and ofc all the awesome ppl i talk to on here

thanks for asking! 

I haven’t even seen The Killing Joke yet, but I’ve already came upon the circulating gif of Batman having sex with Batgirl. I’m honestly furious about this. I can’t even possibly imagine what the execs were thinking when they decided to pick this route. Did they believe no one would care as much about Batgirl’s tragedy unless she was Batman’s romantic interest???? Is her being a fellow hero and friend not good enough???? And WHY BatmanXBatgirl??? It’s not even a popular ship. Ever since the introduction of it in Batman Beyond, DC fans have given it an alarming amount of negative reactions. This was just an incredibly awful decision!