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“I try not to think about what might have been, cause that was then, and we have taken different roads.”

- theres no way to know

A little RP rant I’ve been seeing frustratingly often recently

Separatists cannot be charr, and renegades (the enemy faction, not the spec,) cannot be humans.

Separatists are HUMANS who are opposed to the peace treaty enough to continue fighting the charr. They wish to restart the War of Ascalon Independence and win it for humans, removing the charr from Ascalon. They would absolutely not allow a charr to fight alongside them, as that is literally what they are fighting to stop.

Renegades are CHARR who are opposed to the peace treaty enough to leave the legions to follow Ajax Anvilburn in a war against any human influence. Again. they would not let humans fight alongside them.


no one told me there was a cat version

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happy late birthday to @vulpes–vulpes


Some words of reassurance for any of you who might need them<3

Kind of a follow up to a PMA comic I did long ago. Because there’s never enough positivity to share!

Edit: Deceit’s got some words to say to you too!


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thank you so much for making that post about tae's language, it's that kind of stuff you miss out on not speaking korean so it was super helpful! Would you consider maybe making a similar thing for the other members? Have you noticed much else about the way they speak? Thank you :)

i’m not really a languages expert, but i’ve written up some notes after watching a few videos! again, please don’t take these too seriously, they are my personal thoughts ;;


  • a very eloquent speaker and has a poetic way of saying things
  • frequently relates philosophical concepts to everyday life or the current situation
  • he’s taken a liking to space/universe metaphors lately
  • really amazing vocabulary, it’s clear that he reads a lot 
  • once he casually referred to fruit flies by their scientific name drosphilia while telling a funny story about how jungkook tried to vacuum them up 


  • puns everywhere, they are cheesy but sometimes quite clever
  • talks in an old-fashioned manner and doesn’t use much slang
  • explosive and expressive! he changes his tone the most, along with hoseok
  • likes putting emphasis on words you wouldn’t normally expect, and that makes him come across as very animated  
  • projects his voice or starts talking at lightening speeds to get his emotions across, especially when he’s frustrated or incredulous
  • says things like ‘으아아아아’ (euah) or ‘야’ (ya) A LOT and even mid-sentence, almost using them like punctuation


  • has a low raspy voice and talks quickly
  • carefree way (?) of speaking, like he slurs or blends his words together 
  • his words are blunt and direct, like showing an unrefined and pure emotion? it’s common for people of gyeongsang to speak like this
  • he flips things around once in a while, saying ‘pop-k’ instead of ‘k-pop’
  • stutters sometimes and repeats/stretches words too, saying things like “n-namjoon called me earlier, but i… i was in the studio”
  • scratches behind his ear when he’s nervous (usually while speaking english)
  • nods when listening to others speak or when he’s wrapping up his own words


  • loud and easily excitable
  • he’s kind of like the unofficial mc? he announces things a lot and makes small comments off to the side or in the background
  • frequently says ‘되게’ (very, really)
  • facial expressions!! he tilts his head or widens his eyes or pouts his lips or naturally smiles while talking
  • his tone and inflection changes quite a bit, sometimes his emphasis on words is very strong 
  • has a habit of putting his hands near his face while talking


  • uses informal speech more often, but in a fond way?
  • addresses us like an old friend, especially when doing vlives or chatrooms 
  • very very playful and sweet tone but also a little cheeky
  • the most prone to slip into satoori and it’s super distinct
  • his pitch drops a lot when he speaks in busan dialect but goes higher when speaking english 
  • rubs the side of his nose often


  • says things like ‘이제’ (now), ‘약간’ (sort of or slightly), or ‘조금’ (a little bit) a lot as filler words. it’s similar to ‘well’ or ‘um/uh’ in english
  • accidentally blends words or uses the wrong ones altogether, like saying ‘코끼리’ (kkokiri, elephant) instead of ‘꽃길’ (kkotgil, flower path)
  • does lots of hand motions and gestures (?) while speaking
  • new applications for words he doesn’t know/can’t remember, ‘honey menu’ -> dessert menu or ‘propeller’ -> ceiling fan
  • more detailed thoughts here


  • pleasant and soft tone, always speaks politely 
  • there’s always hints of satoori in everything he says, hearing him speak in a pure seoul dialect is kind of rare 
  • sucks in his teeth a lot, like a sharp inhale making ‘tsk’ noise ? he picked it from yoongi, who does it a lot too
  • stutters when he gets excited
  • sometimes his speed varies a lot too, he’ll say a few words at a normal pace and rush out the rest and then back to normal
  • tilts his head to the side when he’s thinking 
  • a little unrelated but he’s always humming or singing softly to himself if he’s free or getting his make-up done

Hohenheim: My son is traveling in the company of a homunculus, one of the seven deadly creations of my mortal foe. Should I, as a responsible parent, be concerned for his safety?
Greedling: Hey, what do you think would happen if I ate this rock?
Ed: I’ll give you 5 cenz if you do it.
Hohenheim: He seems fine.


Draco had learned a lot from the Dark Lord.

He’d learned how to think quickly and critically—how to isolate alternative exits and easily accessible windows immediately upon entering a new room, how to evaluate escape routes and measure the weight of excuses, omissions, denials and exaggerations and lies.

Similarly, he’d learned how to strategize; how to infiltrate an enemy stronghold and capitalize on fear, disorganization, surprise—how to plot a successful murder, too, even if he hadn’t quite had the stomach to finish the job.

Scar Tissue, ( @provocative-envy )


That new cartoon therapy was great, picani is amazing. 

He’s basically a logicality fusion and honestly? Hc accepted.

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hope you enjoyed the dub!

Also check out the ask blog that was dubbed cuz the two artists are SO GOOD AT ART DSFJASD;FTHOSDFJOPSDFJ I PRAISE THEM-


i mean im an adult, i guess, if that’s the word for it. a lot of things i used to care about i just say “Fuck It” and let go. 

but it’s incredible to me that there’s still so many passages to my soul. how just a group of teenagers looking at me and laughing makes my teeth hurt. how someone’s comment sends me back to high school bullying. how i am constantly asking myself are they even really my friends? 

i don’t know. i never throw myself birthday parties because my worst nightmare would be that nobody shows. i just wonder if there’s ever a time that your last insecurities let go. i’ve only ever found that kind of freedom at the honey lips of tequila. i want to be brave at two pm on a sunday. i want to actually not care what they say. i want to be the kind of witch that laughs through the burning.

i don’t know. i hope i’m learning.

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