you always loved

pretty things,

so i’m not surprised.

you chose her,

and her beauty,

her eyes,

so rare,

honey like gold.

you were enraptured,

and i

was left behind.

like i always am.

nothing special

about my average hair,

my big nose,

my dull brown eyes.

i was never an option.

a girl

in the background,

never the lover,

only the friend.


don’t break me like this.

- j.

Imagine your OTP:

Person A: For the last time, we can’t go to Disneyland.

Person B: But whyyy???

Person A: Because we have other responsibilities to attend to, you of all people should know that.

Person B: I know you want to go too so come onnnn

Person A: *glares* no

Person B: Pleaseee

Person A: I said no

Peron B: *uses puppy dog eyes* Pretty please??

Person A:

Person B: *puppy dog eyes intensifies*

Person A:

Person A: *scoffs* Joke’s on you, dipshit, I’m a cat person.

Vi cansancio en los ojos de mamá al decir que todo iba bien…