why's the sky blue

I hate it when people say technology is taking away kids’ childhoods
If anything, it’s actually giving kids more of an opportunity to let their imagination out

A lot of times when I let kids play on my phone, they go for the drawing app.
I watched a girl on the bus write a silly poem about her friends and then laugh as she made Siri read it
I hear children say to their friends “hey, FaceTime me later” because they still want to talk face to face even when they’re far away.
I see kids sitting, who would feel lonely and ignored if it weren’t for the fact that they’re texting their friends who are far away.
Children still climb trees. They might just take a selfie from the top to show off how high they’ve gotten.
They can immediately read the next book of their favorite series on their Kindles.
Most kids would still be up for a game of cops and robbers. Or maybe they’d google rules to another game they haven’t played yet.
When children wonder why the sky is blue, they don’t get an exasperated “I don’t know” from tired adults. They can go on Wikipedia and read about light waves and our atmosphere.
They show off the elaborate buildings they created on Minecraft.

Technology isn’t ruining childhoods, it’s enhancing them.

The Signs as Firsts

Aries is the first breath of life,

When everything becomes clear all at once, the exact moment of life comes rushing together, it happens quickly, seemingly instantous, the appearance of glaring light after the sober dark- the first of firsts, the absolute beginning.

Taurus is the first feeling of touch,

When the senses come alive, and help the child register the physical world, it branches forth from the soft texture of the blanket, to the aromatic smell of the nursery and the warmth of milk- it’s the building blocks of perception.

Gemini is the first giggle,

When the mind starts racing, and thinking, and wondering silent thoughts. Mental stimulation is beginning to stirr, jokes and words are foreign but humer and good joy is universal- the first sound uttered, echoed in the air.

Cancer is the first tear,

When feelings start to surface and make themselves known to the outside world. It’s when emotions can’t be controlled and are released in their raw pure form- it’s intial reveal of the personal heart.

Leo is the first word,

When the child is starting to make their way in their world, and formally find their voice. Once they start talking, they can start performing on the stage of the world around them, it’s the beginning of crafting sentences that will one day create individuality- it’s when the child finally starts to make themselves understood.

Virgo is the first step,

Virgo is the first mobility, a very important part in the journey of independence. Virgo is when the mind reaches the body in cordinated movements, when the mind starts mastering the body. The physical world is no longer a spectacle, but an element to be explored thoroughly- it’s a milestone in communication between mind and body.

Libra is the first friendship

When the child’s focus turns from self to other. When corporation is more then just a word, but a real life application. It’s when children play together, and the realization that the world is more then just one comes to the surface of the pysche- it’s the beginning to understand the world through many eyes.

Scorpio is the first question asked,

When the curiosity has boiled so long, that it comes bubbling to the surface. It always starts out simple, “why is the sky blue?”. It’s simple but it’s the first of a long line of tough questions to come. What’s more important then the first question thought, is the bravey to ask it- the first audacity to wonder

Sagittarius is the first adventure,

The journey of life began long ago, but this is the first time the child fully explores life. It’s when the feet start to travel elsewhere and explore unknown corners- unknown aisles of the grocery store or a hidden thicket of the playground- it’s exploring life for oneself.

Capricorn is the first day of school,

It’s when childhood meets obligation, and the workforce is starting to creep onto children. It’s when playtime meets restrictions and fun isn’t the priority anymore. Society is coming together in this institution, and it’s the first major taste of duty in a uniform environment filled with rules- childhood starts blending into adulthood

Aquarius is the first discovery,

The mind has wondered and asked, and now it answers through creation. It’s late night studying for passions, and possible kooky experiments. It’s when the learning from school has taken a practical application outside of the classroom, and one starts putting together pieces for themselves- it’s when the mind wonders outside the bounds of society.

Pisces is the first solitary night

when the night light burns out and there’s no one home. It’s when the monsters of childhood come crawling from the closets and under beds. It’s fear, that was always there, being comfronted. It’s hugging the covers, and finding strength in oneself- the first time realizing that even when alone, there is still strength.

And they lied in an open field, soaking in the rays of sunshine. With a hand resting behind his head, he stared up at the sky like he was madly in love.

“Why do you love the sky so much?”

“Because I love the color blue of the sky.” He answered with a smile.

“Blue. Explain the color blue.” Said his blind lover.

“It is like feeling the gentle breeze against your skin,” he explained, “or listening to the sound of the humming rain.”

“It is a soothing color. Something so gentle, something so warm and kind. You can’t help but love it.”

“I get it,” she beamed as she slipped her hand into his palm, “the color blue feels just like you.”

“You are my blue.”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #158 // My blue

Ten Surprises For Scientists And Skywatchers During The Total Solar Eclipse

3.) The solar corona really did turn visibly pink in some spots. When some people looked at the corona, myself included, there were some locations around the Sun’s rim that appeared pink to the naked eye. It wasn’t your eyes playing tricks on you, although I never expected human eyes would be sensitive enough to see that color! When you ionize a hydrogen atom, which the Sun’s corona is more than hot enough to do, you create free electrons. As those electrons fall back down onto the hydrogen nuclei, they go through a series of transitions. The most powerful optical transition is a red line at precisely 656.3 nanometers. Combined with the white light of the luminous corona itself, the hydrogen line creates a pink effect where the Sun’s plasma loops near the photosphere are strongest. The pink effect was real.”

No matter how well-prepared you were for your first total solar eclipse, no amount of reading or photograph-searching could do the experience justice. There were so many things to feel, see, and be overwhelmed by that you literally needed to be there to relate to. Yet it was remarkable how many things there were that surprised scientists and skywatchers alike. The temperatures really did plummet, and they dropped by more than even the weather models predicted. There was a star and a planet visible, but not the planets we thought would arrive. The sky turned red along the horizon, which was a mystery for centuries, even after we learned why the sky is blue. And the light, the way it looked across the landscape, was a unique treat that you’ll never experience during any other time than an eclipse itself.

Here are ten surprises that left me (and millions of others) in awe of the experience. It’s why the 2017 total eclipse, my first, will definitely not be my last!

the slytherin

Albus Severus’ sorting as seen by the Marauders

James: *excitedly* Another Potter for the Gryffindors.

Lily: You don’t know that.

James: Of course I do. Look at James, he is a Gryffindor. 

Lily: That’s the stupidest argument I have ever heard.

Sirius: He is a Potter though and a Weasley, there’s no way Albus is not a Gryffindor.

Remus: Lily, you know there’s no use arguing them, why are you still trying?

James: Because the sky is blue?

Remus: Yeah, you have a point.

Lily: I know he will probably be a Gryffindor but I just don’t want to see you disappointed if he ends up in Ravenclaw or something.

James: *offended* A Potter? In Ravenclaw? Please, Evans.

Lily: Albus is nothing like James love, you might be surprised.

James: I feel like you don’t want him to be a Gryffindor.

Lily: Don’t be ridiculous, of course I do.

James: Doesn’t sound like it.

Lily: I swear you are like a child sometimes.

James: What’s childish about knowing my grandson’s house?

Lily: That’s the thing, you don’t

Sirius: *whispering* Do you want to break it up or shall I?

Remus: Be my guest.

Sirius: OI! Enough. You bicker like an old couple.

Lily: Technically we are old Black.

James: Also you are one to talk, like you and Moony are different.

Remus: Hey! This is not about us mate.

Lily: *laughing* Now it is.

Sirius: I hate it when they do that.

James: Okay, he is on the stool. Come on another Gryffindor for the Potters.

Lily: *knowingly* The Hat is taking his time with him.

Sirius: It had taken almost 2 seconds with James.


Sirius: WHAT? I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you!

Lily: Told you.

James: Sly– Slyth– Slytherin?

Remus: *shocked* You didn’t say Slytherin Lils.

Lily: Get a grip of yourself.

James: B-but he’s a– a– Slytherin.

Lily: *scolding* He is your grandson.

James: But Slytherin?

Lily: Snap the fuck out of it Potter.

James: I won’t, let me suffer in silence please.

Lily: He is an idiot.

Sirius: I’m going to go join Prongs in his silent suffering.

Lily: Seriously?

Sirius: I’m too disappointed to even make a joke about that.

Remus: I think I’m down for the silent suffering, too.

Lily: You are being ridiculous.

James: He is the grandson of a Marauder, you are being ridiculous.

Lily: Merlin, how did I ever become friends with them, let alone marrying one?

Sirius: You love us. Now, we shall suffer in silence.

i still drown in blues of the ocean. time passes through my eyes like a series of memories i never fully lived. i look for echoes of your voice in the wind, i look for echoes of your fingerprints on the sand, i look for echoes of your laughter in the waves. i whisper i love you as i leave another letter to the ocean. a letter you will never read.


Daddy Space

I know when I’m going into Daddy mode.

My chest gets all warm and my heart feels like it’s growing three sizes like the Grinch.

I feel taller, bigger, stronger than I am.

I’m more playful, taking the time to ponder the wonders of regressed minds and their mind-expanding wide open questions like “Why is the sky blue?”

Daddy space is warmth and strength, and wisdom. Not that which comes from within you, but that which littles/your little gives to you.

Have you ever thought about how much kids would love Combeferre? Kids always have very intricate and complicated questions no one has answers to, “why is the sky blue?”, “Why do we have fingernails?”, “Why does earwax taste so disgusting?”

And you know who has all those answers? Combeferre! Combeferre pushes his glasses up his nose, sit next to the kids to be at the same level, and uncovers a whole world of wonders. He doesn’t look down on kids, he wants to elevate them and help their curiosity grow.

Anyway. Combeferre and curious kids. A wholesome combo



mr. blue sky
please tell us why
you had to hide away
for so long (so long)
where did we go wrong?

The Signs as Firsts

Aries is the first breath of life,

When everything becomes clear all at once, the exact moment of life comes rushing together, it happens quickly, seemingly instantous, the appearance of glaring light after the sober dark- the first of firsts, the absolute beginning.

Taurus is the first feeling of touch,

When the senses come alive, and help the child register the physical world, it branches forth from the soft texture of the blanket, to the aromatic smell of the nursery and the warmth of milk- it’s the building blocks of perception.

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