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(aka I need a break from writing the HaC sequel.)

  • yuri never, ever wears his own sweatshirts. otabek will do laundry and find that all of his pullovers are stretched out from yuri pulling them over his wrists and fraying the sleeves with his teeth. 
  • (he doesn’t mind)
  • if viktor and yuuri are like that couple who are a cross between your still-in-love parents and first-year newlyweds, otabek and yuri are like that the couple you might not even realize are together until you notice that they’re always within two feet of each other - that when anyone calls one of their names, they look over in sync, the exact same expression on their faces. they move in constant unconscious counterpoint. once you see it, you can’t unsee it
  • otabek insists–endlessly, strenuously–that he’s not a fan of pda. yuri has no strong feeling on the matter but it does give him a feeling of superiority of yuuri and viktor. “we’re more restrained,” he says to mila. “yura,” mila says, "staring at someone like they’re the last glass of water in a desert counts as pda. it fucking counts, yura.”
  • otabek needs alone days. and when they make a habit of it, yuri finds that he does, too. 
  • yuri’s emotions are like air: they expand to fill any given space. if you’re in the room with him for more than ten seconds, you know what yuri plisetsky is thinking. like, you really, really know. in time, with otabek, he learns to focus that intensity. he becomes amazed at how a simple “i love you” at the perfect moment can stop beka in his tracks. he wields the knowledge like a weapon.

Okay, so I know Matt coming into the team and being super talented is good for the Langst, but what if it was good for the Langst?

 Lance has another of his insecure jealousy laden rants at Matt, and Matt, who has interacted with humans as a normal person, not a cryptid hunting knife boy recognizes what is happening.  So he just very calmly asks why he thinks the team is looking for a replacement. Not in a smug way, but as a genuine ‘what makes you think that’ way. 

And Lance spills his insecurities about not having a thing while they’re all amazing at something, and just being a tag along no really likes or needs. 

Which leads to Matt countering that Katie thinks he’s a very welcoming, fun person who helped her buy a silly console to feel better, and stood up for her in the garrison despite her self-inflicted distance. 

That Hunk proudly calls Lance his best friend, savior of an oceanic world, his best and most-reliable taste tester, and confidant. 

He especially talks of how highly Shiro praised his skills as a shooter, and how selfless, and dedicated Lance could be. 

Of the stories, he’d heard of the charismatic blue paladin of Voltron, who helped lighten the atmospheres of newly saved planets. 

Matt sheepishly admitting that Keith’s a little hard to talk to, but at the very least he’s never seen someone put so much effort into a friendship they felt they weren’t getting anything from. Because Keith is real bad at socializing, but he sure seems to try with, and for the team. Lance in particular. 

He also points out that he’s only known Lance for a short time, but he sees the good points in him that he’s heard of quite clearly, even if Lance can’t. And that no one can replace anyone because we’re all us, and no one else. 

Lance is probably crying a little (or a lot) by now, but Matt knows they’re not sad tears, and even through Lance’s denials assures him he’ll believe it someday. 

The next day Matt tells Shiro they need to Talk, and Shiro has never so much wished for death than in that moment with Matt Gunderson giving him a stern look, and the knowledge of an oncoming lecture. No one even tries to save him.

The lecture is on the emotional well-being of his team, and how none of them should be breaking down in terrified jealousy because they think they’re nothing. 

Here’s a little preview of the first part of the long-promised “Honeymoon” side-story for Nerve Endings.  I hope to get it posted in the next couple days, if life doesn’t decide to be a butt (for the record this is about Victor’s first time bottoming):

“The first time you let me take you, it was…well, you remember what it was like,” Victor said.

Yuuri fought a smile.  He wondered if he’d ever be able to think about that day without blushing.


“I know that it will never be quite like that again, but wouldn’t it be fun to save something for our wedding night?  I bet it would feel more intense.”

“Is our sex not intense enough for you now?”

Victor rushed to answer, eyes going wide and frantic.

“Of course it is.  It’s the most—“ Victor began, trailing off when he caught Yuuri’s smirk.  He pouted at him.  “You’re teasing me.”

“Only a little.”

“This is serious,” Victor said, his expression anything but.  “I’m talking about my dowry, here.”

Yuuri snorted.

“Your dowry?

“You know what I mean.  Come on, Yuuri, it’ll be fun to wait.  I’ll be like a blushing virgin by the time we do it.”

Yuuri sucked in a slow breath, shaking his head.   The idea of Victor acting like an innocent, coy maiden seemed laughable, but then Yuuri remembered how he had trembled after the European Championship, how he had been nervous and careful like he’d never been with anyone before.


IMAGINE (”Young and Menace” edition)

It’s a long one, sorry not sorry

Elisa’s eyes bolted to the clock as the second hand struck 12.

“IT’S TIME!!!” she gasped.

She stumbled out of her desk, chair rolling out from beneath her as she caught her balance. The heels of her pumps clapped on the ground as she walked briskly to the intern’s desk.

She got there without warning – and aggressively swept a flurry of pages off his table and snatched the computer keyboard.

“My algorithms!” the intern exclaimed.

“No one cares about your algorithms right now!” Elisa retorted, fingers typing vigorously. She needed this computer. It was the only one that connected to the big screen in the office, mostly used to display equations and aircraft components. But not today. Not at this hour.

She pulled up the internet – specifically, a Twitter page. Her coworkers looked up from their computers. She knew she was making a scene. She didn’t care.

“Where is it?!” she exclaimed. She checked the clock. “It’s the right time!”

She hit refresh. And then, the flurry of tweets. And there it was.

“OKAY EVERYONE!!!” she squealed. “Here it is!!!”

She hit play. And watched. Staring intently. Fiddling with the button on her shirt –  a flowwy purple blouse she wore just for today.

She hadn’t heard the song in its entirety before. Patrick wouldn’t let her. She hacked into his files once but only found bits and pieces. A drum loop here. a whizzing sound there. A random, distorted, single guitar strum that sounded pretty cool. Finally, she could hear it all.

Then the song ended. She knew her coworkers didn’t like it. She could feel their hate. She didn’t care.

“He did good, E!” one voice called out, insincerely.

Elisa smiled. “Yes, he did,” she said, as she picked up the intern’s pages and placed them neatly back on his desk. She inhaled and exhaled, “Carry on,” and gracefully walked back to her desk.

She slipped out her phone to text her husband: SO. GOOD. Love you!!


Arriving home, Elisa giddily jumbled her keys to open the house. She couldn’t wait to see them. Thankfully the nanny was able to stay for a few hours in the morning while Patrick was out doing interviews. By noon, he was home in time to eat lunch with the boys. Elisa’s heart could only swell at the thought of all her blessings.

Her boys. She saw the three of them instantly as soon as she opened the door.

“Ahhhh!” she squealed excitedly, showering them with kisses. She placed both hands on her husband’s shoulders. “Patrick!!” she gushed, staring at him with equally bright eyes. “The song is SO GOOD! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!”

She wrapped her arms around him – and their younger son, who was in his arms. Patrick blushed. “Thank you, thank you,” he smiled.

“We need to celebrate!” Elisa said. “We need to celebrate your birthday! What do you want to do?”

“Uhh…” Patrick replied. “How about we…watch movies? At home?”

Elisa frowned. “Come on, Daddy. It’s your birthday. I wanted to take you out for Indian food.”

“Ooh,” Patrick perked. “Indian food sounds good. How about Indian food…and then go home and watch movies?”

Elisa sighed, smiling. “Fine. Sounds like a plan.” She looked down at Declan. “Come on! Let’s go get dressed!” she said, taking him by the hand and leading him to the room.

Patrick could hear her in the distance –  “Did you hear Daddy’s song? Did you like it? Wasn’t it so good?” – and it made him smile.

Supportive. He always liked that about her.


I love all those Time Travel aus, mostly because of Keith’s reactions to hot & mature Lance. Totally worth it. 

(I don’t know how to draw grown up Lance, just imagine he’s very handsome)


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