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“Thank you, Ray”

It’s easy to forget who you really are when you pretend for too long

(…..I wanted to draw crying Zarc probably…)


[Partly translation + My opinion] Shizuka’s role in Yuzuru’s career

I can never imagine how different everything will turn out today if Mao was qualified for 2006 Turino Olympics (she was 15, too young at that time for it). Because with her talent at that time, there’s chance that she might get gold at Turino.

Anyway, it’s just my guess, and anything can happen, but I still sometimes wonder like that because Shizuka, and especially because she is the 2006 Turino Olympic champion, plays such a huge role in Yuzuru’s career. Beside the inspiration Yuzuru got from an Olympic champion also from Sendai, Shizuka also helped him so much with his training. 

In this video, they show that after winning Turino, in the PC, Shizuka was concerned with the young skaters in Sendai because the ice rink she has been training in Sendai was closed down. The significance of the only Olympic gold medal made it possible for the government of Miyagi and Sendai to support the re-opening of Ice Rink Sendai and Shizuka gave a skating lesson there a year later, which Yuzuru participated in :D

According to Aoi Hono, due to the close down of the rink, Yuzuru initially thought that he would have to give up skating for at least 2-3 years. Keeping skating skills without on-ice training is difficult, and Yuzuru has the kind of body that loses muscle mass very quickly (for example, he didn’t have practice for 10 days after 3/11, and he couldn’t do any jumps because his thigh muscles were weakened so much), so I think it would be very hard for him to be competitive if Ice Rink Sendai is closed for any longer.

Also, after 3/11, Shizuka also supported Yuzuru financially so that he can get his training, and it was such an important year in his senior career.

For these two occasion, I’m very grateful for Shizuka, and to the fact that she won the Olympics so that she could do what she did. And with Yuzuru winning Sochi Olympics and donated all the profit of his autobiographies to Ice Rink Sendai, I wonder whose talent will be nurtured from this place? :3

Here’s some interesting related materials: 

1. Interview with young Yuzuru when they reopened Ice Rink Sendai

2. Interview from Shizuka’s lesson at Ice Rink Sendai, Yuzu was such a star of the show haha

OMG Look at how he still gracefully crossed his legs in that situation!!!!! Boy is extra since forever!! XD

ok so the only way i could upload this was to re-encode it into a lower quality (720p), so here you go

Segment of Yuzuru Hanyu on THE★LEGEND, translated by me (using Chinese subs), original source here.

JJ’s Crossing Himself Isn’t Religious

I’ve seen a couple of things about how JJ might be Catholic because of this:

and I’ve also seen a couple of people say that it’s weird because most Catholics don’t cross over the bellybutton (except for Russian Catholics, apparently), and the YOI staff probably messed something up there.

It’s not. A religion thing. Not this one. When I first saw him do this, my first thought was they did not just do that. The cross thing is actually a figure skating thing, although as far as I know, only one skater actually does it regularly.

That skater being none other than Yuzuru Hanyu, reigning Olympic and GPF champion, and the former World champion (current reigning Worlds Silver Medalist).

(watch the first couple of seconds) yeah i know they’re both purple that’s just an unfortunate coincidence i swear

Anyways Yuzu does the cross thing as an axis reminder: keep your back straight, shoulders perpendicular, arms tucked. He was asked that in an interview once and he said:

“That’s not a sign of the cross. The first vertical line is to check my vertical body line. The two horizontal lines I draw across my body are to straighten out my upper body core…“

tld;r: The staff know what they’re doing and JJ is reminding himself to stay on axis during his jumps.

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Who are the guys in the sQUAD?

shoma uno / $homoney / shomajesty / don shoma / shooms

boyang jin / boyangsta / dj boyang / cowboyang / boyangman / tian tian

nathan chen / slaythan / dominathan / baethan / godfuckingdammit kid

the full name is “the fuck you up sQUAD”, courtesy of theyoungprinceandprincess, but that’s too long for everyday use

(gifs: 1, 2, 3)


Jump Base Values of the top competitors at 4CC! (Shoma’s, Boyang’s and Nathan’s are updated on the right of their pics)

So the quadmadness gives them these Base Values if performed clean.

According to the base values following FP standings:
1. Boyang Jin BS 95.18
2. Nathan Chen BS 91.96
3. Shoma Uno BS 89.04
4. Yuzuru Hanyu BS 87.53
5. Patrick Chan BS 77.16

(But remember GOEs and PCS are also an important part of the scoring and last but not least, only Nathan Chen completed his layout clean once at his Nationals. Everyone else has not been able to hit those layouts before. Changes after the GPF were only made by the sQUAD.)

Hopefully all the madness does not end in endless failing quad attempts.



for creating the base value pictures. (the link here: https://twitter.com/magicaleggrolls/status/831664024614006785)

  • yuya: i don't know i mean i really like being around yuzu a lot, she makes me feel safe and comfortable and calm and i can talk about anything with her no worries and she always seems to know just what to say and i also really like helping her and making her feel safe and comfortable and i just want to be around her always and make sure nothing bad ever happens to her ever and i like it when she smiles, especially when she does because of me, and i also really admire her i mean she works so hard and she's also really supportive so i wanna be there for her too and support her always but i also like just seeing her you know? like... she's really nice to look at like her hair looks really nice and soft honestly she looks really nice all the time like sometimes i stare at her for a bit and lose track of time haha she's my best friend and i can't imagine living without her lol but i mean i don't know
  • Yuzu: When I was a kid, I used to climb up on the roof with my dad and look at the stars. What about you? Were you close with your father?
  • Reiji: *Has flashbacks from the time Leo left to when he found him in Academia and send him away again*...Uneventful.
  • Yuzu: What?
  • Reiji: What?
  • Yuzu: I asked if you were close with your father, and you sat here in silence for five minutes and then said, “Uneventful”.