why your face is flawless

I Want You (Taehyung x Reader Slight Smut)

Taehyung let his mouth gape wide open as the sensation rushed all throughout his system and gasped for the much needed fresh air in the hot atmosphere the room suddenly fell into. Sweat trickled down his forehead, drop after drop, they each slowly rolled down his seemingly perfect complexion. He leaned against the wall behind him and tossed his head up on it roughly, squeezing his shut eyes as he did. Taehyung finally released himself from his own grasp as he hiked down from his high. His brows knitted together and Taehyung angrily bit down on his bottom lips, not caring about that fact that he might just draw blood from the swollen flesh. He didn’t care. Taehyung was more bothered by the fact that this was the second time in the past twenty-four hour period that he had to sneak into the bathroom to pleasure himself. And it was all because of a girl. All because of you.

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