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The Sugar Daddies That Are Worth Keeping and Why.

Recently I have been SO stressed out because I almost have too many POT’s and SD’s that I know what to do with. I had to start making some cuts and weigh out the pros and cons. 

Be with an SD you’re EXCITED to see. 

That may seem impossible depending on the appearance of your SD but I’m kind of a shallow snob and only pick guys I’m decently attracted to. But Mr. Limelight (pictured above…OMG he’s stunning.) is someone that I get SO excited to see even though he is the CHEAPEST out of all of them. $200 per meet. You know why? Not only is he stunning, but he’s so much fun to be around, he compliments me so genuinely, thinks I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen…. I feel wanted and secured by this man. (I wish i was 10 years older so he’d find me appropriate to date exclusively lol) 

Mr. Christian Loubitoun, who I haven’t made a post about yet, is a much older man who looks that way, texts me with the sweetest texts. He’ll send me pictures on his trips of things he bought, because he thought about me. We have wonderful, intellectual conversation and I know would never put me in danger. 

DON’T make yourself suffer to be with someone because of the money. 

I’ve been offered a shit ton of money, a place of my own (as long as he could stay when he visits) and so on. But I couldn’t stand him. I couldn’t stand his appearance, his overly sexual desire to just abuse me (theoretically)  because he had money. If I dreaded seeing him, why would I put myself to suffer more when spending an hour with him would make me want to throw up. There’s only so much bullshit Sugar Baby acting you can do before it shows on your face.  It’s not worth it, I promise. Remember, self worth doesn’t mean the money you obtain.

If he treats you like he’s paying you, leave. Don’t get disrespected. 

YOU are a beautiful woman. Regardless of our title as a sugar baby, I still expected to be treated like such. All my SD’s love me because I treat them like a vanilla boyfriend. We’re basically a paid girlfriend without the drama. But you’re not going to text me at 2am at night horny as hell expecting me to get you off. (only) For example, I had a SUPER hot ex baseball player over me but ALL HE WANTED TO DO WAS FUCK. He never took me out, he never texted me other than “I want you to come over.” NOPE. I don’t care how hot you are, I am not an escort or a call girl. (Although I love you ladies that are maybe I’ll hook you guys up hahaha)  There was a post, if I can find it I’ll link it but she talked about how her POT made her hold out her hand and dangle the money in front of her. Her response was priceless, she ultimately let this man that she had self respect and he was a dick. 

Just because he pays you, doesn’t mean he controls you. EVER. 

I let my POTs know and SD’s know my expectations. When I’m with you, we’re together. If not, baby, you go do your own thing. I’m not controlling (nor should ANY Sugar Baby be…post coming soon about that) and I expect him to be the same. It’s okay to tell him you’re independent but that doesn’t mean you’ll deprive him of all of his needs. 

Get an SD or POT who understands how this works. 

The GOOD Sugar daddies will compensate you for your time, even if it’s a first meet up. They understand how it works, they know getting intimate out in public, (unless you initiate it) is not okay. They know you have bills that need to be paid properly and respect you time and goals as long as it’s reciprocated. 

- I hope this helps. I love you all xoxoxo


Mr. Hemmings

You let your head whip around and lock eyes with Luke, his eyes now letting tears fall as he holds his daughter in his arms as chaos goes on around him. In that moment you just wanted to be in his arms, pressing continuous kisses along his face, trying to wipe away every little crease in his forehead and worries in his life. But you couldn’t you just continue to walk further and further away from him, only making his heart break with each step.

Originally posted by loserxhemmo96

Words: 5.5k

Rating: R


A/N: hope you enjoy! and continue to send in some more requests and ideas! also, thank you to everyone for helping me reach 4k!

part one | part two

Everything changed when those words left your mouth that night. Every little aspect of your life became hidden away and has been tossed and turned around since those letters that are locked together spewed out of your mouth and to the musty atmosphere that night.

Now your whole entire world revolved around Luke, Jocelyn, and school. You spent most of your time around their house so you mostly spent it by Jocelyn’s side, either playing with her or teaching her little things. When it came to Luke, you were always there to comfort him and give him the affection that he deserves, every night you were under him, letting him pleasure the deepest and most sincere parts of your body as you let kiss after kiss and words after words spew out of your lips about how amazing and perfect he was. He would always say the same back to you. You both grew closer together; you learned more about him as he did with you. He knows all of your secrets, thoughts, and what keeps you up during the night, and vice versa.

Now with school, you were so hesitant and scared about with. You were afraid to leave Luke and Jocelyn behind as you headed off to college, your mind would be so busy focusing on your courses and making new friends that you always got scared of the fact on what a toll it would have on the little girl and grown man that you love so deeply. You knew that you weren’t going to live on campus because your mom did not have the money for that, and you sure as hell know you’re not going to be moving out anytime soon, but you were so scared on what will happen when school does start up again and you have to leave. Luke always told you that you’ll be fine and that he’ll take care of everything and that things will be alright, but ever since you got into the picture everything has been so easy and perfect since you came along. Sure, you would be able to see them on the weekends, and if you were lucky you would also be able to see them during the week also but you wouldn’t know. And you don’t know, and that’s what you’re so scared about.

But all you do is take a deep breath and take it day by day and minute by minute. You live in the moment and try to keep yourself organize and remain calm as the summer begins to come to an end and back to school commercials start to play constantly on radios and TV’s. You just take it with ease and grace as best as you can.

When Luke saw your disoriented and frustrated self he knew that he needed to you get your mind off of school since that was the biggest thing ticking you off, so he suited up Jocelyn and himself and brought you all to the movies to go see a late night screening of Moana. To say you were happy was an understatement, Luke bought you as many snacks and candies as you and Jocelyn wanted, he let you both run around the arcade and play numerous games, he even let you beat him five times in air hockey, which you were so crappy in but he let you win nevertheless.

You were smiling from ear to ear when the movie was finished and Luke had his arm wrapped around your shoulder and your hand was in Jocelyn’s. This day was just going absolutely amazing and you knew just the perfect way to end it.  

“How about you get ready for bed and I’ll put Jocelyn down for the night,” You say, smiling at Luke as you begin to undo the little girl’s shoes in your arms as she was slumped against your shoulder, out like a light.

“Okay, thanks a lot babe,” Luke says while leaning forward and pressing a kiss against your warm cheek. You just smile at him before shooing him off and kicking off your shoes before hurrying to get Jocelyn to bed.

It took longer then you expected to get Jocelyn’s tired body to get ready for bed, her slumped out frame was difficult to get into her pink unicorn pajamas in and you could barely keep her head straight when trying to brush her teeth and comb through her hair. It was a hassle but you got through with it, you gently placed her on the bed and tucked her in nice and tight before making your way over to the night light to switch it on.

When you got up from the ground, your eyes looking around the pink coloured room to make sure everything was in place, you walked over to the door before you hear a sluggish ‘wait’ trail out of the little girl’s mouth. A small smile tugged at the ends of your lips as you walked over to her tossed figure and bend down.

“Yes Jojo?” You whisper while leaning forward and pressing your lips against her forward, your hand raising up and taking a stray hair way from her face.

“A-Are you like?” She mumbles, eyes still shut as her lips begin to drool with spit; you roll your eyes before using your sleeve of your cardigan and wiping it away.

“What am I like?” You remark, your eyebrows rising as you begin to pet her hair.

“Are you l-like my mom now?” She asks, her words slurring a bit.

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#13 with Jhope or Jungkook please?❤Angst or smut maybeeee

Just for the Night (Hoseok x Reader)

Prompt request: “Are you hurt?”

Summary: Hoseok is a famous actor, and you happen to be working as a stylist on set. You and Hoseok have undeniable chemistry, but will anything come out of it?

Word count: 1.4k words

Originally posted by sunbaejin

You watched as Hoseok recited his final line. Throughout the past few months of filming, you had been completely awed by Hoseok’s presence and charisma. He was always energetic and cheerful, and his acting was stellar. You understood why the young star had risen to fame so quickly.

Plus, you were also stunned by Hoseok’s good looks. You had seen him on screen before, but in real life, it was a whole different story.

Unfortunately, with filming already wrapping up, you realized you never got the chance to talk to Hoseok. You figured a star like him would have no interest in you–a college student interning as a makeup artist. You didn’t want to get your hopes up, anyway.

The crew members and cast erupted into cheers as the final scene concluded. Filming was over. It was a bittersweet moment for you; the experience was amazing and you were sad to be saying goodbye.

With a quiet sigh, you retreated to the dressing rooms with a few other makeup artists. You only handled the secondary or background characters, so you never came into contact with the big stars.

One of the supporting characters was played by a young actress named Mina, who was around your age. She treated you like an equal, which wasn’t very common in your experiences.

“Hey, Y/N!” Mina called, running up to you and draping her arm across your shoulders. “Can you believe it? Filming’s done! Isn’t it crazy?”

“I know,” you replied sadly. “I’m kinda sad. I had so much fun working here.”

“So, once you graduate, just come work here again!” Mina chirped. “It’ll be so cool seeing all of our hard work on the big screen, you know?”

“That’s true,” you laughed. The two of you disappeared into a changing room, where you made quick work of removing Mina’s makeup and hair extensions. You chatted idly as you did so, Mina carrying most of the conversation. After a few minutes, you were finally finished. Mina changed into her regular clothes and you two exited the room.

“So, are you going to the dinner?” Mina asked as you walked through the production building’s long hallway. “The place is really nice! I mean, I’ve never been there, but I heard it’s awesome.”

“I don’t think I’m going to go,” you said reluctantly. “I dunno, it’s not really my thing. Plus, I’m an intern. The actual crew might not be too happy to have me there.”

“Don’t say that!” Mina exclaimed, slapping your arm lightly. “You do a ton of work, and you’re not even paid! You deserve a free, fancy dinner.”

“Amen,” you muttered. You turned a corner, entering the building’s large lobby. Crew and cast members were already congregating there, talking excitedly. “But still. It’ll be uncomfortable. I’m just going to go home after this.”

“You’re not coming to the dinner?” a voice suddenly asked from behind you. Both you and Mina spun around, stunned into silence upon seeing Hoseok standing just a few feet away from you.

“I-I’m not, no,” you replied quickly, tripping over your words. Barefaced and in casual clothing, Hoseok was still radiant. He smiled at you, and you had to physically resist the urge to swoon.

“Why not? It’ll be fun. Plus, free food,” Hoseok grinned. “For real, you should come, Y/N.”

“I, uh, I’ll t-think about it,” you stammered, reeling from the fact Hoseok knew your name.

“Hope I’ll see you there,” Hoseok said, shooting you a thumbs up. “You too, Mina.” With that, he walked away, presumably to talk to someone more important.

You turned to Mina, your mouth hanging open. Mina had a similar expression on her face.

“He knows my name,” you whispered to her. “Holy fuck. Why does he know my name?”

“I have no idea,” Mina replied, her voice bursting with excitement. “But you better find out!”

Two hours later, you arrived at a luxurious restaurant stuffed into one of Mina’s designer dresses. Uncomfortable in heels, you waddled up to the front of the restaurant where a few other people you recognized were standing. Mina patted your arm encouragingly, knowing how out of place you felt.

After some small talk, you were whisked into the restaurant. It was dimly lit, the interior design modern and sleek. The entire place just radiated wealth. You were itching to leave, but you wanted to talk to Hoseok once before the night ended. A girl could dream, after all.

The company had booked a whole section of the restaurant, so you and Mina just took a small table and waited to be served. Mina chattered away, and you listened attentively to whatever drama was happening in the world of celebrities. You didn’t care, really, but you had to admit it was interesting.

Eventually, dinner was served. Earlier, you had ordered lobster because you knew it was expensive. You hadn’t been paid for your labour, so you sure as hell were going to milk this free dinner for all it was worth. You had also been drinking champagne nonstop, so when you started to feel a little dizzy, you had to take a breather.

“I’m gonna go to the washroom,” you announced, pushing away from the table. Mina nodded, her mouth full of food, and waved you away. Teetering on your high heels, you searched the dark restaurant for a washroom in vain. Wandering aimlessly, you eventually found a hallway leading somewhere.

You continued walking down the hall, hoping it didn’t lead out of the building. Just as you were turning a corner, you collided with something solid. Stumbling back, you flailed as you tried to catch your balance.

Hands grabbed onto yours, keeping you steady.

“Are you hurt?” Hoseok asked, concern ringing his voice. “Oh, Y/N! You came!”

“I-I’m fine,” you blushed, letting your hands fall from Hoseok’s warm grip. “And yeah, I did. The food was good, so I’m not complaining.”

“You should’ve come talk to me sooner,” Hoseok pouted. His expression quickly turned serious, and his eyes turned dangerously dark as he looked down at you. “But you look really good tonight, Y/N.”

“Thank you,” you said quietly, biting your lip. You peered up into Hoseok’s eyes shyly. “You look nice, too.”

“Tell me if I’m reading this wrong,” Hoseok mumbled as he leaned down, his face hovering inches away from yours. You could feel his breath ghosting across your lips. When you made no attempt to move, Hoseok closed the distance, and his lips met yours.

Maybe it was the champagne, or maybe it was just Hoseok, but you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back. It was messy and too quick, but it sent shivers down your spine. Hoseok’s mouth was so warm, and his wandering hands drew you in.

“Fuck,” Hoseok groaned, pulling away to catch his breath. You panted in unison. “I’ve been wanting to do that since I first saw you.”

“You should have told me sooner,” you laughed, threading your fingers through Hoseok’s soft hair. You tugged the strands gently. “But better late than never.”

“True,” Hoseok smirked. He stepped back and grabbed your hands. “Here, follow me.”

He led you further down the hallway where there were–like you were looking for–washrooms. Hoseok pulled you into the empty washroom, clicking the lock behind you. When he turned back to look at you, the expression on his face almost predatory. You smiled at him. A challenge, which he readily accepted.

And if Hoseok liked you in Mina’s dress, he certainly liked you even more without it.

After that night with Hoseok, you parted ways without a word. Well, there were words. Hoseok was as excitable as ever. But there were no promises of keeping in touch or relationships. Both of you knew that was impossible.

So, your internship ended and you returned to school. You were actually studying special effects makeup–niche, you knew. After your final year in college, you returned to the industry with a bang. After working on a few small projects, you landed a position on a huge film project.

When you walked in on the first day, the last person you were expecting to see was Hoseok.

He spotted you almost immediately, a smile tipping the corners of his lips upward. His eyes darkened–just like they did that one night–as he looked you up and down.

“Y/N,” Hoseok said, your name sounding like honey. “Nice to see you again.”

- Girl in Luv

Thnx guys! Hope you enjoyed. I was a little low on inspo since I wrote another imagine with the same prompt. But I tried to make them as different as possible! Was also aiming for smut…but I’m too weak. You guys can guess what went down in the washroom. Also prom was fun, after prom was lit. I’m sick again tho, so was it worth??? Thanks for reading 💛

skateboards and snapbacks: part two

so the other day i posted part one of this au, which at that time was untitled, because i didn’t expect it to garner any attention at all. and then it turned out to be the most popular piece of writing i’ve ever posted on tumblr. so i don’t really know what to say, apart from thank you! i hope that you enjoy the follow up just as much as you did the start.

shoutout to ananbeth who by total fluke knew exactly where this was going (and whose fic helped inspire this in the first place). i can guarantee that the rest of your tags will also hold true, eventually.


Despite her better judgment, Annabeth told Piper about her encounter with the hot skateboarding stranger. The more she talked about it the more idiotic she felt, and the more unattainable he seemed to become. Piper was of an entirely different opinion, her eyes lighting up at the mere mention of her friend meeting a guy. She was probably already planning double dates with her and her crush Jason by the time Annabeth had finished the tale.

“How many Percys can there be at this school?” Piper said brightly. “He can’t be too hard to find.”

“I’m probably never going to see him again,” Annabeth said, aiming for casual indifference and instead hitting sad desperation. She sighed. “I made an idiot of myself, anyway, it’s probably for the best -”

“Whoa, wait, did Annabeth just call herself an idiot? What’s going on in there? Is the world ending?” Rachel stuck her head around her bedroom door, one earbud dangling in her hand and charcoal smudged across her cheek.

Annabeth huffed. “I did not call myself an idiot. I meant that I acted like an idiot.”

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in what film do you think hbc has the most beautifull costumes? and which one for makeup? and which one for hair?

Omg this was super hard for me to answer because I’ve never really thought about these questions (except one) and Helena has made some amazing films with some incredible costumes, hair and indeed make-up, so I think these are the ones I think are the most beautiful. Lol sorry this is going to be long.

Costumes: The Wings of the Dove (1997)

Where do I start? This was my definite first choice for the most beautiful costumes she’s ever worn because the costumes are just AMAAAAAZING. You have to understand, I adore period dramas and period costuming and these are just incredible. From the very first scene where she’s in that blue hat on the tube, to the matador costume in Venice, the shoulder detail in the blue gown above, they are exquisite and Sandy Powell did an unbelievable job of capturing the style of 1910. And also, the detail in some of these costumes are just too much. Like the peacock gown/shawl here

this is only in ONE SHOT in the whole film and the detailing is just visually stunning. I could literally go on and on about the costuming in this film and I think I will actually make an edit dedicated to it, I’m just obsessed. But yeah, these are, in my opinion, the most beautiful costumes I think Hellie has ever worn.

Makeup: Burton and Taylor (2013)

This one was a lot harder for me to choose because hbc looks beautiful in every film she’s ever made (even as an ape like wtf) but I decided on Burton and Taylor because we’ve never seen her styled like this in a film before and it really was a treat to get to see her made up like Elizabeth Taylor.

It’s safe to say that she looked absolutely amazing and these looks were just too much. The makeup really suited her. I especially liked it in the scene where she’s asking Richard about Sybil while he’s trying to go asleep, and aswell as that, getting to see Helena sitting in front of a mirror probably pretending to do her own makeup was just really nice to see? And aswell as that, getting to see her promoting the movie with winged eyeliner was an extra treat! It really looked amazing on her, she should wear it more often. Altogether, the makeup in the film was dazzling and really different to any other time we’ve seen her.

Hair: A Room with a View (1985)

Again, this was a really tough choice to make since usually whenever hbc is on screen, her hair almost becomes a character in itself and it really is always amazing in every role she does. I didn’t include the films where she’s worn wigs in this so a lot of roles were discounted lol. Finally, after much debate, I chose my second choice for the most beautiful costumes, and that was for her role as my blog’s namesake, Lucy Honeychurch in A Room with a View.

This is one of my favourite films of all time and basically, her hair is just sooooo lush here 😍😍 I mean LOOK AT IT! I’ve always wanted long, thick hair with big massive curls and when I first saw this film, the scene where Charlotte is brushing Lucy’s hair just struck me since she looked so pretty. Her hair is just sublime in this! Granted the big hair wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I just think it’s fabulous. And lol her hair was almost bigger than she was in this film, she was so tiny here.

Again, I’m really sorry for how long this is but I got so excited when I saw this ask and I had fun watching bits of the films and picking out my favourite costumes and shots for her hair and makeup. Thank you to whoever sent this, I had lots of fun answering it!!!

Black Box

YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 2611

Genre: Fluff

(A/N): For this series, the scenarios will not be posted in age order of the members like we usually do, though we will still start with Coups here.

Los Angeles really was a beautiful city. Never before had you seen a city that could so seamlessly mix so many different cultures. And amongst it all, at the heart of all the diversity, was the same post-modern lifestyle that brought everyone together. You couldn’t imagine a more perfect place to go for your first proper vacation with your boyfriend of three years, Seungcheol.

You’d met him shortly before he started his ever-growing YouTube channel, meaning you got to be there for his growth, his lows, his highs; everything. And throughout everything, he stayed by your side too, never even laying eyes on any of those beauty vloggers that could easily have any man on YouTube they wanted. The both of you were so undoubtedly in love, his fans could even see it from the few videos of his you agreed to be in.

Seungcheol’s videos were mostly reviews of strange products he found online, random comedy rap songs, and the occasional gaming video (which are actually more like just him screaming then laughing when his characters die). They didn’t really give his audience any clues about his personal life, so whenever Seungcheol happened to do a more personal video, he’d usually invite you to be in it. You could tell he loved interacting with his fans and answering questions about himself. But, the Q&As got boring for him after a while. So, this time, he promised his fans something different.

Not only was Seungcheol visiting LA to collab with his friends Joshua and Vernon, he was also planning a relaxing getaway for the both of you, part of which he promised to vlog and upload to his channel.

“How could someone be so loving and considerate,” You thought as you lounged around in Seungcheol and your shared hotel suite, “And just… Perfect?”

It was still early afternoon and the sun hung highly in the crisp spring sky. The big windows in the living room of the suite allowed for the rays to illuminate the pristine hotel furniture. It was only your first full day there, so as you walked around to check out the room, you admired how beautiful the furniture and the wall art was. You could feel a pair of eyes on you, and you quickly turned around to discover that someone had been admiring you.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Your boyfriend asked you.

“The view is amazing, Cheol. I can’t believe you booked this room for the entire week.” You replied, still astounded by the scenery outside.

“Oh, I wasn’t talking about the view. Though, my view right now is pretty great.”

You walked over and playfully slapped his shoulder before scurrying away slightly and pulling your shirt down to below your butt, so he couldn’t see your underwear. With your back facing him, you could only hear his voice, but somehow you felt the smirk on his face.

“Hey,” Seungcheol laughed, “Need I remind you, that’s my shirt. If you stretch it too much I’m not going to want it back. Which, in all honesty, probably isn’t even a bad thing because it looks so cute on you.”

As you blushed at his comment, a pair of arms latched onto your waist and pulled you closer to their owner.

“When are you leaving for Joshua’s house?” You asked, tilting your head a bit to the side in order to hide your blush. But this only gave Seungcheol more access to the side of your neck, which he didn’t hesitate to pepper with little pecks.

“We’re meeting tomorrow,” He said, in between kisses, “Today is all about you.”

“Really?” You asked, turning to face him.

He placed a chaste kiss on your lips before answering, “Well, you and the vlog. I planned some sightseeing things for today so I figured I might as well just vlog that. I mean, who wants to see a twenty minute long video of us just sitting at the beach?”

“Hmm, good point,” You responded, “So then, what kind of sightseeing things are we and your camera doing today?”

“Well,” He began, laying his chin on your shoulder, “Joshua told me about this really great shopping neighborhood. We could walk around for a while in there, then I made a reservation at this really fancy restaurant.”

“Oh? How fancy are we talking?”

“Like, I wouldn’t even be able to afford a table if YouTube didn’t give me a bunch of money to blow on this trip.”

Eyes widening, you replied, “Wow, so what should I wear then?”

“I don’t know, maybe like a short, fancy dress?”

You nodded at his suggestion, trying to assess your options.

“I’ll have to check my black box to see what dresses I brought.” You said.

Seungcheol’s grip around your waste loosened and his eyebrows furrowed, “Black box?”

“Oh, sorry. I meant to say ‘my black suitcase’.” You explained.

He nodded, seeming quite weary, and withdrew his hands from you altogether. As you watched his hunched figure shuffle into the bathroom and close the door, you pondered why Seungcheol could have been so taken aback by your little mistake. Though, you quickly shrugged it off, as he came out again soon afterwards, looking perfectly fine. The both of you quickly forgot the whole incident and began getting ready to go.


“So if you guys want, when we get back to Korea we could do a little haul video.” Seungcheol remarked at his camera.

The two of you were leisurely roaming down the sunny streets of LA, as Seungcheol filmed himself and some of the sights he thought looked nice. He’d been blabbing on to his camera for quite a while. You tried to remain interested, but he was just talking about random potential video ideas, so your mind started drifting off. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed a quaint yet expensive-looking chocolate shop.

“Wow,” You exclaimed, tugging on the sleeve of Seungcheol’s dress shirt, “That chocolate shop looks really cool!”

“Do you wanna check it out?” He asked with a cackle, admiring the way you were so excited by chocolate like a little kid.

“Yes! One more thing to put in the haul.” You joked.

With another giggle, he turned his attention back to the camera and stated, “Alright guys, we’re going to check out that little chocolate shop. I’ll find out whether or not we can film in there and if we can, I’ll see you guys inside the shop.”

He placed a hand over the lens and stopped recording, then used his free hand to hold yours as you led him into the store.

With the jingle of some bells, the both of you ventured into the little shop and as you began revering the chocolate, Seungcheol asked one of the employees if he was allowed to film inside. You couldn’t hear their conversation from where you were, but the skinny, snooty-looking cashier did not seem to be falling for Seungcheol’s puppy dog eyes. You could infer what happened as soon as Seungcheol returned to your side, shoulders hunched as he put his camera into his backpack.

“That guy was not having it.” He chuckled.

You snickered and returned to your admiring of the fancy chocolates, feeling an arm place itself on your shoulder.

Pointing at the chocolate covered cherries, Seungcheol said in awe, “Wow, those look delicious.”

“Would you want to get those?” You asked.

He nodded eagerly in response, earning slight giggle from you. Seungcheol called the snobby-looking employee back over to pack up the cherries.

“Ok sir, would you like those in a white or a black box?” Asked the employee.

“A… B-black box?” Seungcheol stuttered.

You couldn’t figure out why Seungcheol was so stunned by the words “black box”, but you could tell the employee was having the same thoughts.

“We’ll take them in the white box.” You interjected.

The employee nodded and began placing the chocolate covered cherries in the box. When he was done, he handed the box to your boyfriend, whose eyes were still wide with shock. Though, he managed to snap out of it long enough to take out his company credit card and pay for the chocolates.

As the both of you exited the shop, you couldn’t help but dwell upon the situation for a bit longer, thinking about earlier in the day too. Why was Seungcheol so awestruck whenever someone mentioned a black box?

Your thought process was interrupted by Seungcheol taking his camera back out and continuing to talk about the chocolate shop. This time, you were left unable to zone out as he opened the box and fed you a cherry. He then proceeded to tell his viewers about the fancy dinner reservations he made for later on, and explained that that was the reason why you were both dressed so nicely.

After another two hours of walking around and shopping in the random stores you’d come across, Seungcheol called the both of you a taxi to take you to the restaurant.


“Choi, party of two.” Said Seungcheol to the maitre’d, subtly trying to out-fancy him by using an abnormally deep voice and fixing his tie.

After checking his book, the maitre’d stepped out from behind his host stand and gestured, “Follow me. I’ve an excellent table for the both of you.”

As the bony old man led you to the table, you could see that he was right. The table Seungcheol reserved was on the balcony of the restaurant, right next to the fence. From your seats, you both could see the majestic skyline of the city, in the glorious sunset lighting.

“Oh my gosh, Cheol.” You gasped as you admired the breathtaking scenery.

Pulling out your chair for you, Seungcheol replied, “It’s amazing, isn’t it? Kind of like you.”

As he shuffled to his own seat, you playfully smacked his shoulder for being cheesy.

“You’re so corny. It’s a good thing you’re cute to balance it out.” You admitted.

“Hey, you don’t mind if I vlog some of this, do you? I talked to the manager on the phone a few days ago and he said I could film here.”

“No, go ahead. This place is so beautiful, your fans should see it too.”

“Thanks, (Y/N). I must be the luckiest guy alive to be able to spend my time with someone as understanding and stunning as you. But, don’t worry, I’ll only vlog the food and a little bit of us talking.”

You blushed at his compliment as the waitress arrived and gave you both menus.

“Hello, I’ll be your server for tonight. May I start you two out with some drinks?” Asked the petite brunette.

“Do you have any recommendations?” Seungcheol asked in response.

“Well, if you’re looking for something virgin, we make fresh fruit smoothies in-house. In terms of alcohol, most everything on the menu goes very well with champagne or certain wines. My personal favorite would be the Black Box pinot grigio.”

You only nodded at the waitress’s suggestion, not really thinking much about the wine, since you didn’t plan on drinking.

You looked up from your menu momentarily to ask your boyfriend what he thought about the recommendation, only to find him looking very uncomfortable, his eyes opened almost comically wide.

“Uh, you can order whatever you want, (Y/N). I have to find a restroom.”

With that, Seungcheol scurried off, leaving you alone with the waitress.

“We’ll both just have water, I guess, and a strawberry banana smoothie for me.” You told the waitress, sending her your best smile through the worry you felt for Seungcheol.

The waitress hurried off and quite a while passed before Seungcheol returned to the table. You would have asked him what was wrong, but he looked like he was not in the mood to talk. He simply trudged over to his seat and opened his backpack, which he’d placed right next to the chair. He looked through its contents for a moment then grabbed his camera and placed it on the table, not uttering a single word the whole time.

He set up the camera so that it could capture the both of you and the view of the city.

Before he pressed record, he turned to you apologetically, “Sorry about that. The toilet was calling and my bladder could not help but answer.”

After winning a laugh from you, he chuckled to himself and began recording.

“Alright guys, so we bought a lot of cool stuff earlier but we stashed it all in the hotel room and now we’re at the restaurant!” He filled in his viewers.

“This place is absolutely amazing,” You chimed in, “It’s like I can see the entire city from up here.”

“And the decor is so fancy. I’m going to feel like a millionaire until our waitress is inevitably rude to us then we have to leave!” He joked.

The two of you burst into laughter, earning strange looks from the other fancy diners. Once you both managed to settle down, the waitress arrived with your drinks. You imagined that Seungcheol would probably ask you what you were drinking and have you explain it for the sake of the vlog, but instead, he covered the lens with a napkin.

“Hey, (Y/N), I wanted to talk to you about earlier.” He said.

You hastily put the straw in your smoothie then turned your attention to him, “What about it?”

“Well, um, it was kind of obvious that I had something on my mind. And I bet you thought it was weird how I always seemed to freak out whenever anyone said ‘black box’.”

“I did notice that, but I didn’t really think much of it.”

“Good, good. That’s really good.”

The conversation died down a bit, leaving the two of you in an awkward silence.

Seungcheol cleared his throat, “It was just because… For the whole day… I was carrying a black box.”

“What?” You asked, your eyebrows furrowing.

Seungcheol took the napkin off the camera lens and allowed it time to focus before talking again.

“I had a surprise planned for you, to show you here, so I was worried that someone had found out about it. But, I was just being ridiculous.” He said.

He paused again, leaving you to grow more and more nervous. But after a moment, his eyes darted down, at his own pants. He reached into his pocket and pulled out none other than a small, black box.

“(Y/N), you mean so much to me, and I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything or anyone else. You make me so happy, so, if you’ll accept, I’d like a chance to make you happy… Forever. Will you marry me?”

Seungcheol opened the box to reveal a ring. The band was white gold and the diamond was bigger than you expected. You looked from the ring to your boyfriend, his eyes beaming with anticipation. As you reached your hand across the table, it allowed for him to take the ring from the box and slide it onto your ring finger.

You couldn’t find any words to express how you felt about the situation. Instead of talking, you simply admired the ring on your finger and how it caught the gleam of the orange sunset.

You opted for a simple, “Yes.”

Seungcheol reached over to take your hand again and placed a delicate kiss on its backside. With the crisp California air and your fiancé’s loving grin, everything just felt perfect as the sun set on what was undoubtedly the best day of your life.

-Written by Admin Cali

I took examples from my own experiences to do this, so sorry if the scenarios look iffy, or even a teensy bit angsty to some :P

I am so sorry that 707′s is huge! I got carried away with it :P

ASKING FOR OPINION: If it’s too long that it’s annoying, tell me by any means so that I start putting half of it under the cut or something

~Admin Bloo


  • Most of the times, it doesn’t even pop up as often.
  • Pizza nights, game nights and go out for movies. It’s like the perfect college love life.
  • But one day, Yoosung was meeting up with a bunch of friends, and he wanted to bring you along.
  • You had already met them through webcam, so why were you suddenly so anxious to see them in real life?
  • The day before the meeting, you suddenly pull out.
  • This poor boy is so confused.
  • Why won’t you meet them? You’ve talked to them before? Are they not nice? Did they say something to you?
  • It was very difficult to calm him down, but you finally tell him that you were insecure about how fat you were.
  • He’s super quick to correct you that he doesn’t even let you finish.
  • “You’re so soft, both inside and out. It’s just who you are, and there is nothing to be ashamed of about that.”
  • This prompts the both of you to share your insecurities with each other.
  • By the end of the day, you both feel like you know each other better.
  • “No matter what you look like, it’s you as a person I love.”


  • The insecurities got worse when you started dating him
  • Every time you’re in public, you can practically feel everyone judging you from every angle.
  • You start going out on dates less frequently, and this irritates Zen to no end
  • Especially since you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him about what’s been on your mind.
  • One day, you tell him you want to go to the gym with him
  • He’s ecstatic (since this is the first time you wanted to go somewhere in weeks) but confused as well.
  • Then he sees how hard you’re trying to work out, but tire so much quicker than him that you start sulking.
  • When he stops what he’s doing, and asks you what’s wrong, it all comes pouring out.
  • About how he’s so perfect, and you’re not, and you don’t deserve to be with him
  • *cue dramatic gasp*
  • “Sometimes I wonder what did I do to deserve such a kind and pure person like YOU, and here you are worried about what you look like?”
  • “I fell for you because of how you supported me through tough times, not because you looked a certain way.”


  • She’s already super busy, yet she still looks so pretty and slim.
  • It gave you an inferiority complex on so many levels.
  • Overtime, she notices that you want to go out less; preferring to stay at home and relax.
  • Which she doesn’t argue over; it is nice to have room to breathe once in a while.
  • Your clothes are always loose and free flowing; She admires your style a lot.
  • Overtime, you have lessened your food portions to the point where now it is half of your usual.
  • Get ready lads, shit is about to hit the fan now.
  • Suddenly your behavior, your clothes, and your patterns.  Everything makes sense.
  • She forcefully serves you how much you should be eating, despite your protests.
  • “There is absolutely no reason to adopt unhealthy practices simply because you have all these misconceptions about yourself.”
  • Before you can defend your “misconceptions”, she heaves a big sigh and apologizes for snapping at you.
  • “Your beauty shines through every little action you do; your body has very little to do with it. So please, don’t worry and be happy.”


  • This man thinks the entire world revolves around you; and sets his standards according to you.
  • This leads you to try to match the standards of everything a corporate heir’s significant other should be like.
  • One day, he had decided to take you shopping, just to shower some love on you.
  • One day, while you two were out window shopping, he had found a shimmering black dress that he absolutely wants you to try on.
  • When you tell him that it is a few sizes too small, he immediately calls in the manager of the store to ask for a size more suitable for.
  • The manager looks at you very piercingly and then states that the store does not cater to plus sizes.
  • It tore you apart to hear the words that had been toiling around your mind the entire day. His world doesn’t provide for plus sizes
  • Jumin very easily sensed your mood rolling downhill and threatened the poor manager to rid him of his job by the end of the day.
  • Before Jumin could ruin anymore livelihoods, you drag him out of the store.
  • He doesn’t understand why you let that manager and other people talk to you like that.
  • He is rambling and ranting as you two continue walking around the area.
  • “You are still leading a better life than all those women who starve themselves to death just for the sake of something as shallow as appearances.”
  • It’s almost funny how much offense he is taking on your behalf.
  • You pull him to kiss him on the cheek, and he stopped immediately.
  • He takes this as a nice way to shut him up and takes you to your favorite café


  • Boi has military training to back him up on his unhealthy obsession with junk food
  • You scold him every. Single. Time. And all he does is take another packet and eat it in front of you as you’re yelling at him.
  • Even you don’t understand why you yell at him so much, it’s an uncontrollable reflex at this point.
  • One day you were enjoying a family sized packet of Doritos by yourself in the kitchen.
  • Seven strolls in, whistling as he grabs a packet of HBC.
  • Then he notices your packet of Doritos
  • Both of you narrow your eyes at each other playfully.
  • You thought it was going to be another match of Doritos vs. Honey Buddha Chips
  • You bring out your usual point that HBC has a lot more fats in it than Doritos.
  • But then he points out that you’re the one who is fatter than him, so you were just projecting your problems against HBC
  • You look down in silence, suddenly extra aware of the fact that you are wearing shorts.
  • He’s slapped his mouth shut and is raining apologies upon you, but you just get up and leave; leaving behind the packet you were munching on as well.
  • Over the next few weeks, he’s doing everything he can to apologize
  • Grabbing onto your leg, bowing and begging, bringing your favorite food.
  • But you just wouldn’t budge.
  • What finally wins you over is the presentation he made of Doritos being better than HBC while wearing a sumo fatsuit that puts regular sumos to shame.
  • “You’re still my wonderful and bootyful MC; maybe the Doritos have some kind of power to give you such beauty and grace.”


  • He had invited you as his date/honored guest to his latest photo exhibition
  • You were so happy about the level of success this particular collection had achieved, you had bought a dress just for the occasion.
  • He had headed out to the gallery before you to check on some things, so he gave you a peck before saying goodbye
  • It’s a good luck kiss, don’t I deserve one?
  • You hurriedly go and change into the beautiful dress- looking forward to V’s reaction when he sees you
  • But when you put it on, suddenly it doesn’t look as good as it did before?
  • Was it always this short and tight?
  • Were your arms always so… bulbous?
  • You sat there in front of the mirror and tears started pouring out of frustration
  • You were planning out how were you going to cancel on him, until suddenly he burst into your shared bedroom and grabs his camera from the bedside table.
  • He then looks at you and jumps at the sight. You get even shyer aww
  • “You are so stunning in that dress! But why are you crying…?”
  • You hug him and mumble something about not deserving to be standing next to someone so acclaimed as him.
  • “Do you know why you are my muse for most of my photos? It’s because no matter how many different ways I click the camera, I’m never able to capture your perfect essence.”


  • It was never an issue that stayed at the forefront of your thoughts. Back of your mind, sure.
  • Saeran was never particular about how you looked, and you knew that.
  • One day, you had finally coaxed him into going out on a date.
  • But then surprise surprise, all your nice clothes are waiting in the laundry pile
  • Both of you are just too lazy to do chores and now it’s just biting you in the butt
  • Now all you have is the lacy camisole you had bought last week, which could go with some capris.
  • You weren’t sure why you bought it; it just looked pretty at the time.
  • You refuse to wear it, and try to find something else to wear but it’s just. not. right.
  • Saeran literally doesn’t give two shits about your problem.
  • “Why don’t you just wear what you’re already wearing?” No I just wanted to wear something special
  • He holds up the camisole “What’s wrong with this then?”
  • You stammer out that it doesn’t compliment your figure and it shows off your flabby torso.
  • You could practically see the irritation on his face and just give up and wear it to prove that its not good enough.
  • But when you show it to him, he suddenly can’t look at you in the eye.
  • See, I told you this looked bad.
  • He then looks up in alarm and grabs your shoulders.
  • You’re probably just saying that so that we can get going.
  • No matter how much he is refusing, you try to change out of it, but he doesn’t let you.
  • Instead he’s practically forcing you out the door.
  • “For Christ’s sake, MC. The one time I agree to go out so that I can show everyone that you’re mine and you want to just sit there because your tee shirt is too small”
  • You want to correct him that it’s a camisole, but you let him go as you both make you way to the mall.

anonymous asked:

10 from the '50 writing prompts list' for Connor x Evan if you haven't already done it please?? :)

Enjoy #10 “Why are you so freaking hot”


“I just don’t get it,” Connor sighed. Zoe glanced at her brother from her position on the couch. She was currently filling out some dumb teen quiz, something she did quite often. “What don’t you get?” Zoe questioned her older brother, averting her eyes back to the magazine. “Evan Hansen looks like an angel, he’s so hot,” Connor exclaimed. 

He didn’t know how the boy in khakis didn’t believe he was even attractive or beautiful. Connor thought he was the most hot, stunning, gorgeous human being on the planet. “Does he know you think that way?” Zoe questioned her brother, eyes never straying from the quiz in front of her.

“No, I should tell him but I don’t know what he’ll say, he doesn’t believe he’s attractive,” Connor admitted glancing at his sister. Zoe put the magazine down and shot Connor an annoyed look. “Tell him that big brother, maybe he’ll start believing he’s beautiful if you tell him what you told me,” Zoe laughed and shook her head. Her brother was head over heels for this guy. 

“Yeah you’re right,” Connor nodded. He would have to tell Evan, probably over and over again before the boy even thought he was somewhere close to beautiful and if it took years Connor could deal with that. He would tell Evan everyday for the rest of his life he was beautiful if that’s what it took. “Aren’t I always right big brother?” Zoe smirked as she picked up the magazine. 


“Jar-Jared was saying something ab-about the chem test, and I-I re-really didn’t kn-know what I w-was doing bu-but he s-said it was easy and I-I was ju-ust really confused,” Evan laughed at himself. Connor just shook his head. Evan was adorable when he rambled, though he often embarrassed himself by rambling.But Connor thought it was the cutest thing. “Why are you so hot Evan Hansen?” Connor asked.

“I-I wh-what?”

“Why are you so freaking hot, you are the most stunning person I have ever had the honor of laying my eyes upon,” Connor smiled softly. Evan’s face flushed as he turned away from his boyfriend. He didn’t believe the words Connor said but it was nice to be complimented. “I-I’m not,” Evan admitted.

“Yes you are Evan Hansen,” Connor grabbed his boyfriend’s chin lightly and turned the blushing boy towards him. “You are the hottest, most attractive human in this world, and I’m glad your mine,”

Evan smiled as Connor leaned in for a kiss. The words held truth in Connor’s mind and Evan took the compliment, maybe one day he’d believe Connor’s words but for today, he would just stay a blushing awkward mess.

pastry prince | wen junhui

sorry for the lack of activity from me because I’ve been writing but not posting it ?? oh well I’m really into the prince AU and I’m gonna post a soulmate AU soon which I’m excited for. If you guys do like the prince AU’s could you leave something in our ask box for a member you want next? That would be great.

- cheonsa


Wen Junhui, a fairly well known prince across the lands. With his charm, good looks, and his ability to run a kingdom makes all the men and women swoon over him. Like any other prince in the nearby kingdoms he can be quite oblivious about people and his surroundings, but it wasn’t entirely his fault. As it drew closer to his coronation day for when he becomes the king he has been stressed with his duties he must fulfill. At times he is perceived as harsh and cold only because of his feeling of being overwhelmed.

As a child and even now he enjoys either being outside, resting, or eating to feel less overwhelmed. Often times he would ask the bakers in the royal kitchen to make him pastries and they comply because even the staff doesn’t like seeing Jun overwhelmed and it was also their job to do so.

He sat at a desk in one of the empty rooms and his hand started to ache after countless hours of writing. Prince Jun rested an elbow in the desk as he leaned his hand on his palm. A loud sigh escaped his mouth as his head slipped from his palm and hit the desk with his forehead.

“Are you alright, Your Highness?” Startled from the sudden voice he quickly stood to his feet and looked at the door way.

You stood there with a concerned look as you held proper posture. By the way you were heavily breathing he assumed you ran to him, which was what you did. Jun’s eyes grew unnoticeably wide as he saw your figure. He had never seen you around the palace before and and this was your first encounter with the prince. You slightly bow and return to your normal posture. “Is there anything I could help you with, Your Highness?” You asked a second time.

At this moment he had a million thoughts that rushed to his head that all pertained to you. He was curious to who you were, why he hadn’t seen you before, and how could one being be so stunning. “W-what’s your name?” Jun blurted out without answering your question.

“Y/N. My name is Y/N.” You replied in a proper tone. He takes a few quick seconds to scan your figure to understand what was your occupation in the palace. The first thing he assumed was that you were one of the bakers that worked in the royal kitchen. Jun sat in his chair and turned his attention to his work.

“Prepare a batch of muffins and bring them to me once finished.” He commanded in a lower tone than the tone that asked you for your name. You raised your eyebrows and blinked your eyes multiple times.

“Pardon me, sir?” You responded. Jun realized the harshness of his command and turns to face you.

“I didn’t mean to sound like a brat. You’re one of the royal bakers and usually different foods help with relieving stress so I wanted to ask if you could please make-” You interrupted him mid-sentence with a bow.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll make them now.” You escorted yourself out of the room, but his eyes followed you with each step you took. To simply put it; he was mesmerized. With each word that you spoke to the way you had proper etiquette made you stand out from other royal staff members and even other men and women in the kingdom. Jun continued to stare at the doorway awaiting your arrival and neglecting his work.

As for you, your feet were walking at a quick pace towards the kitchen and ordered the chefs to make what the prince requested. Without a moment to spare the other bakers in the kitchen prepared and made at a rapid pace. Once finished you returned to where Jun was and entered the room. His eyes averted their gaze as you entered the room, once again focusing on the work he had.

Everyday after that encounter he always asked for you to bake him something whether it be small pastries for when he’s working on something stressful or a small plate of cookies when he tends to his private garden. Jun would use it as an excuse to see you as often as he could. Whenever you walked in the doors his mood would immediately brighten and you could see it, but never questioned it.

Jun would try to convince you to stay with him and enjoy the cakes or cookies you would bring. Many times you’re too busy with other duties in the castle, but the times you did stay with him made Jun the happiest. The two of you, without other staff members knowing, would just talk for hours about the smallest things. He would say the most funniest and weirdest things just to see you laugh and for you to stay a bit longer.

This lasted everyday for weeks, even months and it made him the happiest person in the world. Then out of the blue you stopped coming. You didn’t bring him the pastries he wanted and he could see the face that made his day better. Everyday he wondered where you could have gone.

‘Did Y/N get fired?’

‘Is Y/N just busy baking for the castle?’

‘Does Y/N not want to see me anymore?’

A million thoughts ran through his head. He was worried that you didn’t like him and didn’t want to see him or that you were kicked out of the castle. So many scenarios came to his head throughout the day to the point where it was affecting how he slept. He couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go search for you.

The handsome prince ran to each room searching high and low for any trace of you. He looked in the library and the private gardens where the two of you would talk for hours. As he sprinted down the hallway he ran into one of the chefs of the castle who was startled at first.

“You know all the people who work in the kitchen, right?” Jun asked the chef feeling out of breath.

The chef nodded his head. “Yes I do, your majesty.”

Jun sighed in relief. “Then do you know Y/N, one of the bakers?” The chef tilted his head in confusion. Jun described everything about you; the way you dress, your physical appearance, and your wonderful personality. He would ramble on about you and the chef found it amusing yet charming.

“I think you are mistaken.” The chef interrupted him. The prince stared at him in a confused way because of his bold statement. “Y/N isn’t a baker here in the castle. Try near the armory.”

The prince stared at the chef blankly and processed what he heard. He bowed slightly and sprinted to where he suggested; the armory. Jun ran out of the front of the castle and slowed down his pace as he approached the armory. The sound of grunting and swords clashing together was all around. He turned the corner and his eyes widened.

The first thing he laid his eyes was you. The image of you with messy hair and dirt covered pants was all he saw, as well as the silver sword that was in your hand. You were practicing sword techniques with one of the other royal guards in preparation for a battle.

A smiled appeared on his face when he finally saw you after months without contact. The prince approached you, but kept his head down so not many others would recognize him. Your practice session ended and he quickly made his way to you. Just as you were about to leave he reached out to your arm and pulled you away.

You were confused to who was dragging you until you realized it was the prince. You followed his quick pace around the corner of the armory where no one else saw the two of you. Once he let go of your arm you were about to ask what was wrong with him, but you didn’t have the chance.

Your thoughts were interrupted by Jun cupping your face with his hands and kissed you softly on the lips. You stayed neutral, though inside you felt like melting where you stood. You kissed him back slightly enjoying this brief, but sweet moment.

Jun pulled away and grabbed a hold of both of your shoulders, looking you in the eye. “Where the hell have you been, Y/N?” He asked worryingly. “Out of the blue you stopped showing up and I couldn’t find you anywhere. I thought you were fired, or you just didn’t want to see me.”

You sighed and looked down. “I’m sorry that I left without saying anything. I had other duties that I needed to focus on-”

“And why did you lie about being a baker?” You stood there frozen for a moment and tried to avoid eye contact. “I know that you aren’t a baker. Who are you?”

You sighed and look back at Jun. “Yes, you are right. I’m not one of the royal bakers, but I was surprised that you didn’t know who I was.” Jun tilted his head in confusion and blinked his eyes a couple times. “I’m one of the two marshals in your kingdom’s military.” Jun’s eyes grew wide as he stared at you confused.

“So why didnt you tell me? Why did you come everyday with pastries even if you weren’t a baker?”

Your sad expression quickly turned to a soft smile. “You assumed I was one the first time I met you and I was going to correct you, but you looked so stressed that I just followed along. I saw how happy you were every time I brought a muffin or cookies or a small cake, and it made me happy as well.” The prince looked at you with a soft expression.

Jun stared at you for another moment and pulled you close to his chest. “You don’t understand, Y/N. I was so worried. I was concerned if you were fired. I was nervous that you were purposefully avoiding me. Don’t go again, please.”

You nodded again and wrapped your arms around the prince. “I promise. I’m not going to leave you.”

Why did you drag me to your bed?“ I asked confused He looked away shyly "I need a nightlight” I look at him weirdly “I don’t glow”

“No” he said while smiling “But you make me feel safe” He smiled broadly at me

“That’s what night lights do, they make you feel safe, like your untouched, as if nothing could hurt you. So that’s why your my new nightlight” He kissed my stunned cheek and laughed “You make me feel safe”

—  poems-she-wrote
Becoming Real

A/N: I got such Reidvez feels after the preview for episode 17 of this season, so I needed to do this request right meow lol. This was an anon request for a Spencer x Luke where they’ve been married for quite some time and are thinking of kids. They decide to go through a surrogate. Purely fluff. No ups and downs. Because that’s what I need after the last episode. XD @coveofmemories @hanny-bananny

P.S. I’ve got a little idea for a Spencer and Luke with baby follow-up, but I’m not gonna do it unless I have some interest in it.


“Your bedhead is absolutely ridiculous,” Luke said as his husband pushed up from the bed. Spencer’s hair had grown out again recently and it was sticking out all over the place. “You’re kind of rocking the Albert Einstein right now. Except sexier.”

The longtime BAU agent just grunted. He was not a morning person. Luke was though. How they made it work was a miracle. But when he looked over to see Luke smiling at his bedhead, he realized why - because that smile killed him every time. “So I’m a sexy Albert Einstein?” he laughed. “I’ll take it.”

The night before had been fraught with conversation about how they wanted to go about starting a family. Adoption was an option. Surrogacy was an option. Artificial insemination was an option. A combination of insemination and surrogacy was an option, but after a lengthy and heavy conversation, they decided to sleep on it, saying that in the morning they’d both blurt out the option they felt might work best for them. “So remember what we said last night?” Luke asked, watching as Spencer nodded his head.

“On the count of three,” Spencer replied.

“One…two…three… Surrogate…by insemination.”

“Well, I guess that’s one step in this process that we’ve gotten out of the way,” Luke said, collapsing back into the pillow and rubbing the back of his head with his hand. “Am I rocking the bedhead too?”

He was - massively.


A few days later, the men sat down at the table and started looking through surrogacy agencies. “This is so daunting,” Spencer said as his eyes combed through the plethora of possible agencies. “Where do we even start?”

“We take the plunge and pick an agency to look into,” his husband replied. It was the weekend, so they decided to dedicate the entire day to looking at agencies. 

Over the next few hours, they combed through agency after agency finding one reason or another not to go with them, until finally, Spencer pointed one out that might work. “What about this one?” he asked. “They are a national agency and they seem to have great reviews from people that have used them. They’re completely open to LGBT parents, and they can try and look local first before looking for someone across the country.”

As Luke looked over Spencer’s shoulder, his eyes glanced over the various web pages. Of course, Spencer was right. This agency looked like it would be perfect for them. “I like them. Now what?” he laughed.

“Now, we apply and then hopefully get to search through some files I guess.”

While Spencer pulled up the application, Luke found his mind wandering to what his husband had said early - this was going to be an insanely complicated process.


Within two weeks, their application had been accepted, so they were allowed to look through profiles of possible surrogate mothers. “There’s another question we haven’t actually discussed,” Luke said. “Which one of us would be the donor?”

Luke had always thought Spencer, but he wasn’t sure what Spencer thought. “I would be fine with either of us,” he said truthfully. “Were you thinking either one of us in particular?”

“You actually,” he replied, much to Spencer’s surprise. “Why do you look so stunned? You have the genius brain. I want our kid to be a genius like you.”

“But I have a pretty fucked up medical background,” he replied. Luke hadn’t actually thought about that. They’d have to discuss it further. But for now, they’d focus on the mother. They’d been filing through possible surrogate mothers, for four hours.

They hadn’t looked up from their prospective stacks of papers for hours, when all of a sudden Spencer heard Luke’s papers fall to the floor. “What about her?” The woman’s name was Kailanni Carter, age 28. She was African-American and lived right outside the city. She had a near perfect medical background, with the exception of an astigmatism, which was basically nothing; they wanted to make sure that whether or not Spencer or Luke was the father, the mother’s DNA was as healthy as possible. She had two kids of her own already, and was looking to supplement the family’s income, while she raised her two kids, both boys. Each mother had to answer a question as to why they wanted to pursue surrogacy, and Spencer and Luke had purposely looked past women who were purely doing it for the cash; they wanted someone that was truly open to the idea of surrogacy. Kailanni however said she’d been surrounded by friends that couldn’t have their own children, and she’d been lucky enough to have two, so being a surrogate would allow her to help someone else in the way she couldn’t do for her own friends. “I like her.”

“Me too,” Spencer said. “Do we want to see if the agency can match us?”



Another three weeks passed before the agency was able to get in contact with Kailanni Carter, but once they did, she and her husband Skyped with Spencer and Luke. They immediately hit it off. The only question they originally had for her, was whether or not she was truly okay with the baby being biologically hers. She said that preferably she’d be able to be introduced to the child at some point, but that if that wasn’t okay she was still fine with being the biological mother. Both Luke and Spencer had absolutely no problem with her being part of their child’s life.

“Oh my god, you guys are adorable,” she said, clapping her hands together as her husband sat beside her. “I would love to be a surrogate for you.”

“Yes!” Spencer said, turning into Luke and pressing a kiss to his lips. “Now where do we go from here?” This process seemed to be a never-ending line of achieving something and then going “now what,” but they were enjoying every stage of the journey. 

“Now, I start on some medications and then we’ll do the first insemination. Then hopefully I’ll be pregnant soon,” she responded. Apparently not all mothers hated being pregnant. Anyone they knew had started losing their minds being pregnant pretty early on, but Kailanni said she enjoyed each and every second she was pregnant with her boys. “Probably on account of the fact that I was never sick,” she laughed.

“We really can’t thank you enough.” Luke slunk his arm around Spencer’s shoulder and pulled him close. They’d been married for nearly four years now, and had been discussing a family since the very beginning. It was finally starting to become real. 


For nearly four weeks, Kailanni went on medications that would help the process along, until finally they were ready. After much deliberation, they’d decided that it was best for the biological father to be Luke. With schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s running in his background, he didn’t want to take the chance of passing that onto his child.

Neither Spencer nor Luke could make it to the original doctor’s appointment, but they both vowed that if this took, one of them would be there for every doctor’s appointment during the course of the pregnancy. “We have about two weeks until we’ll find out whether or not she’s pregnant,” Luke said to the rest of the team.

“I can’t believe someone is gonna have your kid, newbie,” Garcia laughed playfully.

He cut his eyes at her. They’d been working together for four years now, and yet somehow he was still newbie. “It’s gonna be a long two weeks.”


Spencer and Luke had nearly combusted with joy when Kailanni called 17 days later to tell them that she was pregnant. “I have my first appointment with the OBGYN in two days.”

“Well,” Luke started, throwing a balled up piece of paper towards his husband’s desk. “I guess since I’m the bio dad, it’s only fair that you get to go to the first doctor’s appointment.”

Kailanni’s husband was at work during the appointment, so it was only her and Spencer, but as soon as the little bean-like picture showed up on the screen, both burst into tears. “That’s my kid,” Spencer said as he wiped a tear from his eyes. “Thank you so much.”

“It’s my pleasure,” she said as she grabbed his hand. “Here’s hoping for smooth sailing from here on out.”


Over the next few months, Kailanni made a point to call every week and let them know how she was doing. “Baby’s fine,” she said, pointing to her stomach. “But I do have another appointment coming up in three days and I think both of you should be there. That is, if you plan on finding out the sex of the baby.”

“Oh definitely…right?” Spencer asked hopefully. He really didn’t want to wait, but he would if Luke really wanted to. “We’re going right?”

“Yes, we’ll be there.”

The following three days ground down to a snail’s pace. Everyone on the team noticed. “You get to find out the sex of the baby tomorrow, right?” JJ asked excitedly.

“Yup!” Luke replied. “I can’t wait.”

That morning was filled with nervous energy, both fathers tripping over their clothes in an attempt to make it the appointment early. They wanted to make sure the baby was healthy more than anything else - that nothing had changed over the past few months.

Both of them excitedly hugged Kailanni as they walked into the office together and back toward the examination room. As the OBGYN put the gel on her stomach, she asked if either of them were hoping for either sex in particular. Honestly, neither of them cared as long as the baby was healthy. Undoubtedly, boy or girl, both would elicit the same reaction - tears, kisses and hugs all around. “Alright everyone, everything looks perfectly healthy and if you want, I can tell you the sex of the baby.”

All three waited with bated breath. “It’s a girl!”

Kailanni screamed with just as much as excitement as Spencer and Luke did - she’d never had a girl.

“Oh my god,” Luke said, swallowing hard as he pushed his hair back. “We’re gonna have a little girl. That’s so…cool!”

Spencer snorted in the corner, the tears rolling down his face as he realized that he and Luke were finally going to have the family they’d always wanted. “We have to start thinking of names now,” he said to Luke.

“Oh man, we do,” he laughed. “That’s going to be really hard.”


After finding out they were going to have a girl, both fathers went to work crafting the perfect nursery. Neither of them was really into the traditional pink and white, so they went with white as a base and baby green and purple for the colors. Above the crib was her name, which they’d debated on for nearly a month, finally picking the perfect name, Diana Kailanni, after Spencer’s mother and their surrogate, who without none of this would be possible. 

She broke down when she visited and saw the nursery. “You’re naming the baby after me!?”

“We couldn’t do this without you,” Spencer said. “Literally.” She was just weeks away from delivering baby Diana. For the rest of the day, she spent time with both men, going over everything they might need to know as new parents.

“I’m telling you both right now,” she laughed, “when you first bring her home, you are going to have zero idea of what you’re doing. Don’t get scared. It comes to you more quickly than you think.”

Within two-to-three weeks, they were going to be a family.


It was barely 3:30 AM when Luke was woken up by his phone nearly two and a half weeks later. “Babe,” he said, waking up a sleeping Spencer, “Wake up. Baby’s coming.”

“Oh shit,” he said, popping up and tripping into the closet where his clothes were. “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.”

They probably shouldn’t have abused their power as officers, but they did, ensuring that no one would get in their way, even at 3:30 AM, by putting the siren on top of the car. As they walked in, they were ushered into the room where Kailanni and her husband were. Having already had two kids, she was fairly far along, so Diana would be coming sooner rather than later. “How are you feeling?” Luke asked, feeling horrible as she experienced another contraction. 

“Not too bad actually,” she said through clenched teeth. “I felt worse with the boys, and she’s going to come much more quickly than they did.”

Spencer remembered her telling them that she had been in labor for nearly 36 hours with her first son and just under 24 with the second, so given that she was going to go from water breaking to delivering in about eight hours total, she counted her blessings. “Okay, let’s check and see how far along we are,” the OBGYN said as she walked in. While she was getting checked out, her husband held her one hand while Spencer and Luke took turns holding the other. “You are ready to go,” she said. “Are you all actually ready?”

“As ready as we’ll ever be,” Spencer laughed. The room was filled with screams and cries, but only for about 20 minutes. When she pushed for the last time, Spencer was holding her hand while Luke watched as their child was born.

“She’s here!” he said excitedly, pumping his fists in the air. “She’s beautiful.”

Kailanni and Spencer dissolved into tears and Luke soon followed, until everyone in the room, including the OBGYN, were flooded in tears. “You guys are very lucky,” the doctor said. “She’s gorgeous.”

“Thank you so much, Kailanni,” Luke said, placing the baby in her arms after kissing his husband. “As long as you want to be involved in her life, we want you to be there.”

With tears in her eyes, a mixture of both sad and happy, she cradled the little girl in her arms. She was so glad she was able to do this for someone, even though it would be hard to let her go. “I’d be honored to watch her grow up,” she said. “You’re both going to make great parents.”

Bonnie & Clyde - pt 4

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“You have to keep taking the derivative. It might take two, three times. When you can’t do it any longer then your done.” Yoongi explained.

“Like this?” You asked, showing him you scribbles.

He quickly glanced at the paper and nodded.

“You should be in school, not me.” You sighed, finishing the rest of the problem.

“If you paid attention in class then you wouldn’t be struggling.” He said.

He was right but ever since he came, this semester has been weird. After the so called test your father prepared, it seemed like you couldn’t focus on whatever the professor was saying.

Instead you focused on the side glances people gave you. They looked at Yoongi and you with judging eyes.

It seemed like they were a bit scared of Yoongi. The seat next to him was always empty and whoever sat next to you was always quiet.

You couldn’t figure out why it bothered you so much now.

“I don’t want to think about school anymore.”

Closing the notebook, you packed your things and sat on the blanket, looking up at the sky.

It looked like it would start to rain in a few hours.

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anonymous asked:

Can I plz have some (long?) angst with RFA + V & Saeran that doesnt end well (Im not meaning like MC dying but some bad angst that makes her leave them or something)

Thank you for your request , i tried to make it long and good (i think i failed)


Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • He’s playing all day, he didn’t even eat.
  • You already went there several times, always saying that he needs to take care of himself.
  • He doesn’t seem to worry about it, he’s ignoring you.
  • Sometimes you swear that it seems that he’s angry about you going there.
  • But you love him, you care about him.
  • Then you cook some food to him, he can play all night if he wants to, but he needs to eat properly.
  • You went there smiling “Hey Yoosung…I made food for you!” He looks at you, and then he stood up “YOU’RE MAKING ME LOSE MC!STOP BEING ANNOYING!”.
  • He just sighs, angry, “You were right, you’re not like Rika,” He says looking down, but after some, while he looks at your eyes when he says: “Rika was better.”
  • He sits down, putting his headset again, while tears were falling from your face, you just can’t believe it.
  • You ran from that room with that plate on your hand, you put the plate on the table, you came back to the bedroom picking your things and putting it in a suitcase.
  • He didn’t even notice it, he was too busy playing “Sorry guys, my annoying girlfriend keeps complaining”.
  • When you heard that, you were sure, you need to go away.
  • When Yoosung stopped playing, you were already gone. He was preparing himself to say sorry, to hug you and say how much he loved you.
  • But now you’re gone, he thought you need some time, but after some days you were not back, he asked Seven to find you and nothing.
  • He was alone.
  • Again.
  • Yoosung never recovered from that.
  • He doesn’t eat anymore, not because of the games, this time he simply doesn’t want to.
  • He needs you.
  • But you never came back.


  • He’s stressed again because of the rehearsals.
  • He kept doing this, training and training, and now he’s like that, you warned him multiple times about that, he simply doesn’t seem to care.
  • When he’s like that, he smokes and drinks a lot, and because of that sometimes he says some rude things if you try to help him.
  • But after that, he always apologizes and sleeps hugging you promising that he would never do this again.
  • But he did.
  • You saw him smoking and you know is because he was working so much, the not even attention he was given to you.
  • But you’re not mad at that, you’re mad that he lied to you, you just want him to be better and doing this is not going to help him, or his career.
  • “Zen!” You run to him while he was smoking, not even care about you see it “You’re training so much!I know you recover fast, but this is too much!Please dear, stop! Think about you first!”
  • He laughs “I think you should put one cigarette in your mouth MC” He blows the smoke in your face, laughing at you “So you can shut up”. 
  • You open your mouth and you run to the bedroom, you can’t take this anymore.
  • You prepare your suitcase and you will go away, as you go he saw you and laugh “You can go anywhere you want!I find one just like you in a minute!”
  • You hold back your tears as you go away, and then, you’re gone.
  • On the next day, Zen was with a headache, he drank too much yesterday, he was so stressed from work, you were right, he must stop with this.
  • But when he remembers your words he remembers that you were gone.
  • What did you do Zen? He kept thinking that.
  • He asked everyone to help.
  • Nobody could find you.
  • Zen went downhill, now he’s smoking, but he’s smoking because he’s sad.
  • Even being so disgraceful, he keeps taking care of his appearance, if you come back he must be pretty for you!
  • He knows it’s been so many years ago since you were gone…
  • But…You will come back…
  • Right?


  • You made his life so perfect, so happy, you made him do something that he doesn’t even know he was capable of doing…
  • Loving someone so much.
  • But sometimes he’s so demanding, he wants that dress, he wants that haircut, he wants this and that.
  • He said to you that Driver Kim would take you to a party that he was, and it’s for you to wear the dress that he left on the bed.
  • You’re sick of that, you’ll use what you want.
  • So you choose one dress, your makeup, you’re the way you want. When you go there Jumin looks at you, he looks angry.
  • He walks to you “What are you wearing? This is a fancy party, not that commoner’s thing you use to go!”
  • “You’re treating me like a pet Jumin!” He just sighs, looking at you “I wish you were obedient as one.”
  • You froze “Then…I’ll leave…” You walk away, he thought you were going home to change, so he waited for you.
  • He was so angry when he got home, you didn’t even show up in the party, he was alone the entire thing!
  • “MC!MC!!” He was searching for you until the security guard told him…You were gone, and you had a suitcase with you.
  • He almost hit those guys for letting you go, but he knows he cannot hold you here, you’re not a pet.
  • Oh right, about that, he knows he was an asshole in the party, he cannot control himself sometimes, you were stunning, so beautiful, he doesn’t know why he acted in that way.
  • He waited a little, but you weren’t back, so he made Seven searches for you, he spends so much money trying to find you.
  • And no clue.
  • Tears were one thing that Jumin didn’t quite know that well.
  • But after you left, tears are his best friend.
  • He’s a disgrace, he cannot forget about your last smile, a smile he wants to see again.
  • He’s even colder right now, the one thing that would warm his heart was you.
  • Growing colder and older, the successful man, it’s dead inside.
  • All this money can’t but a time machine.
  • He just wanted one opportunity to say how sorry he was.
  • But that opportunity never came.


  • You two are managing the cafe, you two.
  • But she always gets all the work and is overworking again.
  • You want her best, but she doesn’t want to listen to you.
  • She looks so bad right now, like really, she’ll get sick if she continues like this.
  • You can’t let her destroy herself like this “Jaehee!Go to sleep!” It was 3:00 AM, you woke up and she’s looking at things to improve the cafe.
  • “MC leave me alone ok?Gosh, stop.” She says annoyed, typing something, you put a hand on her shoulder “Please Jaehee…Go to bed love…” She slaps your hand.
  • “MC are you listening to me? I’m worried about the cafe, so let me be.“ 
  • You start to put your clothes in a suitcase “Ok,  if you’re not feeling well by my presence i’ll go for a few days” When you were about to kiss her cheek, she says “Good, don’t need to come back, was better when we were just friends”
  • She just said that? If it’s this what she wants, then ok.
  • You’ll not come back.
  • After the day you left, Jaehee’s a mess.
  • She doesn’t even care to look decent, she’s looking for you, she asked for help, nobody could find you.
  • She cries every day, she needs you.
  • She regrets every single word she said to you.
  • She cannot lose another person in her life, please.
  • Come back.
  • She prayed and prayed.
  • But god was cruel to her.
  • She’ll pray for the rest of her life to see your face again.
  • Please,MC, come back.


  • He’s pushing you away again, he’s trying really hard right now.
  • Why? He thinks he’s too dangerous for you again. He doesn’t want you to get hurt.
  • So he made a plan, he came back home,“drunk”, when you asked what he was doing, he just said “Fucking some girls, what do you think?” He was good at acting, so you believe it.
  • The next day you were going away, he accomplished, what he wanted has there, you’re going away.
  • But he’s not happy about it.
  • When Saeran knew what he has done, Seven’s said that he lied to you go away, because he was dangerous.
  • Saeran punched him, saying how much he loves you and how much you loved him.
  • Seven realized he made a serious mistake in his life.
  • So he uses everything that he can to find you, but nothing, he’s paying the price.
  • He wished you stayed, every day he’s sitting on the couch looking at the door just to hear someone knock and then he opens it and it was you.
  • He would make you stay.
  • But this was only a wish, a wish that never came true.
  • You are gone, he’s writing so many jokes on a paper just to tell you when you get back…Which you never did.
  • He just prayed that in another life, he can repair all those mistakes, he can be with you stay by his side, so he can stop crying.
  • He never stopped crying


  • V is just so stubborn sometimes, you want him to do the surgery, he doesn’t want to.
  • Ok, it’s his life, he can do whatever he wants to, but you are worried, he’s getting even worse.
  • Every time you try to help him, he says he doesn’t need it, why is he doing this?
  • In a morning V was pretty bad, he cries about it, but you didn’t know.
  • He wanted to be alone, but never said to you that on that day.
  • When you come to help him, he doesn’t know what came up in this head, but he wanted to make you sad like him “I hope Rika comes back, i would be with her again.”
  • You froze, you didn’t know why he said that, but this was enough too, so you pick up your things ready to leave.
  • V just listen to your footsteps, he froze, but he doesn’t call you back.
  • And he regrets about that until this day.
  • He wanted to apologize for that, his throat wants him to yell your name.
  • But he didn’t.
  • And this was the worst decision of his life.
  • After that day nobody found you.
  • And can sound a little weird, but he did the surgery on his eyes because he kept remembering how much you wanted it.
  • And he really wants to see some photos of you…
  • It’s too late to apologize, but he wishes he yelled your name in that moment.
  • You were his miracle…And he threw you away
  • You were his angel.
  • And now he really wants to go to heaven.
  • He’s not really sure how to feel about it, but he can’t live with it.
  • He’s already dead inside.


  • He was having a breakdown again, and in one breakdown; he threw his cell phone that hits you, but he didn’t aim at you, it was an accident.
  • You knew it, but now he thinks he has a problem and this could make you get hurt again.
  • He rather pushes you back instead of solving his problems.
  • And he did that, he was selfish, he kept saying so many things to you, he made a mess, and this haunted him.
  • When he sees you going away, he wanted to run to you and hug you.
  • But you’ll be better and happier with another man, this hurts him, but it’s the best for you.
  • But this hurts so much.
  • It was late, but he always waited for you, he’s a better man now, he finally understands his problems.
  • So please come back, he is waiting for you with open arms.
  • You didn’t come back, and he’s crying to sleep every night.
  • He should have been a better man for you, and he’s hoping you’re happy now.
  • All this haunted him, he’s not stable without you.
  • Nobody can find you either, he had the chance to make things right, he messed up.
  • This was a happy home, he was a happy man.
  • But now he wanted you so much...
  • But all he has is memories.
Drunk Joker x Drunk Reader -  “Double the trouble”

You and the Joker don’t drink very often, but when you do you have to take turns. One always has to watch the other to make sure things are not going…south. And if it happens that you both go down in flames and glory, the burden to keep an eye on both will fall on Frost. He so loves it…Yeap.   T___T

You just had one drink and stopped, J had about 6 and you cut him off because he’s already drunk. You tried to put him to sleep fast so he won’t bother you because you want to watch scary movies all night. You lured him in bed and right now you are uncomfortable as hell. Why? Because he loves to spoon with you, arms crossed on your boobs, holding them tight like his life depends on them. That is the only way he would sleep when he’s drunk. And you can’t wait to get away from the uncomfortable position. You try to take one hand away and he’s nuzzling in your hair, mumbling:

Dammit, first attempt failed. After 5 minutes, you try again, even slower this time, careful not to wake him up. It worked, but you know he might wake up if he doesn’t feel you. You make a run for the kitchen, grab two personal size watermelons and rush back to the master bedroom. You place them in between his arms and cross them on top of the fruits. He smiles in his sleep and squeezes them to his chest, happy. Have fun with your melons, Mister J. Mine are coming with me.

You snap a pic on your phone and send it to Frost downstairs:

“Ain’t he cute, Frosty?”

Jonny gets the picture, snorts and starts laughing, not really associating the word cute and Joker in the same sentence.

You go to the living room and start watching “Lights out.”

10 minutes into the movie and you hear J’s steps dragging on the granite floor.

“Princess? Where are you?” he whines, rubbing his eyes.

Crap, no!!!!! Why is he awake?!

You sigh:

“Over here, baby.” The Joker comes and sits by you on the couch, having a hard time concentrating. After 6 drinks, you bet ‘cha.

“Y/N, why are there watermelons in our bed?” he sulks, sniffling.

“I have no idea, handsome,” you innocently reply, trying to distract him.” Let’s get you back to bed, hmm?” you muster the brightest smile you can, trying to convince him.

“No, I want strawberries,” J pulls back on the couch when you try to lift him.

Great!!! Just go back to sleep dude.

“OK, I’ll go get you some.” You know you have to, otherwise he won’t shut up.

“I’m coming with you,” he gets up and grabs the hem of your t-shirt, following your steps. You roll your eyes: Make up your mind.

“You don’t have to.”

“No, I’m coming, you might leave me again.”

So needy when he’s drunk.

He drags a chair on the way to the sink, not letting go of your t-shirt and resting his head on your hip while you wash the strawberries.

“Done, let’s go back.”

He doesn’t say anything, he follows you back on the couch like a puppy, finally letting go of your t-shirt when you sit down again.

“What are we watching, Pumpkin?”

“A scary movie, baby.”

“Feed me,” he demands and you close your eyes, exasperated. Why won’t you go back to sleep?!

“Kaayyy, here,” you keep on giving him one fruit at a time, thrilled at least he’s quiet so you can continue the movie. After a while, you look over to him to see why he’s not eating the last strawberry. He’s dosing off. Yes!!!! Thank you God!

You try to lift your butt off the couch so you can place the bowl on the glass table in front of the TV. Wrong move.

“Where are you going?” he complains, grabbing your t-shirt and pulling you back on the couch, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Nowhere…” you grumble, disappointed. He shifts so he can place his head on your knees.

“What are we watching, Pumpkin?”

You roll your eyes again.

“A scary movie, baby.”

“Gimme that black marker,” he suddenly signals towards it. You reach your hand and grab it from the chair.

“What are you doing with it, J ?”

“Stuff,” he shortly answers. You give him what he asked for and he starts drawing on his left arm. Since he’s preoccupied with something, you can pay attention to the movie again. After about 15 minutes, he shoves his arm in your face:

“This is my next tattoo,” he proudly states with a wide smirk.

“Would you look at that, it looks great, baby: I love my wife. And who might that be?!” you inquire, pretending to be puzzled while you slowly take your wedding ring off behind your back and hide it in your pocket.

He lifts his head up for a few seconds.

“Well, you, who else?”

“We’re not married,” you try to contain your laughter. Man, at least you can tease him to the maximum, this way it’s fun for you.
“Wh-whaaa’? Why not?!” he frowns, looking you in the eyes from your lap.

You caress his green hair, biting your lip so you look serious.

“You asked and I said no.”

“What??!!! But why???!!!  I’m such a catch! ” J is stunned and you are so entertained.

“Meehhh,” you lift your shoulders with an indifferent expression on your face.

His mouth opens with indignation:

“This is soooo not cool, Doll; I’m the Joker, I am a catch and you have to marry me.”

“Maybe,” you answer, absent minded, really wanting to continue your movie.

He takes your hands and kisses them both.

“Marry meeeeeeee, marry me, marry meeeeeeee, marry meeeeeeeeeee,” he keeps on begin over and over again, annoying the crap out of you.

“FINE!!!” you shout so he will be quiet again.

“I win,” he smiles to himself, victorious. He abruptly gets up, getting down on his knees in front of you. He’s rubbing his eyes again. Please just go to sleep.

“I’m horny, Princess,” he blurs out, crawling in between your legs. “Let’s go, take care of my needs!”

“I’m watching a movie, J.”
“I-I-I, I- I don’t care,” he stammers, so amazed you dare telling him no. “I am more important. I want you, NOW! Get naked!” he impatiently pulls down on your skirt.

You sigh. Of course you want him too, but it would be nice to finish this movie.

“Hey, Jaaayyy,”you seductively whisper, taking his hands in yours and placing them on your thighs. “We’ll have some wild sex, but first let’s drink some more, hmmmm?” you try to convince him, hoping that after a few more drinks he’ll be out cold.

“Really, you’ll drink with me?” he licks his lips, trying to keep his head straight.

“Oh, yeah, baby, then we’ll…(you kiss him) have (kiss) so much (kiss) fun (kiss).”

“All right,” he grins, anticipating the crazy night you promised him. His blue eyes sparkle with content.

You bring the whiskey over and plan just to take a few sips, this way you don’t get plastered.

“Come on, Y/N, drink”, he keeps on urging you and you have to.

Shit, you got drunk too.

***Frost wonders if everything is OK, he knows his boss is drunk and you are supervising him. He decides to check up on you and see if you might need help; J can be a handful when he’s inebriated. The elevator’s doors open up and he steps in the penthouse. Why is it so dark?! He turns on the light and the first thing he sees is you making out with the Joker in the middle of the living room.

You let out a surprised scream and hide behind J who is protectively holding you now with both hands behind his back.

“Oh my God, Frosty, don’t look, we’re naked!” you shout, embarrassed, slurring your words. Mister J is just shirtless, your t-shirt is lifted and you short skirt is pulled down low on your hips, but that’s it.

“Ummm, you’re not naked,” he points out but you don’t believe him. You slowly reach your hands from behind J and cover his nipples with your fingers.

“Don’t look, Frosty, this is so embarrassing,” you almost start crying, upset.

J looks down at your palms covering his nipples, his green hair falling on his face:

“Thank you, Princess.”

“You’re not naked, believe, me, ok?” Jonny tries to reason with you again.

“Are you saying my girl’s a liar?” the Joker snaps, growling at his henchman.

God dammit, Frost thinks, panicked, taking a deep breath. The emergency response team (which is you) is down. Now it’s up to the crisis task force (which is him) to take over. Frost needs to babysit you two now and make sure you don’t burn down the penthouse or worse. He’s seen it all.

“I will just go and make some very strong coffee, OK?” he nods his head, trying to stay positive.

None of you answer; you still hide behind J, convinced you’re naked, but finally take your hands down, uncovering his nipples. The Joker gives him a dirty, mean look.

Frost goes in the kitchen and brews coffee, knowing it might help a bit. Anything he can do to make his task easier.

He comes back to the living room and doesn’t see you two. Oh, no!

Jonny starts looking for you around the penthouse, checking the bedrooms first. When he gets to the master bedroom, his hand stops on the handle when he hears you:
“God, J, It doesn’t fit in anymore,” you whimper.

J grunts:

“But it always fits, Baby Doll. Here, hold it better.”

“”I’m telling you it doesn’t go innnn,” you whine.

J grunts some more.

“Dammmmiiitttt, it’s always more fun when it goes in,” you complain, exasperated.

“I know, Pumpkin, Daddy will make it slide in, hold on.”

Fuck no, Frost gulps, someone please shoot me now. Not fatally, but maybe just in the leg or arm so I can be out of commission for a while.

He finally decides to knock on the door:

“Sir…Ummm, you all right in there?”

“Frosttyyyyyy, come innnnnnnnn,” you whine.

He takes a deep breath, then another one and another one. He opens the door with only one eye open. What a relief: you and J try to put together the Christmas tree. It’s July.

“What are you guys doing? Coffee is ready,” Jonny announces, thrilled it’s not what he imagined.

“Stupid tree!!!!!!!!” you shout, pushing it and it falls down. You are getting mad and keep on stomping it.” Stupid, ugly, tree! I hate you!!!!!!!!”

Great, her temper is starting to kick in, Frost sighs. The Joker claps, content at your outburst.

“That’s right, nobody screws with my girl!!!! Except me!”

You both look at each other for a few seconds before starting laughing like crazy.

“Wanna screw me, Mister J?” you close your eyes, thinking you’re winking, trying to regain your balance.

“Daddy always wants to screw you,” he purrs and walks towards you with a devilish smile on his face.

Shit! Frost gets alarmed.

“Boss, coffee is ready, waiting for you guys in the living room. I saw you paused a movie on TV, were you guys watching something?” he tries this strategy, hoping it will work.

“Oh, my movie!!” you snap your fingers, yanking the Joker away when he was trying to kiss you.

“Oh, yeah, that scary movie,” he agrees, forgetting what he was trying to do. Thank God you two have the attention span of a dead snail when you’re drunk.

You head back to the living room, holding the Joker’s arm with one hand and Frost with the other.

“Ok, you boys sit here. Frost, get in the middle of us.”
“But why, Doll? I wanna sit by you,” J whines again, hurt you don’t want to sit by him.

“Frost is fluffier; we can use him as a pillow! Duh!” you tell J, amazed he didn’t get the point.

“Oh, I see,” J smiles, leaning on Frost.

“I’m not fluffy, I’m husky,” Jonny mumbles to himself, unhappy he gets to sit in between you.

You lean on Frost too.

“See, baby? Told you he’s soft, I always know better.”

“U-hum,” J agrees, watching the movie now.

Frost takes a few deep breaths, resigned. At least you’re behaving. After a few minutes:

“Itsy bitsy spideeeerrrrr…” J walks his fingers over Frost’s tummy, getting over to you and trying to tickle you. You scream and laugh, hitting Jonny like it’s his fault.

I really need a raise, he puffs, slowly blinking, hoping you’ll both fall asleep soon since you didn’t want to drink any coffee.

After you calm down, The Joker feels his hair getting pulled. You reached your arm behind Frost and did it, snickering.

“Hey!!” J gets startled.

“It was Frost!” you point your finger at him.

“Keep your hands at home, man!” J elbows him so hard Frost loses his breath for a sec.

You giggle with your face in Frost’s shoulder and he’s considering calling Batsy at this point.

“You guys want another drink?” he tries his last ace in the sleeve.

“Oh, yeah, good idea!” you shout, bouncing up and down the couch, impatient.

He brings you both two glasses full of alcohol, sits back down and waits.

It takes more than one hour but finally he looks left and right and you are both asleep.

Thank you, he lifts his eyes towards the ceiling, grateful. Now he can finally watch this damn movie he wanted to see anyway. He starts from the beginning and he’s so exhausted he passes out half way through.

Too bad there is nobody to take a picture and frame it.

All three sleeping on the couch: you put your leg over Frost’s lap so you can touch J, and you are also holding his hand over Frost’s chest, both resting your heads on his shoulders. Batsy would love this for Christmas.



Dating Taehyung would Include
  • Cheesy Couple names that will make others roll their eyes
  • -How is my sweet little pancake doing ?
  • - You worked hard  cheese ball 
  • - Sunshine , I’m here  !
  • Cuddles , cuddles , cuddles
  • Even if the boys are around he’d cuddle you 
  • - Get a room
  • - You’re just jealous
  • 8 out 10 of your gallery will be his selca , pictures he sent of a puppy he saw on the street , a cat , a rock , a flower , a tree anything you can think  of
  • - Babe , look at this !
  • - Tae it’s just a rock , stop sending me those 
  • - No but it’s green !
  • - That’s grass 
  • - You keep ruining the fun
  • You’d have no dull moment in your relationship because you guys will always find a way to make things fun 
  • Home dates ? You’ll play castle
  • Arcade dates ? You’ll try every game in there
  • Library dates ? You’ll get kicked out because , you won’t stop giggling  at something he said or did
  • Movie night with the boys ? Then you’ll have to share him with Jimin because well JIMIN & sometimes you just wonder who is he actually dating 
  • -Can I have my boyfriend back ?
  • - You’re funny
  • But since Jimin will often end up tagging along on your dates , you’ll end up being close & the three of you will be such a dope squad
  • When Taehyung has to stay in to practice with the boys , you’ll surprise him once in awhile with  homemade food  for everyone, he’ll just feel so touched & hug you tightly whispering thank you then he’ll start bragging about you
  • - Isn’t my cinnamon roll so thoughtful ?
  • - Don’t you wish someone like them ?
  • - My babe is the best
  • Stopping Yoongi from killing Taehyung because he just won’t shut up
  • - Soekjin do something !
  • - Leave me out of this please
  • Your heart will do a thing when watching him practice
  •  Serious V is a sexy V I’m sorry I sinned
  • You’ll also be so proud
  • Skinship 
  • When you go on a walk he’ll hold your hand
  • If it get too crowded , he’ll make sure to hold you by your waist since he’s afraid that you’ll get lost 
  • However you won’t notice that he’s a blushing mess for having you that close
  • - Don’t wander around , ok ?
  • Back-hugs attacks  because why not 
  • Couple rings
  • Couple Phone case
  • Couple T
  • Kim destruction 
  • -KIM TAEHYUNG , I left for 10 MINUTES ,
  • - I just touched it 
  • Aegyo bombing so you’d forgive
  • Tickling fights
  • Food competitions 
  • - How can you both eat that much ?
  • Playing Video games until your eyes hurts
  • Selcas / Pictures
  • - How can you manage to pull such a face
  • - You can’t do any better
  • -Watch me
  •  Then you’ll see who can make the dorkiest expression
  • and Jimin walks in and give such a look but then join you
  • - Win over this
  • If you never had Candid taken of you then expect a lot of them
  • - Don’t move you look stunning
  • - Omg , wait wait
  • - Why so pretty
  • Pillow talk
  • You’ll really talk about everything & nothing
  • sometimes , you’ll just enjoy each other company
  • Talking about the future
  • Serious V  is a sexy V
  • Late calls or random snapchats when he is on tour
  • - I miss you
  • - I bought you something ! Can’t wait to give it to you ~
  • - What , what ?
  • - Not gonna tell you , it’s a surprise ~
  • - But Taaaaaaaae
  • - Lol no , enjoy your headache
  • - I hate you
  • - Same
  • Calling you late at night if he is having a hard time & venting his worries
  • - It gonna be alright babe, it’s ok to feel that way
  • - I really don’t know
  • - Kim Taehyung survived worse than this , I believe in you
  • Then he’ll sniffle and cry on the other line & you just want to take the first flight & be my his side
  • - It gonna be alright
  • - I love you (Y/N)
  • - I love you too
  • Nevertheless , V is V and the sun doesn't hide forever
  • - No
  • - Let’s go buy one when I come back
  • - Taehyung i can’t even leave you alone & come to find everything in its place 
  • - I swear I’ll be good
  • Coming to your app , finding him playing with a dog .You’ll just stand there like wth & he’ll give you a smile 
  • Puns
  • Cheesy pickup lines
  • - Does your father work in the air-force ? Because you’re a Bomb
  • Not letting you diet
  • - I need to lose weight ok
  • - My grandma likes us chubby
  • Makes Jin cook for you
  • Jealous V , is a sulky V
  • - Ok but I’m the only one allowed to do that
  • - Wow are you jealous ?
  • - I’m just saying  & I’m cuter anyways
  • Singing to you with that deep ass voice & you just melt on the spot
  • Gentle kissing to passionate making out there is no in between
  • A smooch on the lips when he is busy
  • His smile
  • His loud laugh
  • Eye smile
  • V with glasses
  • Did I mention him wearing glasses ?

 why do my fingers keep on typing ? 

Dating V would Include for Anon ~ Hope you like <3

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A/N- Wow, I haven’t been on in forever and I’m sorry but guess what school is almost out and I’ll be writing a lot more then. Please tell me if there are any mistakes in this cause I know there are cause I wrote this kinda quickly. Also I have a new Supernatural blog and it would mean a lot if you follow it and I’ll most likely follow you back on my personal account, I can’t link stuff on my computer which is stupid but it’s wincheddar.tumblr.com


You sat quietly in the corner of the worn out bar booth observing all the drunken chaos going on around you. You drew circles on to the side of your sweating beer, closely watching your boyfriend Oliver talk quietly with some girl. You looked away when they both started laughing, the girl flashing perfectly aligned teeth and two adorable dimples. She was beautiful to say the least. A wave of sadness and jealousy washed over your body. Why couldn’t you be that stunning? What made you so unlucky? Why wasn’t I allowed to be a pretty as her?

“Y/N, you wanna another beer?” Someone in your group of friends asked.

“Um no, thank you though.” You replied, it appeared you, Oliver and the girl were the only sober ones.

You glanced back up at the two. She was closely examining the feather tattoo on the side of his head. She trailed a light finger down the side of his face then moved her dark eyes to his. A grin spread against both of their faces. You couldn’t blame Oli for being completely captured by the vixen, if you were a guy you probably would have been too.  She had the look of innocence but she was obliviously anything but.

“Lets play some pool!” Someone hollered from the edge of the booth.

“Com'n Oli! I haven’t played Pool in forever!” the girl exclaimed with a breezy voice.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him from the booth heading towards the pool tables. She grabbed a pool stick while someone set up the balls in a triangular formation. She bent over the edge of the table and lined it up with the tip of the triangle. She moved the stick easily back and forth in her fingers lining up her shot.

Oliver chuckled and shook his head. He walked around behind her and leaned over, blanketing his body over hers. He positioned her arms how he saw fit. The girl, making it quite obvious, pushed her bottom back against his crotch, he returned the pressure by pushing her lower against the edge of the pool table.

You squeezed your beer tightly half hoping it would break. How could he do this right in front of you? Did he really hate dating you that much he felt like he needed to cheat on you right in front of you?

Being the last one in the booth since everyone was playing pool you slide out easily. You walked quickly towards the door. You were not gonna just sit there and be made to watch Oliver grind on some girl. You pushed the doors open angrily and turned down the alley beside the bar. You faltered a bit when you saw two bodies smashed up against the brick wall engaged in a intense make out session. You kept walking just wanting to get to your car.

As you got closer you recognized the mans longer hair, and the feather tattoo on the side of his head. Your eyes started to blur with tears and your face contorted as the tears began to multiple. A loud sob popped out of your mouth, and Oliver and the girl separated. How had they gotten out here so quickly? They were just inside.

Oliver looked you over and smirked at your distressed state and the girl curled herself into his chest  more just staring at you.

“Is somethin’ wrong, dear?” He smile widened at you.

“I… why? Why, Oliver?” You cry, trying your hardest to contain yourself.

“God, you’re even uglier when you cry.” He wrinkles his nose in disgust, rubbing the back of the girl curled up against him.

A squeak of surprise left your mouth and you quickly smacked your hand over your mouth as more tears started to stream down your face. How could he be so cruel? What happened to the thoughtful Oli you knew so well?

Olver gave you a fake pout and tilted his head at you. “You can’t really believe tha’ we would last or tha’ I actually loved you. Love, I do have standards.”

You squeezed your eyes shuts and tried to block him out and pretend this wasn’t happening but how could you, Oliver was feet away from you.

“You know, I can’t help but feel sorry for you. I mean who could ever love you. Look at wha’ you have ta’ compete with.” He smiled down to the girl in his arms. “You’re jus’ a waste of space really. You’re just here ta’ make every otha’ girl feel better about themselves. They look at you an’ think ‘Wow, at least I’m not her.’ It’s not just your face that’s screwed up you’ve got ta’ be one of th’ most annoying people I have ever met.”

“Shut up. Shut up!” You cried.

“Oh don’t tell me I’m hurtin’ you’re feelings.” Oliver chuckled wickedly.

“Shut the fuck up!” You screamed at him.


You’re eyes burst open and your face was wet with tears and sweat. Oliver’s sound snores came from behind you. All the covers were thrown off of you and you were burning up. It was just a dream, it wasn’t real. It sure felt really though, and the pain that was eating at you was definitely really. You scrunched up your face as another tear streaked down your face.

You slid out of the bed and tiptoed to the bathroom, Oliver only rolling over. You switched on the light and opened the cabinets under the sink. You felt around the roof of the cabinet til you felt something taped to the top, you pulled it off. You looked down at the razor that laid in your hand looking completely harmless yet deadly at the same time.

The little object scared you to be honest, it was small but it could take away so much pain and give it which gave it a lot of power. You rolled it over in your palm a couple times. You had told Oliver you would stop, and you had, but you kept the razor… just in case. You gripped the top of the razor and pressed the sharped end against the clear smooth skin under your scar. You breathed heavily and began crying as you pressed down and quickly swiped the blade across your skin.

The once  un-tainted skin would now be forever scarred and that mad you angry, sad, and satisfied. You bit down on your bottom lip tasting your salty tears as the dark red blood pearled on the gash on your arm and spilled over the edges of the cut and rolled along your skin and onto the bathroom floor.

“Y/N?” Oliver knocked on the door.

You gasped not expecting the interruption. “Yeah, go back to bed I’ll be there in a moment.” Your voice cracked as you quickly taped the razor back to the cabinet and put a wad of toilet paper on the cut.

“Y/N, I’m gonna come in.”

“No no, I’m okay Oli just go to sleep.” You began to cry again, you didn’t want him to see you like this.

You completely forgot to lock the door so Oliver pushed it open and peeked through. His eyes widened and he threw the door open at the sight of the blood stained toilet paper against your arm. He grabbed a towel from above the toilet and replaced the toilet paper.

“I’m s-sorry. I-I’m so sorry.” You sobbed looking up at him.

He pulled a first aid kite out from one of the drawers under the sink, “Baby, It’s okay. Don’t apologize. Every things gonna be okay. I’m here now.” He soothed while wrapping gauze around your arm.

“No. No, it’s not okay. You deserve someone better than me. Someone whose not a suicidal freak.”

He finishes tapping the gauze around your arm and pulls you into his arms. You grip his shirt tightly and cry into his chest. “Y/N, jus’ stop. Stop righ’ there. You’re one of tha’ smartest, sweetest people I have ever met. You’re nice t’ everyone cause you can’t stand tha’ thought of anyone else goin’ through what you go through an’ I love that about you. Most people think about themselves but you think of everyone else before yourself.” He pulls away and lifts your chin so your looking at him.

“Do you realize how hard it is t’ find someone like tha’? Someone tha’ caring? It’s nearly impossible, so why would I ever give that up. Your hardships make you tha’ much beautiful. You go through so much shit an’ somehow still keep it together and deal with my grumpy arse, you’re so strong and it’s amazing. I look a’ you an’ wish I could be as determined an’ wonderful as you. Tons of girls throw themselves a’ me everyday an’ I chose you, don’t you see if I didn’t think you were prefect for me I wouldn’t have asked you to date me?”

You sniffled and let a small smile cross your face. Here was that loving Oli you know so well.

“What I’m tryin’ to say is if you ever left I would be a mess. A total fuckin mess.”

He leaned down pressed a gentle kiss on your lips then one on your forehead. “Come on, lets get back to bed.” He slowly led you back to bed.

You climbed back under the covers and he went back to the bathroom. You heard the creak of the cabinet doors open and close then the flushing of the toilet. Oli crept back into the bedroom and climbed back in behind you and kissed the back of your neck. He rubbed your side and whispered “It’s okay, baby. I’m here. Everythin’ will be okay.” over and over until you fell asleep.