why you so perfect though

  • Me: I don't really have the patience for dating sims.
  • Me two hours later: WHY CAN'T I GET ANY ADRIEN POINTS ALL I'M GETTING ARE CAT NOIR POINTS GDI WHY IS THIS HARD??? I don't want to do his route TWICE IN A ROW, especially since I ALREADY MESSED IT UP
  • Me two hours and 6+ save slots after that: WOO MIRACULOUS ADRIEN ENDING oh shoot it's 2am

Since Levi never actually had a positive male figure to look up to his whole life (and the only one who ever came close to that abandoned him before any real attachment formed,) I like to think that Levi sees Erwin as that strong, authoritative male figure he’s always yearned for in life. Deep down Levi thrives to be just like Erwin because Erwin is his ideal on what a real man should be like.

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Ever consider drawing Chloe from We Bare Bears all padded up?

“No, Chloe! People like babies. Babies wear diapers. If you wear diapers, people will like you! It makes perfect sense.”

“…Why does it have to be so big, though!?”


We live in such a judge mental society that puts every kind of flaw, including weight gain, in the same category. And for those of you who are struggling with any health problem, hormone imbalance, and weight gain of any sort I urge and encourage you to please deal with it in a healthy manor. YOU and YOUR health are what matters, not anyone else’s opinions and assumptions of you. Getting healthy isn’t just about working out and eating right (however extremely important) it’s also about surrounding yourself with those who care about you and want to see you succeed and become the best you can be. 

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how about vriska as Arachne, maybe aradia or feferi as a Empousai, and terezi as a Dracaenae for magicstuck?

oooh! I love these suggestions! I drew Aranea instead of Vriska because i like her more and i recently drew vrisk a few times for a separate project.

Unfortunately I’ve already got Feferi down for a cuttlefish mermaid, but after looking into Empousi, it seems like it’d be a really good fit for the Maryams, so thank you for sharing it with me :D 

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If you're not the romantic type, would that stop you from dating someone?

Yup! Right now, to me, there is literally no difference between a significant other and a best friend. What makes a significant other different from a best friend when you remove all the romance / sex? Not much, in my eyes. 

And honestly, having an significant other is like owning a dog. The dog wants to hang out with you all the time and needs attention and needs to be pet and walked and fed and you have to exert so much energy to keep the dog happy. Which some people like! They’re dog people!

But I am a cat person. Friends are like cats. They’re there when you want them to sit in your lap and just exist but you can also just like, throw them off your lap when you have to get work done and the cat is like ‘okay whatever’. Cats poop in a box and eat their own food and do their own thing without needing you there all the time.


but basically i am busy and highly value my free time so adding an SO into the mix just complicates things in my eyes. Yeah, I’m sure that ~all changes when you find the perfect dog~ or whatever but no puppy has barked up this tree that i’ve wanted to adopt



SO like I am loving, loving seeing Damon and Bonnie redefine the parameters of their relationship now that they’re not in 1994. Because like they were different there, all alone day in and day out like Bonnie said and Damon had changed. But he comes back to Mystic Falls and he kinda falls back into bad habits but glorious Bonnie is just like nah, don’t pull that bullshit with me. I love her new sense of self preservation and that like, Damon is learning he can’t do his usual shit with her. Also that she is 100% not scared of him at all. OMG she got up in his face after he pulled his “violence to get my way” schtick with no fear either because she knew she could take him OR because she knew he wouldn’t really do anything but seriously I was watching like 0.0. It’s so different from just last season when he threatened her with a fire poker and you could tell she was un-nerved. 

It was a hardcore scene I think but the truth Bonnie waved in Damon’s face was like daaamn. Truth and a choice; loving that theme with them. Well with her lol though I’ll give him a point for going to her directly after fucking up. S5 Damon would never. I don’t know the angst with them is just so much more emotional than with Damon and…*ahem* other ladies. I guess because of his reactions and because it’s not just about ermaghad I WANT YOU I DON’T WANT YOU! Bonnie makes him take a long hard look in the mirror at himself and his choices and afterwards he never seems to know how to deal with any of it. I know it was only 4 months but I got the feeling he and Bonnie got real as fuck with each other during that time. Makes…’other stuff’ seem even more superficial. To me anyway.

Bonnie went through hell and came out on the other side realizing her own worth. Damon transformed too but it makes me wonder why he’s so terrified of being this new person. I guess the easy answer would be because D/E has to run its course though lol. 

Just ugh, Bamon. Why you so perfect…

Kenny Holland Imagine

Title: Now You Know

Request: No

Pairing: Kenny x Reader

Warnings: Uh none? Excessive cuteness


“’Hey hey hey hey hey hey guess what. I love you.’” Replays over and over on my Vine feed. How could I forget to edit that out? Oh my god. Here’s what happened:


“Hey Kenny, will you film a Q&A with me today?” You asked hopeful that you wouldn’t have to make a video by yourself since your fans love collabs. “Uhm duh?!” he replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. You mini squealed and quickly tweeted, asking for questions with the #ASKY/NFEATKENNY.  You and Kenny have been dating for about 2 months now. You were friends with Sam and he introduced you to him and you guys immediately clicked. Of course, Sam had something to do with it. He was trying to get you guys together ever since you moved to LA. You and Kenny decided to keep your relationship a secret from the public because you knew how people would react. Fans shipped Kendrea (Kenny and Andrea Russett) like it was their life. You got your tripod out of your room and set everything up. You waited a few extra minutes so you would have enough questions to answer for the video.

“HEY GUYS I’M HERE WITH MY BESTIE KENNYYYYYY” you yell looking into the lens as you gesture towards Kenny. “Hey” he says grinning at your introduction. “Wow. That was so energetic.” You say sarcastically.


“Y/N, KENNY WILL THIS BE IN YOUR VIDEO” Kenny reads off his phone.  “NOPE” you scream into the lens. Kenny laughs and fixes his hair. “Stop that.” You say looking at him. “What am I doing?” He questions grinning but looking confused at the same time. “You’re being perfect. Stop it.” You say smiling. “How are you gonna tell me to stop being perfect? If it was like that, I would have to tell you that nonstop.” He says giving you a small smile. “AWW! Stopppppp now I have to edit all this out.” You fake complain.

*Many questions later*

“WE’RE GOING ON A TRIP IN OUR FAVORITE ROCKET SHIP.” You scream in the process of looking for a question. He laughs quietly as you find a question. “Y/n Why are you so perfect?” You read off the screen.  “Awwww I’m not though. Just close.” You joke. Kenny jokingly scoffs and you immediately turn to look at him and playfully glare at him. He laughs and you shake your head. “I am very close to perfect. I’m just like… 7.65938% away from perfection.” You state trying to keep a straight face. “Oh please. If anything you’re past perfect.” He says turning to face you. “You see. You’re being perfect again.” You say hiding your rosy cheeks with your hands.  He moves your hands away from your face and kisses you. You smiled into the kiss before he tackled you on to the floor you were sitting on and began tickling you. “STOP” you plead while laughing. “Okay okay. I’m done.” He says laughing as he sits back up and gets situated. You sit up and fix your hair. You glare at him and laugh. You playfully scoot a few inches away from him to avoid any other attacks. “Aw noooo come back” he pleads ignoring the fact that the camera was still rolling. I mean, obviously you could just edit it out. You stay where you were pretending to give him the silent treatment. “Hey hey hey hey hey hey guess what. I love you.” He said grinning widely. A smile started forming on your face and his face lit up.  He kissed you sweetly before turning back to the camera as if nothing happened. “I have so much editing to do” you say as you scoot closer to him again. “WELL THAT’S IT FOR THIS VIDEO. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” You screamed and kissed the lens, smudging it with your nude colored lipstick. Kenny laughed and eventually got up from his spot on the floor. You turned off the camera and felt hands on your waist. As you turned around, his hands went to the small of your back as your arms went around his neck You laid your head on his chest and you guys stayed in that position for a while until Sam came in the door with Jack and Jack. “Man I can’t wait ‘til you guys go public.” Sam said taking a picture of you two. You two peeled apart from each other. You went to go get your laptop and your camera. You sat on the couch next to Kenny, with his arm around you as you began editing the video. Sam sat on the other side of you and the Jacks also squeezed onto the couch. You almost finished editing the whole video. You added the background music, your outro was edited, you took out you and Kenny’s ‘couple moments’, you added an annotation and clip of your last video at the end AND you bleeped out any curse words that may have been said in the making of this video. It seemed like everything was done. You closed your laptop and set it on the coffee table. You snuggled closer and he brought his arm tighter around you. You saw Sam smirking at you from the corner of your eye. You flipped him off from under your arm and he laughed.



You uploaded the video and got in the shower. When you got out you put on a crop top and jeans. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=151417010) You sat on the couch and turned on some random show. You got on Twitter and the app closed out on its own. You turned your phone off then back on. You got back on Twitter and saw links to vines where it showed Kenny telling you that he loves you or him kissing you. Your eyes widened and you quickly went to your channel. You watched through the video and noticed that everything was edited correctly except for that. It didn’t show the tickle fight, thankfully.  It was weird because it showed you saying that you were going to edit this out and didn’t. Well, looks like Sam doesn’t have to wait that long for us to go public… You called Kenny and told him to meet you at your house.


“Hey I’m here” He says as he lets himself in and kisses you sweetly. “Kenny oh my god I-” you couldn’t even form a sentence. You didn’t think you guys would have to go public so abruptly. “Hey hey hey calm down ok? What happened?” He asks concerned. You push the laptop towards him. You guys watch the video normally up until your little…mess up. His mouth forms an ‘o’ shape and his eyebrows raise. “Well…” He says at a loss of words. “Kenny I’m really sorry I thought I-” “Sorry?” He asks turning to face you. “Babe, I’ve been waiting until you were ready to go public for like…EVER” He says smiling and hugging you, spinning you around before he sets you back down on the ground. “Now we can go on dates, post cute pictures of us, I can make you my wcw without people being suspicious, we can-” “Kenny!” You cut him off. He looked up at you with the same happy look on his face. He ran to the couch and dove onto it reaching for his phone. You saw him typing something before he turned his phone off and grinned at you. Your phone buzzed in your back pocket and you unlocked it and saw that Kenny mentioned you in a tweet. ’@iamkennyholland: Sooooo I guess it’s not a secret anymore…But to avoid any further confusion, yes, @y/t/n are together :)’


The ending got kinda ehhh but OMFG THE KENNY FEELS

UHM if you didn’t read any of those updates i guess you could say, then I am back and I will NOT be leaving for that long again. I just had some SERIOUS writer’s block. Exams are next week though but I will have another imagine for you guys. LOVE YOUUUUUUUU (also sorry for any errors. i didn’t edit that closely)