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When'd you like junghope? I want images, gif, video clips, thnaks

Hiya~ Do you mean why do I like junghope? Or actually when? If it’s when, then I started liking them about a year ago at the beginning of 2016 when @umsonowwhat‘s Lost and Found came out. I read her work regardless of pairing so I read this and fell in love. She inspired me to write my own junghope fics and then from there I fell down the rabbit role. Since there’s so little content for them I sorta grew an obsession and started making a shit ton of my own content for them (fics, videos, moodboards, text posts, a network, etc.).

If your question is why then actually I have a massive detailed junghope compilation in my drafts about all the specific moments and reasons as to why they’re an amazing ship. That should be coming out shortly but for now I will give you a few of my absolute favorite moments.

Jungkook fucking loves holding Hobi’s hand this is indisputible.

Hobi’s lips were tingling, they both felt that kiss in their souls.

They’re so clingy with each other but Jungkook is actually sweet on Hobi so much like…he may like teasing him but at the end of the day this boy is smitten.

The cuddle is iconic. Hobi wraps an arm around his chest, hikes his leg up around Jungkook’s waist, presses his face into Jungkook’s neck and plays with his hair until they fall asleep. I’m sorry but if that doesn’t scream married then you’re wrong. 

Look out for my bigger post of moments that should be coming out soon if you would like a more detailed and visual explanation :3

I Need Answers

Am I the only one still super frustrated about the fact that there has been no explanation as to why Ezekiel was immune to the love potion? Because it sure as hell wasn’t because of his ego because, like Jacob said, Flynn and Jake have pretty healthy egos, too. And it wasn’t because he loved Cindy because he didn’t even know who she was until he saw the clip from the show. You can’t love someone you don’t remember. Not to mention that the potion causes obsession, not love, so it still should’ve effected him. And it has nothing to do with sexuality because there were straight women there that were just as obsessed with Cindy. And it’s not like Ezekiel’s immune to magic. So, why was he immune to the love potion? I NEED ANSWERS.

the anatomy of free! ships
  • makoharu: the way makoto looks at haru... TRUE LOVE
  • sourin: well, they just care for each other so much, it's obvious they're more than friends
  • rinharu: rivals make for the best boyfriends!
  • reigisa: have you seen them? i don't even need to explain
  • momotori: #why you so obsessed with me momo
  • seigou, momogou and sougou: well there's got to be something straight somewhere...
  • kisumako: "mr. steal yo' girl"
  • nagitori: thug shotas belong together
  • every other ship in existance: well, if you look at this three second clip from the OVA, you can see they're canon af

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oh my god im watching this youtuber react to out of context phan vids and the person who created the original out of context vid likes commentating and they commented "fr tho why are dan and phil so obsessed with fisting" during a clip from the punk edits vid and that got me thinking, would you ever like write smut including that? its like the weirdest thing ever, but i realised either there is rarely any fics w it, or i just dont stumble upon them ever... just wondering lol

mmm i don’t think i’d ever write fisting mainly because it sounds terrifying to me and i’m still not convinced it’s entirely possible

So I just found myself wondering for a brief moment, why Even was so scared to tell Isak about his illness and why he was so scared of loosing him when he knew how much Isak liked him.

I was like: he knows that Sonja loves him, meaning that it’s possible for someone to, that he’s not unlovable because of it or anything (which was maybe one of his insecurities) but, then I remembered he had been in a relationship with Sonja for four years, maybe he had even known her for his whole life and she knew him before anyone, including him knew he was bipolar, she was already in love with him before she knew and it’s not like she could just stop because of that. 

Going back to the moment in the kitchen when Even said that he couldn’t break up with Sonja because of her fake leg, maybe the leg was his illness and he was actually talking about Sonja not being able to break up with him instead, if he believed that imagine how alone he’d feel. It’s entirely possible Even believed that the only reason Sonja was still with him was  because she felt like she had to be and he stayed with her because he knew she wouldn’t leave him and that could be why he was especially uncomfortable with Sonja ‘taking care’ of him, because it reminded him of all that. Like even if he didn’t feel he needed to be taken care of surely he would still be thankful for her caring about him otherwise?. 

If Even had convinced himself of all of that, that would also explain why he never told Isak, it would explain why he was so shocked that Isak actually turned up and proved him wrong and also why he was so obsessed with the idea of other universes, (he really did believe that no one could ever love him properly in this one, not as well as know all about him)

So much makes sense now, especially the fake leg scene because that had always confused me lmao, Isak was right, you shouldn’t joke about things like that and it was such a strange and random thing for Even to say.

FRIEND: Hey you want to go to PF Changs for lunch?
ME: What the FUCK have I told you about Poisoned Chlamydia? I told you never to speak that misogynists name in front of me ever again! So why the fuck are you bringing him up? Did I not tell you the nasty things he said about Natalie? Did I not fucking tell you about him being obsessed with targeting women by always wanting to “clip” the girls. I can’t believe you’d bring that name up! How DARE YOU!