why you should date a black girl


do not date guys that can’t compliment your lifestyle. 

If your like me prefer the finer things in life, vacations, splurging whenever I feel and anything fabulous. Why date a guy who is the complete opposite? Someone who would make you feel guilty about the way you live or even try to change you completely? Don’t get me wrong opposites do attract but does it last? How much are you willing to put up with, is something you should ask yourself. Are you wiling to give up and change what makes you happy to make someone else happy….

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Would you mind writing about the RFA(V , S) with a foreign MC whose parents are racist and don't allow her to be with them because they are Asian? But she dates them anyways because she loves them? (My grammar is $h*t I know)

This is so interesting. But it’s so touchy, I’m so afraid this can backfire and I’ll end up offending someone. Please let me know if this isn’t good, I’ll shut it down immediately (of course this is directed to my asian followers, couldn’t care less about white people’s feelings, including my own). Thank you all!

RFA + Saeran and V dealling with MC’s racist family

TRIGGER WARNING: Racism (obviously), misoginy, xenophobia (so sorry I forgot about this before, ugh… hope I didn’t do too much damage. I apologize if someone felt triggered expecting to get something else from this.


  • You introduced him to your father through Skype and he is…confused.
  • So… he’s an albino? And an oriental? How does that work?
  • Oh, and he’s an actor? Like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee? Did he ever play a karate fighter in some movie? Oh god…
  • “I’m pretty sure Jackie Chan is from Hong Kong, sir. And Bruce Lee was… Chinese, babe?” “I think he was born in America, and had a Chinese descendance…”
  • “And karate is a Japanese martial art, sir. They’re not all… oriental…” he says the word in disgust, ughhh… hearing this word in 21st century is awful!
  • “Oh, it’s all sort of the same thing, isn’t it?” Ohhhh… you’re so embarrassed, you want to turn it off immediately and scold your father for being… racist.
  • “No, it’s not, sir. Please don’t use a word that put hundreds of people from different cultures and countries in one tiny box. Please, get more sensitive about these issues now that your daughter is dating a KOREAN guy who will marry her someday. Have a nice day, sir.” And he turns it off.
  • “Oh, babe, I can’t believe I talked to your father like this, I’m so so…” “Don’t you dare apologizing for doing the right thing!”
  • “Well, yeah… but you know… this isn’t his fault. You know, asian actors play a lot of similar roles on American movies and TV series, so…” “Yeah, and this isn’t your fault either, my father isn’t dumb, he should see through stereotypes, we all should, you know?”
  • You were right. Zen kept thinking of this after you two went to bed. He couldn’t stop thinking of what he could do to change things.
  • And it hit him, the problem isn’t the asian actors, they just roll with the roles they can get, the problem is we don’t have enough asian people working on producing and writing jobs in entertainment, at least outside of asian countries, of course.
  • So now he’s thinking how he needs to expand his career in order to be a producer in USA or in Europe one day…
  • His manager sleeping beside him will help him through on this.


  • Your sister was in town and he was so excited to meet her.
  • She was excited as well, maybe too much throwing words like kawaii and calling him Yoosung-kun, you know, Japanese words.
  • “MC, she knows she’s in Korea and we speak Korean, right?” you’re too busy doing the facepalm to even answer.
  • And she keeps throwing Japanese terms totally out of context, for that matter. And Yoosung isn’t getting anything, he’s just scared of the way you’re glaring at her.
  • “Sis, shut up! You’re making a fool of yourself!” “What? I’m just showing support on you dating a jap guy.” “I’m not ‘jap’, I’m Korean. We… we are in Korea.” He says in a very kind way.
  • “Well, whatever, it’s all the same.” Oh god… oh no…
  • “No, we´re… we’re not.” He says assertively. Both you and your sister look at him, surprised.
  • “Jeez, calm down, cutie. I’m just trying to be nice and supportive. I’m super cool with my sister dating an asian guy and…” “But why do you have to be cool with it? There’s nothing to be cool about it, it’s just… you know what I’m trying to say? When you keep saying you’re cool and bringing my race and my country of origin everytime, I’m sorry… but I don’t think you’re cool with this at all. And that’s not…”
  • “Cool.” You complete for him and he smiles sweetly at you. “And please study a little, Japanese and korean have this historical feud, we don’t like being compared.” Oh wow, looks like he’s been studying too.
  • Your sister is so mad, she just stomps out of there telling she’ll never be back to this hellhole of a country and shit like that. Yoosung doesn’t understand how two people coming from the same environment can be so different like you two.
  •  “MC, are you really ok with your sister not really approving us?” “You mean if I’m okay with my sister being a xenophobic racist brat? Not really…”
  • “Oh… yeah, she was being kinda racist, right?” you nod. “Well, uhm… she seems to mean well, at least. That’s a start on us to teaching her.” “Yoosung, honey… you really don’t have to.” “I know, but I want to. She’s gonna be my family one day too, right?”
  • And that was the first time he made you blush in the ame way you’re used to making him.


  • You warned her about your brother being a little… nonsense. You know the guy who dated a black girl on high school and think he’s such a hero for it? That guy…
  • So he’s super excited to meet your asian girlfriend. Yeah, he emphasized “asian” a lot.
  • “Whoa, you’re tall. I thought you Asians were all tiny and cute…” hum, okay…
  • “And you are a blackbelt in judo? Whoa, dragon lady, am I right?” wtf, dude?
  • And he keeps throwing totally out of line comments about her body and how she’s nothing like he was expecting from an Asian girl, since all the asian girls he knows are completely different.
  • “The girls he saw on porn, that is.” You whisper to her, and she giggles, but deep inside she knows this is so wrong!
  • And since he won’t stop, she’s starting to get really angry. She needs to put a stop to this before he does THAT question about asian girls having sideways vaginas, because he seems douchy enough to make it.
  • “I know you mean well, but please stop before you say something really racist… and sexist as well.
  • “Sexist? And… racist? Ah, come on! I’m not racist, I’ve even dated a black girl on high school and…” See? I told you he was that guy.
  • “Hum… and I can’t even imagine why she isn’t dating you anymore…  if you used her race as a fetish like you’re doing to mine right now, we probably have an answer.” “What are you even saying, girl? You should feel lucky that MC has a supportive brother who doesn’t mind her dating another girl, an asian girl.”
  • “Oh, racist, mysoginistic and homophobic. You’re the triple threat, huh, bro? I won’t feel lucky for you doing nothing but your obligation, especially when you’re doing it wrong!” “What’s gotten to you, MC? I’m your family, you can’t talk to me like that!” “You can’t talk to me and to my girlfriend like this either, if you’re family, educate yourself before acting like an asshole!”Well, she’s not happy on being the cause of a fight between brother and sister… no, forget that, his racism was the cause of this. And she’s so happy you two are on the same page of this.


  • He made sure to pay for bringing your dad to Korea so they could finally meet. Despite of your protests of this being a bad investment.
  • He didn’t get it at first, but as soon as he met him, he understood.
  • Because your dad wasn’t even inclined to a handshake. He was a very serious cold man.
  • Jumin is worried if this has anything to do with those three days, did you mention the cage or something? Well, he wouldn’t be exactly pleased if someone trapped his daughter like he did to you…
  • He tells you that as an apology when your father goes to his bedroom to unpack, and you feel so bad. “Jumin, honey… you’re not the problem here at all…”
  • “What do you mean, MC?” “Well, I… have I told you my father used to work in the U.S.  forces, right?”
  • He has a solid knowledge in politics, so he knows your father is probably thinking about North Korea and the constant fear of the possibility of a war starting at any moment…
  • But… he’s south Korean, what does this have anything to do with North and USA? “Well, you know how ignorance works, especially when it’s related to nationalism…”
  • Right you are, but still… this is such a touchy subject, that shouldn’t interfere in your relationship. And… well, if his race is the problem, then your father is being racist, it doesn’t matter if politics are involved.
  • “Plus, if this war happens. USA and South will likely be allies, as it happened before, so no need for you to dislike me, sir.” Well, you don’t like the idea behind his point, but… he’s sort of right? “We are not all the same, sir. Please understand this and respect your daughter’s wishes of staying with me. I’m sure in the end you’re just thinking what’s best for her, and believe me, I’m doing the best I can in order to fulfill this position.”
  • Your father looks at him head to toes. “You’re smart and reasonable, I like that you’re different from the gooks I met in Vietnam.” And he offers his hand for that handshake, which… Jumin doesn’t take it,
  • The man is still racist and xenophobic after all. And you know this isn’t even close to an end…


  • He’s really excited to meet your sister
  • Then you introduce them two and they’re both nice to each other and all.
  • At least that’s what he thought before overhearing you talking in the guest room.
  • “He’s adorable, MC, and he doesn’t look that asian.” Hum… what is that supposed to mean?
  • “What do you even mean?” “I mean, he’s… redhead, and has this cool outfit, where’s the nerd kid with slicky hair that’s really good at math or something?”
  • “He is really good at math, but you’re just repeating stereotypes, come on!” “Well, there’s a lot of truth in stereotypes, y’ know?” “There’s also a lot of prejudice.” Slaaay MC, slaaaay.
  •  “Ugh, MC, ever since when did you become so prudish? Jeez, people are so touchy these days…”  even though he knows he shouldn’t,  he speaks up:  “I know, right? People can’t even be racist anymore without being called out, that’s awful!”
  • “I… I’m not racist! I am super happy for my sister dating a guy regardless of his race and…” “Regardless? Oh my God!” you and Saeyoung  say at the same time.
  • “No, honey. Of course you’re not a racist, you’re just saying that your sister is some kind of angel for being able to see a normal person behind these slant eyes of mine, and she not minding my race is a favor she’s doing…”
  • “MC, are you really letting him talk to me like this?” “I guess I will, since I’m no angel. And you brought this on yourself.”
  • Of course he didn’t want to be mean to your sister, but he totally went for it when you told him he could.
  • But on a more serious note, he wants your sister to be educated at some point, it’s not good living in ignorance, and he wouldn’t that for someone so close to you, neither would you.
  • So you two will try to be patient and show there’s much more than that portrayal of the nerd asian boy.


  • He wouldn’t say it loud, but he is excited about meeting your mother.
  • But you keep changing the subject and backing away on this.
  • And he doesn’t know what to think, why wouldn’t him to meet the woman who raised you? Oh… wait, he knows what this is about…
  • You’re embarrassed about him, ain’t you? Because he’s a freak and would definitely screw things up, of course!
  • He confronts you, and you feel so bad, especially because now you have to tell the truth: “I’m not embarrassed of you, I’m embarrassed of her…” the fuck?
  • “W-why?” “Well, she can be a little… odd.” Odd? How?
  • Doesn’t care, he wants to meet her, I mean, haven’t you heard about his mother? What could be worse than that?
  • And though maybe it’s not worse, is still pretty bad. “I’m not a racist, but I think pure genes are really important on a child’s brain development, so I would rather seeing my daughter with a white young man.” Oh my god…
  • He… doesn’t really know what to say, he kinda expected your mother would hate him, but because he is weird, not because of something he was born like and has nothing to do with his personality.
  • “Mom, that’s so… racist.” Hmmm, yeah, that’s the word he was looking for. “No, sweetie, I’m just thinking what’s best for you.”
  • “So are you saying you think your daughter would be happier with, say, a white guy who beats her up than with someone who likes her and respects her just because he’s not white? That makes no sense”.
  • “No, of course not… I… I just…” “Mom, trust me, just end this conversation here while you didn’t mess up completely.”
  • He’s so happy to know you have his back, and this is not only about his race.


  • He’s thrilled and slightly nervous about meeting your brother.
  • You’re nervous too, but for very different reasons.
  • You know those people who don’t consider themselves right-winged or left-winged, his political stand is moving forward? That guy…
  • And V was having very interesting conversations with the guy when he says this: “My sister is just like me, we don’t see race, we just see people.”
  • “Well, that’s nice, but it’s very easy for a white person to say that, you know? Since race doesn’t really play a role on their accomplishments and, most important, obstacles.”
  • “What do you mean? That white people don’t put effort enough to get things?” “No, I’m just saying that you get to face obstacles, but your race is not playing a part on this. I mean…  MC is white, but she’s a woman, so she won’t get the same wage as you in the same job, it’s the same thing with race, white people earn more for the same job in a lot of cases.”
  • “Now you’re just generalizing, don’t you think you’re doing…”  wait for it… “reverse racism?” Oh no…
  • “I… don’t believe such a thing exists.” “It does, look it up.”
  • “I will, then you look up on racial inequality in labor market, how does that sound?” “You don’t have to be condescending, you know?”
  • “I’m not, I’m just giving you a reality check you’re refusing to face. But I get it, it’s hard giving up on your white privileges.” “There you are being racist again.”
  • “Dude, even I know that is not a thing, just stop, you’re embarrassing yourself.” “Yes give up on your male privileges too and listen to the woman at least for once.”
  • Your brother scoffs “You two are such a postmodern couple.” “And you’re pedantic.” “Not to mention a little racist?” you and V say.
  • Well, this was a very clever conversation, and your brother seems smart, V can’t wait to educate him in a more proper way.
Laying it out on the table.

I’m used to losing friends because its human nature. You grow apart from people. You stop talking. But I didnt think I would lose a friend over speaking my mind. This is the second time I have lost a friend because I was telling them the harsh reality of being a black woman in America. I love all my mutuals no matter what color you are.

I fucks with everyone if they fuck with me that’s my motto I go by. (Thanks Cardi B lmao)

But the fact people cannot understand that society has made it hard for black girls like myself to feel beautiful and attractive baffles me. The fact it’s always downplayed by some of my nonblack friends. “Oh its not that bad. All men suck” “You shouldnt seek validation in men” Excuses. All bullshit.

This is why half the time I dont say anything about this kind of stuff because I always lose friends. They refuse to believe anything I’m saying is true. As if Im being over dramatic. Its in statistics. Black women are the least desirable. 

We are going to ignore that Im a light skinned black woman for a second because yes Im lighter than alot of black women but I face the same issues.Call me a light skinned cunt or yellow/red bitch or whatever but truth is: I will be looked over for a white, Latina or Asian woman. 

Same shit.

Let me talk about my first year of college. I spent my first year chasing Black guys. Yes the racist/antiblack bitch people think I am…I was checking for black men! But guess what? They werent checking for my ass! And guess what? I’m light skinned with an ass. Shocker. Because you know we get everything apparently. 

Anyways. The black guys at the school would sleep with black girls but they wouldnt date them. They would just date mixed and white girls. From then on I realized I should look elsewhere when it came to dating.

I’m not saying its better or anything but Im glad I dont care about black guys. Because I know I will never be who and what they want. And that’s okay. 

The point is why when I speak the truth people get defensive and think I dont care about you? I’m telling you this shit because I care enough to tell you.

I’m bitter because of my bad experiences that keep happening over and over. I just dont cry as much as I do now because its the same shit.


Shout out to @kpop-sweetie because we been through alot and she understands that she’s a white woman and she is the standard of beauty verses me and she understands me when I say I dont find myself beautiful. 

Tumblr can be all body positive and black girl magic stuff all they want but its not the reality I face. 

I’ll go back to kpop now. I just wanted to lay it all out for yall.

Valentine’s Day (Part 2)

Hi everyone, this is a lot longer than I expected (3,714 words!) so it took a bit longer to write, sorry about that. Thank you so much for all the amazing feedback for Part 1. I was so nervous, so it means a lot to me :)

Warning: Swearing and some sexual innuendos

The Great Hall was always full of excitement on the day of a Hogsmeade visit. Today however, the hall was buzzing with students moving among the 4 house tables, sending gifts, cards or kisses to their Valentine. Owls had come soaring into the hall, carrying letters and gifts to students, and airplane memos were soaring across tables sending written love letters. A couple of students were bold enough to send howlers to their loved ones, causing them to jump and spill pumpkin juice. The only students not laughing at their embarrassed faces with the burnt remains of howlers in their porridge, were James, Remus, Sirius and Peter

Up in the 5th year boys’ dormitories, Sirius was standing in front of a full length mirror staring at his reflection.

“What if we shrink it?” Peter suggested hopefully, standing next to Sirius and squinting at him, as if searching for the answer to their problem.

“No, I looked it up. Shrinking the leaf reduces its’ properties. He’d have to start all over again,” Remus said, sitting on his bed and flicking through ‘The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 5’. He was surrounded by textbooks which had been carelessly thrown aside.

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Regulus Black Imagine: “Evans sister”

Can you do an imagine with Lily’s younger sister falling in love with Regulus Black and Lily’s reaction when she finds out about it?

Notes: gryffindor female reader

Requested by anon

Lily was walking down a corridor, heading to the library so that she could study for the next Charms exam peacefully. On her way though, she spotted an unmistakable shade of [y/h/c] hair. It was her sister. Only she wasn’t alone. [Y/n] was walking with Regulus, giggling at something he said.

Lily furrowed her brow. Why hadn’t her sister told her she was friends with the slytherin? As if on cue, Regulus bent his head down and brushed his lips softly against [y/n]’s. It hadn’t been a demanding kiss, in fact, it had been a mere peck. Yet, Lily couldn’t help but gasp horrified, her eyes wide in shock. She went to the Gryffindor Tower instead of the library. She knew she wouldn’t be able to study after witnessing that scene.

[Y/n] returned to the Common Room late at night. She minced, careful not to make any noise and wake any student up. Before she could reach her dorm though, she felt somebody grabbing her shoulder. [Y/n] almost let out a squeal, but managed to swallow her fear and turned around, only to meet her sister’s furious eyes.


“We need to talk.”

“What is it?” wondered [y/n], feeling utterly confused by the worry and anxiety in her sister’s eyes.

Lily cast silencing charms so that nobody could overhear them and asked bluntly, “Are you dating Regulus Black?”

[Y/n] felt attack by the accusatory tone, so she folded her arms across her chest and retorted defensively, “So what if I am?”

“Then you should break up with him.”

[Y/n] stared at Lily with disbelief.

“Why?” she choked hurt.

“He’s bad for you,” was all the girl with auburn hair provided. “I was friends with a slytherin too, remember? We didn’t end in good terms.”

[Y/n] snorted and sneered, “Just because your friendship with Severus didn’t last, it doesn’t mean my relationship with Regulus won’t. Regulus is different.”

“Regulus is like Severus. He despises anything muggle related.”

“He doesn’t. He loves me,” she countered back fiercely.

“You are making a terrible mistake, sis. Please stop this before it is too late. I don’t want to see you hurt,” begged Lily.

“I don’t tell who you should date, Lily. Just leave me alone.”

“[Y/n]!” she screamed, but it was too late. Her sister had already entered her dorms.

None of the Evans sisters slept well that night. Lily couldn’t expunge a nasty feeling of guilt from her stomach. She kept seeing her sister’s upset face when she left her behind. [Y/n] just wished that her sister would understand Regulus would never hurt her.

The following morning, Lily went straight to her sister’s dorm, but she wasn’t there. She tried to keep calm and entered the Great Hall, hoping that the girl was having breakfast with her friends there. Her predictions were half-true as [y/n] was in there, only she had already finished breakfast and was sitting next to Regulus, who had his arm around her waist. It was clear he was comforting her. Lily inhaled slowly and approached the pair.

“Hi,” she began.

Regulus looked at her, but kept his grip on her sister, who spat, “What do you want?”

“I just came to apologize.”

[Y/n]’s face remained hostile. The sight made Lily gulp.

“I am sorry. I was wrong. I really want the best for you, sis. I thought Regulus wasn’t good for you, but now… He really seems to care for you, and you clearly love him. I was trying to act protectively, like any old sister would, but I was too hard on you. I am truly sorry.” [Y/n]’s face softened then, and Lily kept talking, “I’ve been thinking about it all night and I decided that I am willing to give you two a chance. I want you to be happy, sis. If Regulus makes you feel happy, who am I to stop you?”

“You mean that?” asked [y/n], gazing up at her sister with hopeful [y/e/c] eyes.

The last thing she wanted was to fight with her sister.

Lily nodded and next thing she knew, [y/n] wrapped her in her arms. Lily sighed in relief and hugged her back. It felt like an eternity before the sisters let go.

Lily locked eyes with Regulus then, afraid of his reaction. She expected resentment, but only found gratefulness.

“Thank you,” he whispered wholeheartedly.

Lily gave him a small smile and nodded. She saw the way Regulus looked at [y/n] when she pecked his cheek, and Lily instantly knew she had made the right decision.

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Hi how are you?? , I wanted to request a sirius imagine where is best friends with the reader and start dating but he hurts her and she after feeling awful start haging with lucios and his gang , and then sirius goes crazy for jealousy and because his worry about her and them changing her

@fashionlive15 I am very well thank you very much! <3

I love your request and sorry it took me pretty long to answer! Please leave feedback because it helps me improve my work :)


  Fay <3


Pairing: young!sirius black x reader

Requested: obv

Warnings: mild swearing

Word count: 1892

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don’t pay for shit (dates,vacation,gifts etc) unless you want to, & even if you do.. don’t. 

unless you plan on making him your boyfriend and i don’t mean he’s your boyfriend and he’s single, then there is no reason why you should be paying for anything. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, it doesn’t take away from you independence and it doesn’t make you a bum bitch neither. 

Sirius Black x Reader


“Bloody hell James! For the last time, I’m not going to be your bloody fake girlfriend!”  (Y/N) yelled at one of her best friends. The common room was empty, except Remus as there, but he is their close friend. They had a free period, so that meant they could hang out. Lily went to the library with Dorcas and Mary to study and avoid James of course. Sirius probably went to snog some girl, again. For (Y/N), it was pretty difficult to be best friends with Lily and The Marauders at the same time.

“If you do that, I’ll do your homework till the holidays!” James continued his whining as Anna rolled her eyes at him. Remus was shaking his head at the James from the corner of the room. He closed his book and walked over to the two.

“You can’t even do yours properly James!” (Y/N) yelled again, shaking him of her arm.  Remus sat on the other side of the girl, catching her and James’s attention.

“Ok, Remus will do your homework” James said as he saw Remus on the other side of the couch.


“But think about it (Y/N)! It’s a win-win! I get Lily and you get Sirius” James continued as he turned to the (brunette, blonde etc.) girl. When he mentioned Sirius, a light pink color flushed over her (olive, pale etc.) face. She got herself together and raised an eyebrow at him.

“And why should I want to get Sirius? He is one of my best friends for Merlin’s sake!” (Y/N) snapped at the now smirking James.

“But you want to be more than best friends with him (Y/N/N)” James annoyed her with his winks and eyebrows.

“Admit it (Y/N). It is pretty obvious.” Remus pointed out smiling at her angry looks. She crossed her arms.

“Ok, so what’s the plan?” She finally gave in and James jumped in the air from happiness. Remus and (Y/N) chuckled at his actions.

-          The next morning     -

(Y/N) and James walked in the Great Hall hand in hand that morning at breakfast. Sirius, Remus, Peter and Lily were already at the table, Lily little away from them though. Noticing the two, Remus buried his nose in the book he didn’t finish yesterday because of the two. Their little action caused lots of whispers and a lot of people were looking their way.

Everyone’s moths were hanging open. They thought James fancied Lily! This was apparently true, because they didn’t know about the acting part.  

James and (Y/N) walked towards the place where Marauders were sitting at and took a seat. James then threw an arms around (Y/N)’s shoulder and greeted his friends.

“What exactly is this?” Sirius asked pointing with his finger between (Y/N) and James. Lily was curious as well as other girls with who (Y/N) shared the dorm. So, when the (brunette, blonde etc.) noticed Lily’s stares she grabbed James’s hand and entwined her fingers with his.

“Jamesie here confessed his love to me last night and I said the feeling is mutual.” (Y/N) smiled at Sirius. He was about to drink some pumpkin juice, but started coughing instead.

“*cough* Jamesie?*cough*” Remus needed to strike his back to stop Sirius’s coughing.


“Oh look, I need to go to my first class. See you at the Potions love.” (Y/N) forced the last word out of her mouth. James kissed her cheek and grinned at Sirius. Lily stood after her and linked their arms. Once they exited the Great Hall, she stopped at one empty corridor.

“What was that (Y/N)?” Lily asked her best friend angrily. (Y/N) just smirked at her.

“So you do fancy James? I thought that all your rejections were true.” She calmly said looking into Lily’s emerald green eyes. Lily sighed angrily.

“And I thought you fancied Sirius!” Lily yelled angrily at her, then ran fingers through her red locks.

“I do”

“But why hooking up with James all of a sudden?” The redhead asked with the angry tone.

“James was annoying me yesterday to be his fake girlfriend. He said it would be a win-win. He would get you and I would get Sirius.” (Y/N) explained playing with her hair and looking around. Lily looked at her with ‘really’ face and raised an eyebrow.

“I know I know it was stupid. But I actually thought it would make Sirius jealous. At least now I know he isn’t interested in me” (Y/N) raised her hands as she continued talking.

“Sirius wasn’t jealous? He almost drowned with the pumpkin juice! Merlin’s sake (Y/N)! You’re so oblivious!” Lily sighed and walked in front of the girl. She put her arms on (Y/N)’s shoulders.

“Let’s go to the class. We’ll figure something at the Potions.”

-          At the Potions   -

Lily and (Y/N) entered the classroom about 5 minutes before the actual class started. The two girls noticed something strange. Behind them should have been sitting James and Sirius. But now it was Peter instead of Sirius. Remus was sitting with rather furious Sirius a couple of desks away. Taking their seats, (Y/N) and Lily turned around to face James and Peter.

“James I told Lily about everything and she agreed to go on one date with you.” (Y/N) started but Lily interrupted.

“No I-“

“Yes you did Lils. Now, I want to know why Mr. Black is furious all of a sudden.” The (brunette, blonde etc.) asked the nervous James in front of her.

“Well, he was yelling at me that I knew about his crush on you and I made you my girlfriend. He said I lied about the fake part just to save our friendship.” James explained but (Y/N) didn’t let him finish. He pointed to Remus to switch places with him while Sirius wasn’t looking.

“Mind sitting with Remus today Lils?” She asked

“Not at all.” After getting an approval from Lily, Remus and her switched places just in time Slughorn walked in the class. Sirius looked at her with the same cold eyes he looked at James.


“What do you want?” He muttered. Slughorn started explaining some potion they were making today, but neither (Y/N) or Sirius were listening to him.

“It was all an act”

“I don’t believe you.” He answered to (Y/N) angrily and ignored her worriedly looks.

Grabbing his hand, she entwined their fingers together.  (Y/N) brought his hand to her lips and gently kissed it.

“I actually have a crush on you, I just had a hard time to admit it” (Y/N) confessed feeling a little embarrassed. Sirius watched her lips as she spoke.

“I think I even love you and I needed a proof if you like me back” She whispered in his ear, using the time while Slughorn wasn’t looking. While pulling away, she gently kissed his cheek.

“I think you missed the spot love” Sirius whispered and crashed his lips to hers. They shared a very sweet kiss without tongues, as they were in class.

“Mr. Black! Miss (L/N)! What are you two doing in class? Detention for the both of you!” Slughorn yelled and his cheeks were slightly red. Sirius and (Y/N) pulled apart with pink color across their cheeks. Sirius kissed her cheek lovingly and both looked over at their grinning friends.

“I still don’t get it”

“Shut it Peter”

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“White girls should wear braids too!”
“Iggy is the queen of rap.”
“All lives matter!”
“I wish I could be ghetto like you”
“You mixed?”
“Some parts in the Light Girls docu.”
“I date outside of my race bc black men ain’t ish…”
“All dark skin girls look like roaches”
“Don’t you think that color is a little too bright for you?”

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Since he said that girls will not date him maybe that's why he looks for black girls because in his eyes they were inferior and should/can date him. And I don't want to sound mean or insult anyone. I don't share racist views. But for me that would be an explanation of why he show more interest in black woman.

I get what you mean, from Dylann’s point of view they are inferior. But he is very harsh with interracial relationships, so I don’t know how someone can think like him and still be keen on a black dancer. 


Crime Au - Chapter Three

the one where Michael Clifford is a flirtatious mob boss and (Y/N) is dragged along against her will. 

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Based on Request Hi, could you make me an imagine that’s not a typical love story? Something surprising and unpredictable? Thanks xx

Rating - This one’s just PG-13, the smut comes next. lol sorry. 

Word Count - 6,038

Author’s Note - So sorry it’s so late! It took me a while to find ideas and everything, but I’m excited because the story is kicking into play now. :) 

I hope you like it! 

“Calum?” I asked, capturing his attention, with a soft hum flittering from his lips in response. “What do they mean?” I asked him, running my hand up and down his chest, admiring the markings of ink on his skin. The one right underneath his collarbone captured my attention the most, the Roman numerals. Our hearts were still beating heavily, in a desperate attempt to catch our breaths, and I loved the way his chest heaved, reaching up towards my hand and then back down towards the bed again. His arm was wrapped tightly around me as I rested my head in the crook of his neck. I never wanted to let go.

“It’s 2012. But, you know, cooler.” He shrugged, pressing a gentle kiss to my forehead.

“That’s it? Really?” I asked, tracing the letters with my finger. They were so elegant, for being so seemingly meaningless. “Why?” I asked, after a pause.

He shrugged. “Why not?”
If there was a secret underlying message to the year of apocalypse tattooed on his chest, he didn’t give me it. He continued to kiss me, and hold me tighter, whispering sweet nothings my ear.

And honestly, there was no place I’d rather be. Wrapped in his warm, sleek arms, near his chest, one of my legs in-between his, so tangled together it was unclear when one started and the other ended. Some TV show played in the background, and a faint Chris Brown song played from the kitchen, but we weren’t paying attention. The noises faded out and we were left with each other.

“Forever,” He whispered in my ear.

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The "preference" people who don't prefer Black

Why does it seem like those with a “preference” that doesn’t include Black people (Black women specifically) have the need to tell everyone about it?

Never once in my life have I been in a situation where my “preference” was the center of discussion. Where are they going that strangers must inquire about their preference in a partner? Oh right, that isn’t happening at all. These malcontents are just going around volunteering this information unsolicited, especially when there is collective praise and adoration for a Black woman. When called out on it, they say things like “It’s my preference. I’m not into Black women at all.” But who asked you? Seriously, who asked you? Nobody is sweating what you do in your private life. Please. Almost all the time when preference comes up, it’s to denigrate and insult Black women. They always find a way. Sometimes it’s subtle, but writing articles about why you aren’t dating an entire race (especially when it’s your own race) is not about uplifting and betterment, no matter how polite you are about it. It’s just “soft rejection”. Let’s get that clear and out in the open. People think that being civil and poised means that anything they say or write is acceptable or that their opinions are beyond reproach.

That said, nothing is quite as pathetic as the “I preferably find an entire race unattractive” jokers. Apart from the sheer irrationality of that position, even if someone actually feels that way, why must they insist on telling the very people they deem unattractive this information? To what end? What is the end goal? What possible reason other than being an asshole who wants to incite anger could there be for this?

That’s the poison of white supremacy and it stinks. It’s one thing when white people do it, what else is new? However, it’s really hurtful to hear it from your own, no matter what kind of shield or armor you have in place to protect your feelings. I’m not a Black woman, so I won’t pretend to lay claim on what it feels like to have vitriol hurled at me constantly from all angles hellbent on disparaging everything about my identity. Some of the comments on videos and articles on Lupita Nyong'o for instance are so hateful and full of rage. I didn’t think anyone could say something negative about the video of Lupita braiding hair. I was wrong. Lupita is a young woman out here living her life and prospering. Apparently that alone is enough to anger them.

I sound like a broken record, but you’ve got to love yourself. How can everyone like you be ugly and unworthy? What are you saying about yourself? I guess they are the exception to that rule. It’s always bizarre to witness people deride their own people. Do they understand how foolish they look? What are you even doing with your life if this is your position? Oh you’re Black but don’t find Black people attractive? I guess you’re a special brand of Black.

Anyway, one thing that is aggravating is this need some people have to quantify and analyze their dating choices. That needs to stop. No more thinkpieces about why you only date white women or anything like that. I read that lame ass Gawker article by Ernest Baker titled ’The Reality of Dating White Women When You’re Black’, and the entire time I was thinking what the point of it was. He tried to separate himself from “self-hating Black men” who make up contrived stereotypes about Black women, but then proceeds to pen an entire article rife with stereotypes about Black women and then said he’s dated white since he was 13 because Black girls at his high school wanted “thugs”. Okay guy. We get it, you only want to be with white women now. Your choices clearly reflect that. Date who you want. Question; why should we care about who you date?

For dudes like this, please just go away to whatever greener pastures you think exist. Stop explaining things no one asked you to. Stop bringing up high school. Are you still in high school? You’re a grown ass man. You don’t have to explain anything or start talking about the Black girls in high school who wanted “thugs” and not you, or that only white girls liked you. You’ve got to realize how much of a loser you sound like when you say things like this. Have dudes like this ever considered that maybe they were just cornballs? Why is that never considered? Why is it always about Black girls rejecting them? Maybe they rejected your corniness and wackness, not the fact that you weren’t a “thug”. Maybe you were just extremely wack and less discerning girls didn’t mind your wackness because they too were wack. Just like real recognize real, wack recognize wack.

Black men with the constant need to reaffirm why they don’t date Black women or why they only date white women need to go away. You will not be missed. They never go away though. They stick around to pontificate and explain why they don’t date Black women, as if they accomplished something. Why must their opinion and so called preference be center stage? No one is asking about their proclivities because no one cares. No one is having sleepness nights about this. No one is begging them to reconsider. No one is thinking about you. Move on with your life and whatever preferences you have. Truly. It’s for the best. In fact, life would be grand if these people just left for good. Go away. Never come back. Peace out. Ciao. Sayanora. Adios. Get the stepping. Vamoose. Bounce. Get out.

Whatever you do however, no more explanations about your “preferences” that are always Black exclusionary or your “reality” of dating white women, like you’re living with insurmountable hardship. God, just make it stop. Aren’t you clowns exhausted with all the ways you can come up with to denigrate Black women? Aren’t you tired already? Haven’t you had enough? How many ways can you let it be known that you don’t want Black women? You prefer white women. We get it loud and clear. Message received!

Are you a Black man thinking about writing an article about why you only date white women and why you don’t date Black women? Are you a Black man who is thinking “Gosh, you know what the world really needs right now? An article venerating my preference for white women and why I don’t date Black women.” Let me stop you right there. Don’t do it. Please reconsider. Do something more worthwhile with your time. Consider walking off a cliff or jumping into a barrel of acid. Both are more worthwhile endeavors to partake in than writing a thinkpiece on why you don’t date Black women.

“You don’t have to date anyone with a penis if it makes you uncomfortable”.  I mean, that is true!  You don’t HAVE to date anyone, and any reason is perfectly valid.  You also don’t have to date people with big noses if they make you uncomfortable.  Or black skin.  Or a missing leg.  Or attention deficit.

The thing you should be questioning isn’t whether you HAVE to date amab trans people out of some guilt tripping - frankly if you’re a TERF, none of us with any self respect are interested (and those of us without it I would prefer that YOU don’t prey on THEM).  You’re perfectly free to not date trans people, or disabled people, or people of colour, or whatever other people you think less of.  You should, however, ask yourself WHY a girl with a penis or dark skin or a disability would make you uncomfortable dating them.

Honestly, who still circulates this “predatory trans lesbian” idea, as if trans girls aren’t generally nervous wrecks with confidence issues.  The cis act like WE’RE the ones threatening THEM.

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where are your gay Characters? ahr

aw sorry I don’t have any atm. I don’t believe in making a character just to fit a quota, it’s not genuine  I’d rather a character be created naturally and if they happen to be gay then rad but i don’t want that to be all they’re defined by.
Not aiming it at you but I get ask sometimes like “I see you have black characters but where are the dark skinned ones?  you should have a character with a hijab  why are your characters thin where are the fat girls”  I see it kinda like when you watch a reality show like real house wives or the bachelor  and they throw in that one ethnic character or that one fat character  and the whole time you’re watching you know they would have never hung out or dated if it wasn’t for the show putting that person there. it seems forced and fake  and you know shes just there to fill a quota so people don’t call in like  “ um how come there’s never a fat house wife? how come there’s never a Hispanic house wife >;0″ and you know they just put her there to shut people up? it’s like that I don’t ever wanna just make a character to fill a quota  i wanna make them genuinely and actually put thought and story into them not :

“um where are your short dudes? ”    

 “ SHIT i dont have any short  characters D8  …. *scribbles something * uhhh there! here’s Bob he’s short….. and  he likes to uhhh.. do short stuff :D! *never draws him again * ” lol I hate that I see it all the time 

Drunken Farkle pt 1
  • *aged up core 4 at a bar, and the bartender comes over with a round of shots*
  • Carl the Bartender: On the house. It's my own concoction. I call it The Red Dragon.
  • *a round of oohs and thanks*
  • Riley: Ugh, these look kind of like blood.
  • Lucas: I know that you've all dismissed this theory before, but is there any chance that Carl is a bartender? I'm serious. He always wears black. We've never seen him in the daylight.
  • Maya: Oh god... that does describe a vampire, or you know... a bartender.
  • Riley: I should get dressed.
  • Farkle: Where're you going buddy? Hot date?
  • Maya: I'll say! She's going out with a billionaire!
  • Riley: He's not a Billionaire, he's a Hundred Millionaire! Why do people always round up?
  • Farkle: So where's mister big-shot taking you?
  • Riley: A charity dinner.
  • Maya: Yeah, $2,000 dollars a plate!
  • Riley: $1,500, stop rounding up! It's for third world hunger. I've gotta go.
  • *a round of goodbyes*
  • Lucas: You ok?
  • Farkle: Yeah, why?
  • Lucas: Girl of your dreams, dating a Billionaire... Farkle, your problem is that all you do is think, think, think.
  • Lucas: I'm teaching you how to do, do, do!
  • Maya: *chuckles* doo-doo
  • Lucas: haha, totally!
  • Farkle: I happen to have a very powerful brain. It can't be helped!
  • Lucas: Oh, yes it can. *sets shot down in front of Farkle*
  • Lucas: It's what's stopping you from getting Riley! It's gonna keep on happening until you power down that bucket of neurosis, inebriation style.
  • Farkle: So you want me to do a shot?
  • Lucas: Oh no. I want you to do five shots.
  • Maya: Interesting....
  • Farkle: Lucas, I think you've officially -
  • Lucas: No, don't think. Do.
  • Maya: Farkle, he's right. You overthink. Maybe you should over-drink...
  • Lucas: Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink
  • Maya: Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink
  • *Farkle rolls his eyes but starts downing the shots*
  • Farkle: Let me tell you something about this brain, ok? Mere alcohol cannot stop this brain. This brain, dear mortals, is no ordinary brain! This is a super-brain. This brain is unstoppable. This brain -
  • *and that's all he remembered*
Love chaos

Y/N’s view

„You know what?“, I asked laying my head to Sirius shoulder. “Tell me.”, he answered laying his arm around my waist pulling me closer. “But don’t tell anyone else.”, I said “I can keep secrets, you know that. So?” “I guess I fell in love.”, Sirius smiled “Do I know him?” “Yes.” “So who is it? Me?”, I laughed “No. I wouldn’t tell you like that.” “So who is it?” “Remus.”. Sirius stiffened himself. “Really Remus? I mean he is a good man but you could have every man here. So why Remus?” “He is so nice and carrying and he is really cute. But I’m afraid he will never like me back. Not that way.” “I guess the two of you wouldn’t fit together. You are just not made for each other. And I Remus told us a few days ago he likes Amy Bradshaw.”, I sighed “I knew it.”.

Sirius’ view

Why? I punched the wall screaming in frustration. Why Remus? Why couldn’t she see how much she means to me? Why couldn’t she love me back? Again I punched the wall until my knuckles started to bleed. She was the most amazing girl in Hogwarts and she loved Remus. Remus was my friend and I knew he really liked Y/N but I couldn’t see them together. I would never get over that. “Hey Sirius are you ok?”, Remus asked coming in. He looked at my bleeding hand. “Did you punch the wall?” “Yeah.” “Why?” “I am angry.”, I groaned “Want to talk about it?”, Remus asked “No.”, I gnarled.

Y/N’s view

I sat next to Sirius sighing. “What?”, he asked. Somehow he sounded angry.”What’s wrong with you?”, I asked looking at him somehow confused. “Nothing.”, he answered through his teeth. “I don’t believe that.”, I said looking at him “So believe it or not I don`t care!”, he shouted and jumped up “And you know what? Remus is going to date Amy.”, he snarled in a low voice before leaving. I just sat there looking how he ran away. Why was Sirius so angry? What did I do wrong?

Sirius’ view

“Hey Moony, you know what? I heard Amy Bradshaw fell for you.”, I said laying my arm around his shoulder “So what?”, he answered “You should ask her out.” “But I like…” “Doesn’t matter. You can kind of train with her.”, I smiled. I knew it was wrong but I needed to get this two apart. I just wanted to Y/N be mine. I couldn’t deal with them being together. “But I don’t want to…” “You will date her and maybe you like her, because I heard Y/N isn’t really into you. I’m sorry Moony.”. He looked at me. “If you say so.”, Remus sighed and went to the library.

My plan was perfect. When Remus asked Amy to go on a date Y/N would be frustrated and I could ask her out. Maybe than she would see how much I liked her and that I was the best man for her. So when we were sitting in the common room I pulled Y/N closer when Remus walked towards Amy. I could see how shy he was and I could feel how Y/N stiffened herself. “Hey don’t be angry.”, I said stroking her hair. “You could go on a date with me.”, I proposed. She looked at me. “No I really don’t want to go on a date now.”, she said, jumping up and leaving for her bedroom. Great plan Sirius.
Y/N’s view
I lay on my bed, crying. I never knew Remus even knew Amy better. I pressed my face into my pillow. Hardly crying all my body was shaking. A warm hand wandered over my back. “I am sorry Y/N.”, Sirius whispered. “Shut up Black.”, I snarled. “I shouldn’t have asked you out and I am sorry that Remus is dating Amy but that’s how life goes. The heart wants what it wants.” “Yeah and Remus would never like me.”, I cried. “Come on. It is not that bad. There are enough boys at Hogwarts you might date.” “Yeah you for example?”, I pushed myself up looking at Sirius. I could never love him. He was my best friend but nothing more. “Yeah maybe we could go on a date.” “Sirius I can’t date you. You are my best friend. I would never date you.”.

Sirius’ view

Best friend. My heart felt like it would break. If any other girl would have said that I wouldn’t have cared but Y/N? I would have given every girl to make Y/N my girl. I smiled sadly. “Why do you look like this?”, she asked laying her hand to my cheek. “Doesn’t matter.” “It does. You are my best friend.” “Yeah and that’s the problem.” “Don’t… Don’t you want to be my friend anymore?”, she asked close to tears. “No that’s not what I mean. I… I mean for me you are more than a friend, I… I really like you.”, she let her hand drop. “What?” “Yeah but I guess I’ll never have a chance with you. Just like you will not have a chance with Remus since he is into Amy. So I thought we might date and maybe you might like me more and… Forget it. I’ll leave you. Just think about it.”.

Y/N’s view

I sat on my bed shocked. How could Sirius say things like that? How could this even have happened? I mean he could have every girl. So why me? I lay my head back to the bed. I just didn’t know what to do. Maybe I should act sick for a few days so I could figure out a plan that would get me out of this. I mean could it have been worse? My best friend loving me and the boy I love dating another girl?

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Question; Why do black men hate black women? I know most of y'all gonna say, "you bitches got attitudes" "you hoes ware weave"; which may be true, but not all of us do. You do realize that some white/ Mexican/ Petro Rican/ Dominican girls ware weave too? And y'all wanna say a white girl with an attitude don't take shit, which no human being should... I just wanna know why y'all hate us so much?

For the record, I am a Black woman.

I do agree that we are commonly given a rash generalization in explanation as to why black men wont date us (black women). And yes it is true that Black girls are understood as the only ones that want or need weave which is so comedically false. Lol, like yall really just do not know.

And to be honest my friend, a lot of times when I listen to recent music I feel like Black men really, honestly, and truly hate Black women. But as I said before on this blog, this is not a Black thing. Patriarchy instructs a hatred of women and a lot of men dont even realize how much they hate women. A lot of women dont realize how much they hate women. (And if you dont believe me, how many times have you heard a woman say, “I dont hang with other women, they’re too much drama.”)

Wanting to have sex with a woman doesn’t mean you love women…it’s means you love an orgasm as much as the next person you just happen to prefer to have them with a woman. The minute you hear a person harping on traditional habits, needs or common wants that women have, just know they dont like women. I dont care how they try to defend that ish they don’t like women. Shoutout to @Curvellas, she taught me that. http://curvellas.tumblr.com/post/80260866385/keep-in-mind-many-men-dont-really-like-women

Black men who say they dont date black women for those sorts of arbitrary reasons dont know women at all and would probably be the first to say they detest the thug stereotype.

He Asks You Out/First Date (Derek)

Derek is the absolute worst at expressing emotion. Which is exactly why you had to ask him out, not the other way around.

“How are you doing Sourwolf?” you asked as you arrived to his house completely uninvited and unannounced. His eyes widened as they landed on you and he stepped aside to let you in.

“I’m fine I guess,” he said while closing the door behind you. “Might I ask why you’re here?”

“To ask you on a date,” you said, turning to face him. The expression on his face was unreadable as always so his answer was going to have to come verbally.

“Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?” he asked, his tone hinting to amusement.

“Well, I’ve never been one to follow convention,” you began, “and you’re shit at expressing yourself. So you in or not?”

“Um, sure,” he said a bit dumbfounded. 

“Good, grab your coat or we’ll be late.”

“Wait, now?!”

“Yup. I made some reservations at the new steak house in town a while ago so you better get your butt up and get your jacket cause we’re going right now.”

“Only if we take the Camaro.”

“Riding in style?”


After grabbing his jacket and slipping into the sleek black car, the two of you were at the restaurant in record time. And Derek was right, he always rode in style. From the moment he stepped out of the car and into the restaurant, ladies’ eyes followed him. There were many lustful glances thrown at him, but he paid no attention to any of them and focused solely on the woman on his arm, you.

“Reservation for Hale,” you told the hostess when you approached her podium. She nodded, checking her book while Derek chuckled that you put the reservation under his name.

“Hale party of two,” she confirmed. “Right this way.”

She led you to a nice table for the two of you and gave you your menus and made her way to get water.

“This place is nice,” he said. 

“I know,” you replied. “And luckily, the food here isn’t too expensive so we won’t completely empty our wallets.”

“Hello, my name is Brian, I will be your server today,” the waiter cut in. “Might I start you off with some drinks?”

“Sure,” you told him. “I’ll just have a Shirley Temple.”

“No problem sweetcheeks,” Brian said. He looked over at Derek. “And you?”

“Water’s fine,” he shrugged.

“Alright, water for the man and Shirley Temple for the angel face,” he said. “I’ll be back with that in a minute.”

Once the waiter was out of sight, Derek spoke up.

“He was awfully friendly,” he mumbled.

“Creepy too,” you added. “Anyone who smiles that much has to be some degree of psycho.”   


The waiter was back all to quickly and handed the two of you your drinks before smiling and asking, “Are you ready to order?”

“Yeah,” you said. “I’ll have the classic steak, well done.”

“I’ll have the same,” Derek added. Brian nodded, collected your menu, and skidded off to the kitchen for your food. In the mean time, you and Derek talked about normal date things as well as poked fun at a couple odd characters around the restaurant. And things were going really well until Brian came back with the food.

“Here you go,” he said, setting the plates down in front of you. You were quick to notice the piece of paper he’d managed to sneak under your plate and you were about to say something but Derek beat you to it.

“Do you really think it’s a good idea to flirt with a woman while her date is right in front of you?” he asked, anger written all over his features as he grabbed the slip of paper and handed it back. The waiter only smirked in response.

“You don’t seem like the type that can hold onto a girls for too long,” he replied.

“And you don’t look like the type who can get a girl in the first place,” Derek retorted. “Now why don’t you get us a different server before I give you a black eye to match your attitude.”

With that, the waiter huffed and stomped off, leaving you to calm down Derek and laugh at what had just happened. The waitress who came to replace him was much nicer and even agreed that Brian could be a douche when it came to pretty girls and their dates.

The rest of the date went great and the only disagreement was over the bill which Derek insisted on paying himself.

“We should go back there sometime,” you told him on the ride home. He shrugged in response, but you weren’t sure whether is was in agreement of not. 


Before you guys have my head on a plate because this is different from the first meeting thing, I’ll explain. This made for a better and more believable story line since Derek is more of an unreadable character. So before you go sayin, “But he asked her out with a note!” I changed it for the greater good. just pretend that that date got canceled and they never rescheduled.