why you should be a lesbian lol

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you should write a meta post on why you think reyna is lesbian!! i love your metas they're so good

Hello, non! Thank you, lol. I broke out the big guns for this—capital letters and all, lmao. (Though it’s not proofread because I jumped the gun and got too excited once it was done so………………don’t judge me)

First off: I want to make it abundantly clear that I am not trying to talk people out of their interpretations of Reyna. I just…think she’s a lesbian, and think there’s a lot of textual backing to support me. My word isn’t gospel and a lot of these passages are subjective, and I am well aware that there is room for disagreement. But I figured it was about time to lay out why I feel so strongly the way I do, and what subtext I keep referring to when I’m making other points, especially after being asked!

AND A DISCLAIMER: I never read BOO. So I really am not claiming to be the ultimate authority here—this is just what I see, what I like to see, and my reasons for interpreting it the way that I do.

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Do you mind if I ask you for LGBT book recs? I'm having a hard time finding rec lists that aren't full of YA (which is great, just not my genre) or really shitty books like the Captive Prince series (not sorry). btw, not to bring the discourse into your blog lol but when I say LGBT I mean lesbian, gay, bisexual (and pansexual), and transgender (and non-binary) only. This should be obvious, but with this site you never know...

Off the top of my still ever searching head…please note this list is skewed towards the L and the G. You can also find books by searching the goodreads lists for what you’re looking for.

But I am also struggling to find non YA which is why I’m so obsessed with writing it.

The Song of Achilles by Madeleine Miller, A Portable Shelter by Kirsty Logan (so far her other stuff is proving good too), Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin, Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu, almost anything by Sarah Waters but either The Night Watch or Tipping the Velvet are my favourites, If we were villains by M.L Rio, Kissing the Witch by Emma Donoghue, Nightwood by Djuna Barnes, Fun Home by Alison Bechdel.

Not romancey, but if you like serial killer genre which I am aware is very much not everyone’s taste and probably not yours - Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z Brite and Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates. Don’t read these for romance, but I enjoyed them.

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Can you explain why cis het asexual people aren't LGBT/can't reclaim q*eer?

because people who aren’t trans/SGA aren’t LGBT! cishets are cishet; regardless of the level of sexual/romantic attraction they feel, they still dont feel same gender attraction and are not in any way affected by systematic oppression in the way of homophobia/transphobia. 

queer is used as a slur specifically against SGA/trans people - nobody else has any right to “reclaim” it or use it at all.

i know the responses i’ll get to this so lemme preemptively address them:

  • “cishet aces are treated as ‘different’ so they should be able to feel included in a community”

join a glee club buddy, the LGBT community isn’t just for anyone who feels “different”. if furries aren’t LGBT neither are y’all. if you wanna feel included, nobody is stopping you from creating your own ace/aro community! 

  • “making safe spaces exclusive is rude/mean/dangerous”

safe spaces have to be exclusive or they aren’t safe…idk why you think we should allow our oppressors in our community tbh.

  • “cishet ace people aren’t heterosexual AND heteroromantic so they ARE lgbt!”

i really hate this one lol. if you dont have to be both bisexual AND biromantic to be bi, you dont have to be both heterosexual AND heteroromantic to be straight. also, it’s not about “not being hetero”, it’s about BEING sga/trans. cishets are cishets and they aren’t LGBT.

  • “corrective rape”

firstly, corrective rape is a lesbian issue, don’t co-opt our terms and issues for something not related to the original terminology. secondly, being raped for not wanting sex is a product of rape culture and misogyny/hyper-masculinity, and has nothing to do with being asexual. 

  • “so being told we ‘just havent met the right person yet’ isnt systematic oppression?”


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have you considered: nyma/allura

I HAVE, IN FACT. And I love it. I love it. Here’s some thoughts:

  • Before the Paladins touched down, Rolo and Nyma hashed out their game plan for stealing the Lions. Nyma’s schtick is definitely flirting, she’s an absolute pro, so the two bounty hunters agreed beforehand to follow Plan ‘Love ‘Em And Leave ‘Em.’
  • Anyway, the Paladins exit the Castle and Rolo&Nyma go to meet them and then… Nyma spots Allura.
    • Nyma internally: Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. Holyyyyyyy shit that is a Gorgeous Girl™. 
    • Allura: (opens her mouth to greet the trio)
    • Nyma internally: I’m gay. I’m Gay. Mystery girl open ur ports cause the SS Nyma is coming in for a docking-
    • Lance: Helloooooooooo nurse ;)
    • Nyma internally: GodDAMMIT.
  • Nyma flirts with everyone because she likes to but make no mistake… She’s a Big Gay. The biggest. But she has to follow the plan which means going along with Lance’s flirting. While Nyma’s working her charm on Lance she constantly sends wistful glances at Allura’s back… When will a pretty girl finally hit on Nyma… Why is her life so hard… :’(
  • At the end of the episode after the team leaves Rolo & Nyma on that asteroid Nyma is like, “Rolo holy SHIT did u see that girl? You talked to her right? What is she like? Do you think she likes girls? Rolo. Rolo pls.”
  • Anywayyy time passes and eventually everyone crosses paths with each other again. Lance is super wary of Nyma  at first (”Nyma you broke my heart!!” “No I didn’t.” “Nah, you didn’t.”) so he’s On Guard but Nyma just breezes right past him and heads straight to Allura.
    • Nyma: Hi there ;)
    • Allura: Um
    • Lance: ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
  • Lance voice: I should have realized… I should have known… Of course Nyma likes girls… That’s the only reason why she was resistant to my charms…
    • Nyma voice: keep telling urself that lol (goes back to flirting w Allura)
  • Allura & Nyma are the girlfriends who always look amazing together. Can you imagine what their closest must look like? Imagine the sheer amount of flannel.
  • Nyma wears the beanie Allura bought her and Allura wears this big scarf that Nyma made her. They are truly the Summer/Fall lesbian power couple.
  • Obviously Rolo/Nyma/Beezer are off doing their own thing while the Paladins are committed to saving the universe, but whenever Allura needs some help she just calls up her gf for backup lmfao. Except they always start flirting and end up getting sidetracked unless someone steps in LOL
    • Allura: Nyma? Darling, do you have a minute?
    • Nyma: I always have time for the prettiest girl in the galaxy ;)
    • Allura: Is that so? What a coincidence, because right now I’m looking at the most gorgeous girl in the galaxy ;))
    • Nyma: Oh? Should I be… Jealous? ;)))
    • Allura: Well I don’t know, should you be? ;))))
    • Shiro: Allura I’m sorry but… The plan?
  • After dating for a few months Nyma and Allura go on a date to explore some ancient ruins and they accidentally stumble upon a magic artifact and whoops! :) They’re impervious to all harm now :) Guess these lesbians get to live forever :) In love and happy :)
  • On that note, Nyma is the lesbian who brings a knife to a gunfight and wins.
  • Coran is absolutely smitten with Nyma and thinks she’s a delight. Nyma thinks that Coran’s moustache is totally rocking and that he’s a pretty cool dude. Allura almost cries when she realizes they get along famously, she loves her family so much.
If someone truly loves you, then it doesn’t matter what kind of fights you go through, they will still be there waiting for you on the other side ready to do it all over again if that’s what it takes to make it work. Nothing is easy, why should the one thing nearly every human is fighting for, not be worth fighting to keep?
—  I stumbled upon your journal &

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no shade because u seem real nice and I'm just curious, if you're upset with the new heathers being minorities why do you draw macnamera as a poc

listen here-

In the reboot Heather M is a black lesbian, Duke is gender queer, and Chandler has supposedly the “Martha body”. Theyre FORCING diversity and it defeats the purpose of the character’s roles.

I cant word stuff for my life so here’s what my friend said about it-

“ having a poc character is different than making each heather intentionally cover multiple minority groups” so there ya go ig 

kweers: if you are not open to date any type of person you are not a lesbian/gay, you are a genital fetishist and a bigot! let me, an asexual demipanromantic afab mlm genderfluid, educate bigoted gay men on what it is like to be gay and why they should date female people who id as men! PIV can be gay af, y’know :)) why not try it if your trans partner likes it and you like them :) hearts not parts :)

also kweers: i thought this community would accept me for who i am :( why does everyone hate me, why can’t we just support each other if society doesn’t support us :( also go kill yourself lol

@gayasingay can you believe

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Why is it so hard to find femmes interested in other femmes in the black lesbian community? Dating is non existent for me.

Hey anon,

As a fellow black femme I sometimes feel the same way. I think you should try and focus on doing things that you enjoy and meeting people with the same interests as you..hopefully some of these people are black femmes lol. But patience is a virtue and you should just carry on with your life and hopefully the black femme of your dreams walks into your life.

Best of luck

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So it turns out the girl I have a major crush on is known to be a player. She seems like a really shy person, but she has this confident lesbian vibe if that's a thing lol. My friend said I should still go for it though. I'm so confused cause I haven't felt this way with a person before and it's overwhelming but I don't want to get my heart broken again cause that's kinda shitty.

Oh.. That’s a bummer, that she’s a player. You can’t really be sure if she really is ‘different’ for you, or that you’re just another of the girls she’s playing games with. That’s why it’s important you take it easy and very serious. If you handle this seriously, she will respect you. And then it’s obvious if she actually likes you ☺️😘

Ace Prob #3456
  • *Talking to old friend from years ago*
  • Me: What should I take to college?
  • Friend: Condoms.
  • Me: Um I'm going to be in an all girl area...
  • Friend: Wow, you're gay?
  • Me: No, I told you I was asexual like three times already.
  • Friend: Oh! LOL I forgot. Wtf is asexual anyway? Is that like liking yourself?
  • Me: I would hope everyone likes themselves. It's not being attracted to anyone or anything.
  • Friend: That's weird as hell. Lol, you'll like dick eventually, don't worry about it.
  • Me: Do you tell that to lesbians?
  • Friend: No, I know they wouldn't like dick. They're lesbians.
  • Me: Then why would you tell anyone of any different sexual orientation that?
  • Friend: You're so weird.

hey libfems / trans activists / anyone claiming lesbians can like dick i have a question for u

if lesbians could be attracted to penises (male genitals) then why on earth wouldn’t they simply date “"cis”“ males and call themselves straight or bi, instead of, u know, being discriminated against and beaten and raped specifically because they don’t like men?

it doesn’t matter if u only date men after they’ve told u they go by she/her, if you like dicks you like males which means…. you’re a fucking political lesbian lol ! stop fucking telling young lesbians they have to suck dick otherwise they’re ugly transphobes who should die, especially since none of u are actual lesbians lmao

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What the hell is your problem? Like yes gays suffer more from hate and other shit that’s very true and very real and I really wish for the day it ends. But why do u need to be the ‘#1 suffered the most of the LGBTQ+ pool’? What’s your problem with porn and sex workers? They earn money through that.They are also protected by the third wave Feminism. It is really weird that people say lesbians should like trans women who haven’t gone thru surgery, but even without, they r still women.

First of all I don’t associate myself with the “LGBTQ+ pool” lol. And sex workers are not protected by any means. Sex is not labor. If you have to sell sex to live, its not a choice. And no. Trans women are not women lol

top10 influential wlw kpop icons:
1. amber
2. mamamoo
3. hani
4. all of red velvet somehow
5. krystal
6. taeyeon
7. choa for some reason idk i hate her
8. lee michelle
9. iu
10. yuri

top10 influential mlm kpop icons:
1. heechul
2. jonghyun
3. kim hansol
4. key
5. jaejoong
6. ricky
7. ravi, sadly
8. jackson wang
9. sehun
10. jeonghan


you just cant live without us arguing can you

1. amber has like 100x butch power but her lol randoms are too :( she’s definitely not someone who should be in 1st place

2. how is hani below amber this is biphobia.

3. irene from rv is a homophone unfortunately

taeyeon n krystal r tru. why do you hate choa ??? did she do something or are u just bitter? discuss.

the others are also good but like ??? you forgot moon hyuna??? the lesbian icon?? the cat lesbian moon hyuna? this is homophobia at its best.

who’s ricky idk her. ravi deserves to be under jackson ok, jackson was more bi always. 

Be a lady, because just being a female isn't fucking good enough.

I can see your ass when you bend over in that dress! Only old women wear pantsuits. You slept with him on the first date?? So… Why won’t you put out? You should be more confident. All you do is post pictures of you god you’re so conceited. You shouldn’t use that kind of language. Why are you so uptight? All girls care about is makeup and fashion. LOL politics are a guy’s thing don’t worry about it. I just want a girl who will watch the game with me. You don’t even know all of the player’s statistics how can you call yourself a fan? Only lesbians have short hair like that. You aren’t a mermaid, get a haircut. It’s so hot that you like girls. Boys won’t take you seriously if you tell them you’re bisexual. Do what you want with your body to be comfortable. Your tattoos are so fucking trashy. Speak up for yourself. Whoa, the men are talking here babe. You’re not like most girls. Why can’t you be more like her? Your voice is so annoying and high-pitched. I wouldn’t date her, she sounds like a man! You’d look better with less makeup. Don’t you care about your appearance? You’re a still a virgin?!? You’ve had sex with how many people?!? BE A LADY.

In order to be a lady, you have to be a walking, [quietly] talking paradox. These statements might sound silly, but they are the contradictions that have been thrown at me my whole life by strangers, exes, friends, and even family.

At some point, after many years of trial and error, self doubt, and possibly therapy, you realize that girls can’t fucking win. You’ve been told you’re so wrong for so long, yet you can’t seem to find one single way to be right.

It’s taken me 22 years, but I’ve finally realized that I don’t want to be right - I want to be me. Me, as in the overly sexual, confident, sailor mouthed fucking mermaid who can rock lingerie or a turtleneck at any given moment - maybe even at the same time. Find whatever “me” is to you, and never turn back. Well, unless it’s to blow a kiss and wink at scoffing passersby.

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Are u some kind of lesbian omnipotent being who knows everything about the universe??? U know, since u claim that transpeople and pansexuality doesnt exist. Why should anyone believe that lesbians exist, when u and your nasty followers claim that transpeople and pansexuality doesnt exist? What makes your sexual orientation so valid while everyone elses sexual orientation is fake? I'm going to do what you are doing and tell everyone that lesbians dont exist :)

Well pansexuality is literally pretentious bisexuality and yes I understand trans people exist dumbass lol

I have a couple dates lined up with different guys so that should be fun. Messaged a few ladies but no replies, whomp whomp. Why is getting dates with girls so much harder than guys? Lol. No, don’t answer that. It’s because 1. some lesbians don’t want to date bi girls (and they say it loudly) 2. a lot of them want monogamy & I’m poly. Which is fine. I only want to date someone who’s 100% happy with who I am & what I have to offer. That should be everyone’s goal, I’m so tired of hearing my friends try to fit themselves into other people’s boxes just to avoid being alone. Trust me, it’s better to be alone than to be stuck in a place you don’t fit. How’s everyone else’s love life going?