why you praise me


Summary:You and Sam spend an interesting day not touching, followed by an even more interesting night…

Word Count: 2900ish

Warning: smut, masturbation, use of a vibrator, praise!kink, voyeurism (sort of?)

A/N: Why is the idea of Sam praising me so hot? Hope you enjoy!

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“In ten years you haven’t changed a bit.”

anonymous asked:

Have you read the lunar chronicles?

i tried reading cinder but i could predict the ending/what was gonna happen after the first few chapters and i thought the writing was a bit sappy and simple :/ i have nothing against it tho and the entire series is super diverse so i think everyone should give it a shot, it just wasn’t my cup of tea

People send me the rudest anon messages about Louis like news flash you knew I was a Louis girl before you followed me so why’re you so hurt when I praise him?? You can unfollow tbh I’m not going to deal with negativity because you hate something that makes me happy. Bye sis!!

I dunno why you guys are all getting so OMG about the praise lauded on me in this interview Dad did. I mean, let’s just remember that Dad was photographed with an arm around me…

months before he was photographed with an arm around Mom.

So, you know, Gooster is real.