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Mae,in the comsic horror? - scanned+photo 

I hope I can play through the game again,because I only hung out with Gregg and Germ :’) But heard about the college party with Bea and I need that 

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Why did you pick your theme colors that way? They're really pretty, are they your favorite colors?

My mobile theme or my desktop theme?

My desktop theme is pink because pink is my favorite color and I could probably live in it for the rest of my life, but my mobile theme is to match the header :D

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Why are you hiding from Henry anyway? Also what's your favorite color?

“I got nervous and dripped ink all over Henry’s nice carpet! I’m usually much better at keeping myself together, but my condition must be getting worse. I’m a little scared that Henry will be disappointed in me, and if I keep messing up, maybe he’ll not want me anymore. I don’t have anywhere else to go… and, uh, my favorite color is yellow. But that might change when I find a new shade I like better. There are so many colors.”

Long tagged thingy

Thank you @catslab and @shiroekoyuki for the tag!! <3
It honestly has been so long since I did stuffs like this hahahaha so thank you!

——- Questions from catslab:
Favorite colors and why?

Red and Yellow (or Gold). I also like black. Why I like them? I LOVE RED because it can symbolize either love or war; passion or rage; a blush or some blood. It basically represents me. xD. Yellow/Gold/Black just kinda always shows up in my works, so they became part of my aesthetic too <3

What’s your favorite drawing style?

Drawing style? Hmmm… My own? Or am I supposed to mention someone else’s style? But if I were to do special mentions then I will give my top 3– I can say that I absolutely adore @quiethistess‘, @lightdizzy’s and @petrichor-note’s drawing style. Details, proportions, and poses have always been wonders for me and they bring that out so beautifully! <3

What’s your favorite coloring style?

I’m actually easily impressed by any kind of coloring style because I’m actually pretty bad at it haha! But if I were to describe it, well, I like bright ones, or some contrasting stuffs… and maybe some darker shades too (<– doesnt know what she’s saying). Basically something like @adeslowmoqueen‘s, @quiethistess`, and @damucochan`s way of coloring… They’re all so unique that you end up falling in love with their works almost everyday!!

Do you like games?

Trickster Online still holds a special place in my heart. I mean look at the cute sprites! v

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What is/are your aesthetic/s?

The night. The moon. A rainy day. A forest view. The sky when it’s dawn.

What is/are your favorite color palette/s?

What is/are your favorite motive/s?

Challenges. Proving people wrong. Proving people I can be better. 
“People who enjoy life are winners,” -Takao Kazunari
Making people happy. Making them realize they’re loved.

Do you like cute things? If so, what kind of cute things do you like?

D’aaaaaaaw xDDDD I mean—
Well, I like cute stuffs. Cute animals. Cute stationeries, Cute characters.

——- Questions from shiroekoyuki:
Qn 1. What are your hobbies?

Drawing. Daydreaming. Listening to music. Thinking of story plots but not even writing them down. Eating. League of Legends. Trickster Online. xDDD

Qn 2. Do you like Youtubers? If yes, what are some of your favorite Youtubers?


This hasn’t been updated since a few months ago tho xD I think I’m forgetting to subscribe to some peeps…. HEH

Qn 3. Do you like sweet food?

Heck yeah <3. It’s either I crave for sweets, or I crave for meat!!

Qn 4. Do you love animals?

More than humans tbh xD

Qn 5. What are your 5 top favorite anime?

Well, current updated list as of March 25, 2017 8:58 pm
1) Servamp
2) Marginal 4
3) Little Witch Academia
4) Youjo Senki
5) Kobayashi-san chi no Maidragon

But if it’s all time favorite anime then it would be:
1) Flame of Recca xD
2) Letter Bee
3) Fullmetal Alchemist (2003/Brotherhood)
4) Durarara
5) Tales of the Abyss

Qn 6. Do you have any TV shows you like? If yes, please name your favorite(s).

Holy crap. I rarely watch TV shows lol. But I did watch Stranger Things, basically my first and favorite. I’m now waiting for Stranger Things 2 <3

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Qn 7. Which do you prefer: Fluff or Angst?

Oh no. This… is so hard to answer. HAH. Not really. ANGST anytime! //kicked

Qn 8. What is/are/was/were your best subject(s) in school?

I’m a jack of all trades. HEH. Back in high school tho, my best was English and Science. In college, I did pretty well with psychology and public speaking. 

Qn 9. Introvert or Extrovert?

Ambivert to be honest. But I guess I can be quite the extrovert to my friends.

Qn 10. Do you have any favorite movie(s)? If yes, please name some of them.

I’m actually a huge fan of animated movies- especially those with anthropomorphic animals, more than those movies with real actors and whatnot. So basically I love the classics like Brother Bear and Lion King. The recent ones now would include Finding Dory, Zootopia and Penguins of Madagascar. Special mentions to Kimi no Na Wa, Beauty and the Beast, The Boy and the Beast, and Warcraft!

….I’m also kinda bad at thinking of questions but here are like 5 of them. 
1. What is/are your hidden talent/s?
2. If you were to given the chance to travel, where would you go and why?
3. What inspires you to draw/write?
4. What song best describes you?
5. If you had a super power, what would it be and what would you do with it?

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Good to see you.

Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter, Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, Hannibal - Dolce (S03E06)

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An afternoon date~

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Very late, but I wanted to get this dang thing finally over and done with ;A; For Day 4 of Voltron Week: Day Off/Vacation. The Paladins have some time off so Allura starts teaching them one of her favorite Altean pastimes: dancing! 

Meanwhile Coran… the little princess he took care of is not so little any more, and all these Altean dances bring back memories and it really hits them both that they are the last to pass on their traditions to others…sorry my thoughts got a bit heavy– also! First time drawing Coran!! 

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FIRST of all I love your art and your blog you're so talented! Secondly, if you're still doing the expression thing, can you please draw some marichat with Chat as 1A and Mari as 2C? If you don't want to draw both that's okay too! Thank you for your kindness and continuing to create such wonderful art! Oh! And Happy Holidays 😘

One sided reveal! :P

I’m not taking more requests, just finishing the one’s left C:


Hi, hello, here are a bunch of my favorite tumblr dogs!!!

@6woofs, @cloudthesamoyed, @lambdalupi, @necrologos@huskyhuddle, @pixpup, @happygoriley, @buckybutts


“So uh..that demon there…hes taken quite a liking to you now huh?”

“ :> “