why you hittin yourself

Don’t Hit Yourself

Summary: I got an anon ask: idk why but i just got the sudden image of a reader with metal manipulation just always fuckin with bucky and his metal arm like the silly “why you hittin yourself, why you hittin yourself” kind of pranks (it turned into something a little bit more serious but fluffy)

Warnings: Jealous Reader.

Word Count: 1,492

Originally posted by thefirstgingerdoctor

Often getting in trouble for it, you were quick to forget the consequences of your actions and looked at Bucky mischievously. It was almost peaceful, the way he was bringing the water bottle up to his mouth, head pulled back.

“Aw, it’d be a shame if it were to spill all over,” you muttered to yourself as you silently commanded Bucky’s vibranium arm to tilt the bottle up just a bit more and… Bucky spluttered loudly as the water went into his nostrils.

Sam and Steve stopped their talking to look at him in concern as Bucky coughed and blew his nose loudly, trying to get out all of the water.

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