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  • Me: Ah yes, that was it. No more. It was a one thing only, it was just a one shot, oh yes, that’s IT for that story -
  • Me *gets an idea to write a second part of the one shot*: FOR FUCK SAKE
Shadows-Stiles Stilinski (Prompts)

Request: 2,4,30 with Stiles Stilinski pls

Beacon Hills was your home for the last year, having a pack like Scott’s was amazing and you got along with everyone, well, almost everyone.

You didn’t knew why but you and Stiles just didn’t click, the worst part was that you couldn’t be together in the same room for 2 minutes before the bickering and yelling started, it was really annoying and uncomfortable for those around you, just like now.

“You’re so infuriating!” You yelled at Stiles whose jaw seemed to tense
“Me? You’re the one who can’t stop fighting with me for stupid things!” He spat and you opened your eyes widely in disbelief
“Look whose talking! You’re the king of stupidity!” You yelled at him but you were interrupted by Malia

“That’s enough! Can’t you just be civilized for once?!” She roared, both of you flickered at the anger in her voice, you shut up and sat down on the floor giving each other hateful glances in the process.


“Don’t you dare to touch her” you roared flashing your amber-werewolf eyes, your fangs growing quite visible. You had follow Theo because you thought something was off, and here you were, right in front of him. Lydia unconscious in the floor, he flashed an evil smug grin and laughed.

“I was wondering how long it would take you to put it all together, I must say you did it on record time” he teased and you growled “But you should know better that you always need backup” he said and not long after you were knocked out to the ground.

You woke up, your sight starting to get clearer, as you made a slow motion to move your hands you realized that they were tighten on a rope, you sighed and you realized another person was tied along with you because you felt his or her skin brushing against yours.

“Already tried that” Stiles said in defeat and annoyance, you huffed
“What the hell are you doing anyway, smart pants?” You sassed and he looked at you in disbelief
“Trying to save your ass” he grumbled
“Well great job so far, asshole” he rolled his eyes
“I’m doing what I can given the fact I’m only human” he pointed out

There was no time to reply to Stiles’ statement since Theo entered the room, the same evil and cocky smirk plastered on his face as he kneeled to your height, you just stared at him, he raised an eyebrow

“What?” He asked “Cat got your tongue?” He said playfully making you want to gag, still you maintained a blank expression, when he noticed you weren’t gonna say anything else he left.

“Alright Y/N-” Stiles started off when Theo was finally of the radar “We may hate each other but if we want to get out of this alive, we have to work together” you nodded and focused on your werewolf strength, breaking yourself free from the ropes.

You finally headed over to Stiles and you quickly undid the ropes, your hands slightly shaking do to the fear of not being fast enough, he finally stood up “Go, call Scott, I’ll take care of Theo” when he started walking away you grabbed his arm, making him stop to talk to you “Be careful” he nodded, for a moment you swear he smiled before he said “You too” after that he finally left.

You took a deep breath getting enough courage to go against Theo, remembering you needed to do it for the pack, for Stiles.

Suddenly you heard some slow but loud clapping, you took your claws and fangs out, your eyes, once again flashing your amber orbs, not long enough Theo appeared on the place, a now satisfied-and maybe even proud-smile plastered on his lips as he continued clapping, ones in front of you, he stopped clapping the smile grew a little wider

“Very noble, sis” he told you, it’s been several years since he called you that way
“I’ve kicked your ass, countless times before Theodore, I can do it again” you hissed making him chuckle
“As always” he stopped studying your features as they came back to their human form “But still, I’m really impressed that they haven’t figured it out yet-” he frowned playfully the satisfaced smirk taking its place again “-but of course, you were always quite an actress Lila-” he said calling you for your real name, your face turning red do to the anger boiling inside your veins “Or do you prefer Y/N now?” He asked faking confusion

“Leave them out of this” you growled “This is family business” you said wanting to gag when you said family, he raised an eyebrow and smiled cockily crossing his arms over his chest

“Oh, so now I’m your family” he teased delighted by your struggling
“We always were-” you admitted more to yourself than him “-but it was better if we weren’t” you retorted and he stood silent for a moment
“Okay, McCall pack is out of this, but only if you leave Beacon Hills with me. Deal?” He asked and you thought about it for a moment.

Could you leave this life behind and scape to god knows were with your psychotic big brother? Yes, all for your pack. You could deal with Theo by yourself but you knew if he stayed he will eventually reveal the truth, even though it was a tough decision it was pretty simple, still your heart couldn’t help but sink what you were about to say.


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Imagine you were in coma for almost 10 years. Then you lived for 5 years on a farm far away from civilization. After all those years you manage to finally go back to civilization. You think you've been away from civilization for 15 years but in reality you've been away for 30, but you somehow have not aged. What do you do with your new found knowledge? #Random

Go back to my farm

Why would I go back to civilization?

My cows need me, Kaltenecker is about to be a proud mama

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Life of a bookworm : I have 49 books on my Goodreads TBR shelf. 25+ are not yet released books (Some have fall release dates). I put 11 on hold at my library . My reading goal for 2017 was 100 books and I've already read 55 books so far this year. Goodreads won't give me recommendations lately (I don't know why) ,so I'm trying unsuccessfully to beef up my TBR list. Do you have any recommendations for me? Also, have you heard of "The Mermaid's Daughter" by Ann Claycomb?

dont look at me, my tbr on GR is in the thousands. fortunately im so broke that my actual i-own-this TBR is like 8 books rn i think.

Wow, you’re pretty fast! I’ve been too sick in the past couple months to get anything done really, I think I haven’t even hit 30.

It doesn’t really make sense to give recommendations to somebody when you don’t know their taste imo. Taste is really subjective. 

No, I have not!

hey im answering everything for the next hour, hmuuuu

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i have a question about sunggyu’s enlistment. i don’t know anything about this but i thought they (korean men) had to enlist before they turned 30, so why are people saying he’s enlisting this summer? isn’t it unnecessary to start before you have to? doesn’t he turn 30 next year? and since he’s also injured now i don’t see how it would heal enough for him to go through the process so soon. i hope he recovers soon though and that they push the comeback ;<


Korean men have to complete military service by the time they are 35. So ideally, they will need to start it before they turn 33. Most people will go either right after high school or right after graduating university. 

There were rumours that he would enlist this year, but they were unfounded and based off something he said during an interview which was misunderstood. Nothing has been mentioned either by him or Woollim about his enlistment. 

When we know he is enlisting from an official source, we will post about it. 

As for the comeback and Sunggyu’s injury, Woollim have already stated that the comeback has been delayed to give him time to heal and rest. They have stressed that the comeback in May was not a “fixed schedule” and that their “main focus” is Sunggyu’s recovery (source). 

- Admin M :)

  • Teenagers: You're in your 20s, why are you on Tumblr?
  • Twentysomethings: You're in your 30s, why are you on Tumblr?
  • Thirtysomethings: You're in your 40s, why are you on Tumblr?
  • Me, an intellectual: Have you guys not noticed the pattern here? Have you not figured it out yet? You're like "I was hoping everyone automatically grows out of this weird shit when they're about ten years older than I am now. You know, not soon but not super far away." But no, my dude, that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

  • Andrew: Sometimes it drives me insane, you know?
  • Bee: What does? What keeps haunting you? What nightmares are you having, Andrew?
  • Andrew: Their voices, they never stop.
  • Bee: Voices?
  • Andrew after a few seconds of silence: Kevin and Neil never fucking shut up about exy. It's just a never ending loop. It's like every moment spent awake is a nightmare. *looks off to the side dramatically and takes a sip of hot chocolate with shaky hands*
  • Kevin and Neil: *talking animatedly outside of Bee's office*
  • Andrew: I can even hear it now..
A way to always have money by the end of the month

Back when I made a post about how to best save/spend money I forgot to give the best advise I have.

After you’ve paid your rent and bills and possibly put a bit of money in your savings, divide the money you have left with the number of days until your next paycheck. It will tell you how much money you can use in a day and is the surest way to still have money by the end of the month.

In my case it was 1000dkk/30 days = 33dkk in a day (about 4 USD). Not a lot of money, but I didn’t spent money every day, so the next day I could spend 66dkk and so on.

As long as you never spend more than you’re “allowed”, you’ll always have extra money by the end of the month.

Of course, accident and unexpected bills happen, but that’s why it’s always a good idea to put a bit of money away every month if possible.

I have more money now (like, enough to have internet on my phone *GASP!* and eat other stuff besides oatmeal *GASPGASP!!*), but I still use this system because no matter how much money you have you’re always in danger of running out by the end of the month.

rogelio de la vega is honestly the best male character ive ever seen on television 

  • he doesnt give a shit about masculinity. moisturizing, avocado masks, etc.
  • the episode where he realizes how attractive rafael was, and he was so unapologetic about it.
  • he openly became best friends with his daughter’s lover, instead of trying to act like that stereotypical father thats mean to the man his daughter dates.
  • him renaming his grandson, matelio. 
  • his obsession with twitter.
  • he puts his family first all the time, i literally want to cry, he’s such a good man. 
  • he compliments people in the cutest way ever. :(
  • he loves shopping for clothes.
  • he knows the importance of lighting when it comes to photo taking.
  • ‘why are you so afraid of having your pelvis touch mine?’
  • his dedication to concealer is the greatest thing ive ever seen. 
  • when he left the AC running for 30 minutes and explained by saying ‘i didnt want your makeup to run’ on jane’s wedding day, what a dad! 
  • he owns up to his mistakes whenever he can. ie: when he told xo to get an abortion. 
  • he knows damn well that he can dance. 
  • HIS SKIN CARE DEDICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • when he payed for jane’s education and literally set up a fake scholarship so she wouldn’t find out that the money was coming from him, like come on…
  • him constantly calling michael is best friend :( 
  • his moment of blatantly checking out rafael’s ass on the elevator one time after saying ‘i never realized how attractive you were until now’
  • again, he doesn’t give a shit about masculinity. 
Shots Fired

Word Count: 2440

Pairing: FBI Agent Dean x Pharmacist Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence, Some Angst, Some Fluff

A/N: Written for @dancingalone21 ‘s funny quote challenge. My quote was: “That attitude right there. That’s why I always got the extra cookie.” Also written for @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms Shit My Patient’s Say challenge. I used a ton of quotes from that one. They’re all bolded. 

A/N 2: Unbeta’d and unedited. Probably a shit ton of mistakes. My bad.

A/N 3: Most/All of the stories in here aside from being robbed (at gunpoint anyway) have happened to me in my career. More than once. Fun times. 

You left your 12 and a half hour shift at the pharmacy over 30 minutes late. Some asshole had decided to wait until 9:00 to come get their prescription filled that they needed right that second. Of course, they’d had the prescription in their hand for over three weeks. Not that you could turn them down. Your district manager would surely find out and chew your ass out for it the next day.

Grabbing your bags and sliding out of your car you realized Dean wasn’t home yet either. Your husband’s Impala was nowhere to be seen. Ever since he’d taken a job as an FBI agent, he’d been working crazy hours too. The two of you barely saw each other anymore and it sucked. Sighing, you trudged into the house and dropped your stuff, kicking off your shoes. You made your way into the kitchen, grabbing all the junk food you could find and a bottle of Captain Morgan before throwing yourself in a heap on the couch.

You were mindlessly watching TV when Dean came home, discarding his jacket and tie before he lifted your legs and sat down, resting your legs in his lap. “Rough day?”

“Whatever gave you that idea?”

“The completely eaten bag of chips, the leftover ketchup on the plate where you probably had a frozen cheeseburger, oh and the uh…half drunk bottle of Captain Morgan that was totally full yesterday.” Dean pointed to the bottle in your hand and you rolled your eyes, sarcastically scoffing into the air.

“Good job, detective.

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Why is the popular characterization of Stanford Pines still this “cold, stuck up science jerk with ambiguous morals” sorta thing…have you seen him??? Sure he’s spent the last 30 years in dimensions with rules and social norms wildly different than ours, and sure he can be standoffish at times and get really carried away with his research, but other than that honestly he’s like… embarrassingly wholesome. Did y'all miss the “gotta do the right thing even when it seems impossible” speech? The part when he pulls out a picture of him and Stan as kids that he’s kept in his pocket for 30+ years? The time where he stops what he’s working on to play a goofy board game with his 12 year old nephew, complete with doing ridiculous hand gestures and poses when he talks about different characters? Or how about how he’s been wandering through dimensions with no home or resources with ppl hunting him down and he like…can’t stop overthrowing evil regimes and being friendly to random people and generally doing good? Its not that the angsty loser of science who gives weapons and mind control ties to children isn’t him, but sometimes i kinda wanna see more Stanford “chronic dogooder with a marshmallow center” Pines in fan work, y'know?

Sometimes I think it’s weird that Zenyatta is as young as he is, cause he always seems so much more mature than you’d think a 20 year old would be, but then I see his emotes and

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The Signs As Quotes From My History Teacher

Aries: “I don’t have feelings.”

Taurus: “I don’t cry myself to sleep at night”

Gemini: “Bill Gates is making it rain”

Cancer: “I don’t have a life. I’ll just making cartoons for you, Tim”

Leo: “Tim, what have you done for me?”

Virgo: “I only make $20000 a year but Mr. Parks wins the lottery makes 30 mil in one day”

Libra: “if I won the lottery, I wouldn’t quit right away, I would come in, tell everyone how I really feel, and get escorted off campus”

Scorpio: *deadpan* “I am a talented basketball player”

Sagittarius: (student-*sarcasm* you’re so positive) “I - I’m sorry?”

Capricorn: (student-Did you yell) “uh.. define yell - I, I raised my voice”

Aquarius: “I’ll give you my reason for why I think we threw Korea in the trash can”

Pieces: “how do you know I don’t wanna duel Ms. Dumais?”

I don’t know why people jumped ship because of a gunshot Ed clearly regretted. I wouldn’t have jumped ship even if Ed had full-willingly purchased a neon green bazooka and laughed maniacally while shooting it off in Oswald’s general direction.

Keep Ya Safe

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Keep Ya Safe

Raphael x Reader

Note: Me: *has 30 requests I need to write, a play to finish, and exams to study for* Also Me: Eh, why not write something literally no one asked for. Hey guys, remember that stuffed turtle I bought way back? Yeah, so do I. Anyway, I kinda smushed a request into this one a little bit. Tried to. Anyway, fluff for my favorite hothead. I might have some Leo coming up later too, so keep your eyes peeled.

Raph. Was. So. Bored. But it was day, so he couldn’t leave the lair, and you were at school anyway so he didn’t really have anywhere to go. And so therefore, he was lifting weights, as usual. Needless to say, he wasn’t expecting to hear your voice so soon.

“Boo!” You sprang into his makeshift gym.

“(Y/N)? Don’t ya have school today?”

“Skipped.” You answered, dropping down onto the large pillow in the corner of the room. Your reading nook. Raph’s eyes widened.

“Woah, we got a badass over here.” He looked impressed.

“Kidding. Half-day. Exams.” You laughed. “I’m a goody-two-shoes. We both know that.”

“Heh, right.” He chuckled. “So what’cha doin’ here? Don’t ya got better things to do than hang out in the sewers?”

“Nah.” You shrugged. “Figured I’d pay my best friend a visit.”

“Ah.” He nodded. “Well, as you can see, not much is goin’ on down here.”

“Do you have patrol tonight?”

“Nope. Why?”

“Do you maybe want to come over to my place and watch a movie?”

“Yeah, sure. What’s on the docket tonight, shorty?”


“What’s that about?”

“You’ll see.” You smiled innocently. “So are you in?”

“I don’t see why not.” But what he didn’t say was: I would watch paint dry if it was with you.  


After dark, you waited in your room for Raph’s tapping on your window. Soon enough, he arrived and lumbered inside the window that was just barely big enough for the massive muscular turtle.

“(Y/N), ya here?”

“In the kitchen making popcorn!” You called. “Stay in there I’ll be out in a minute!”

“All right.” He looked around your room. Everything was set up, the movie’s menu playing on the screen. He sat down on your bed, causing it to creak beneath his weight. It was then that he noticed something sitting there. It was a medium-sized stuffed turtle. But that wasn’t all. It had a red bandana tied around its eyes. Raph’s cheeks suddenly matched his mask. He held it in his large hands, still not able to believe this was something that was sitting on your bed. Something you…slept with.

And in that instant, he imagined you, curled up in your sleep. Curled up in his huge arms. He pictured the sleepy breaths and quiet mumbles, and he wanted nothing more than to hold you against his plastron, to bury his face in your soft skin and kiss away all of your troubles.

He was in love with you.

Shit, why hadn’t he realized it sooner? You had been in front of him all along, and he had never…he had never felt this way. No, maybe he had. The days you wore your red t-shirt or the turtle charm that sometimes dangled around your neck. He liked to imagine you were his. He wished you were.

He wanted to hold your hand and hold you close, and God, he wanted to kiss your lips. Your soft human lips. Usually when he looked at his reflection, he could never imagine anyone loving him. He could never imagine anyone calling him theirs. But this turtle had changed everything, his entire outlook on love had shifted after spending two minutes in your room.

You opened the door, a large bowl of popcorn tucked under your arm and your hair pulled up into a messy bun. You weren’t wearing make-up, but you had never looked more gorgeous.

“What’s this?” he couldn’t stop the words from falling out of his mouth. Now your face was red.

“Oh, um, that’s my…um…” you sighed. “He just makes me feel safe, you know, when I’m asleep.”


“Yeah.” You replied.

“So…” a ghost of a smile pulled at his scarred lips. “I make ya feel safe.”

“Yes.” You nodded and awkwardly walked over to the bed. “You do.”

“What are ya scared of?” he asked quietly as you sat down beside him. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.

“Losing you.” You mumbled.


“Losing you.” Your whisper was slightly louder this time.

“I ain’t goin’ anywhere. I promise.” His giant green finger turned your chin to face him. His eyes were soft and earnest. “Listen, I uh…” his heart felt like it was going to leap out of his chest and run down the street. “I might be all rough on the outside, but uh, ya make me wanna be soft…for ya. And I just wanna protect ya. Because you’re so small and I’m so big, and if anything ever hurt ya…I don’t know what I’d do.”

There was a long silence. You stared at him for a long time, trying to find the words.

“I know that’s a lot to dump on ya. I’m sorry, I know you probably…I’m a turtle and you’re…I’m sorry I’ll just-”

“I love you.” You blurted, heart racing. “I don’t know for how long I have, but I do. A lot. I can’t explain it. You just make everything feel right. You make me feel safe.” You poked the plushie. “Even if it’s just this.”

“You don’t need it to keep ya safe. Not anymore. I’ll, uh…I’ll keep ya safe. I promise.” There was a long moment of silence. Raph slowly reached out, pulling you into his arms and onto his lap. You curled into his plastron and exhaled a huge sigh of relief. “So…what’s the movie about?”

“A big rough red guy who falls in love with a human girl.” You replied quietly. Raph chuckled.

“Let me guess, that was your back-up plan?”

“You could say that, yeah.”

“Well it woulda worked.” He kissed your forehead.

“Noted.” And with that, you pressed play.