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“Don’t say it jungkook don’t do it”

“I jeon jungkook reject lee Y/n as my mate”

You felt the pain in your bones that’s how deep it went. But he couldn’t get rid of you so easily. You had to agree to the terms of separation. He couldn’t just reject you and it be over. Even though your wolf reacted to it painfully.

“God why can’t you just agree and let me go?!” he said yelling in your face. Your back hit the wall in his office and tears silently ran down your face. He was always angry you wanted to take his anger away and didn’t care when he took it out of you you wanted to make him happy you couldn’t leave him you had to teach him he could be loved.

He hit the side of the wall it causing a hole in it by his inhuman strength.

“I reject you reject me back.” He screamed in my face his eyes becoming black with anger.

I lee y/n…. want to show you love.

He closed his eyes his hand resting about your head on the wall.

“Well then I’ll have to kill you then.” He said as he slowly slipped away from you walking out his office.

30 Day Thinspo Challenge

Day 1: your stats. height, sw, cw, gw, ugw, age

Day 2: start a food journal

Day 3: a picture of your favourite thinspo and what you like about them

Day 4: your greatest fears about weight loss

Day 5: the reason you’re losing weight

Day 6: do you binge? if so, why do you think you do it?

Day 7: do your parents know you’re trying to lose weight? what are their thoughts on it?

Day 8: your workout routine

Day 9: have people ever made comments about your weight in a negative way?

Day 10: what was the hardest thing to give up when you started losing weight?

Day 11: write about your favourite prothinspo and why they’re your favourite

Day 12: what do you normally eat?

Day 13: are you losing weight in a healthy or unhealthy way?

Day 14: what’s your ugw? when do you expect to reach it?

Day 15: are you vegan or vegetarian? has this helped you lose weight? if not, have you ever considered becoming vegan or vegetarian?

Day 16: when did you first decide you wanted to lose weight?

Day 17: do you have an eating disorder?

Day 18: what food is your weakness?

Day 19: when is the last time you ate fast food and where?

Day 20: favourite diet?

Day 21: what are your clothing sizes?

Day 22: what was your lowest weight? how and why did you gain?

Day 23: did the media play a role in

Day 24:

Day 25:

Day 26:

Day 27:

Day 28:

Day 29:

Day 30:

Prof: I know this has nothing to do with the assignment, but, let’s we solve this simple question. If you have like 30 apples, and 4 of your classmate ask for it, so how many you’ve left?
Jonah: 26? Thats right is it?
Zach: Oh my god ofc its 30
Jack: definitely 30
Daniel: what? *continue doing his assignment* what kinda question is that??
Prof: *confuse* okay jonah is right! But what happened to four of you?
Corbyn:Be generous in life. I can buy more than that actually…….
Daniel:Idc bout the apple. I only care bout my watermelon…..
Zach: I’d killed those four people. Thats why I still have 30.
Jack: what a genius zach! *claps*
Prof:Zach, meet me up after the class. And Jack.

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If you are genuinely looking for feedback on feedback culture, I'd like to say (as unacceptable as this may sound) that author communication is really important, especially on a longfic. Why has an author who has been publishing every week for 30 weeks stopped for 4 weeks? Are they going to come back? Details not necessary (though the authors I read have gotten a lot of positive support when they provide them), but simply saying that RL is kicking you in the balls but you WILL BE BACK - matters

Thank you for sharing your opinion, Anon! May I also add on that reader communication is equally, if not more, important? If you’re wondering why an author has suddenly stopped publishing or if they are coming back, why not comment on the fic to ask them? It tips the author off to the fact that someone is still reading, still loving their fic, and still cheering for them to update. At the very least, they will be able to respond to you directly. If not, you tried at least.  -dragonling

While, as a reader, I do like to know how authors are doing and if they’ve decided not to continue their story (or if they know when they will be updating), as an author, it’s very difficult to notify readers. If we update the author’s note for a story, no one who’s already read that chapter will receive a notification, and creating an entirely new chapter to notify people can be anxiety-inducing and feel like overkill - particularly if we don’t have any solid promises. Simply put, ao3 does not have many easy options for this on the author side of things. I think that it might be more productive to leave a comment or contact the author through another platform to ask about the story (without pressuring them to commit to a date or promise). - Rose

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honestly to the anons complaining, why’d you even join

yeah like i don’t get it. there’s 100+ people in the chat but only like 30 of us talk wyd? stop lurking and actually talk. you won’t have anything to complain about if you just interact,

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  • nicknames: lu, lucy, lutka, lali (by some friends), mischa (old nickname)
  • gender: female
  • star sign: virgo
  • height: 1,61 cm (i’m a hobbit)
  • time: 13:13
  • birthday: september 8th
  • favourite bands: i don’t have a favourite one
  • favourite solo artist: see above
  • song that’s stuck in your head: wilson (expensive mistakes) - fall out boy 
  • last movie: coco
  • last tv show: black mirror
  • why did you create this blog: because i was a sad teenager™ and i wanted my own space™ to post sad quotes™, then i changed it to only-hannibal, then multifandom.
  • what do you post/reblog: harry potter, star wars, tolkien, game of thrones, stranger things, lost, skam, celebs, sometimes marvel, dc, hannibal, disney. 
  • last thing you googled: the ™ thing to paste it here lol
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  • dream job: flight attendant
  • last book you read: fanfictions count? lol i need to start reading again
  • top 3 universes: star wars, tolkien, harry potter

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Nicknames: Vron, Vronton

Blood type: O-

Height: 5'6"

Time: 11:07am EST  

Fave Bending Element: Water

Birthday: September 13  

How many bees can you fit in you mouth: Why do you hate bees? They are friends!

Music: I like a lot of different genres

In what year did you get your driver’s license: Driving sends me right into a panic attack

How many steak knives do you own: Four

What’s your favourite movie genre: Sci-fi and fantasy

Why did you create your blog?: I wanted to try to connect with other swtor players, and I was inspired by @thefrostflower‘s OCs and edits <3

On a scale of one to seventeen, how much do you love star wars?: What number is Anakin in lava and on fire?

Last thing you googled?: romantic kiss poses

Other blogs?: vronton-junk, vronton-writes, jalas-closet

AO3: no.

Do you get asks?: Sometimes

How did you get the idea for your URL?: It’s my swtor main’s title

I follow: 437. And despite that number, sometimes my dash is still dead x_x

Followers: 1093 <3 i love all of you (except for the porn bots I forgot to block)

Fave star wars species: Twi'lek followed by Togruta

Most complicated word you can spell without having to look it up:  supercalafragalisticexpialadocious

Swords or Guns: Depends on the game I’m playing.

What are you wearing?: Fleece shirt, Orlesian hoodie, sweatpants. Today is cold T_T

Fave cuddly toy: Momo, my cat

How are you doing today?: Far more prone to irritation than I would like…

What colour should Sabine’s hair be in the final season of Rebels?: I like her dark hair with the purple ends?

Tea or coffee or other: Both.

Are you always cold or always hot?: Usually more cold than hot.

What do you do before bed: Check my phone, which is probably not a good thing.

Writer things

- were street lamps invented in ww2????

- how much does an arm cost tho

- Everyone is nodded. All the heads are nodding in this conversation

- wait no it was raining wasn’t it *looks back ten pages* yeah okay why did i do that

- It’s still night right?

- It’s been night for like 30 years at this point

- what’s that guy’s name again? I should know this these are my babies

- I have no idea how you guys are going to get out of this alive so figure it out kids

- *googles* how to travel across Europe during the middle ages

- effects of the bubonic plague???

- shoot, comas don’t work like I want them to. I need a convenient coma

- Everyone has the ability to quirk one eyebrow why is this

- how smart are rats

- I think they’ve sighed like 30 times now

- how do i describe what its like to run a mile I’ve never done that in my life

- Im sure its just like super hard

- No one cares about the weather stop

- i just wrote twenty pages in two hours why cant i do this in school

- everyone smirks too much but what else do i say its not a smile its too sad for that

- and now everyone is just ‘smiling sadly’.

- chuckled sounds like santa clause but laugh is too much but snickered is evil but giggled is too bubbly…

- what is the purpose of a rubber duck

- no, don’t make references this is a serious piece of literature

- “now if I reverse the polarity of the neutron flow”

- okay i need tea and music and oh wow look at that someone liked my tumblr post…

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what is the best way to explain to someone why all cops are bastards and not just "bad cops" or "American cops"

Okay, this is going to be a longer explanation.

If I’m going to be honest here, I think that anarchists often oversell this notion, mostly due to a totally legitimate emotional response to oppression that people endure at the hands of the state. This is why you’ll often find really frustrating arguments between anarchists and other people that look something like this:

Person: “Well my uncle is a cop, and he’s a nice guy, and he puts his life on the line every day so stop generalizing a whole group of people due to the few bad ones”

Anarchist: “Fuck your uncle, it’s not my fault he decided to be a pig”

Person: “Well, I never! *huffs away*”

And nobody ever gets anywhere. The problem here is that when anarchists say “All cops are bastards,” what anarchists actually mean is “the role of a cop is systemically and inherently immoral, since they violently enforce the power of the ruling class at the severe disadvantage to the poor and marginalized, sometimes including murdering the poor and marginalized with zero repercussions.” And I suppose anarchists could just say that every single time, but it is easier to just say “all cops are bastards.”

But let’s examine that second sentence for a bit. Due to a lot of popular media presentations (like Law & Order), cops are often presented as these heroic figures that do mostly good things like protect people from murderers and stop child predators. But the reality is, the vast majority of things a cop does is not like that at all. You could probably even ask a cop and they would agree with the notion that most of their job is not like that. In fact, the vast majority of things a cop does is enforcing pointless bureaucracy that only serves the ruling classes and oppresses the poor for no reason. You could even say that all a cop really is is a bureaucrat with access to military grade weaponry, and you would be pretty on the nose.

For an example, lets talk about the disparate response to two actually common occurrences that cops often are called in to help with. In one case, we have domestic violence, and in another case, we have someone who is driving a car without a license plate. Okay.

So, if somebody calls the police to help with a domestic abuse situation, often times the cops don’t show up until the domestic abuse has already gotten way out of hand. The person being abused has already been harmed to some serious degree. So the police didn’t do anything to actually prevent the abuse. Once the police do show up, sometimes the person who is being abused is disbelieved, or the police decide that both sides are to blame. Sometimes the abused person isn’t even taken out of harms way of the abuser. If the abused person is believed, then they have to file a bunch of paper work, find a shelter, occasionally pay for a hotel or some other place to go, and generally go through tons of hoops of bureaucracy in order to actually leave harms way. And the police officer is there the entire time ensuring that the proper bureaucratic steps are followed. That’s really their job. That’s their actual role in the case of a domestic abuse. They have to make sure that all of the proper paperwork is correctly filed and the steps are taken just so. This is why I said in a previous post that 24-hr women’s shelters and other forms of help against domestic abuse do far more to actually combat domestic abuse than any cop has ever done. Because they are just helping for the sake of helping rather than being the bureaucrat.

Compare this to driving without a license plate. If you drove around town in a car without a license plate, there would be a cop on your tail probably within 15-30 minutes maximum. And if you refused to do what he said, you would probably be handcuffed and whisked off to jail and you would probably be charged with multiple crimes, including possibly resisting arrest, which is a felony. All of that for just not having a license plate on your vehicle and then not doing what the cop asked. None of those things have anything to do with helping anybody. They are just bureaucratic rules put in place by the ruling class. But cops are way more likely to be found enforcing rules like that then actually helping anybody. Because that is their actual job. They are the violent arm of the bureaucratic state.

And all of this without even bringing up the fact that they also have access to military grade weaponry that they can basically use at their own discretion, for any reason, with no real risk of repercussion. And the laws and regulations of the state change all of the time - and cops are basically just told to enforce those rules, no matter what they are. So in a neoliberal capitalist state, they are bureaucrats with access to military grade weapons. But in a fascist state, they easily become concentration camp operators or SS officers. And their role never really changes. They are just the violent enforcers of the state bureaucracy.

So when you have somebody who has an uncle who is a cop, or a cousin, or a parent, or whatever - that is really neither here nor there. Your uncle might be a nice guy who wanted to be a cop to help people. I’m not saying that isn’t true. I have no way of knowing if that is true. All I’m saying is he isn’t actually helping people. That isn’t his job. His job is to enforce a bureaucracy that disproportionately benefits the ruling class and oppresses the poor and marginalized.


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

Self Care with Study-Sexy

1. LOG OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA. I’m serious. You can even go as far as deleting the apps and re-installing them later. You don’t have to go as far as me and get rid of your snapchat account (which has minimized my feelings of anxiety and loneliness by like 90%), but scaling back is good and your life isn’t going to end if you stay off of IG, Snapchat, FB, etc for a few days, weeks, or even months. After a week or so away, you might even be pleasantly surprised and find that you prefer the peace and quiet. 

2. DO SOME KIND OF POSITIVE AND REFLECTIVE JOURNALING. I started my own “positivity journal” back in August and this is the first time that I have stuck with journaling for so long and actually find it enjoyable. It helps me find the good in my life and reminds me of what I want. If you are interested in starting your own, I can write a longer post about mine but here are things you could include to get you started: 

> Self-Reminders (positive affirmations about yourself, inspiring and important things you don’t want yourself to forget, etc) 

> Things to Work On ( actions/mentality to avoid and ones to practice)

> Healthy Habits (that you want to adapt into your routine)

> Free-writing space (you can answer self-reflection prompts or write whatever’s on your mind)

> Life goals, Daily Gratefulness, Inspiring Quote of the Day/Week, Positivity Playlist, Creative Projects to Try, etc the possibilities are endless

3. NATURE WALKS. Leave your phone at home and bring your dog and maybe a friend. The fresh air always clears my head and makes me feel more alert and awake, especially because it is a little bit crisp and chilly now. 

4. NETFLIX IN MODERATION. If you’re a student like me you probably don’t have that much time to binge watch anyway but I mostly just watch Netflix on weekends. Doing this makes it more enjoyable because it’s like a reprieve from a long week of work. Occasional Netflix binges are ok but you don’t want watching TV shows to be your only escape and coping mechanism. 

5. NAPS. Studies have shown that short naps are beneficial to get you out of a slump and can make you feel more focused. I take 20-30 min naps sometimes after school and (a big snack) before tackling my homework and I feel like it helps since I get home feeling drained almost every day. 

6. MOISTURIZE. I always feel better after washing my face and putting on a good lotion. Idk why but it just works. 

Hope you found these tips helpful! <3 if you read all the way to the end ILY

1. What’s your first name?

2. How old are you?

3. Where do you live?

4. How tall are you?

5. What colour is your hair?

6. Do you have any siblings? If so are they younger or older than you?

7. What time is it for you right now?

8. Can you dance?

9. Do you have any pets? What are their names and species?

10. What is your eye colour?

11. Are you in a relationship?

12. Have you ever been in a relationship?

13. What is your sexuality?

14. What is your type?

15. Have you had your first kiss?

16. Have you had a sexual experience with same gender?

17. Have you had a sexual experience with someone of a different gender?

18. What is your ideal date?

19. Are you a romantic?

20. Who is your celebrity crush?

21. Do you like to draw?

22. Are you a good singer?

23. What was your best subject at school?

24. Do you enjoy physical activity?

25. Have you ever done a marathon?

26. What is your favourite activity?

27. Have you ever traveled over seas?

28. What would you consider your best skill?

29. Favourite childhood movie?

30. What is your best quality?

31. What is your biggest fandom?

32. What fandoms are you apart of?

33. What is your favourite head cannon about anything?

34. Who is your all time favourite book character?

35. Do you read smutty or fluffy fanfiction? (or fanfiction at all?)

36. What is your favourite book?

37. Why did you choose that particular username?

38. Do you play video games? What is your favourite?

39. What is your all time least favourite fan theory or head cannon about anything?

40. Star Wars or Star Trek?

41. What is your saddest experience?

42. If you could apologise to anyone at all right now, who would you choose and why?

43. What makes you fizz up (get angry)?

44. Have you ever been in a fist fight?

45. What is something you would change about yourself and why?

46. Describe the last dream/nightmare you remember having?

47. What are you like offline?

48. What is your biggest secret?

49. Have you ever committed a crime?

50. What is your most controversial belief?


MOSQUITO: Let’s do this…

MOSQUITO: Mr. Tupperware’s dad? Or mom? Hello?



MR. TUPPERWEAR’S DAD: Token and his friends are in the basement.

MOSQUITO: Thank you, fine citizen!

MR. TUPPERWEAR’S DAD: …Yeah, of course.

MOSQUITO: Hey guys, Mosquito’s arrived!

MOSQUITO: Sorry I’m late, bzzzt.

MOSQUITO: I took a while getting ready and I didn’t realise it was almost 9:30 by the time I left.

FASTPASS: …We can c-c-certainly tell, Mosquito.

HUMAN KITE: (dude)

HUMAN KITE: (why does he look like that)

TOOLSHED: (i. i have no fucking idea dude)

MOSQUITO: Hey, uh, where’s Super Craig?

MYSTERION: We thought he was with you.

MOSQUITO: Me? No… I haven’t seen him in a couple of h–




[part 2]

Fuck Me (M)

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Hi! This is a DOM Jungkook Smut that I wrote awhile back! I hope you enjoy~ (my requests are open so feel free to send in something you want me to write)

Genre: Smut 

Member: Jungkook

Word Count: 4137

Coming home I find Jungkook sitting on the couch with a controller in his hand as his eyes are glued intensely on the screen.

“You’re so childish Jungkook” I sigh, slipping off my heels. Jungkook is my roommate, normally I wouldn’t be all for a male roommate but sadly Jungkook is my best friend and begged to live with me.

A scowl forms on Jungkook’s face as he let’s out a puff of air, still keeping his eyes trained on the screen.

“I’m not a kid.”

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Things I Have Heard In Band

These past two years have been my first couple years in a public school and let me tell you, it’s been really crazy, so here are some highlights from my favorite subject- band

1. You smell like a freshly clean hotel room

2. World domination could work out if you knew the right people

3. Is she trying to play the flute with her feet again?

4. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg

5. Fix your face, just accept it’s not the instrument this time.

6. I don’t think Bari saxes are suppose to make that noise.


8. This is why you’re in band, they heard you sing and shoved a horn in your face to shut you up.

9. Why do you think the band room is a concrete bunker with steel doors? Where else are you gonna keep the crazies?



12. Can I just, like, die?

13. I hate you all equally.

14. But really help me put my leg behind my head

15. Could you hang yourself with your neck strap? Like really, what if your instrument got caught on a tree or something and you fell and hung yourself?

16. You don’t understand the struggle of neck straps.

17. You wish you were pregnant

18. Can I touch your mouth with my mouth for 25 cents?

19. I just heard “human sacrifice” and “I volunteer”

20. Be so loud that you peel concrete and crack paint

21. Just because that was justified doesn’t mean you had to do it.

22. Stop whacking my stand! All I’m doing is hitting you in the head with it

23. Ew that sounds like European jazz

24. I’m just gonna stand there and plot your death

25. Why are we called students and not learns?

26. “Great we just need to speed it up more.”
“I can pick up speed pretty
quickly.” *wink wink*

27. Aggressively blows air at you

28. Can I turn myself into a human candy cane?

29. Does our band teacher have a girlfriend… Oh wait he has a wife!

30. Christmas Tribooty

the signs as weird things my friends have said

aries: “you know what, I will spit on your vagina" - my friend christina

taurus: “he’s not as invested in memes as i am” - christina, again

gemini: “one day, someone’s gonna see you, and be like, ‘oh, who is that adorable person eating 30 breadsticks?’“ - jessica, my uncle’s girlfriend

cancer: “i can’t pee and think at the same time” - christina, once more

leo: “your great grandma was a weeaboo” - my friend tony

virgo: “are you a fresh little twink, michael?” - my friend victoria to our classmate 

libra: "why would you say that we’re not a match for blood type? we’re the skin same color” -  my friend santos, for some reason

scorpio: “if you can’t handle spicy food, you can’t handle a pickle” - christian, christina’s boyfriend

sagittarius: “i’m rubbin my butt cheeks on ya bedsheets” - christina,  of course

capricorn: “when i was in high school, i had a north korea phase” - cody, a guy i went on one date with

aquarius: "we’re gonna fill this thing up like Olive Garden on prom night.” - the pilot on a plane i was in one time

pisces: *upon hearing everyone start singing the “Bill Nye” theme song* “why don’t i have that in my phone?” - santos, again


Greetings everyone! In the hopes of having a better year than 2017 was, I’m planning to start doing a daily journal in my blog as I did two years ago. I believe that experience helped me to understand myself better and to keep my mind sane. That’s why I decided to prepare these 365 writing prompts to get inspired during this 2018. I’m sharing them here in case any of my followers would like to try this journey either in their blogs or in their personal diaries. 


-Charlie :)

1.    January 1: Do you believe in New Year resolutions? If so what are your resolutions for this year?

2.    January 2: Review of 2017. Include your best memory of the year.

3.    January 3: What are you most grateful for?

4.    January 4: How content are you with your life at the moment? Grade it on the scale of 1 to 10. 1 being completely dissatisfied and 10 being completely content.

5.    January 5: What does “happiness” mean to you?

6.    January 6: You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

7.    January 7: If you could do anything professionally, what would it be?

8.    January 8: Can people change?

9.    January 9: What never fails to make you smile?

10.   January 10: What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

11.   January 11: What’s the hardest thing you’re dealing with?

12.   January 12: I wish I had more…

13.   January 13: When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

14.   January 14: What are you looking for in life?

15.   January 15: Who are the last people to tell you they loved you?

16.   January 16: If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.

17.   January 17: What’s the last thing you apologized for?

18.   January 18: On a scale of 1-10, how is your health?

19.   January 19: What mood were you in today?

20.   January 20: Write your own eulogy.

21.   January 21: What role does music play in your life?

22.   January 22: Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

23.   January 23: Whose life do you think you’ve made a difference in?

24.   January 24: What is your superpower?

25.   January 25: What is annoying you?

26.   January 26: What would make a day perfect to you?

27.   January 27: What stresses you?

28.   January 28: What’s your relationship status and how do you feel about it?

29.   January 29: Where would you like to be in ten years?

30.   January 30: What are your views on drugs and alcohol?

31.   January 31: What is your zodiac sign? Does it fit your personality?

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