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24th of July to the 31st of July we are hosting Adoption week here on dailypokedaycare!

 Former post: https://dailypokedaycare.tumblr.com/post/163181332111/dailypokedaycare-pokedailydaycare-is-proud-to

How to adopt a baby from this blog:

  • I shall be posting a photo-set (drawn by me!) of a baby from this blog every day for the next week. How do you adopt a design? Simple! Like the post for one entry and reblog for two! You will be entered into a random generator for that kid. There will be five people chosen. I will message you (so make sure your tumblr messaging is on!) and ask you why you think I shall give you the design. Whatever answer I like the best shall win! Plans for the design, ideas and stuff are welcome if you are picked as a winner of the random generator! 

How can I join in on Adopt week?

  • All you gotta do is post a design / designs / adoptables and tag em as #pokeadoptweek!! I’ll be checking the tag every day– you will be signal boosted on THIS blog because I’ll be reblogging all of your designs!!

Who else is helping in Adopt week officially?

  • http://askremiandenvy.tumblr.com/post/163228935811/ares-and-artemis-are-now-looking-quite-dapper-for
  • @askremiandenvy will be helping me in this event! If your pokemon IC want FREE FOOD, please go and ask Remi IC in their ask box; she will be there to interact with you! Ares and Arty have gathered meat and berries and vegetables to give to any tired souls during this event of caring because it IS both an IC and OOC event! Steph will be grandma for this event (look at the Rapidash above! :P) and she will be icly acting as a babysitter. Feel free to interact with her too! askremiandenvy mun encourages interactions!!

Do we have to ask to take part?

  • HELL NO! :D Go crazy! Give away, sell, or promote your designs and adoptables and come get some food and chat ic! Just remember to use that hashtag (#pokeadoptweek) so we see everything!!

I have a question not answered here?

  • Ask me! My inbox is open, swing on by or message me directly! :) Reblogging this post encouraged, and we hope to see a lot of you joining in with the fun! Take care!

does anyone else ever go through a thing that’s like. you pick a real person from your life. you start an imaginary back-and-forth with them. and it’s fine at first bc it’s a conversation you wanted to have anyway. but there’s a reason why you don’t and it’s because you know (or think? anyway) that it would turn into an argument

and it does! in your head! and suddenly you’re having this distressing imaginary fight with the inner voice that you assigned to person x and like you want to stop but you can’t!!!!!!!!!!! you keep coming back to it!!!!!!! like you gotta have the fake final word in this fake argument but you can’t have that final word bc your own head comes up with ways to undermine you and it gives you anxiety and you start losing an argument against your own actual thoughts and this all fucking started with something relatively innocuous like?? “yes dad!! i will watch homecoming with you but only if you promise you will give me a break from your whole playful tony stark-hating discourse that you already know hurts me even though i guess it’s just supposed to be casual and silly”

but then next thing you know you’re having to defend the fundamentals of your basic existence to the imaginary Father voice in your head like holy shit brain shut the FUCK UP

Whenever I post updates about Palestine, I gotta have an idiot or two commenting among the lines “wHy aRE yoU noT tALkinG abOuT tHaT aTTacK tHaT tOok plaCE agAINsT IsRaeLi SeTTLeRs?1!?/1/1/1?!?!” 

Like my Palestinian ass isn’t required to provide reports on my occupiers, who already have the world’s media attention and who many of them are part of the cause we are suffering and dying in the first place…

Katsugeki Rant #4

Alright, let’s begin.

-So now they’re all at Edo? World 7 huh… That’s no playground.

-See I told you people are gonna be susupicious about their clothing!

-Love how whenever our boys got questioned about their clothing they were just like “Oh crap gotta run!” and bail just like that.

-Something’s up with Kane-san….

-Yagen is slowly going back to being his usual self. I’m proud of you my boy!

-Why hasn’t anyone bought Tonbokiri any daifukus yet? My boy needs his sweets y’know!

-Konnosuke being somewhat tired of the KaneMutsu bickering is the cutest thing ever.

-Why do they always let Yagen go alone!?

-And why do they like cornering Yagen so much!? I mean we get to see him be all badass and stuff but seriously stop giving him these so dangerous tasks!

-Well tantous are small so they’re perfect for ambushing and perimeter check, that’s why we see Yagen mostly doing all these spy-like tasks.

-Ichigo is proud of you Yagen, but at the same time very nervous.

-Everyone’s all serious and shit but Mutsu is either eating something, making jokes, or fooling around. I love him so much.

-Where did you get that pocket watch Konnosuke? Did he just like contact the saniwa like “uh we need a watch so we can be on time when an attack happens” and the saniwa magically sends him one just like that?

-Kane-san trying to imitate Hijikata’s sitting pose is the second cutest thing in this episode.

-Honey it’s okay to think about your former masters, but you can’t be stuck in the past forever.

-I can’t believe it took 4 swords to take down 1 red ootachi. 

-Why do they act like they’ve never seen, or even fought, an ootachi before? Like you guys must’ve met Taroutachi or Jiroutachi back at the citadel right??

-But seriously the ootachi fight scene was beautiful. Is he a red ootachi? but his flames are purple..purple ootachis shouldn’t be hard to handle. Oh well game logic doesn’t apply to the anime.

-That Mutsunokami matrix dodge.

-Is that a waki-uchi double attack?

-Seems like the only person able to handle the ootachi is Tonbokiri.

-The pauses between our boys and the enemies mid-battle though. Like enough with the monologuging or staring into the distance, aren’t you guys in the middle of something important!?

-Kane-san you were the one who suggested taking the boat but you let Mucchan row? 

-The certain someone FINALLY shows up. Way to make an intrance huh Tsurumaru?

-I can’t thank ufotable enough for making Tsuru-san this pretty.

-I just noticed that Kane-san puts on his blue haori only when it’s time to fight. Also the animators didn’t draw that bird pattern on his kimono.

Man this episode is good! Top notch CGs and that cliffhanger. Wonder how things will turn out? I’m pretty sure Tsurumaru will get along with the rest of the boys pretty easily. One last thing, I NEED MY MIKAZUKI’S PARTY—–

growingracealways  asked:

So pretty behind on your romantic life because I'm pretty Tumblr unfollowed you months ago but so good to see you happy!!!!! And your hair is killer

For the past couple months since we got back together, I swear every week or two, someone will see a post about my relationship, then go back through my archive liking/commenting on old posts, and usually send me a message like this. They always make me smile! I’m so grateful to have the full support of all of you here! But also tumblr why you gotta be such a dick and make us unfollow people?!

Supergirl: Red Faced

“What’s wrong?“
“Is everything okay?”
“It’s peaceful up here. Relaxing”
“Oh, you gotta be kidding me”
“Who taught you to drive? ”
“You broke my nose!”
“Watch where you’re going next time”
“You totaled my freaking car!“
“Argh, you’re hurting me!”
"What were you thinking?”
“You cannot lose control like that!“
“I am controlling my anger. I suggest you get into the habit”
"Thank you so much for the invite by the way. I’m really looking forward to it”
"How can you possibly get any work done with so much visual noise assaulting you?”
“Why do you need me?“
“What do you need me to do?”
“It’ll be fun”
“It will not be fun”
“I’ve reserved a table right on the beach"
“Let’s not get carried away. We’ve already seen each other once today”
“Do you have plans?“
“You should try to be a little bit more professional”
“I wasn’t that impressed"
“I don’t say this often, but I am craving a good fight right now”
“If at any point I don’t like what I’m seeing, I’m ending this"
“You won”
"Are you hurt?”
“This is your fault”
“You can’t do that”
“You’re fired"
“Finally! I have been screaming your name over and over for the past minute and a half"
“Why are you so mean?”
“Oh, my God! I’m I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that. I don’t know what happened. I just snapped”
“I’m not the bad guy”
“You ally yourself with people you think are special. But that doesn’t make you special”
“You apologize too much, which is a separate, although not unrelated, problem”
“You need to take up some boxing or start screaming at your housekeeper”
“Well, nothing’s broken"
“You saved my life. Thank you"
“I thought you were on our side”
“You look beautiful”
“You want my help?”
“You seem to only help people if it helps you"
“My condolences"
“So, say what you’re mad about and then let the fists fly"
“I hate how my emotions get the best of me”
“Think you can keep your cool this time?”
“I’m not afraid of my anger anymore. I can use it. Channel it to work for me, not against me"
“I think we may have a solution that will rectify your screw up"
“You’ll have to kill me"
“I hope that one day when you realize what a terrible mistake you’ve made, it won’t be too late”
“You’re my hero”
“I’ll try not to let that go to my head"
“What’s going on? Did you find something?“
“Get me Advil”
"Sorry, that was my fault”
"Be careful, you might cut yourself”
“I’m fine, I’m fine”
“Oh! I told you to be careful”
“I’m bleeding"

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Shawnnnnn why you gotta be such a cute, but very protective, older brother??? My lil heart can't take ittttt. He's so cute. But also good luck to Aaliyah's future boyfriend haha

I mean yeah… It’s cute and shit and I’m living for it but like…. Aaliyah’s future boyfriend is going to spend two years winning Shawn over, asking way too personal questions and hanging out with the door open. 

gentledusk  asked:

Have you read any Cu fics you liked a lot/would rec to people? (Bless this blog btw)

I very rarely read fic especially about my favs bc I have canon too far up my ass so if I see one obscure detail that’s wrong I immediately get the urge to close the tab. this is why i gotta git gud at writing myself so i dont have to rely on others to make the content I want to see lmao

anyway, coffeefic by olox @derpcakes is very very good, it’s not cu-centric but he’s there a lot and I’d rec it just in general. it’s a 5 arc 70-ish chapter emotional rollercoaster that started as a diarturia coffeeshop au but spun wildly out of control to involve pretty much the entire fsn and fz cast. it’s got some incredible character development and is very clever in how it references canon events in a magic-less context. there’s also spinoffs and side stories and the like AND even more stuff coming up including a cu-centric arc (that i read the draft of and can confirm is very good) because olox derpcakes is the new kinoko nasu or something

it’s not posted online but if you shoot olox a message she’ll gladly mail it to you

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Rant: fucking those goddamn posts on tumblr that are really just ads, especially the ones where it starts with "can't believe ill have to pay for everything in a fee months!" and then someone shoots off about making money by just watchin netflix and answering surveys and whatnot

I hate those things, like who tf has these conversations, who do they think they’re fooling??? and why do these posts have so many notes?? Are people getting paid to reblog these?? I think that this should be the next type of shitposting we need to start parodying these with stuff like “yo man I just really love being gay” and some responds with “I earn $500 a week just by being GAY” “WOW I tried this and it worked” “all you gotta do is be gay and get $500 a week” “here’s a link to the website I used: *rickrolls them*” I feel like I’m the only one who would find this funny but idk this is just what came to mind

(Send me stuff to rant about! Anything!)

flower cloak.


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.

Hwarang Director: Hey, so we need someone who can play angsty characters, preferably also used to death and dying, causing pain to millions of fans all around the world, weighs 62kg, is approximately 178cm tall, and has a cute mole on his nose

Hwarang cast: all looks at Taehyung

Taehyung: lol wut