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Riei Stellaworth Short Story Translation

[The Little Mermaid]

(。-ω-)ノ  Sorry for the long moment of inactivity, folks! School got really busy. but I’m back in business now (yay summer) and I’ll be posting a lot more translations!

щ(ಥДಥщ) This guy is such a damn piece of work, my gawd hahahah.  MY GAWD THIS STORY. щ(ಥДಥщ)  HE’S SOOOO. TRASHY. щ(ಥДಥщ)  AGHAGA RIEIIII. I’ll be translating them in order of the original CD releases. Special thanks to Deea for getting the raws~

The storm caused me to fall from the ship I was aboard. Death was impending; my body was sinking towards the ocean’s floor. I was destined to drown… …until a girl appeared out of nowhere. She held my body and navigated the ocean’s waters with such ease, as if a storm hadn’t exist. Upon arriving at the shore, the girl whispered to me.

“Oh dear prince, you’re safe now.”

Her voice was as lovely as a bell’s ring. My condition wasn’t so good. Having drunk a bunch of salty seawater, I found myself barely able to move. Though, I managed to open my eyes and they would see who owned that lovely voice――Opened they did and saw clearly did they. The girl. Her legs. She didn’t have the legs of a human being. My rescuer was a mermaid.

There was a sign of a person approaching, causing the mermaid to rush back into the sea. A different girl came to help me. At the time, I was delirious and thought she was the one who saved me. I then became engaged to her.

Well, I thought it was all in good. Not only did I have a fiance, but I could also play around. My palace could only give me so much amusement and what’s a man to do when there’s plenty of beautiful women around? Even if I’ll be married, no matter how much I played around with girls, not a single person had an issue with it.

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i envy the complete self-confidence of pc pagans on tumblr like holy shit. they don’t give a single hell, damn, shit or fuck what anyone says, they’re just chillin making posts about talking to itachi or batman or what have you while we’re all insecure and hateful, talking shit about each other for being too casual with the gods or not making the right offerings or whatever the #discourse of the week is………i’m not even 100% sure where i stand on the chaos magic/pop culture paganism theory and i get why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but you gotta admit that’s impressive. i salute u pop culture pagans keep doing ur thing

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why so in denial about canon IH, gotta admit the facts you bitches lost :P

You know who’s in denial about canon IH?

Jump, when 686 dropped.

Kubo, 2 months later.

Jump - continuing to ignore “canon IH” 7 months later.

One year on and they’re STILL ignoring your canon ship. No merch, no covers, no couple honeymoon spread art by Kubo, no poems. Even the light novels you desperately cling on to (“thEy’re cAnOn cUz tHey fit iNto teh tiMEliNe, wHEreAs Fade to Black dOsn’t” - no dumbass, they’re ALL not canon) steer clear of any IH romance. 

No wonder you pathetic hoes need to come to our blogs to beg us to acknowledge the ending. 

  • Neo: *pokes Roman's shoulder*
  • Roman: What's up, short stuff?
  • Neo: *points at the cigar between Roman's lips* ...
  • Roman: My cigar? What about it?
  • Neo: *points to herself* ....?
  • Roman: You wanna try it? I don't know, kiddo- this could be pretty intense for first timers.
  • Neo: *stares with wide eyes* ........?
  • Roman: Ugh, always with the eyes, huh? Okay fine, but don't say I didn't warn you. *hands over cigar*
  • Neo: *grins and turns around, walking over to where Mercury is sitting*
  • Mercury: *looks up from his scroll* What do you want, Neo?
  • Neo: *flicks cigar ash in Mercury's hair*
  • Mercury: Agh! Neo! What the hell?
  • Neo: *grins wider, flicking more ash*
  • Mercury: *jumps up from the chair, storming out of the room* Roman, I HATE this kid!
  • Neo: *skips back to Roman, still smiling mischievously* ......!
  • Roman: *chuckles, patting Neo's hair* Not what I thought you had in mind, but I gotta admit- that's why I love ya, kiddo.
Winteriron Daemon

Bucky and Tony arent together yet but their daemons are super cuddly with each other. Or anything to do with daemons. - Anonymous

Saw this unanswered prompt on the Imaginetonyandbucky blog and thought, why not? So here’s a fluffy, surprisingly non-angsty Winteriron oneshot!

“You gotta admit, that’s pretty cute.” Clint says, perched precariously in a frog crouch on the back of the sofa, waving a cereal encrusted spoon. Milk splashes everywhere, of course, and a droplet manages to catch Natasha’s cheek. A moment later, Clint yelps as he’s knocked backwards off the sofa. There’s an almighty crash as his bowl shatters and Captain Crunch flies in every direction.
“Aw, breakfast.” Clint whines, and is summarily ignored. Natasha blots at the drop of milk, perfectly composed, a tiny satisfied smile on her face.
“He’s right, it is pretty cute, Tony.” She says, gently. The genius in question looks up from his tablet at the sound of his name, blinking fuzzily until the room comes into focus.
“Huh?” He mumbles, and then follows Natasha’s gaze to the corner of the room. Barnes is curled in the lone armchair, trying to make himself as small as possible. Auri, Barnes’ Daemon is slumped against the side of the chair, head in the former assassin’s lap. Barnes has a hand curled into her thick black ruff, holding on like he needs something to ground him.

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What if Guzma had a darker skinned girlfriend/boyfriend and said "Y'know what? Forgetta bout Tapu Cocoa. I'm TAPPIN this COCOA right here ;)) " I just thought it up and I find it hilarious

Guzma: Ya gotta admit, that was clever!

(And you wonder why you’re still single… now hold still or I’ll get paint everywhere)

One Shot - Conversations

A little something something for Valentín’s Day. Four conversations on the phone during Fashion Week. Enjoy!


“You arrived safely?”

“Yes, of course, Val. I only had to use the elevator to get to my room.”

“Well, elevators can be dangerous and if something ever happened to you while I’m on Zendaya duty… your Dad would kill me.”

“Haha, very funny.”

“No, he would!”

“Thanks for dinner, Val.”

“You’re welcome.”

“No, seriously, thanks for dinner. Thanks for coming over. I know you had an exhausting day and I know it’s late but it would have felt wrong not meeting you at least one time when I’m in New York.”

“Same. I’m happy we got to see each other.”

“When’s your flight tomorrow?”


“So shouldn’t you be sleeping?”

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I have a question for you. I noticed that you're a fan of Hotdiggedydemon, which is fine i guess, but considering his questionable beliefs and opinions I gotta ask why? Why do you support his work despite Max admitting being a racist? How are you able to ignore that stuff? I'm curious.

“Don’t confuse art with the artist.” - Max Caulfield

(Ha, super convenient this quote is recently a thing. :) )