why you doing this leader

  • Willow: From now on, we'll be using codenames. You will address me as "Eagle 1."
  • Willow: Sycamore. Codename: "Been There, Done That."
  • Willow: Juniper is "Currently Doing That."
  • Willow: Birch is "It Happened Once In A Dream."
  • Willow: Elm. Codename: "If I Had To Pick A Dude."
  • Willow: Spark is "Eagle 2."
  • Spark: Oh, thank Arceus.
  • [Later, Professor Oak walks onto a stage]
  • Willow: "I'd Be Lying If I Said I Hadn't Thought About It" is in position.

bluebelladon  asked:

So i had an Idea but I can't think of anything past the concept (+ yr writing for this kinda thing is like 200% better than mine) but what if the Lads founded the Fake AH crew and recruited the gents?

Ooh that’s fun – i’ve seen versions where they were two little gangs who combined into the FAHC but the idea of the actual Fake’s starting as the Lads is definitely interesting.

There were a lot of names tossed around at the start; it’s the part of forming a crew no one really talks about, the vaguely embarrassing period of building an image, choosing a name, defining yourselves. Like band names there is a lot of bad before the good. Like band names ‘good’ is wildly subjective, particularly when determined by a pack of teenage boys. The humour behind ‘Fake Crew’ isn’t particularly high brow and not a single soul outside the original four Lads, including and especially their future members, have any idea at all what the AH could possibly stand for. Most think its mysterious, assume something clever or at least meaningful, but the shifty looks the boys shoot each other when pressed tell a different story.

Still, they’ve made something of a name for themselves in Los Santos – the FAHC, who pull off unbelievable stunts, who lack any semblance of respect, dangerous in the way of feral animals, of wildfire. In the foolhardy way of children, who care far more about making sure you hurt than they do about protecting themselves. It’s enough to keep other gangs wary, to buy themselves a little breathing room with reckless gestures and bared teeth, but not exactly the glory they are looking for. Not quite the trembling respect they’ve dreamed of.

For that, it seems, they’re going to have to think bigger, smarter. Be clever not just in the tricks they play and jobs they pull but in the way they twist their image, they way they recruit, build their crew. Just being more won’t do it, added thugs for the sake of numbers; it would take an astonishing amount to really match the size of some of their rivals and the Lads don’t exactly play nice with strangers. No, they have to be strategic, have to select a few choice additions who can help them rise, and after much discussion they settle on three names they’d like to pull in; Ramsey, Patillo and the Vagabond. Lofty goals to be sure, but then, delusions of grandeur or not, the Fake’s have always considered themselves to be rather magnificent.

Everyone who’s anyone knows about the Vagabond; none of them will admit it (Ray will admit it, Ray doesn’t give a fuck) but the Lads all have hearts in their eyes every time the Vagabond slinks around, all follow every rumour, gossip over every job. Something between hero worship and healthy respect, without any of the fear normal self-respecting individuals feel, is the perfect cocktail to have the four of them plotting outlandish ways to pull in the mercenary. Patillo has an incredibly solid reputation for someone with no real ties, invariably thought to be smart, dependable, one of the best drivers in the country and definitely not a woman to be trifled with. That she and Ramsey seem to have some kind of relationship, worked together back in the day and while going their separate ways don’t appear to have had any kind of blow up, will hopefully work in the Lads favour. Last, but certainly not least, there’s Geoff Ramsey; the rouge Rooster who’s been traversing the country, constantly on the move and pulling all kinds of jobs from hilariously wacky to darkly perverse. Maybe the Lads are looking a bit outside their paid grade but with Ramsey reportedly looking to build his own crew they can’t not try, not after realising that their crew is unfortunately in need of a proper leader.

Because none of the Lads are leaders, not really, especially not back then. They aren’t incapable, are clearly wildly talented and loyal enough to one another to defer a certain kind of leadership to whomever has the best idea or the most experience with whatever task they’re facing, but no one individual is capable of being the permanent boss. No one individual actually wants that role, not really, they’re all too young, too impulsive, too eager to abandon necessary goals at the drop of a hat.  

Ray, who has arguably the least interest in being the boss of all, is less leader than lone wolf; when he’s taking point a lot of his orders tend to involve stealth, hanging back while he picks off targets, only charging in when long-distance is no longer an option. Necessary for particular jobs, and it’s certainly not an easy task keeping the other three in line until it’s their turn to burst into action, but it’s not a method that works for every task.

Michael makes a magnificent leader, fierce and fearless and unwaveringly loyal, protective of his crew until the bitter end. He is, unfortunately, utterly devoid of tact, of the patience to put up with any kind of shenanigans from anyone he doesn’t personally like, the ability to create and maintain necessary relations with anyone outside his crew. Michael himself knows he makes a far better Lieutenant, busy with duties he actually cares about, walking the line between following orders with absolute obedience and unapologetically calling out anything he disagrees with, reliable and relentless in equal measure.

Jeremy is meticulous, when he’s in charge he plots and plans and double checks, the very image of the perfect boss except for one flaw; more often than not he’s easily swayed. Will put together the perfect stealth plan only to agree when Michael makes a convincing argument for the importance of rocket launchers, conduct an ideal heist until Gavin begs to go after something shiny or Ray inquires about abandoning the sensible get away car for hilarious motorised scooters.

When Gavin is on his game he is fucking glorious, a flashbang of reckless laughter and terrible ideas none of them can resist, the promise that come hell or hand-grenades they will all be going home with a story. When Gavin plays leader he needs a lot of faith, needs the others to trust in things that don’t seem remotely feasible, but the payoff is always worth it. Except for the days when his words are too sharp, his eyes too cold, when he wants nothing more than to pick a fight with the most dangerous crook in the room, to swagger around the LSPD’s station unmasked, jump from a plane without checking his parachute; dancing with death just to see if he can. If they’re not careful on those days, if they missed the clues, the rest of the Lads would follow him down, unable discern between Gavin’s usual absurd genius and those streaks of genuinely aimless apathy until they’re all careening towards destruction.

So, as grating as it seems, there is an undeniable argument for a permanent leader, someone to keep them all on course, to take the responsibilities they don’t want, someone who can captain their ship without trying to push them all overboard. Still, you can’t just walk up to one of these infamous criminals and hand them an invitation; selling yourself – your dream, your crew, your city – takes time, takes planning, so in the end the FAHC’s first recruitment isn’t even one of those big three.

It’s pure luck when Michael meets Lindsay; finds her twirling a nail-studded bat in the wreckage of a bar, sipping a cocktail like she hadn’t just caved a man’s head in, and really nothing on earth could have stopped Michael from offering her a place in the crew. From talking them up in a way he’d never really bother with normally, because honestly how could he not. It doesn’t take much to get the other three onboard, Lindsay was a perfect fit, a seamless addition, and with her the FAHC is unquestionably more efficient.

Strangely the Vagabond is actually far easier to get on board than any had anticipated. After they start actively seeking his attention Ryan can’t help but watch the Lads. Not because their jobs are impressive (they are, actually, but Ryan’s in high demand, so very many crews out there are impressive enough) but because they are endearing eager; nothing like the pathetic begging of so many others, no attempt to convince Ryan he should be desperate to work with them, just genuine enthusiasm to prove themselves worthy of his time. They’re funny, something akin to a pack of reckless puppies; certainly capable of outrageous damage but equally likely to trip over their own oversized paws in their excitement, and in this business Ryan really shouldn’t find it as charming as he does. They take to leaving him all kinds of gifts; generally intriguing , often amusing and near always utterly gruesome, and after a month or so of hanging around the city toying with them they manage to get a former Rooster onside to run the show and Ryan’s run out of reasons to say no.

Gavin’s the one they sent after Geoff, when the Lads decide they’re ready to try to bring the notoriously creative, fortuitously crew-seeking man into the FAHC. Gavin’s first approach, full of deferential respect playing to Ramsey’s ego, is a complete bust; Geoff thought he was sweet, called him kid, laughed in his face and sent him out the door with a crack about coming back when he was old enough to drive. The second approach involves pulling a full blown job on Ramsey, one that starts with the man unknowingly buying Gavin a supercar and ends with the priceless tailored suit he’s wearing being pinned to the wall with a nail gun, Gavin grinning away like a particularly bloodthirsty shark, and all of a sudden Geoff can’t say he isn’t tempted. Deigns to finally listen to the recruitment spiel, as though he’s got any other choice right now, and despite himself is quickly sold on the whole crew.

Jeremy goes out one day and comes back with a handful of people, some they’d been discussing as a group, some the others hadn’t heard of, but all perfectly capable of holding their own agains the Lad’s disgruntled dissent. Steffie, who takes a look at their set up, rolls her eyes, then pulls out her phone and starts making a list, talking dealers and bases and possible new hires. Trevor who immediately sets to soothing ruffled feathers, sidling up to Gavin and gushing about some ridiculous theft, questioning Michael about his preference in heavy weaponry, ignoring the way Ray is skulking around behind him. Matt they’d all agreed on, welcoming the chance to push off all computering nonsense onto someone else, and Mica assures them all that she’s got no interest in sticking around, will work contracts as requested but isn’t about the stationary crew life. In the end no blood is spilt, no tempers flare too badly, and Jeremy is reasonably sure he isn’t going to wake up with a gun to his temple, so all in all it goes pretty well.

The last missing piece, Jack, is actually tracked down by Ray in the end; he wanders off one day and comes back with a very amused woman in tow, decked out in a hideous Hawaiian shirt and driving an obscenely nice Lamborghini. Apparently after finding her, not particularly difficult considering she wasn’t trying to hide, Ray simply told Jack all about Geoff’s fumbling attempts to simultaneously familiarise himself with the mess that is Los Santos, integrate himself into, and begin to take control of, an already close-knit, functioning crew, and do it all while pretending he’s not at all rattled by the Lad’s unwavering fascination with the horrifically notorious assassin who insists on sticking a straw through his mask to pound down a truly irresponsible number of diet cokes. It took a while for her utterly joyous, completely uncontrollable laughter to die down, but when she finally calmed Jack immediately started packing.


Dress rehearsal footage from the 2014 Encores production of tick, tick… BOOM!


Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jonathan
Karen Olivo as Susan
Leslie Odom Jr as Michael

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They’re singing, “Happy Birthday”
You just wanna lay down and cry
Not just another birthday
It’s 30/90

Why can’t you stay 29
Hell, you still feel like you’re 22
Turn thirty, 1990
Bang! You’re dead
What can you do?

Why do we follow leaders who never lead?
Why does it take catastrophe to start a revolution?
If we’re so free, tell me why?
Someone tell me why
So many people bleed?

Cages or wings?
Which do you prefer?
Ask the birds.
Fear or love, baby?
Don’t say the answer.
Actions speak louder than words

My challenge of redesigning all characters from Eldarya, part 2! Decided to go with a simpler colo this time. [part 1: nevra, ezarel, valkyon]

I have so many problems with Miiko’s character and design I HAD to change this much. Made her younger (she’s a teen here) and completely desexualized her outfit. Fixed the color pattern of her hair/fur (cause the original design makes no sense on that) and cut her hair cause it’s cute and there’s in no (ZERO) girl with short hair in this game which is A SHAME. Also made her look actually asian (her specie, kitsune, comes from the japanese folklore after all) compared to how white she is in game.

I don’t really mind Alajéa’s boob window but made it less terrible. What really bother me tho, when a mermaid becomes human or get legs for whatever reason, is when they wear PANTS. I can’t help to think how unnatural and uncomfortable it must be for them, so I gave her a skirt instead. Made her chubby cause that’s how I see her and the scales more apparent.

Nothing changed much. Her clothes are just simpler and I wanted her hair to be messy. Either because she doesn’t have the time to care about it or it’s just how her hair is and she can’t do anything about it no matter how much she tries. Not sure which I like better!

Dear Montreal Canadiens,

Still doesn’t feel like it’s real. I thought we were going to win this game and bring it back to Montreal for game 7 and win the series. This series was so fun to watch. Both teams were so evenly matched. Radu, you had a wonderful season buddy I hope you stay in Montreal next season. Great cellies. Gally, I know this season was a hard one with the broken finger in the same spot from last season but you always play with such passion and heart. When you’re not on the ice, we miss that. Lehky, my Finnish rookie, you have been a pleasant surprise this season. You’re only going to get better next season. This season started as typical Habs fashion, winning and setting a franchise record. Can you believe it? The oldest hockey team has a set a franchise record after more than 100 years after its existence. Then things started to go downhill but we didn’t have a repeat of last season because we got rid of Therrien. Marc Bergevin you knew your job is more precious than your bff. We stumbled a bit because Claude was adjusting to the system but once we got going, we were a better team in March than October. Pleky this season was a rough one but hopefully this playoffs rejuvenated you. Chucky you are such a ray of sunshine. Just wished you played more at centre. Webs, we still miss PK and he will forever remain in our hearts but you are such a calming and reassuring presence for this team. You lead the league in PPGs with 12. Patches, O capitaine again delivering another 30-goal season. Why do people not appreciate you? You are such a great leader. Al Montoya I hated the fact that Therrien humiliated you in the Columbus where we lost 10-0. You were such a great addition to this team. Love how we lost a game 10-0 and also we won a game 10-1. I saved the MVP for last because there are simply no words to describe how much I love and appreciate you Pricey. Honestly constantly bailing your team’s asses day in and night out. I have no idea what the identity of this team will be without you. Carrying this team on your shoulders to the playoffs and still giving them a chance to comeback. You don’t deserve this BS. Still processing the loss but I believe with Claude we will come back next season stronger and better. Still my ride of die team and will be for the rest of my life. #GoHabsGo. Is it October yet?

Lots of Love,

A Habs fan

Try to change the future (Donald Pierce x Reader)(1/3)

Originally posted by sikanapanele

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Summary: Reader’s and Pierce’s life before the events from ˝Logan˝

Warnings: cursing, mentions of sex….I don’t think that there are any spoilers for the movie, but I’m not sure…

A/N: I’m finally posting this, it should have been a one-shot, but I really got carried away, so it will have like two more parts. If anyone has some request for Donald Pierce you can send it to me, but please write some details and I’ll start writing them after I finish all of my things in progress.

More than a decade ago everything was different, the whole world was different.

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Who, What, Where, When, Why

Questions To Make You Think.


  1. Who caused you not to think about the consequences of your actions?
  2. What allows you to act like a magnet to danger?
  3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  4. When did you first lose your sense of patience?
  5. Why do you jump into relationships with people you know will hurt you?


  1. Who takes care of you when you’re occupying yourself with others?
  2. What is your passion in life?
  3. Where do you feel your environment is best?
  4. When are you going to start believe that you’re a good person?
  5. Why do you stay stubborn to feel confident in your ideas?


  1. Who allows you keep running away?
  2. What causes you to have no filter?
  3. Where do you put up fronts and where can you be yourself?
  4. When will you be able to see that people care about you?
  5. Why do you reside as a follower rather than a leader? (Or vise versa)


  1. Who allows you to be such a hypocrite?
  2. What excuse are you going to make this time?
  3. Where will you go to find something better?
  4. When will you learn that everyone has their own opinions?
  5. Why can’t you put your motivation into action?


  1. Who will show you that if you don’t like something, try and change it?
  2. What will educate you to stop pitying yourself?
  3. Where did you learn to be so terribly unapologetic?
  4. When will you stop being so reluctant toward love?
  5. Why do you give so many chances to people not deserving of them?


  1. Who lets you say horrible things to people you once cared for?
  2. What causes you to value getting revenge?
  3. Where did you learn that getting even was so important?
  4. When will you say sorry and actually mean it?
  5. Why don’t you change your attitude instead of what you don’t like?


  1. Who will teach you that you can be confident but not narcissistic?
  2. What causes you to care about whether you belong or not?
  3. Where will the time come in which you’ll stand your own ground?
  4. When will you apologize enough to where you’ll actually change?
  5. Why do you overthink your every move?


  1. Who have you actually told how you felt about them?
  2. What causes you to be so passive aggressive?
  3. Where will you actually apologize and mean it?
  4. When will you recognize that being mean isn’t attractive?
  5. Why do you feel as if your ideas are so original?


  1. Who told you that ignorance is bliss?
  2. What will finally cause you to realize some things are better left unsaid?
  3. Where do you draw the line between cleverness and idiocy?
  4. When will you fully embrace logic and reason rather than emotion?
  5. Why can’t you commit?


  1. Who told you showing emotion is weak?
  2. What causes you to let others take advantage of your generosity?
  3. Where will you stop taking out your anger on others?
  4. When will you stop bossing around people who can control themselves?
  5. Why do you manipulate others?


  1. Who caused you to stomp on others to get to the top?
  2. What causes you to leave and come back as you please?
  3. Where will you actually ask for help?
  4. When will you finally follow your heart?
  5. Why don’t you ever take into consideration who you’re going to hurt?


  1. Who will teach you to stop sugar coating everything?
  2. What causes you to think that asking for help is weak?
  3. Where do you actually take responsibility for your actions?
  4. When will you follow your head rather than your heart for once?
  5. Why do you think it’s okay to play the victim?

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Frozen stars Chapter one: uh, home, it's nice

“It’s nice to know that you can trust possums, small creatures with tiny hands, fit for picking up nice and shiny rocks from the ground and keeping them in their tiny house. Like, their small and warm, never hurting anyone- I’d feel safe if one cradled me in its arms.” Lance says as he looks toward his mami, as they’re sitting on a cloud in the middle of the ocean, looking up at the starry sky, that’s filled with- pepe?  And normal, yellow, round stars. Wait- that’s not normal, but whatever.

Lance sits quietly with his mami as he sees small shadows of unidentifiable shapes by the horizon. “Mami, What do you think of possums?” He brings up, his mami looking at him and saying, “Hijo, I know you’re scared. Scared, empty, and sad.” Lance looks at his mami, questionmarks start popping up over his head- literally. “Que mami? What are you trying to say?” His mami smiles lightly and hugs him tightly. “You can’t hide anything from me.”

His mami starts singing in a familiar and calming tune, she used to sing this song to him everytime he’d have a nightmare, or couldn’t sleep. he looks up, and suddenly the sky changes its form, and the stars look different, it almost looks like the painting; Starry sky, a masterpiece created from an amazing artist, only to die young and in pain. Lance feels the warm embrace of his mami, and he closes his eyes, only to look up at the sky again. “Wow.”

The stars shine so brightly, like small twinkles in your eyes, it’s calming to know when your mami is with you.

“It’s time to say goodnight the the moon.”

She sings in a calm voice, so soft it can make even the waves fall asleep.

“It’s time to say bye-bye to the stars.”

She gives the warmest hugs, so calming and comfortable and makes you forget about everything bad.

“It’s time to say goodnight, and then dream away.”

I miss those hugs.

Lance wakes up with a chill running from the bottom of his back, traveling throughout his spine, having a dream of his mami doesn’t really make him feel good.

“Aargh, I really need a full eight hours of sleep for once.” Lance complains trying to ignore his homesickness, and having to go eat breakfast, he really just wants to lie in bed and do nothing. “Whatever.” He says before putting on his slippers and walking out of his room, towards the kitchen.

When he arrives at the kitchen he comes across Keith, Pidge- who’s having some sort of argument- and Hunk, who’s standing in the kitchen making some sort of breakfast-goo, whilst listening to Keith’s and Pidge’s argument.

“No, no, Pidge you don’t understand, MCR needs to come back together!” Pidge snorts at Keith’s comment, even making Hunk and Lance laugh. “Guys, please listen, they’re important!”

“Oh, and for what?” Pidge fires back with a mischievous smile on her face. “I- I don’t know! but they are good.” That comment only leads to Hunk, Pidge and Lance to whisper the same thing under their breaths in sync; “No one understands me, mom.” with Keith only shouting in anger and running up to Lance, trying to start another argument.

”So how was your beauty sleep, blue paladin?” Keith asks, and Lance responds with “W-well, better without you.” only to make it sound as if Keith has slept with lance in the same bed. “Well, whatever mullet-head. I’m hungry.” Lance says blushing before going to sit down on the table, waiting for breakfast to be ready, ignoring that conversation.

After a little while of chatting and waiting for breakfast to get ready, Shiro and Slav enters the room. “Good morning!” Shiro greets. “Morning!” Lance says smiling, with Shiro looking at Lance and smiling back. “So, Shiro, what do you think about MCR?” Pidge asks before anyone could do anything else. “MCR? Theyy uhh, they’re not a band anymore right??” Shiro responds confused. “Oh goooooo odd dd, lets us not bring that back up, please?” Keith asks with an annoyed tone. “Oh, don’t worry about it, I was just teasing you!” Pidge says whilst grinning.
“Breakfast is ready!” Hunk shouts, when he soon comes with a bowl of green goo and puts it on the table. “Yaaas! Thanks, Hunk!” Lance shouts, and as he’s taking a spoonful of goo, the alarm sets off.

“Goddammit!” Lance says, as he drops the spoon and runs to get his suit.

“So, what happened now again?” Lance asks whilst sitting in his lion, Pidge, annoyed answers with; “Ugh, didn’t you listen?”, “Sorry..” Lance replies. “ouch.” Lance thinks, Pidge didn’t know was that that comment actually really hurt Lance, he’s not really good with insults. “Guys don’t fight, and Lance, pay attention now. Some village in some planet claimed that they saw a galra ship, so we’re gonna check it out.”, Lance nods, not really responding, he just feels kinda bummed out, it happens sometimes.

When they land, they’re on a watery planet, with small islands with, what it seems like, palm trees, and some type of pink trees- like cherry trees, there’s Krystal’s everywhere, and the sky is blue in some parts, pastel pink on either parts, with white clouds, Lance looks around curiously, this planet almost reminds him of home.

“GUys I’m gonNa get something I forgot in Blue,” Lance says, his voice cracking up at that sentence, and then just, walking off.

“Is he sad?” Pidge asks, looking at her teammates. “I… don’t think so? If he was sad he’d be really quiet?” Hunk says, kinda confused,  with Pidge answering with “So, he’s basically never sad lol.” The others laugh, because, they think that it was true, although they don’t really mean to hurt lance with what Pidge said.

Lance sits crouched beside Blue and takes a few breaths, well, at least he tries. “Lance stop, don’t cry, please!” Lance whimpers to himself, then he can start hearing comforting purrs from blue, almost sounding like breaths, getting louder, then lower. “Follow my breath, little kitten.” Lance does as blue says and tries to follow those breaths with his own. “Thanks, Blue.” Lance says as he calms down, taking in some air and drying his eyes, hoping the others won’t notice that he cried. “Of course hey won’t.” “Shut up.”.

Lance walks back to the others, they didn’t wait. “Of course they didn’t.”, well, at least he can see them in the distance, walking towards a small wooden bridge built across the water.

It’s a good thing that they easily could find the village, the planet was quite small and there was really just three separate villages and one which had the “leader” for the villages.

The villages looks nicer than they expected, with small wooden houses built here and there, with pretty small paths made of some sort of white crystal, leading through different parts of the villages, and the place where the leader lived was just the same as the other houses, just a little inch bigger, and there were some pretty purple and black crystals growing in some parts of the walls. “Oh my god is the leader as emo as keef!?” Lance says jokingly, pointing at the crystals. “Lance, please, no more.” Keith begs, and Lance just laughs as Shiro walks up to the door and is about to knock when- the leader opens the door. “Hello, paladins! Welcome to my humble palace!”, being sarcastic at that comment. “How did you-” Shiro tries to ask before the leader abruptly responds with, “Aah, just a hunch!”.

The leader is quite tall and wrinkly, he’s green with blue spots all over his face, leading to his back, his legs are that of a frogs, but the rest of his body is almost like a humans, just that his skin is green, he has gills on his neck instead of having a nose on his face- he’s noseless, and he’s wearing some type of suit (More like bathing shorts and a crop top). He is quite muscular, but considering of the stick he uses to stand he’s probably quite old(ish), maybe as the age of Coran if he hadn’t been frozen so many years.

“Ah yes, come on give me a hug! Everybody now!” The leader says. “Oh no.” Lance thinks, as he’s not really comfortable hugging a guy he’s just met, as everyone gladly walks in for a warm hug by frog-grandpa except- “Except you, blue paladin, you don’t have to.” he says with, quite a comforting smile whilst looking at lance, as he lets go of the others. Lance, quite relieved, but confused asks “Why?” The leader looks at him and says “Say, have you been a victim of rape?” Lance steps back. “How did he know?” he looks at him dead in the eye, with sweat already running down from his forehead and tensed up says “No, why do you ask.” and the leader replies with “Just a hunch.”, shrugs and keeps walking whilst the others just kept staring in confusion. “W.. what.” Keith suddenly says, with everybody else just looking at him and agreeing, even Lance, because he doesn’t want them to know, something that’s supposed to be secret, he doesn’t want anyone to know.

The paladins keep on going with their mission, and it turns out that a Galran escape pod was launched from a Galran ship somewhere in space. Inside of the escape pod, there were some galran children that were forced to work with the captain, turns out they didn’t like the idea of them helping to destroy planets, so they escaped.

“What? Galran children!? We should keep them captive, they may be dangerous considering where they came from!” Allura hesitantly says as Keith looks down to the ground, and before he can protest, Lance tells Allura off. “Hey, princess, their kids, and, uh, I don’t know if you heard, but they didn’t want to destroy planets?? Rather just escape?? from CHILD LABOUR, perhaps?? Oh and didn’t I say they are just children?? Plus, not every Galra is bad.” He says, kind of irritated, looking at Keith, giving off a comforting smile, as Keith smiles back, it turns out it worked. “Oh, yes, my pardon Lance, they’re just children. But what are we going to do with them, maybe there is some type of childcare center somewhere, but would they then be comfortable taking care of Galran children?” Allura responds, ignoring the Not every Galra is bad phrase. “Maybe I can take care of them!” The leader says, smiling as he brought up the idea.

“Yeah, sounds good!” Shiro says, and before the galran children walk up to the leader they ask “But, what are we gonna do with the baby?” They say pointing at the ship.

The Paladins climb into the ship, only to see a small creature that is purple, looking almost galra, but it has horns and some type of antennas that you see on butterflies, it also has galra ears. Its eyes are yellow, but has pupils that looked more like if it would be from a lizard, and its skin is scaly on some parts, especially on its face, where its chin leading down to its neck is blue-purple scaly skin and with purple coloured fur on other parts. It is wearing ragged black clothes, well, more like cloth, and the little creature, who is quivering in the tiniest corner of the escape pod, what it looked like, it was probably about 7-8 years old, and, it wasn’t galra, well, maybe half galra. The team climbs out of the escape pod, only to ask the children where the creature came from. “W- we took it before we left, it was in the prison and its mother had been tortured to death, we don’t know if it’s a he or a she, and we couldn’t just leave it, so we took it with us but we, don’t know how to take off, like, smaller children.” One of the Galran children said. “But, can’t you take care of him??” Keith asks as he looks at the leader. “Nope.” The leader answers. “Why?” Hunk asks, with the leader responding with, “Just a hunch.”

As the other paladins start to argue about what they should do with the child Lance gets tired of their complaining, and shouts, “ENOUGH! I’ll take care of him! Jesus christ, climb in there and look at him! He’s scared to death as you guys are shouting!”

Lance climbs into the ship and tries to talk with the creature. Crouching, he looks at the boy with a small smile on his face, just to try and calm him. “Hey, little fella! You understand me?” He asks quietly, moving slowly toward it. The creature nods, hugging his legs to his chest and breathing heavily, looking down to the ground. “Hey, it’s ok, I’m gonna take care of you! J-just relax.” The child looks up at Lance, looking as if there is something lost in the child’s heart, a face with no emotions, and eyes without a spark. “My mami is dead.” it says, And it hits Lance, the way it said Mami, what he calls his mother, the word that hits too close to home, and Lance, with a broken face whimpers and says, “I’m sorry hijo.” And hugs the creature, that resists at first, but then hugs back.

feel free to adjust sentences to make it fit your muse better!

  • ❛ You’re making a mistake. This man’s a murderer. ❜
  • ❛ It’s a sign of the times. New customs and fashions. ❜
  • ❛ I’m a relic, someone from the past, so I’m rather attached to the old customs. ❜
  • ❛ I see a blind fanatic about to perish. ❜
  • ❛ I carry out orders others are incapable of executing. ❜
  • ❛ They say there are no innocents at war. ❜
  • ❛ I am not for sale. ❜
  • ❛ A strange thing, fate. ❜
  • ❛ What would you do if you were free? ❜
  • ❛ I have to kill you. ❜
  • ❛ Why do you hound me? ❜
  • ❛ They followed their leader too blindly. ❜
  • ❛ They say that progress illuminates the darkness. ❜
  • ❛ I mistook stars reflected in a pond at night for those in the sky. ❜
  • ❛ I hate portals. ❜
  • ❛ I think you’re a complete idiot. ❜
  • ❛ I hear you have an imp problem. Or was that an imp-perfection in the notice. ❜
  • ❛ Both are for monsters. ❜
  • ❛ Don’t you ever come back or I’ll rip off your legs and shove them so far up your arse you’ll have toes for teeth! ❜
  • ❛ Summon the bitches! ❜
  • ❛ What the sandwich fuck is this? ❜
  • ❛ I will protect her. As best I can. I will kill. I will kill mercilessly… ❜
  • ❛ If I’m to choose between one evil and another, I’d rather not choose at all. ❜
  • ❛ Let me put it this way: wham-wham mans again, I’ll swish-a-swash-a-swunk you. ❜
  • ❛ What do you think about? ❜
  • ❛ Why do pricks go in cunts?! ❜
  • ❛ You make as good a fisherman as a goat’s arse makes a trumpet. ❜
  • ❛ Mmm… Thanks bunches. ❜
  • ❛ Your mother sucks dwarf cock! ❜
  • ❛ Be kind to dopplers… and also to fish. ❜
  • ❛ I’m going to rip off your melon and shit down your neck! ❜
  • ❛ Know when a legend becomes a prophecy? When it gains believers. ❜
  • ❛ They drove me from the village. ❜
  • ❛ I’m a freak too. ❜
  • ❛ Slap a noonwraith’s tits, you’re a bigger rag-picker than me. ❜
  • ❛ May your beard grow robust and free. ❜
  • ❛ Well, bring out the gimp. ❜
  • ❛ I knew too much studying was bad for you. ❜
  • ❛ You’ll look fuckin’ amazin’. On top of me. ❜
  • ❛ They smeared your ass with honey yet? ❜

Steve Rogers x Aria

Word Count: ~3200

Warnings: Language, Angst, SMUT, Dom!Steve

Summary: Bucky and Natasha take it upon themselves to ease the tension between Steve and Aria… by locking them in a room together. 

A/N: Just a little background: So the other day, I was angry for pretty much no reason. I channeled that anger into the first part of this. I will admit I was expecting this to go a slightly different direction. That’s to say the dom/sub thing was not technically supposed to happen but whatever. It’s here now. Have fun.

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

It’s been ten minutes. I’ve been banging relentlessly on this door since Natasha shoved me into the room.

“Let me out of here, Natalia!”

“You can scream and beg all you want, but I’m not letting you out.”

I groan, kicking the door and stomping away from it. I hear the whirring of the mechanical lock, but before I can rush the door, Steve is shoved inside and the door is slammed shut again.

“Oh hell no!” I shout, quickly returning to my assault on the door.

“Give it up, doll.” Steve sighs, “They had FRIDAY seal the door. They’re probably long gone by down.”

I turn on my heels to face him, “Was this your idea?”

He scoffs, crossing his arms over his chest, “What makes you think I would choose to be locked in a room with you?”

“Hell if I know, Captain. Maybe you’ve got some weird kind of fantasy you’re trying to live out. Then again, you’re such a fucking prude, something like this is probably way out of your league.”

At first, he looks shocked. Then shock turns to anger as his nostrils flare and he slowly lets out a deep breath that punctuated with a growl-like sound.

“What’s the matter, Stevie, cat got your tongue?”

He pinches the bridge of his nose, speaking through clenched teeth, “Will you shut the fuck up?”

“Woah.” I gasp, feigning shock, “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“Do you ever stop talking?” he shouts, “All you ever do is run your mouth, and it always gets you into trouble. The funny part is you only argue with me. If Natasha or anyone else gives you an order, you’re quick to do whatever they ask of you, but God forbid I try to give you an order…”

“You wanna know why I don’t listen you?”

“Enlighten me.”

“I don’t like you. In fact, I kinda hate you.”

“You hate me?”

“I hate that ‘holier than thou’ attitude you seem to have. You treat everyone else but me like an equal. I know I’m young. I know I’m new, but I’m just as qualified to be on this team as anyone. It seems like you don’t fucking see that, but why would you? The great Captain America can do no wrong, right? He’s the leader of the Avengers, the Star-Spangled Man with a goddamn Plan.” I heave a deep sigh, throwing my hands out in defeat, “I don’t feel good enough to be here, and that feeling makes me hate you because I blame you.”

“Aria…” he takes a step toward me.

“Don’t!” I shout, taking a step back, “You don’t get to pull that sympathetic tone with me.”

“Look. I don’t mean to treat you that way, but you said it yourself. You’re young. You’re new, and the risks you take on missions are not worth it.”

“This risks I’ve taken have saved lives on this team more than once.”

“But you’re no use to us dead.”

We stare at each other in a heated silence, the tension is the room practically tangible as it surrounds.

“FRIDAY, I need you to open the door.”

“I was instructed_”

“Just open it. Please.”

The mechanical sound of the lock sliding free is like music to my ears. I turn away from Steve and go to the door, wrenching it open. Bucky and Natasha are leaning against the opposite wall, and they both look guilty, like they know they messed up.

“Aria…” Natasha speaks, her voice laced with the hopeful effects of the oncoming apology I don’t let her finish.

Instead, I scoff, dismissing her with a wave of my hand and walking away. I go straight for my room, bypassing and ignoring the concerned stares of my teammates. I collect my gym bag and head for the workout room to beat my frustrations into a punching bag or two.

I don’t know how long I’m in that room.

A layer of sweat covers my body. I’ve had to change the wraps on my hands and feet at least four times. I’ve got three bag set up around me: two hanging and one standing. I can’t hear much over the music that fills the room. I’m somewhere in the middle of “Wreak Havoc” when it shuts off.

“What the fuck?” I groan, dropping my fists and throwing my head back.

“We need to talk,” It’s Steve’s voice that reaches me, “and I mean really talk.”

“I’m done talking. Now turn my music back on and leave.”

“You want to take your anger out on something, take it out on me.”


“I’m the one who caused it, right? You said you hate me so prove it. Come over here and kick my ass.”

I sigh. My hands go to my hips. My head drops, and I look up at him through my lashes. I trail my thumb over my bottom lip, shaking my head and walking toward the mat he now stands on.

I get into my stance, putting my right foot forward and raising my fist to eye level.

“Take your best shot.” He says.

I bring my right fist back, feigning a right hook as my right foot meets his side. He grunts but recovers quickly. When my right fist comes up again, he moves to block my foot but instead takes my fist to his cheek.

“Damn it.”

“You told me to take my best shot.” I chuckle, “Now fight back!”

He lunges at me, but I duck out of his reach. We fight after that, trading blows that probably would have severely injured anyone else, but he’s a super soldier and I’ve been trained to take the pain.

He catches my left wrist in his right hand. My wrap my hand around his wrist and turn to flip him, but he takes the upper hand when he kicks my feet from underneath me. I land face first against the mat. I roll over the get up, but he positions himself over me, his knees on either side of my body. I groan on displeasure, raising my hands to start swinging at him. His expression is serious as he shakes his head and catches each one of my wrists in his hands.

“Aria!” he warns, tightening his grip when I start to fight against him, “Aria, stop!”

I take a deep breath and let it all out at once.

“You’re a great fighter, and I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for this team. I know you think you’re doing some kind of great service by fighting to protect us, but your life is worth protecting too.” He sighs, “I’m sorry I make you feel inferior. It’s not my intention, and I’ll work on that.”

“That’s all I wanted.”

Even though we’re both smiling now, the tension is still there, though not as volatile. He shallows thickly, his smile fading as his tongue passes over his bottom lip. His gaze flickers to my lips and back up to my eyes as if asking for permission. He’s still holding my wrists so I can’t pull him to me. I decide to raise up from the mat, catching his lips in a kiss so heated I can practically feel my body temperature rising.

Then, rather unexpectedly, he gathers both of my wrists in one of his hands and breaks the kiss. He pins my wrist above my head. He breathes heavily through parted lips, his eyes locked with mine.

“You called me a prude.” His whispers, his lips hovering barely an inch over mine.

“I did.”

“Well, I’m gonna need you take that back.”

“Can’t do that, Captain.”

“And why not?”

“Because a simple kiss does not prove sexual prowess.”

His smile is full of mischief. His eyes trail my body, the fingertips of his free hand grazing over my collarbone, over the zipper on my sports bra, down the plain of my bare stomach before teasing them under the waistband of my shorts.

“You know, everyone has it in their heads that I was a virgin before I went under, but they all seem to forget that I was Captain America for years before then. Women threw themselves at me, and while I didn’t sleep with all of them, I enjoyed my fair share of them. I know things, doll, and I would love to show you what I know.”

“Then show me.”

He shakes his head slowly, “You have to earn it.”

“I’ll admit I was wrong. It seems you might have a bit of a dark side.”

His knee presses against my thighs, urging them to open for him. His other knee joins the first, spreading my thighs even further. He turns his hand, fingertips moving further down. I roll my hips into his touch as he teases my entrance. I moan softly as he slowly drags his fingers through my folds and stops at my clit.

“Come on, baby doll, tell me what you want.”

My words catch in my throat as he applies a gentle pressure, the pad of his fingertip moving in slow circles.

“Tell me, doll, or I’ll stop.”

When I don’t answer right away, he pulls his hand away.



“Please.” I whine, “No.”

“Then say it. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to go faster, harder.” I struggle against his hold on my wrists, “I want more.”

“No more reckless behavior.” He says roughly, grinding his hips down against mine.

“I’ll be good for you, Captain. I promise.”


With more roll of his hips, he pulls away completely and rises to his feet.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“We’re not going to do this here.”

“But the others…”

“I’ve already thought about that. We’re going to go back upstairs. I’m going to drag you along as angrily as I can. You can choose how you deal with that, but you can’t look happy about it. I don’t want their suspicion or their scrutiny, so if you give us away, you will pay for it.” He takes my chin in his hand, “Do you understand?”

I nod my head slowly, “Yes, Captain.”

“Good girl.”

Then he takes my hand and pulls me toward the elevator. Once we’re back on the residential floor, his expression falls serious, so serious in fact that it’s almost scary. I bite my lip, trying to look both annoyed and angry. I spare a glance at the others as we pass them. Natasha and Bucky both still wear their masks of guilt. Her expression changes first to one of confusion when she sees the way he holds my hand; then it turns to understanding. Bucky’s expression follows suit while the others seem to remain in the confused state.

I hear Sam’s voice from down the hall, “I’ve never see him so mad.”

“I know what angry Steve looks like, and that’s not it.” Bucky says, and I can hear the smile in his voice.

Steve sighs as he opens his bedroom door and shoves me into the room.

“What did you do?” he asks, practically slamming the door shut before he presses me against it.

“Nothing. Bucky knows you, Steve. Did you really think you could get this past him?”

“You promise you did nothing to give us away?”

“I promise.”

“Good.” His fingers hook around the waistband of both my shorts and panties, “That makes this much easier.”

He drops to his knees in front of me, pulling the tight fabric to my ankles in one swift motion. I step free of it and he tosses it to the side. He hooks one of my legs over his shoulder, sending shivers up my spine as he kisses along my inner thigh. His hands move under my ass, pushing me up and forcing me to put my supporting leg over his other shoulder.

He looks up at me, smirking before flicking his tongue out and running it in a feather-light touch over my hip. My head hits the door as I gasp, his tongue now working its way around my sensitive little bundle of nerves. I try everything to keep from rolling my hips into it, but his movements have me shaking while my hands search for something to grab onto. I fist one of them into his hair while grabbing his shoulder with the other.

I whine, looking down at him when he suddenly pulls his lips away. I bite my lip at the pressure of two of fingers slowly pushing into my slick entrance.

“You ready to take it back?”

“I’ll take it all back if you just keep going.”

My back arches as his fingers slide all the way home in one, swift motion. My soft moans turn to strangled cries of pleasure as his fingers move inside of me.

“Do you wanna come, doll?”

The roughness of his voice brings my gaze down to his.

“Do ya?”

I nod my head furiously, combing my fingers through his hair. My tongue licks over my bottom lip, pulling it between my teeth as his fingers curl up and pass over that sweet spot deep inside. He keeps this movement up as his tongue moves deep between my folds and finds my clit again.

“Cap, baby, I’m so close.”

He moans against me, and the vibrations alone send me reeling over the edge. I choke on the scream that begins to rise so it comes out like a soft squeak. He eases me back to the floor, his hands on my hips as he rises to his feet. My head falls back against the door, my eyes closed and a content smile on my face.

“We’re just getting started, sweetheart.”

First, he grabs the zipper of my sports bra and pulls it down. I let it fall from my body and to the floor. Then he pulls me away from the door, guiding me toward the bed. He lands a sharp smack against my ass as I climb onto the mattress.

He stands at the foot of the bed. A primal hunger brightens his eyes as they scan my body. I watch as he strips off his clothing layer by layer. His muscles flex with every little movement as he joins me on the bed. His touch against my cheek is gentle as he brings his lips down to mine. He raises my leg, my knee notched at his hip. Though lost in his kiss, I am well aware of the slow joining of our bodies. My lips tremble against his as he pushes deeper, every inch of his manhood stretching and filling me in the best way. I hold tight to his shoulders, my grip tightening and loosening in time with the rolling of is hips.

His kiss moves down my jaw when I turn my head, moaning through clenched teeth. He takes my hand from his shoulder and kisses my palm before lacing his fingers with mine and pinning my hand to the pillow beside my head. He does the same with my other hand. He leans away from me a bit, his eyes still on mine. He moves faster, harder; I press my feet into the small of his back to push him deeper.

“Fuck…” he hisses, his head falling forward.

“Cap…” I moan, “I want…”

“Tell me what you want.” He growls.

“Top.” I whimper, “I wanna be on top.”

He shakes his hands free of mine and pulls out, rolling onto his back. I move quickly to climb on top of him. My fingernails dig into his chest as my body readjusts to him. He holds my hips but lets me set my own pace as I roll my hips over his. I start slow, relishing in the sight on him beneath me. His pupils are blown wide, his eyes focused on where our bodies meet.

He groans, throwing his head back. I grab his chin, crashing my lips hard against his as euphoria clouds my mind. The tightening of my walls around him forces him to his own release. The movement of my hips slows as we both come back down.

I push myself up on his chest, smiling down at him. He smiles back, chuckling softly as he runs his fingers through his hair.

“What?” I giggle.

“Nothing.” He taps two fingers against his chest, “Come here.”

I bite my lip as I smile, laying my head on his chest. He trails his fingertips up and down either side of my spine. We stay there like that for a while in silence as our hearts and lungs settle back to normal. He breaks the silence.

“You said you hated me.”

“I did.”

“Did you mean it?”

“At the time.”

“And now?”

“I don’t know.”

His hands stop moving, resting flat against my back. He sighs, pushing me off of him and sitting up. I hug a pillow to my chest, hiding behind it as he finds his clothes.


His back is to me as he pulls on his underwear and jeans.

“Steve, please, will you just listen to me?”

Though I expect to see anger when he turns to me, I only seen pain.

“Did you really expect everything to change just like that?”

“No but I thought it might be a start.”

“How can it be a start when it doesn’t mean anything?”

“Who said it didn’t mean anything?”

I shrink back from the strength in his voice, casting my gaze downward as I whisper, “Did it?”

The bed shifts as he kneels in front of me. He takes my face in his hands, raising my gaze to his, “Of course it did. The question is: did it mean something to you?”

I close my eyes, wrapping my hand around his wrist, “For the longest time, I just wanted you to see me for what I was really capable of, and I hated you for treating me like I was weak.”

“I know what you’re capable of, and I never thought you were weak. You’re behavior in the field just scares the hell out of me.”

I open my eyes to look at him, “I’ll try to do better.”

“And maybe, while you’re at it, you might try to hate me less.”

“Maybe hate was too strong of a word.”

He smiles, pulling me closer to kiss me.

“We should do this again some time.”

“Well, damn Cap, you could at least buy a girl dinner first.”

“That,” He kisses me again, “can definitely be arranged.”

I giggle, tossing the pillow away and wrapping my arms around his neck. A knock on the door pulls us away from one another. Bucky’s voice filters through the door.

“Does this mean we’re forgiven?”

Steve and I look at each other in silence for a moment before rolling over in laughter.


written for @surfacage‘s newest greatest Pokemon Go comicsome dialogue was borrowed (with permission). 

I personally view Blanche as gender-fluid, but for comprehension’s sake, Blanche was given the pronoun “her”.
- - - 
Something was wrong. He didn’t know for certain what, but something in the bottom of his gut was telling him he was needed.

Like a lightning bolt, Spark darted through the woods that surrounded the clearing of his gym on the high mountain. He knew its terrain better than any trainer under him and he quickly zipped through the trees, pulling a Pokéball from his hip just as the trees began to thin. 

“Pidgeotto, go!“ 

The great Pokémon appeared above him, its wings spread wide as it soared through the air, taking a moment to stretch its feathers. Spark kept his gaze ahead of him, his sights set on the approaching cliff and the magnificent view of the valley below. With one great leap of faith, he threw himself over the edge and for one adrenaline-pumping moment, he flew. But before he could begin his quick descent back to the unforgiving earth below, Pidgeotto streaked towards him and ducked under his fall, catching him with practiced grace on its back. 

With a clear view of the valley before him, Spark suddenly understood what had made him feel so anxious. The large, blue and white Tower of Mystic’s gym was engulfed in smoke. 


Without waiting for a command, Pidgeotto soared towards the once-glorious building at an impossible speed. Spark’s bright orange and yellow gloves protected his hands from the bite of cold air and his dark jacket billowed out around him as the large Pokémon circled the blue needle at the top of the tower. The once intricate and sparkling glass was now cracked and broken, and like silent birds of prey, they revolved around the needle until they found an opening they could dart into. Inside, Pidgeotto found a high perch to settle on to overlook the gym. 

A horrible feeling welled in Spark’s chest as his bright eyes took in the destruction below. Giant shards of glass from the supporting pillars and ceiling littered the gym and the once-flawless diamond floor now held spider web cracks that stretched across the entire length of the battle arena. The worse of the damage was in the center, where Blanche was lying unmoving with her Pokémon just as injured beside her. However, she was not alone.

Candela, the third major gym leader of the region, was beside her, but she was in no better shape. Her jacket was torn and the Flareon that never seemed to leave her side was sprawled on its side. This was no Pokémon Battle. This was an attack. 

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to see Team Rocket standing across from the pair with an army of Pokémon behind them. It was not the first time the infamous group had attempted to take one of them down in sake of destroying their gifted power; but this was on another level Spark had never seen before, and though the trio squabbled like siblings, there was anything one wouldn’t do to protect another. 

"Down,” Spark ordered.

Without hesitation, Pidgeotto sprang into action, its large wings flapping to life before they descended downwards towards the party. Team Rocket noticed his approach at the last second, but before they could ready an attack, Spark dropped to the floor as Pidgeotto used its large wings to send a biting gust of wind in their direction before it retreated once more to the high perch. 

“Spark!” Candela called. Her tone was equal parts surprised and relieved.

“Sorry I’m late.”

Now that he was closer, he could see the other gym leaders were better off than he first suspected but neither looked able to continue their fight. Blanche was sporting a rather nasty cut to her arm and Candela’s cheek was bruised. The injuries made his stomach twist in knots.

“Better late than never,” Candela smiled.

She gathered Blanche further into her arms as heavy-booted steps thumped behind him. He turned as a member of Team Rocket stepped forward, obviously presenting himself as the leader. Spark didn’t recognize him, but the smugness surrounding him was undeniable. “Well, look who decided to join us, boys. If it isn’t the baby of the Big Three.”

At the insult, Spark’s eyes narrowed dangerously. However, it was Candela that spoke first: “The Big Three.” Spark didn’t need to glance back at her to know there was a confident smirk etched into her face; he could hear it in her voice. “I think you forget that Spark earned his title, just as Blanche and I did.”

“There is more to a gym leader than power and ability,” Blanche added. “It is equal parts ambition, wisdom, and instinct.” Her voice was rough, but it still held the undertone of a confident, experienced trainer and leader.

Spark stood slowly as he adjusted the cuff of his gloves. The doubt was evident in the leader’s expression, but he merely faced him head on as the anger began to boil just under his skin. No one touched Blanche and Candela without answering to him.

“Team Leader? Don’t make me laugh.”

“I think you forget you’re standing in water,” Spark murmured. He could already feel the power of Zapdos spreading through him, like little pinpricks of lightning running through his veins, causing his body to vibrate with building power as his skin broke out into goosebumps. “And you know what electricity loves?”

Confusion rippled through Team Rocket, but he didn’t give them time to answer as the beat of wings reached his ears.


A monstrous clap of thunder reverberated through the air as a bright bolt of lightning blinded them. In a moment that seemed to last forever and yet only an instant, it was gone, leaving deafening silence in its wake as the three leaders found themselves alone once more. What remained of Team Rocket was nothing more than a giant hole in the glass doors of the Tower’s entryway.

Relaxing his stance, Spark scratched the back of his neck as he glanced back at the other leaders. “Sorry about the door, Blanche.”


like even if (and it’s a huge if btw) you give pinoe the benefit of the doubt and say all the nt non-straights are like ‘haha I’m not out but i’m not not out’ or like whatever ashlyn tweeted that time, there’s still the principle of the the thing. if you want to set an example, you need to Set An Example


Thoughts While Playing Endless Summer, Book 1, Act III, Chapter 16: Here’s to Adventure


Why are we starting off with Diego’s statements? Does it mean we’re going to end with Diego’s “end” too? No no no I’m getting ahead of myself.

Watchers in the ceiling! They drop to the floor and now we fight!

“Craig was annoyed by having to save you.” Sorry, dude, we’re not close enough.

As MC’s slashing through the rope trap, Michelle goes “Oh my god, if you cut my hair, you are dead!” LOL. #priorities

Crap! Dump the bucket of cold water on the fox or use the sprinklers? I go for sprinklers and hope I’m right. YAY! Winter is shimmering with energy! Woohoo!

“Why do you fight your destiny?,” asks the Blue Leader. Why does he keep saying that?!

Oh. “Because I decide what it’ll be,” answers MC. *slow claps*

More Watchers! Never fear! Jake has his futuristic weapon. It’s a bubble gun with a “world” inside? That whisked the Watchers off… someplace? Woah, Iris says it moves physical objects forward in time. TIME TRAVEL.

Raj? Grace? Neither? I can’t take this decision-making!!! I choose Grace for 20 diamonds.

“Aleister grabs your face and kisses you hard on the forehead.” Hahaha.

Hey hey hey, now Angry Aleister in the HOUUUUUSE. Fighting for his lady love. I love it. He was “fencing”, ladies and gentlemen.

“Grace is now friends with you.” “Aleister no longer dislikes you.” YES. Milestones.

Ooooh we can save Raj for another 20 diamonds. Initially I thought we’d have to choose. Let’s go save our friend!

How do we do that? Iris turns into a friggin’ King Crab and scares off the Watchers. That was hilarious. The Watchers run along and Raj follows them, hahaha. Looks like Iris is sort of a Mystique. Hell, she’s blue too. And she’s into… Raj? Is he into… her?

THEY DON’T HAVE ENOUGH CHUTES FOR EVERYONE. This is just like the fanfic I read the other day. 

“Wake up when it’s all over.” Crap. What do we choose from this bunch of items? Tranquilizer dart? Ugh. The necklace? Crap. What? What?! The necklace isn’t charged so I go for the dart. Oh. Wrong. It’s the gun. They’re going through a portal. TOGETHER.

And Diego says the title. “Here’s to adventure, eh, MC?” And MC too. “Here’s to adventure.”

“A lasso of vines wraps around Diego’s torso”. HEY NOW. Nooooooo. I seriously got goosebumps through the Diego-MC scene.  

204 days ago. That’s how long they “were” in the portal. 6 months. Diego’s been with the Watchers for 6 months too.

“Diego…” Aaand MC says the last line in the finale.

Is there a bonus scene though? YES!!!

Full bonus scene: 204 days ago… Diego is walking through the jungle with the Watchers, tries to escape, but only sees himself come upon a whole VILLAGE of Watchers. Crap.

Earlier that night… LILA. She’s being chased by a Watcher, but she goes full karate on him. Huh. “Where is Everett?,” she’s asking. “What have you done with him?” The HYDRA. He doesn’t know where Rourke is and she… pushes him off the balcony. Without remorse. Oh-kayyyy. This is weird. Is she after Rourke too?

Epilogue. ANOTHER CLUE. Hadean zodiac. Lupus. (Jake?) The RUNES are the key.  They’re back at the penthouse trying to crack the password. Okay here we go.

Okay I’ve been trying to crack the PW the past 30 minutes and I just can’t. I’ll put the game on PAUSE!

(NOT) the end.

Final thoughts:
What a FINALE. And since I still can’t figure out the password, it’s not over yet. Lots of action! And we all kinda saw Diego getting left behind or risking his life. So, yeah, the fandom called that and our best friend has been captured. :( Now what do we do?!?!!? But overall, loved it. Still have a gazillion questions. What did they want with Diego? What’s happened 6 months later? Is Lila on Rourke’s side or not? The plot thickens even more. Aaaaaghghhhg. Another question: What’s the password?!

EDIT: Password is in the comments if you’d like to know what it is. I won’t post it here, for those who still want to take a crack at it. :)

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“No offence Bellamy but why do you care” Monty asked the leader.

“I- Look it doesn’t matter” 

“Seems like it matters”

“we can’t lose her”

“Why are you so hung up on this person?”

“I’m Not!”

They stood in silence.

“You love her, don’t you?”

Sweet Little Girl

Got the sudden motivation to make a flirty Carl imagine, where they first meet and Carl can’t get enough. But they end up being together.

I heard the door open, getting up slowly and cautiously from the bed, readying my knife. Slowly moving behind the door that was half open. If anyone came through this door it would be the end of them. 

I moved to a different position and the floor creaked, I squeezed my eyes shut. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. They continued toward my room, then the noise stopped. 

I edged out of behind the door, because this wasn’t some game of hide-and-seek. 

Walking out, no one was there. I then heard a gun cock behind me, how was anyone able to sneak behind me? 

I held my hands up and turned around to meet a brown haired boy with a sherrif’s hat on, and a bandage wrapped around his left eye. “Drop the knife” I dropped it exactly, clattering on the floor. 

He had a clear blue ocean eye, he smirked at me, “Now why would a sweet little girl like you come into my house?’’ “I’m not as sweet as you think I am” 

He stepped closer to me and lowered his gun, “You didn’t answer the question” I kept quiet. He chuckled, “It’s okay baby, it’s just me and you no one else is around” “Don’t call me that’’ I said sharply right after he finished his sentence. 

He chuckled again, putting his gun back in his holster. “Do you have a camp?” He asked me. “No” “Really? Cause you’re clean and you don’t have dirty clothes” I sighed and turned around and walked toward the stairs. 

“Where you going sweetheart? We just met” I rolled my eyes and turned around to face him, he was smiling clearly enjoying the annoyance he was bringing me. I began walking toward him, “One.) Don’t call me sweetheart or any of your pet names. 2.)Why do you care where I’m going? 3.) Who’s your leader’’ 

“Whoa don’t take this out on me..babe’’ he added the last part to annoy me. “What did I just say?” I said now, standing right in front of him. He sighed, “One.) Well, you could be my baby girl, but whatever. 2.) You invaded my home and camp, of course I’m going to want to know where you’re going. 3.) My dad” 

5 Months Later 

Carl’s arm was wrapped around me, resting his hand on my waist. I cuddled into to his side, and rested my head on his shoulder. Listening to Michonne, Rick, and Daryl talking about when the next run should be. 

I tried to stay awake, tired from the day I had spent with Carl. We read comics, watched Judith from 2 to 3, and made cookies that somehow turned into a play fight. Throwing flour at each other. 

I breathed in his clean scent from the shower he had taken earlier, due to the flour wars we ended up taking a shower after. 

“Tired baby?” Carl asked me, rubbing his thumb up and down my waist. “Fighting with flour can be tiring” I joked. He chuckled, and kissed my head. 

Maknae’s Confession

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In which you are Suho’s sister who’s an idol too and close with Sehun. (I don’t hate BTS, in fact rap Monster is my bias in BTS. I just needed an idol to mention so don’t bash!)

Ending a busy schedule with your loved ones are the best way to put a stop to your hectic life. After landing from Paris, your group’s last world tour destination about half an hour ago, you stepped out of your dorm with bags of different designer label. Kicking the door close, you called your manager and waited for him on the lobby. “Are you not tired, (Y/N)?” your manager asked. “Nah, I promised to visit oppa after world tour ends” you said.

You pressed the door bell and waited for response. Once the door opened, you took off your shoes and said “Hello, my brothers from different brother!”. “Oh, welcome back, (Y/N)” Chanyeol said as he went to hug you after placing his mug on the table. “I saw your group photos from SNS saying that you guys arrived half an hour ago” he sat down. “Yup, I showered at the dorm and quickly came here” you placed the bags down. “So how’s world tour? Tiring right?” Baekhyun asked. “Yeah, they are” you sighed. “Yah yah, you forgot to greet me?” Sehun closed the door and walked to you. “Why would I?” you stuck out your tongue. “Where’s Joonmyun oppa?” you looked around, searching for your real brother. “He’s in the shower” D.O munched on the popcorn he was holding.

“Oh, (Y/N)!” Joonmyun ran to you with his hair still wet and a towel on his hand. “How are you? I miss you so much!” he hugged you tightly you could barely breathe. “Oppa, I can’t breathe” you said between breaths. “Wow, you really worked out” you touched his biceps after he let go of you. “Ah..I wish I have a younger sister” Baekhyun clicked his tongue and pouted.

After distributing the souvenirs you got for every nine members, you hung out with the EXO members on the living room. “Ah, right! My company has lifted our dating ban!” you exclaimed, earning a look from every member. “You wanna die?” Suho said as he chewed on his food. “What? The company says we can date” you shrugged. “You’re still our baby sister so no, I don’t approve” Lay folded his arm. Your jaw dropped “Oh come on!”. “You think someone wants to date you out there? In your dreams” Sehun chuckled and drank his water nervously as everyone was giving him a playful look, except you of course. If someone wants to date her badly, then it is Sehun. Everyone in EXO would always tease him for being close with you but has a different meaning behind it. True enough, he likes you. He wants to protect you, he wants to hold you in his arms but your close friendship made him hesitates and decided to stay as friends as long as he gets to see you happy. What a coincidence that he becomes close with Suho too out of all the members in EXO.

Everyone laughed at Sehun’s statement, obviously wanted to let the cat out of the bag but hold in their remarks not wanting to get beaten up by the maknae. “What’s so funny? I’ve heard many idols chose me as their ideal type” you pouted. “Yah, I’ve chosen someone as my ideal type, does that makes me want to date her?” Xiumin added. “Anyway, recently I seem to can’t take my mind out of someone” you smiled. Everyone froze and looked at Sehun again. Sehun who felt the staring eyes mouthed a ‘what’ at the elders.

“Ooooh, really, who?” Chen went closer to you and nudged Sehun. “My sister is growing up” Suho grinned and placed his arm around you while you took out your phone to show them something. “This guy” you showed them your phone screen. “NO WAY! WE DO NOT APPROVE!” they said together making you flinched. “Why? He’s a nice guy and he sent a video message for me at Running Man saying that he wants to meet me one day” you explained. “No no no no, not him, not anyone from his group” D.O shook his head. “Seriously, Rap Monster?” Kai asked “You really don’t know anything about dating, do you?”. “Why not? He’s a good leader, he’s very well mannered and nice” you looked at him. “Then, am I a bad leader?” Suho blinked his eyes. Sehun, on the other hand, was quiet after you showed him your phone screen. He couldn’t think straight when you confessed that you like Rap Monster. ‘Seriously, is (Y/N) blind? How can she not notice me all this time?’ he thought and looked down. He couldn’t describe this mixed feeling. Is he mad? Sad? Jealous?

“Yah, give me your phone” Baekhyun said and snatched your phone from your hand. “What are you-“ “I won’t agree you date anyone except..this guy” he handed back your phone after searching ‘EXO Sehun’ on google. You glared at him and hit him with a pillow earning a roar of laughter from the members except Sehun who was trying to look annoyed but smiled every time you were not looking.

“I APPROVE!” Suho raised his hand and ran when you threw a pillow at him. The living room is now a mess – pillows scattered everywhere and the members running around everywhere away from you and Sehun. “Admit it, Sehun. You like (Y/N), right?” Baekhyun said and a pillow landed straight on his face. “Stop acting mad and ask her out already!” Chanyeol laughed. You were about to throw another pillow when you looked at Sehun. The latter pretended to want to punch Chanyeol but then looked at you back. He grabbed your wrist and walked out of the noisy dorm and away from the nosy hyungs.

“What was that about, Oh Sehun?” you raised your eyebrow, curious about what the members said just now. Hands folded, you gave him a curious look. “Its…” he sighed. “Its true, I like you since the day Joonmyun hyung introduced me to you-“ “Why didn’t you tell me?” you looked at him, eyes wide. “Its just…I’m afraid to destroy our friendship. You are a very special friend to me and yes, I want to take it to another level but-“ “Oh Sehun, I like you too” you cut him off and smiled. “Bu-but, Rap Mo-“ “I liked you ever since we became friends but yeah, I didn’t want to risk our friendship too so I kept quiet and moved on  from my feelings” your hands went to your sides and you looked up at the man in front of you.

“So..do you still like me?” Sehun bit his lips, trying to hold in his grin. “I don’t kno-“ you were cut off by his lips kissing yours. His hand made its way to your face and another one snaked around your waist, pulling you close. You smiled between the kiss and placed your hands on his neck. “What about now?” he broke the kiss, leaving both of you breathless. “Yes, I like you Oh Sehun” you chuckled. The best feeling you’ve ever had.

“Hyung, oh my god!” “Suho’s about to kill somebody” “Damn, Oh Sehun is a man now” the members peeked behind the door witnessing the confession of the maknae and Suho’s little sister. “Oh Sehun is sleeping outside tonight” Suho eyed the cheeky maknae that dared kissing his little sister. 

A Little Too Late Part 3

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Title: A Little Too Late Part 3

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: violence, angst, fluff

Word Count: 999

A/N: Back from the grocery store so YAY! That was a fucking journey omg. However, I’m back home so I hope you all enjoy another installment of my Gabriel series! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3 I have a few requests left. I’ll be posting about something AMAZING today, probably after this! Anyway, to the fic! WHICH I MIGHT ADD, IS GOING TO BE GETTING EVEN BETTER AS WE GO ON!

Series Masterlsit

The four men looked around the room.  Blood covered almost every inch of the room.  This nest was in a house that was in the middle of nowhere.  Castiel counted the decapitated bodies that covered the floor.  “There are twenty-five in this room alone,” Castiel informed them.

“Gabriel must be pissed if he took twenty-five vampires by himself,” Dean remarked kicking bodies out of his way.

Someone, help me.  I’m in a dark room.

Balthazar and Castiel locked eyes.

Sam and Dean glanced at one another before glaring at the angels.  Dean tapped their arms.  “Is there something we should know,” Dean spoke, raising his voice.

“[Y/N] is alive, and Gabriel knows it too,” Castiel stated, his voice full of concern.  “She prayed for help; she’s in a dark room.

“[Y/N]’s prayer isn’t going to make Gabriel any less furious,” Balthazar added.  “We need to find him.”

“Agreed,” Castiel nodded, grabbing the Winchesters.

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  • Teammate: We're going to lose because of you Junkrat! You should’ve gone Soldier instead!
  • Me: *looks at my 4 gold medals*
  • Me: Right.