why you do this to me kiera

Return The Favor


Warnings: smutty, asshole!Niall, and pretty heavy language.

Hello! First imagine yay! I really hope this is good, please give me some feed back if you like it!

Written for this request: Well not sure what type of story you want to write, but if you want a smutty Niall request I got one: Niall is a cocky jock that gets all the girls. Y/N is the one girl who refuses to give in to his charm. But he keeps flirting with her and pushing her closer and closer until he finally gets her where he wants her and takes full advantage. He makes her suck him off and he makes her gag and he talks dirty the whole time, saying he knew she’d give in. Super dirty but yeah. Haha :)

Thank you so much anon for my first request! I hope this is smutty enough for you lol. ;)


“Y/N…..Hey, could I borrow a pencil again?” 

This had been going on for weeks. He would ask for a pencil, an eraser, help on an assignment ect., you’d turn around only seeing him perfectly fine, with the same stupid smirk on his face every time. Niall was a complete asshole. He was the star football player and for some reason every girl would basically throw themselves at him. But, you were different. You wouldn’t drop your panties just because of some pretty blue eyes. You needed a man with some substance. 

“Niall why in the hell won’t you leave me alone?” You remarked, turning around faced with Niall in all his glory. 

“Calm down beautiful, just wanted your attention.” He said smiling slyly.

 Your eyes fell into his direct gaze, holding a staring contest with his eyes that make the ocean look an ugly shade of blue. 

“Why do you insist on constantly bothering me?”  

“Bothering you? Do you know how many girls are dying to be in your place sweetheart?” 

“Well this one isn’t Niall. I don’t want your attention. Leave me alone and go back to your other whores. Please.”

That seemed to shut him up. You turned around and he didn’t bother you for the rest of the day. 


“Kiera, no.”

 She was trying to convince you to come to the football game, which was the last thing you wanted to do after your interaction with Niall two days ago.

 “Y/N it’ll be a blast and you never go, you should make an appearance.”

 You thought about it for a moment. Kiera was right that you never went to football games, and it’s not like you had any plans or homework tonight. 

“Fine.” You gave in. “But under one condition, do not run off and abandon me, okay?” 

“Don’t worry babes I would never.”

But she did. And now you were sitting alone in the grass, cold because you forgot your jacket, with no one to talk to. Time ran out on the clock and the game ended. Your team won, not that you cared. You decided to walk down to the field where everyone was congregating, trying to find Kiera. You wiggled your way through the crowd in search of your raven haired friend, but instead you found the blond haired, blue eyed jock. 

“Hey sweetheart, you came to see me win the game I see,” He said with a smirk.

“No, Kiera dragged me here actually, she’s my ride. Do you know where she is? And don’t call me sweetheart.”

“Sorry babe, I haven’t seen her, but I heard a few people went to the after party early, I bet she’s there with Jack,”

“An after party? Are you kidding me? This is a football game.” you said with disbelief.

“Listen, I know you don’t have much experience, but you’re a smart girl, and you should know by now that any chance to get smashed and hook up, is a chance most people around here will take,”

He’d gotten very close to you at this point. You took in his appearance. Slightly damp hair, pink lips, and god, his eyes, they had changed to a deeper shade of blue than usual, with a ring of light teal around the edges.

“Do you know why I always pester you in biology Y/N?” He said, almost as a whisper.

“No I really don’t,” you murmured back, eyes caught in a swirling storm with his.

“It’s because you’re so damn sexy, I can barely stand it. And that little good girl with an attitude thing you have going makes me want to do things to you, that I bet no one else has ever done; sweetheart,”

His lips were brushing the shell of your ear as he spoke, and a shiver ran through you. You had never been talked to or touched like this, much less by someone like Niall. You wanted to pull away but then again you didn’t. You were magnetized and he was the opposite pole.


Before you could finish, his lips were on yours. You’d never been kissed before but you were sure he would be the best even if you had kissed a million others. You felt his soft lips mold around yours and his mouth opened slightly. His tongue was playing with the idea of gaining entrance, yet he seemed hesitant. Before you knew it he had pulled away, grabbed your wrist, and was leading you away from the now smaller crowd. 

“Niall,” You spoke quietly, still processing what just happened.

“Niall!” You said again with more conviction this time. “Niall Slow down!”

He stopped finally and turned around.

“What the hell was that?”

“I kissed you?” He said like it was the simplest thing in the world.

“Well no shit. Where are you taking me?” You said, slightly apprehensive for the answer.

“We’re going to my place. com’on,”

“Wait, Niall I’ve never- I’m not too sure about this,”

“Don’t worry about it princess” He said coming closer, suddenly laying open mouthed kisses on your neck, making you feel electric shocks in your lower abdomen.

“You want it don’t you? You dirty little girl, you want me to make you feel good hmm?”

You arched into him and gasped, his lips on your neck taking you to a place similar to heaven.

“Niall,” You said in a breathy moan.

“Use your words sweetheart,”

“Yes god Niall, you ass, touch me please,” you gave in.

“It’s my pleasure baby, lets get out of here,”

The car ride was silent, and it gave you time to think. Did you really want this? You definitely didn’t want to give him everything, and you were well aware he would probably leave and never speak to you ever again, but you kinda liked him; like a lot, and you wanted it so bad.

“We’re here, c’mon,” 

You listened and followed him inside. You guessed his parents were away because there were no more cars in the driveway. As soon as you stepped inside the door it was pushed closed behind you and you were pushed against it. His hands were pinning your hips to the door, his lips on yours. His tongue took no time pushing into your mouth and dominating your tongue this time. His hands roamed around and squeezed your ass, making you gasp lightly into his mouth. You felt his smirk through the kiss. His hands continued to roam, and feel about your lower half. Eventually his hands found his way up your shirt. He wasted no time giving your chest a feel and then pulling the shirt over your head and tossing it across the room. You felt yourself blush, but you didn’t have time to respond because his mouth was back on yours in an instant. He rutted his hips into yours, and you felt his hard on through his shorts. You moaned into his mouth and began to grind on him, desperate for as much friction as possible.

“Jump,” He said into the kiss and you obeyed 

He carried you up the stairs into his bedroom and put you down on the bed. 

“Get undressed,” He demanded 

His tone of voice alone was making you wet, so you quickly rid yourself of the remaining clothing. You noticed he was doing the same. He pulled down his boxers to reveal his huge cock. Your eyes widened at the size of him, but you blushed as you realize he was looking at you like a lion stalking its prey.  He motioned for you to come over and you did, his lips catching yours in a heated fevered  kiss. His big hand cupped your centered and you mewled his name and dropped your head to his shoulder. He trailed his hand away from your core leading it to your hand and leading it to his swollen girth. You looked up at him through your eyelashes seeing him looking expectantly at you. You had to admit you were truly very excited to do what he wanted. He was extremely attractive and you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about this moment a good few times. You sank down to your knees, slightly nervous. You pumped his dick a few times, and you heard him hiss and saw him tilt his head back in pleasure. 

“Stop teasing. Put it in your mouth sweetheart,” He demanded hotly

“I’ve never-”

“I know” He cut you off

“Its fine babe. I’ll be forgiving. I’m sure you’ll do fine.”

You nodded your head and decided it was worth giving it a shot. After all you wanted to please him, and you had heard Kiera talking about doing this before. How hard could it be? You took his tip into your mouth and began to suck and kitten lick the tip.  He leaned his head back and let out a guttural moan, you took that as a good sign. You took him further in your mouth, swirling your tongue around him.

“God, I knew you would give in you little slut, you love sucking my cock don’t you, you little tease,”

He got impatient and pushed his hips up to your mouth, making you gag around him. You eyes started to water but you relaxed you throat and started to bob your head again, secretly loving being dominated by Niall. 

“You take me so deep, so easily, you say its your first time, but I bet you’ve done this dozens of times before. You love this. God, I can’t wait to fuck that pretty little pussy one day,”

You moaned around him causing him to moan and hiss. At this point he finally was simply mouth fucking you. You could tell he was getting close by the way his thrusts were getting more and more sloppy. You were dripping down your leg by now and you were really hoping he would return the favor. You swirled your tongue and then hollowed your cheeks. 

“Shit, I’m coming. Swallow it, slut,” He pushed the words out of his throat

He came in hot spurts down your throat, you loved the taste of him, and you continued bobbing your head so he could ride out his orgasm. 

“You give great head,” He remarked with a smirk as you stood up, rolling your eyes slightly.

He looked down at you, seeing your state of arousal. You looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Dont worry darling, I always return the favor,”


Hope it was not too bad! remember this is kinda my first time writing and I worked pretty hard on this. Constructive criticism is encouraged but please don’t be mean!

Kiera Cass- *writing The One* Okay, let’s shake things up and kill off America’s dad. Oh! While I’m at it, let’s kill off Clarkson, make everyone happy. Wait! Let’s kill off Amberly with him….. Mmmm. America has too many maids anyway let’s kill off Anne. Gotta make it look like Maxon’s gonna die to. And just to piss everyone off let’s SHOOT CELESTE IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD AND THEN NO ONE ADDRESS IT UNTIL THE HEIR. Yep looks good.

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Supercat skype/phone sex :0

Kara nearly crushes her phone when she tries to answer it, half-asleep and disoriented from whatever dream she’d just been pulled from.

She nearly crushes it again when she sees who’s calling.

Cat hasn’t spoken to her outside of the office since Adam left, and she’s never called her at 2:30 in the morning before. Not even on her most stressful of days (and Kara has seen plenty of those by now).

Heart hammering in her chest she slides her thumb to answer the call, her Ms. Grant? coming out shaky with nerves.

Kiera,” Cat sighs, exhausted and put-out as if Kara was the one that had called her. “Of course you answer.

Kara pushes her hair back from her face, sitting up in the bed as she tries to piece together Cat’s response. For a moment, she wonders if she’s still dreaming, or if she had actually been the one to call Cat, somehow. “Excuse me?”

“I said ‘of course you answer,’” she repeats, and Kara can hear the clinking of ice in a glass, liquid sloshing. Oh. Oh, no. “Of course you answer, of course you take my call at two in the morning, of course you sound concerned.

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Kara dresses as Cat for a joke but.... it's kinda..... really hot???

Cat snaps her pen.

Kara sits at her desk as if nothing is amiss and goes about her business until Cat loudly clears her throat and begins the first syllable of her name. Then, smiling and pleasant, she jogs into the glass office with her tablet at the ready.

“Yes, Ms. Grant?”

“What are you wearing?”

“Oh.” Her cheeks flush with color, and she fiddles with her glasses. “My sister convinced me to dress up for Halloween this year. But I knew you wouldn’t let me be here if I wore a costume-costume. Like a bee? Or a pumpkin.”


“So, I thought the safest choice was to be  you.”

Cat rakes her gaze down Kara’s body, which fits much too nicely into the style of clothing she wears. A pencil skirt with a purple blouse dangling off her shoulders, fine silver jewelry around her neck and wrists. She can’t say that she hates it–but she does hate the arousal that was still coursing through her, which had burst to life as soon as she took her coffee from Kara that morning.

When Cat says nothing, Kara fills the silence: “Um, should I go home and change? I’m sorry if I offended you.”

Cat flips her fingers. “Kiera, you dressed like that is a compliment to me. I suppose I do wear it better, but you look acceptable.”

Kara looks down at her tablet. “Is that why…”

“Why what?”

She shakes her head and rushes away, leaving Cat to puzzle through the interaction. She has no idea what Kara was going to ask, especially if the inquiry was related to the outfit. She got an e-mail moments later with answers.

I’m sorry, Cat. I know you don’t appreciate unfinished sentences. I was going to ask if my looking acceptable was why you’ve been looking at me today.

She types an affirmative response and waits. Kara glances at her a few times, and another e-mail arrives.

I’m sorry if this isn’t appropriate, but are you checking me out?

Another affirmative response.

Oh, wow. Um. That’s very flattering.

She waits.

Does this mean–well, it doesn’t have to mean anything, of course–but does this mean you sort of like me?

The next note is a little curt, dismissing this pussyfooting around as teenage melodrama. Yes, she likes Kara, and would Kara like to do anything about it?

Maybe you could come with me when I get your lunch?

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#16 with Kara Danvers, please

16. “It’s really hard not to kiss you.”

Kara watched the clock, her eyes fixed on the second hand ticking away. Every second gone meant a second she was closer to seeing you. She hated sneaking around like this.

She should be able to tell everyone about how much she loves you but if your mom found out you two were together she’d flip. Ms. Grant wasn’t exactly known for her openness and loving disposition.

Kara knew it was better this way but that didn’t stop her from hating it.

Finally! 12:30pm. Kara got up from her desk and quickly asked one of her coworkers to cover her phone while she was on break.

Then she fast walked all the way to the stairwell and down two floors to where your office was. She got out of the stairwell and then headed straight to your office. Kara smiled at your secretary.

“I have a message from Ms. Grant,” she said and waited for your secretary to nod so she could walk in.

Your secretary nodded and Kara quickly opened the door to your office. You were at your desk, talking to someone on the phone. When you saw Kara your whole face lit up. 

“Gerald, I’d really love to stay and keep chatting about arthritis with you but I’ve got to get to an important meeting.”

Kara walked towards your desk. 

“Alright Gerald, okay I got.” You began to pull away from the phone. “Gerald I have to go. Talk to you soon, okay, bye.”

You slammed the phone back onto the receiver. “That man never shuts up,” you said and shook your head. 

Kara smiled. She walked over to your side of the desk. She leaned against it. “So I take it your morning hasn’t been good?”

You smiled back at her. “It is now that you’re here.”  You stood up and put your hands on Kara’s hips. You leaned in close and she gently pressed her lips against yours. 

When you pulled away you cupped her cheek. “You look sad,” you pouted, “Why?”

Kara let out a soft sigh. “I just, I wish we didn’t have to hide our relationship.”

You nodded. “I understand but you know my-”

“(y/n), you’re mother is here.” You secretary’s voice came thru the intercom. 

“Shit,” you whisper yelled. 

Kara smacked your arm gently. “Language.”

“Kara my mom is outside if she sees us-”

Before you could finish your thought your door swung open. Your mother walked in. “Did you really have me wait outside like some- Kiera? What are you doing here I thought you were on your break?”

Kara froze and turned to you slowly. “I uhm-”

“She’s here to take my lunch order,” you said quickly before your mother further analyzed the situation. 

Your mother pursed her lips. “Seems odd you wouldn’t ask for my lunch order Kiera.”

Kara stepped away from you and towards Ms. Grant. “That’s because I already know your order Ms.Grant.”

Cat nodded. “That’s true.” She turned away from Kara. “(y/n) clear your schedule for tonight. It’s family bonding night.”

You furrowed your brow. “Since when is that a thing?”

Cat rolled her eyes. “Since I just said so and you can bring that girlfriend of yours if you’d like. It’s about time I meet her.” 

You did a double take. “What?”

Kara was frozen again. Did she know? 

Cat sighed. “What you don’t think I know when my own child is in love? It’s written all over your face, just bring her over tonight okay?” Then she turned to walk out of the room. “Don’t forget my lunch Kiera!”

You turned to Kara. “Are you free tonight?”

Kara raised her brows at you. “Are you sure?”

You nodded. “You did just say you were tired of keeping us a secret.”

Kara bit her lip and thought it over……she guessed she could always just work full time at the DEO if Cat fired her. She smiled. “Okay.”

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i just got paid and you dropped a new shirt. kiera i’m trying to save money why you doing this to me 😭😭

I’m sorry 😭😭❤️

Things Dan and Phil typed into the Club Penguin chat

~you a scaley too 

~ur all rude tbh 


~do we not all contemplate the futility of existence



~penguin and chill

~you’re all mean. go to hell tbh 

~hey got any wax for my board yo

~not talking you kiera. you ho 

~someone say ur our friend even if ur not

~honestly kiera. go to hell. ur mum. kissed a seal. everyone knows it. on toast.

~“beef” got it with u. hun. maria. 

~kiera. i don’t want to be weird. but if you don’t accept my friend request. i will seppuku. on an icicle. don’t google that.  


~ok. if no one. sends me a friend request. i will be forced. to do something. i will regret. FOREVER.  i will count. to ten. 















~*gets banned*

kind of headcanon that what Emily Gilmore was to maids Cat Grant is to assistants (she even says “i told them not to send me anymore Millennials” how many people do they send to cat grant like cat hadn’t even fired the previous assistant quite yet but kara still had an interview)

like it even becomes a running gag with all of the people who know cat even moderately well like oh “what’s the new assistant’s name this week”


“wait. hold on a minute. wasn’t that the name of the assistant from two weeks ago”

“yes why it’s not that unusual”

*spit take*

“the last one you had left the country after 3 days of working for you”

and then cue all the headhunters that try and go after kara like a month in because oh my god she survived cat grant we must have her

and then cue the very territorial cat, who was able to get siobhan blackballed in like 5 seconds that is her assistant she had to go through hundreds to find her and she’s keeping her

y’all i’ve got a theory

okay so

 since the creators have revealed s3 is about meta-human trafficking, do you think the reason that characters like m’gann, kaldur, zatanna, rocket, and others who weren’t shown at SDCC are maybe captured??? and that’s why the rest of the original team is dressed like ninjas??? because they have to SAVE them???

idk this is just probably a bad theory but it kind of made sense in my head

someone please tell me their opinions

“I’d do anything you asked me to, Eadlyn,” he whispered.
I shook my head. “But I can’t ask.”
He squinted. “Why not? Did I do something wrong?”
“No, you idiot,” I said, pulling away.
“Apparently …” I huffed. “It seems you did something right. I can’t just kiss you like it’s nothing, because it turns out that you’re not nothing.

The Crown by Kiera Cass


Thalia’s Point of View

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “You! I killed you!”

“Yes. That was awfully rude of you.”

“I…I must be hallucinating. That’s it.”

Iza looked at me sympathetically. “How long have you been in here?”

“I don’t know. Something’s blocking my powers. I have no sense of time, and I can’t teleport out.”

“Well, lucky for you, I can,” Iza said with a kind smile. “Come on, kid, let’s get you out of here.”

“What? You’re helping me? Why?”

“You see, Thalia, for the first time in a while, our interests are aligned. We both want to stop Ingrid.”

“I…I don’t want to stop Ingrid. She’s going to bring Kiera and Cameron back.”

Iza looked at me, baffled. “You can do that yourself. You don’t need her.”

“I can’t bring them back.”

“Not yet you can’t, but the Time Keeper can. You aren’t the Time Keeper yet, but I’m going to help you with that. I’ll be your personal Mr. Miyagi.”

“I don’t know what that means.”

Iza sighed and pulled me to my feet. “Come on. Let’s just go.”

And then we vanished.

Pt 2 of A Little Fluff

Pt 1 can be found here



Kara took a deep breath and got up from her desk. She had been waiting for this—she knew Cat too well. Cat had been trying to expertly figure out what her plans were for that evening the entire week, but Kara knew that Cat would wait until the last possible moment to show her hand. Would she or wouldn’t she acknowledge it? There was only 45 minutes left until her fake date was suppose to start and Kara wasn’t sure what it was she was feeling. She stepped just inside the door, pen and pad at the ready.

“Kiera, I’ll need you to cancel your plans for this evening. I need you to watch Carter.” Cat spread her arms wide across her desk, staring at Kara over the top of her glasses. Watching. Waiting.

“I…I can’t tonight Miss Grant.” Kara had gone over this exact situation with Lucy just days ago—knowing that Cat was going to react in only a handful of ways. She was going to stand her ground, a game of chicken to see who would break first.

“You can’t? What’s so important that you can’t watch my son?” Cat asked innocently, well as innocently as the Queen of All Media could.

“I have a date. A first date…it’s…it’s not polite to cancel a first date.” Kara stuttered. Sticking to the script was much harder to do under Cat’s watchful eye.

“I see.” Cat reached for her office phone, never taking her eyes off of Kara. She punched a few buttons from memory and before the person on the other end could speak Cat beat them to it. “My office. Now.”

Kara lost her nerve and finally glanced away, looking towards the balcony and wondering if she could get away with just flinging herself over it. Before she could finish that thought though, Lucy materialized beside her. “Yes, Miss Grant?” Lucy cast a quick glance towards Kara, trying to gauge what was happening.

“I need you to watch Carter tonight. Kiera has suddenly developed a social life and her usual services aren’t available to me tonight.” Cat purred the last few words and Kara glanced up from the spot on the floor she had been studying, her face getting redder by the second.

“Uh, I haven’t babysat anyone since junior high.” Lucy swallowed hard, realizing for the first time she was playing with fire. What had she been thinking?

“You can’t do much worse then the last time someone watched him. Perhaps your military training will come in handy.” Cat stood abruptly. “Kiera, why are you still standing there? You aren’t wearing that cardigan on your very important first date are you? I mean the blue suits you, but at least show the girl a little skin.“ Cat cocked her head to the side, looking Kara up and down slowly.

“No, Miss Grant. I’ll see you Monday.” Kara started to back out of the office.

“You’ll see me tonight. We’re making this a double date.” Cat looked expectantly Lucy, and barely concealed her smirk when Kara stumbled at her words.

“What?” Kara caught herself before she face planted–flipping around back towards the office.

“A double date. That way we can get a little more work done on the way to and from whatever place you’ve deemed first date worthy. Unless you were planning on going home with this person?” Cat had taken several quick steps across the room and she was suddenly much closer to Kara. Kara tried to take a few steps back but her back hit the edge of the doorway and she was trapped.

“I don’t…I don’t do that…” Kara whispered.

“Then it works out perfectly. Hurry home then, dear.” Cat was making a shooing motion with her hands and her 1,000 watt smile was proof she was enjoying this a little too much. “I’ll be in front of your dreadful apartment in 30 minutes. Don’t make me wait.”

Kara nodded and practically ran towards the elevator. Once she was out of sight Lucy tried to speak, hoping to dig Kara out of this hole. Cat silenced her with one wave of her hand, walking back over to her desk and pulling her personal phone out–motioning for the other woman to do the same.

Cat: Super hearing you fool.

Lucy: I don’t know what your talking about.

Lucy had the decency to try and look confused but Cat wasn’t having it.

Cat: Please. Did you and the Scooby gang really think I didn’t know?


Cat: It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I know you don’t have a third sister.

At that Lucy couldn’t keep silent any more. “If you’re doing this just to humiliate her—“

Cat: Of course not. Kara will not be harmed in anyway. Toyed with maybe…

Cat looked up and winked at the brunette and Lucy just rolled her eyes.

Lucy: I’m going to need more than that if you expect me to not blow it for you.

Cat: *Heart Emoji* Is that reason enough?

Lucy studied the woman across from her, looking for any hint of deceit. When she didn’t find any she nodded her head once.

Lucy: I knew it. Also, please expect me to gloat about this at the wedding. *Winky Emoji*

Lucy didn’t stay there long enough to see Cat’s reaction, just calling over her shoulder that she would make sure Carter got to bed not time as she ran out.

Super Fabulous YA Lit Meme (5/10) Ten Series or Books

The Selection by Kiera Cass

“Do you think the ability to sleep in counts as a special skill?” I asked Dad, trying to sound torn over the decision.

“Yes, list that. And don’t forget to write that you can eat an entire meal in under five minutes,” he replied. I laughed. It was true; I did tend to inhale my food.

“Oh, the both of you! Why don’t you just write down that you’re an absolute heathen!” My mother went storming from the room.

Characters Getting Tumblrs - The Selection Series - 1 - America Singer
  • America: ok um tumblr.com ok
  • America: alright so um hmm first I have to pick a blog name...strawberrytarts? Ugh taken...strawberrytartblr? Little weird...hmm notyourdear? Taken. americasingerisnotyourdear. That's more like it
  • America: hmm ok blank slate title
  • America: ok hmm let's do a nice big America Singer//Queen of Illéa
  • Cameraman: ok now make your first post
  • America: uhh how? OH THERE'S A PENCIL THING HAHAHA aww it reminds me of the time Maxon sent me some letters and it was the cutest *tears up* k sorry I was getting a little emotional
  • America: ok let's start with the two A's because I'm America
  • America: *types* "yo it's the queen and I now have a tumblr since Eadlyn was raving on about it so much." Wait almost forgot *types* "Maxon Schreave loves me."
  • America: wait who is this Kiera Cass, partylikeawordstar, why do I feel like I know her...
  • America: hmm what else should I search up...maxongang? Lol
  • America: WHY. ARE. SO. MANY. PEOPLE. CREATING. SMUT. WITH. ME. AND. MAXON. not that I mind
Angst Week

So I can’t do angst. Like at all. And we are barely one day in and you all have me horribly depressed. So here’s my answer.

Cat saw her assistant discreetly pull a tissue out of her desk drawer–hidden away because yes, she really was the germaphobic and yes, Kara really did take that much care in everything she did. She knew the girl hadn’t blown out her powers, so there was only one reason why the girl would need it and Cat rolled her eyes. She had warned her last night, but apparently she just didn’t listen.

“Kiera!” Cat screamed, definitely more for the affect it had on the office then anything else. She watched as Kara took a little extra time to gather herself before making her way into the office.

“Yes, Miss Grant?” Kara kept her distance, hoping to not let Cat see the lingering tears in her eyes.

“Come closer.” Cat beckoned her with the slow crook of her finger, until Kara was directly in front of the desk. She studying her acutely for a few moments, eyes wandering over her face–showing just a hint of caring behind the icy mask she wore at work. “I thought I was very clear about my no tears in the office rule?”

“You were.” Kara answered softly, head bent down, not willing to look Cat in the eye any longer.

“And I thought that I was very clear last night,” Cat dropped her voice lower, unwillingly or unable to torcher the girl any longer. “When we were in bed that under no circumstances were you to check the Supercat tag on tumblr this week?”

Kara adjusted her glasses, embarrassed at being caught, embarrassed at her tears, and more than a little…well something…that once again Cat was right. “I know. I know….I just…I had to Cat.”

“You had to read what horrible, angsty things all your little fangirls were writing about us?” Cat sighed and pushed herself away from her desk, motioning for Kara to follow. She barreled herself through the doors out to the balcony and settled down onto the couch. “Sit, darling.”

Kara tucked herself in beside her wife, thankful they had rearranged the furniture out here to give them at least a small amount of privacy should they ever need to drop the act between them during the day. A small, sinewy arm pulled her closer and she felt the gentle kiss placed on the top of her head. “You silly, silly girl. I love that you are so soft hearted, but you can’t torture yourself all week.”

“I know. Well, I know that now. It was horrible Cat. Cheating, death…ugh. I just read one about me and Carter visiting your grave and…I’m sorry about the tears.”

“Jesus. They really went for the jugular didn’t they? Promise me you won’t look again until we are at least at home together tucked in under the covers?” Cat said, every ounce of frostiness gone from her speech.

“I promise. Promise me you won’t cheat?”

The small slap against her shoulder, before it pulled her in closer told her everything going she needed to know and she didn’t bother dampening her smile.