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Langblr Asks
  1. What’s your native language?
  2. How many languages do you speak?
  3. What language(s) are you currently studying?
  4. How many/which languages would you like to know in the future?
  5. Do your friends speak other languages?
  6. What’s the most difficult word for you to say in your native & target languages?
  7. How do you call your favorite animal in your target languages?
  8. Write your favorite color in all the languages you know it in.
  9. How long have you studied your target language(s)?
  10. What’s your favorite word in your target language(s)? Least favorite?
  11. What’s the funniest word in your target language(s)?
  12. What’s the prettiest word in  your target language(s)? Ugliest?
  13. One thing you dislike about your target and/or native language?
  14. Do you have any international friends?
  15. Why are you learning your target language(s)?
  16. Do you ever want to live somewhere where you’d speak your target language(s)?
  17. What was/is the first language you want/ed to learn?
  18. Have you ever made a friend speaking your target language(s)?
  19. Do you listen to music in your target language(s)? If so, who are your favorite artists?
  20. Opinion on duolingo?
  21. What’s your favorite method of studying?
  22. Have you ever played pokemon in your target language(s)?
  23. Favorite blog in your target language(s)?
  24. Do you ever speak to yourself in your  target language(s)?
  25. Ever speak to your pets in your target language(s)?
  26. Do you ever feel like your target language(s) is(are) under appreciated? Why/why not?
  27. How do people usually react when you mention that you’re studying your target language(s)? Do their reactions annoy you? Make you happy?
  28. How do natives react when they hear that you’re studying their language?
  29. Do you have any advice for someone who’s never studied a language before?
  30. Where are you from? What are popular/”useful” foreign languages in your area?
  31. Are there dialects in your country? Do you speak one?
  32. Have you ever tried to learn a dialect for your target language(s)?
  33. Do you ever want to have a career in languages?
  34. How has learning languages impacted your life?
  35. Do you have any big travel plans for the future?
  36. What’s your least favorite language? Why? Favorite?
  37. Do you know any obscure/useless words in your target language(s)?
  38. Was there ever a word you pronounced incorrectly until someone corrected you?
  39. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you while studying your target language(s)?
  40. Have you ever eavesdropped on people speaking  your target language(s) in public?
  41. Have you ever had a negative experience with a native?
  42. What’s the most positive experience you’ve had with a native?
  43. Tell me about your best friend in your target language(s)
  44. Have you ever put sticky notes all over your house before?
  45. Do you ever think in your target language(s)?
  46. Are there any cognates between your native and target language(s)?
  47. Have you ever met a stranger in public with whom you spoke your target language(s)?
  48. Have you ever had an “I understand it now!” moment with your target language(s)?
  49. Do you have any language pet peeves?
  50. Is there a language that you’ve tried to learn but could never stick with it or just weren’t interested?

Newsflash kidlets, the horrible crimes done by some vidya game weirdo bank robbers aren’t…real…and what they represent in real world terms and the real people who relate to them are a lot more important than the fact that they may have kidnapped some rich fucker and held him for ransom one time in an event in a fictional universe that hasn’t even been written yet.

One of my least favorite things is when a younger person is interested in something or just like, talks about some general subject and an older person is like ????? what??? you weren’t even alive/you were so young when X!! like imagine if you started talking about how much you love Shakespeare and some rando time traveled just to tell you “But you weren’t even alive when he was writing!” like did you know that it’s a lot more fun if you expand your interests to things that haven’t existed exclusively in your lifespan & that the past will inevitably affect the present so it’s good to be aware of it

Tom Holland Imagine - 4

Target Run 

“Tommy?” You asked your boyfriend.

He looked up from his iPad. “Mmhmm?”

“Can we go to Target?” You asked getting up to grab your coat.

He picked up Tessa and put her on his lap. “Why darling? It’s 10 p.m.”

“I don’t have a reason, I’m just bored. And when you go to Target the stuff finds you.” You threw his coat at him. “And I need new earbuds.”

He shook his head. “Babe, It’s too late.” You walked over and moved Tess. “Why’d you do that?” He pouted. You straddled him, part one of Operation Target, “Oh.” He realized. You kissed his lips lightly, then moved to his jaw.

“Target and chill?” You whispered in his ear. 

He moved you off of him, “You better be happy I’m horny.”


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Actual reasons that the keyblade wielders of the various factions brought darkness into the world:

  • That was a swipe, not a tap, dammit!
  • What do you mean it only targets one?
  • Why don’t people update their share medals? it′s all Donald. Again.
  • A mimic? Really? That′s the last thing I need right now, so thanks for that
  • Oh come on, it’s got like no health left and i’ve beaten every other fight in one round just give me this please…
  • Ah yes, another young hercules. Now I can fuse five of them to give someone I care about half of a single level…
  • But everything else in this level is power! I only brought my magic medals! Why is there an Invisible! This is bullshit.
  • No that was just the side of my finger touching the edge of the phone. That’s how I hold the phone please don’t spam all my medals agai–
  • Xehanort Voice: Would you like to continue? It’s only 100 Jewels…
  • Xehanort Voice: It’s only $15, you pay three times that for other KH games
  • Xehanort Voice: Embrace your desire for a Tinkerbell medal
  • Xehanort Voice: Pick up the phone and play KHx, the rest of your life doesn’t matter that much. Come on, time is munny you know…

I’m seriously starting to wonder if the whole mobile game freemium model isn’t supposed to be some meta commentary on the theme of sin and excess driving the protectors of light to start the war that blankets the world in darkness.

Maybe the super overly aggressive censoring in the chat is part of the metaphor, too…

It's a different store

So I used to work at a store that’s known for recreating fashionistas, that also has two sister companies. The return policy when I worked there was only returns from another Same store or a combo of the same store with the home store. Tricky I know.

A lady came through one day with a return from the sister company, which we couldn’t do because the codes and everything are different, cuz it’s a different store!! So my lead told her we can’t do that return here. Obviously.

Her two 13 years old girls were by the make up and I was at the jewelry counter when she came up flipping her shit because “They won’t do this return because it’s from sister store!!! I was just there and they won’t return it for me!!”
I had to turn around to hide my laughter and my wtf face because like girl it’s a different store? You wouldn’t take a Walmart return to target so why would you do it here?? Lol

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#8 with James Willems?

“You’re seriously like a man-child,” you scoffed turning away from James.

“Oh, come on. It was funny,” James pleaded with a chuckle.

You just shot him another glare, “Why do you pull these stupid pranks? Why am I always the target?”

James just continued grinning but slowly his smile faded, “Wait. I thought you knew.”

“Knew what?” you asked dropping your arms.

“You know what they always say. Boys always pick on the girls they like,” he explained.

hi everyone! just a quick check-in to say if you’re ever sending anon hate, especially to blog like this (I can’t think of a blog with better intentions than one like this, besides like the anti-puppy kicking brigade?), then I feel bad for who you have become. 

I don’t know what you’ve gone through to make you like this or to push you so far away from basic human compassion and understanding, but in any case, pointless hate against vulnerable people is unwelcome here, and I seriously recommend you reflect on why you do this and why you would target people who especially need love and support right now such as me and the audience of this blog.

Wow I just remembered how much of a fucking creep Vlad was, grooming young girls to do his bidding?? Like, the fuck, dude? You could hire adults why are you targeting kids to do your dirty work? You’re rich aren’t you???

I just find the way he manipulated both Valerie and Dani to be absolutely creepy and terrible. Not to mention the abuse he put Dani through.

Not sure if I find him to be a redeemable character at all.

White Lives Matter Movie


A Note From The Directors:

Throughout the film-making process, the most recurring question we received from others and began to ask ourselves was ‘Why?’ Why did we choose to make a feature-length film? Why did we choose the title ‘White Lives Matter’? Why did we think it was a good idea to cast, direct, and produce a film during the last month of our sophomore year of college?

After a while, the constant “why’s” became hurtful. It served as a reminder that the validity of our project and our intentions were and would likely always be questioned. As Black people in America, we constantly have the validity of our lives questioned. It’s as if the entire world is constantly questioning our community. Why do you think you have a right to proclaim that your life matters? Why are you not accepting your seemingly predestined fate as you watch your community members being targeted because of their identity? Why do you think these killings needs to end? Why should anyone care?

It is easy to feel like Black lives don’t matter when Black people are unlawfully shot and killed, die in police custody, all without any repercussions for those responsible. Black bodies are just being killed for living. Black lives are ended because we dared to live. Our families are being torn apart, our children are suffering.

But we recognize that it doesn’t stop there. In the United States, we are being further subjugated by biased policing and profiling that leads to an unjust justice system that promotes mass incarceration of the black and brown communities. We are quick to place blame on other “foreign” nations, but largely fail to realize we are living in caste society. The felon label has been constructed to become synonymous with ‘worthy of inhumane treatment.’ People with felonies are stripped of their voting rights, their ability to receive public housing, cannot receive governmental food vouchers, and can even be legally excluded from job opportunities.

But we recognize it doesn’t stop there. There are countless interconnected systems of oppression that we are forced to live within. Police brutality is a tip of the iceberg.

Honestly… we are tired. Tired of constantly being questioned and having to scream that we are real and our existence matters. We are tired of people not getting it. We are tired of our art being stripped away from us. We are tired of our culture being hated and vilified one day while the appropriated version is praised. We are tired of our bodies being victims of exoticism. We are tired of oppressors telling us how to think, feel, and act. We are tired of policing ourselves in how we are supposed to think, feel and act. We are tired of the people who will say “you didn’t think this through,” thereby questioning the truth of our intelligence, choices, experiences, art.

We are tired of being told to look to the Civil Rights Movement. We wouldn’t be in this position if all we needed was a Civil Rights Movement. We are tired of people within our community belittling each other because of our own perception of what a ‘real’ black life represents. All Black Lives Matter. We are tired of being told we are pretty for a Dark skinned person. Dark skin does not represent an inadequacy. We are tired. We are tired. We are tired.

This is the story that we wanted to tell.

We are human. We are writers, activists, artists and thinkers. We deserve to be seen as individuals with individual talents. One talent that we all share is *black magic.* This magic is what has kept us fighting.

We are three black youths fighting a system that never fought for us. A system, a country, a culture that chooses to actively fight against us instead. “You’ll never be worth anything,” they said. But that is what is so captivating about black magic. This is just a taste of what black magic can do amidst the brutality that affects our lives everyday.

We know there will be the naysayers. The backlash will be present. People will be quick to point out the shortfalls of this work. There will be those who still question us. To those who opt to follow this route, we have one answer for your questions:

If we were white, would we even need to make this movie?

~Imani Bee, Tyler Maxie, Ané Wanliss

I got tagged by @lovelybluepanda 

Rules: answer 11 questions, ask 11 questions.

My answers:

1  How do you take notes for your language learning?                                        - in my notebook?? i like making tables when there are rules like for     grammatical cases 

2  How do you like to practice your target language(s)?                                      - i like to listen to songs in the languages and immerse myself as much as i can. also teaching others about something in a target language helps me (even if they dont care)

3  Do you like pandas?  Yes i do, Panda

4  Vocabulary or grammar? Vocab. But verbs are my true love

5  What’s your favourite song in your target language? Свиридов/ Наташа

6  Why do you learn languages?                                                                              - because i love history and languages and history of languages is wonderful and interesting and i love it so when i learn languages i make sure to research it’s development and how and by who it was influenced and i really love it

7What kind of socks you wear?                                                                            -black. but they have a nice edge of white ornaments on them. also thigh highs

8  To be or not to be? To be.

9  What’s your next language? probably hindi i’m studying the script rn

10  What’s your favourite advice/tip for learning languages?                                 - immerse yourself. write a little paragraph in that language every day. translate quotes form that language. find the similarities between your native language and the one you’re studying. perfection isn’t a must, people will understand you if you make small grammar mistakes or stress the wrong sylable. enjoy it

11 Can i get a hug? a digital one  x) yes you can 

Im really bad at asking people things so im gonna copy some questions i hope you dont mind

1  what do you think is a strange word in english/any language you’re studying?   2  what language do you like the sound of/look of but would never study?             3  what is the most aesthetic language in your opinion?                                         4  what do you study/plan to study in college?                                                       5  what is a song in your native/target language that would make me learn it?       6  are you a messy or a neaty person?                                                                   7 do you use colored pens when making notes?                                                     8 what countries do you want to visit? and why                                                     9 how old are you?                                                                                                   10 verbs or nouns?                                                                                                 11 how do you spend free days?

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(i'm saying this all as a person of colour jsyk) "Bamon" is not really important representation to me. i'm not saying that there isn't a problem with POC being represented in the media, but there is a MUCH bigger problem with WLW being represented in the media.

You completely missed the point of what I was trying to say. Again, this isn’t about homophobia (especially WLW) vs racism towards POC in the media. WLW shippers should not tear down “Bamon” because its het. Bamon has good WOC/POC representations that other three WHITE lesbian ships simply don’t have. Some people want to vote for someone who looks like them regards of their sexuality and why is that such a problem?

You do realize that bamon was targeted and harshly judged by other shippers of LGBT+ community. WHICH SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. Bamonators were blamed for cheating and other horrible things… hmm… take a wild guess as to why that is.

Instead of being happy that an interracial couple made it the final four, it was seen as “disgusting” because according to some shippers the final four should be ONLY wlw couples.

The same thing happened last year with Malec, an interracial CANON gay couple. Why did wlw feel the need to bring race into SHIPPING and tear down Malec? Why? Over a fucking poll?

And I don’t see anyone fighting for Emison as hard (a interracial CANON lesbian) in the polls either.

If I voted for bamon because it has a WOC and I happen to like the actress, I shouldn’t be labeled a cheater and lesbophobic.

FYI, try being a POC and LGBT+, you have a MUCH MUCH BIGGER problem being represented in the media. So try again.

thank you @polnitsch ^^

Rules: answer 11 questions, ask 11 questions.

My questions for the ones i tagged:
1. How do you take notes for your language learning?
2. How do you like to practice you target language(s)?
3. Do you like pandas?
4. Vocabulary or grammar?
5. What’s you favourite song in your target language(s)?
6. Why do you learn languages?
7. What kind of socks you wear?
8. To be or not to be?
9. What’s your next language?
10. What’s your favourite advice/tip for learning languages?
11. Can i get a hug? a digital one x)

My answers for the questions i received:

1. what language do you like the sound of/look of but would never study?
hm… this is a hard one… i don’t there’s a language that i would never want to study, i mean, maybe now i don’t feel like studying it, but who knows what i will think in the future about it

2. what do you do in your free time? (hobbies etc.)
most of the time when i have free time i study/learn danish or french and now spanish too apparently xd but if i’m not in the mood for studying, i watch a movie, chat with some langblrs, sleep, listen to music, normal things ^ ^

3. favourite cuisine?
now, it doesn’t really matter what kind of food i receive, but give me spaghetti and i love you so italian ^ ^

4. if you could choose to learn/study one thing, no cost, no detriment to anything you’re doing now, just for fun, what would it be?
i would like to learn how to code xd 

5. last thing you watched? (movie, tv show, whatever you want to talk a bit about)
“Nerve”~ because Dave Franco xd  bc “Now you see me”, so these 2 are the last things i watched,in “Nerve” it’s about a game where you have to decide if you are a player or a watcher and if you choose player you receive dares from your watchers and there’s also a bit of romance and about “Nor you see me” magicians, that’s all i have to say, illusions~

6. got a crush on anyone rn? talk about them :) not got a crush on anyone rn? talk about a friend or someone you care about :)
My crush… probably the only person who has ever combined 2 languages to compliment me while he tried to teach me how to pronounce “plates” in danish in the proper way he probably got lucky or so xd he likes history a lot and ofc i try my best to look interested but… he kind of figured out i’m sometimes… not focused ^^” so he combines history and languages and i stop now until i don’t write a novel about him and how much ilike him.

7. what do you think is a strange word in english/any language you’re studying?
Korean has a word for the melting of the snowflakes, but it’s not translated to melting, but to “the sound of the snowflakes that melt”, i find it weird, really, (in romanization it will be sareureuk if i remember right)

8. a band/song you like in another language?
BTS (Bangtan Boys) xD they have songs for everyone, regardless of how picky they may be

9. what colour would you dye your hair if you had free reign/didn’t have to worry about bleaching etc etc?

10. what country would you like to live in if being far from family/friends/job/etc. wasn’t an issue?

11. name one thing you would get rid of from the world, no consequences

irregular verbs

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Okay, so I don't get the need for the notice you put on theme makeovers? Like shouldn't you be doing it for the good of other people, not so everyone can know you did it? Like what's the point of putting that you did the makeover in the sidebar. If anyone asked, the admins would say you did it anyway?

i do it for the good of other people, i just like the credit to be there as theme makeovers take an incredible amount of time and effort and tbh i just think it’s common courtesy. besides, i say that they could put it on a separate page as opposed to their description if they don’t like it on the main page anyway so i don’t see why it’s a problem? i know & have seen other rphs that do it so i really don’t understand why you’re targeting me…

Hey this is a little bit of a robot!zayn AU I’m working on! Hope you enjoy!
“Mr. Payne, you know perfectly well that I can not return to the lab”
Liam ran a hand through his hair and over his face sighing.
“Please, stop calling me Mr.Payne. That’s what Cowell calls me. To you I’m Liam, alright? Your Liam.”
Zayn’s nose scrunched up in confusion. “I do not understand how you can be mine. Is it not wrong to own a person?”
Liam laughed weakly. “It’s just… A thing we humans say. To show we place trust and… And love in another person.”
The cyborgs eyes narrowed in suspicion, the orange one cold and calculating like he was a target. It scared him.
“Why do you say these things? You did not mean for me to develop emotions. Do not taunt me. I will not go back to the lab based on the lies of my creator- a murderer.”
Liam was about ready to cry. He didn’t believe him. Of course he didn’t. After what he had done? Liam would have left himself to die.
“Please, Z, you have to trust me. You have to go back to the lab. Let me out, we can go back together. Just- please”
The solid light beams making up his cell bars heated his face and covered the other man in a blue and green light. He was chewing his lip, that perfectly curved cuspids bow wet and pink.
“I am sorry, Liam, but there are people who would get hurt. I believe it would be best if I was not able to hurt anyone.”
Liam’s eyes widened. “Zayn, no. You do not… You don’t get to fucking do that! You don’t get to have your stupid superhero morality system!”
Zayn gave him a sad look, almost regretful.
“My morality is my own. I am sorry if this will cause you any grief. You should know I will not be in any pain. I have located my main hard drive and power source. I plan to take them out and have them destroyed.”
Liam shook his head, tears stinging his eyes and wetting his chapped lips, the cut under his eye burning at the contact.
“Zayn-"he said brokenly. "You… You can’t.”
Zayn smiled sadly and turned to leave.
The cyborg turned back, his look questioning.
“Come closer, please.” The boy shuffled closer to the gap in between the bars, his nose and Liam’s almost touching.
“Z, do you remember that day when you saw that couple kissing and you asking what it meant?”
He nodded, still quizzical.
Liam leaned forward and pressed his lips to Zayn’s, the taste of metallic blood and his scent filling him up. The boy made a startled noise but quickly put an arm through one of the gaps in the bars to cradle his face.
When they parted, Zayn was panting slightly, Liam’s lips a bright pink.
“I’m in love with you.”
The boy’s face cleared, once again blank and devoid of emotion.
“I have to go”
And like that, he was gone, Liam sobbing his name and sliding to the ground.

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: why do people only pay attention and feel bad about saying something oppressive only after they find out that I have some personal stake in it??? why is being respectful towards me and others contingent upon the atmosphere and knowledge that I am affected personally by their jokes?? why do I literally have to be like "actually I'm disabled so could you not" in order for people to take me seriously when I object to ableism???? why is seemingly everything an issue of like "Schrodinger's Insult" where you only need to feel guilty about using some slur after being told that that slur applies to me???? why do we assume a straight/neurotypical/ablebodied environment, and why does that change when it is proven to be wrong??? Like obviously you don't give a shit about disabled people or you wouldnt talk the way you do to begin with, so why does anything change when i say im disabled???? like there's no grey zone here; you either respect and accept people 100% or ur a camouflage asshole whose acceptance/civilty is limited to situations where u might be around ~*~ the other~*~