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100 Days Challenge for Langblrs

Since the langblr community seems dead and studyblrs have this challenge that seems very productive, i thought i should try to make a langblr version.


  • There are 100 activities and you have to finish 1 task daily. 
  • There’s no particular order for these tasks. You choose what you feel like doing that day.
  • The tag for the challenge is #100daysoflanguages. In this way i can see how your studies are going and other people can get motivated knowing that someone else is doing the same challenge.
  • If you have time, write in your post what words/idioms you learned, what you’ve read/watched etc.
  • You can do this challenge for 1 or more languages.
  • Where i didn’t mention, there’s still a 95% chance that you still need to use your target language. [yes, i stopped writing “in your target language” at some point]
  • You don’t have to post about the challenge if you don’t want to, but i’ll be glad to see your progress or a post after you’ve finished the tasks. ^^


  • also, these tasks don’t really work for sign languages, at least not all of them
  1. Learn 5 new words.
  2. Learn 10 new words
  3. Learn 2 idioms.
  4. Sing a Disney song for 3 times.
  5. Translate a song.
  6. Memorize a poem.
  7. Read 1 article online about something that interests you.
  8. Name every thing that’s in the room for 5 minutes. Write down new words.
  9. Try 2 tongue twisters.
  10. Learn 15 words.
  11. Learn 4 idioms.
  12. Watch a movie/episode from a serie subbed or dubbed in your target language.
  13. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  14. Write about your day in 3-5 lines.
  15. Send a motivational message to another langblr. (in your target language of course) [it can be only a “don’t give up”, it still counts]
  16. Find 3 new songs in your target language and learn 5 new words from each.
  17. Learn 30 words.
  18. Learn 5 idioms.
  19. Write about your goals/dreams in 5-7 lines.
  20. Read 1 page from a book, any book.
  21. Write a dialogue between 2 people about anything; person A and B having each 10 lines.
  22. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  23. Write about your passions in 5-7 lines.
  24. Learn 5 words related to pets. [e.g. fur, claws, whiskers, paws, tail]
  25. Translate a short poem or song.
  26. Learn 1 Disney song. (you don’t need to learn it perfectly, if you know 3-5 lines without looking for the lyrics, that’s great)
  27. Try to talk for 3-5 minutes with someone and if you don’t have natives to talk to, write a mini dialogue about why you like languages.
  28. Choose a vocab list from tumblr, learn 10 new words/structures from there. [yes, it’s time for us to use those vocab lists]
  29. Read 2 articles about something that you like.
  30. Change your phone’s settings to your target language for 1 day.
  31. Learn 20 words.
  32. Learn 3 idioms.
  33. Watch a movie/youtube video subbed or dubbed in your target language.
  34. Write 5-7 lines about your favourite movie, serie, drama, anime, cartoon, youtuber.
  35. Talk to yourself for 5 minutes. [even if you don’t know a word, look it up, or change the entire sentence; just think in your target language]
  36. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  37. Read 3 pages from a book/comic/magazine.
  38. Translate 1 song.
  39. Translate 1 paragraph from a book in your target language. [if you don’t have a book, tell me the language and i’ll find you a pdf]
  40. Watch 2 videos on youtube in your target language or about your target language.
  41. Translate 1 paragraph from English/your native language to your target one.
  42. Translate 1 song from English/your native language to your target language.
  43. Write a motivational message in your target language to 2 other people.
  44. Write in 5 lines some things that you dislike.
  45. Learn 15 words.
  46. Talk to someone for 5 minutes/write a dialogue about anything.
  47. Write in 3-5 lines what you like about your target language(s).
  48. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  49. Read 2 pages from a book in your target language.
  50. How was your day? Tell me in your target language.
  51. What do you want to become? Why? Tell me in your target language.
  52. Tell me in your target language how you decided to learn your target language.
  53. Sing 1 Disney song.
  54. Learn 15 words.
  55. Make a vocab list of at least 10 words. You choose the theme. [if you want one; you could just choose random words]
  56. Try 2 tongue twister.
  57. Think in your target language for 10 minutes.
  58. Talk about your favourite animals in 3 lines.
  59. Learn 10 words related to school.
  60. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  61. Talk about your favourite sweets. [no limit]
  62. Talk about yourself. [no limit]
  63. Talk to someone in your target language for 10 minutes/write a dialogue/text.
  64. Learn 2 idioms.
  65. Read 1 article and talk about it a bit.
  66. Translate 1 paragraph from English to your target language.
  67. Translate your favourite quote to your target language.
  68. Summarize 1 page from a book, in your target language.
  69. Sing a song.
  70. Talk about your favourite celebrity. [no limit]
  71. Learn 15 words.
  72. Talk about your favourite book. [no limit]
  73. Watch a movie/episode from a serie/youtube video subbed or dubbed.
  74. Talk about a friend of yours/langblr that you like.
  75. Learn/Revise 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  76. Talk about a happy moment from your life. [no limit]
  77. Give in your target language 3 tips for learning a language.
  78. Translate 2 quotes that you like in your target language.
  79. Write in 5-10 lines anything. You choose the topic.
  80. Talk about your fears in 3-5 lines.
  81. Read 5 pages from a book.
  82. Learn 10 words.
  83. Write in your target language a sentence with the following words: earring, nightmare, bracelet, seahorse and jar. You can use the plural of these words.
  84. Talk about a pokemon. [no limit]
  85. Learn/Revise 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  86. Write a motivational message in your target language to 2 other people.
  87. Write an advice.
  88. Read 1 article.
  89. Sing a song.
  90. Learn some lines from a poem.
  91. Summarize a story in few lines. [it can be a story from your life or a fairytale]
  92. Learn 10 words related to hobbies.
  93. Learn 3 swear words in your target language.
  94. Read 1 page from a book.
  95. Translate 1 paragraph from a book.
  96. Talk about a book you like.
  97. Translate 3 quotes that you like.
  98. Sing a disney song.
  99. Describe your room.
  100. Talk about what motivates you.

Since i made this challenge, you have for sure 1 partner if you decide to do it. We can motivate each other! ^^ I hope that many langblrs will try it. Good luck!

Some more Twin Things™ in honour of our favourite genetic identicals

-being pissed when people don’t make an effort to tell you apart
when the new freshman backliner is stuck cleaning the court after practise: hey Andrew, can you pass me the bucket of balls?
Aaron: it’s Aaron
Freshman: same difference
Aaron: *maintains eye contact while reaching out with his foot, knocking over the bucket so that balls scatter across the court* 

-being annoyed when people can’t tell them apart (”we’re not the same fucking person”) but also weirdly annoyed if they can (”you guys don’t actually look that alike!” “yeah cool what makes you think that your opinion is relevant???”) 

-hoarding extras so that your twin can have a share of the good stuff
Andrew: *takes the last two beers from the fridge, ignoring Kevin’s protests*
Kevin: why are you taking both, you know that’s my favourite brand-
Aaron: *comes out of bathroom*
Andrew: “hey, catch loser” *throws beer at Aaron*
Aaron: *swears and fumbles catch*

-’So who is the evil twin?’ questions.
Allison: *laughs*

-Matt and Nicky are watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when the scene where Fred dies comes on. Aaron steals the remote and changes the channel bc honestly fuck that shit

-holding grudges for each other, even when the other twin has forgotten about it
“Andrew why do you keep targeting that dealer.” “He tripped you with his stick.” “No he di- Andrew that happened last year

-using each other as a comparison for all their weird health problems.
“urg, i feel sick.” “yeah that happens whenever I drink milk.”
“that sign over there is blurry right?” “…uh no?” “What? no, everything in the distance is out of focus.” “No it isn’t?!” “Fuck.”
(Nicky: oh my god you’ve been driving us around for three years)

-both twins secretly wanting to dress up as the twins from the Shining for Halloween

-using ‘We’ a lot
Andrew eats tuna, proceeds to break out in hives. “Dumbass, we’re allergic to tuna.” “oh we are, are we? since fucking when?”

-even when they don’t have any evidence for it
“nah we hate maths.” “actually calculus is alright.” “…who even ARE you”

-being more insulted when their twin is insulted than when they are
Aaron’s classmate in med school: your twin is, like, a pro footballer or something right?
Aaron: sure
Classmate: haha guess you got all the brains between you, huh?
Aaron: *not sure why he’s so offended, but offended all the same*

-speaking of med classes, Aaron definitely gets that little jolt of excitement whenever a lecturer mentions twins or twin studies. quietly like ‘hey, that’s me, i have one of those’ it’s a thing

-definitely have dealt with creepy dudes at Eden’s Twilight who just have to mention the Twin Thing. Andrew punched one in the kidneys. Aaron thinks he should’ve used a knife.

-the Five Second Fight phenomenon 
Aaron: *says something rude or aggressive at practise*
Andrew: *says something cruel*
silence. they stare at each other for a few seconds. Andrew slowly reaches out and flicks Aaron on the forehead. Aaron rolls his eyes and gives Andrew his Gatorade. It’s red flavour. Andrew’s favourite. They are both appeased. Everyone else is too scared to comment.

-they don’t have twin ~ESP~ or anything, because it mostly comes from years of over-exposure. they’re still working on that classic Twin Bond. 
*both of them studying at 2am”
Aaron: i freakin’ hate anatomy, why do i need to know that the hyoid bone provides attachment for the larynx-
Andrew: that bone is often fractured in victims of strangulation
Aaron: what
Andrew: in dead bodies. if the hyoid bone is fractured, often they’ve been strangled. Neil told me.
Aaron: …neat
(shhh they’re bonding)

-anyway TWINSIES 

Langblr Asks
  1. What’s your native language?
  2. How many languages do you speak?
  3. What language(s) are you currently studying?
  4. How many/which languages would you like to know in the future?
  5. Do your friends speak other languages?
  6. What’s the most difficult word for you to say in your native & target languages?
  7. How do you call your favorite animal in your target languages?
  8. Write your favorite color in all the languages you know it in.
  9. How long have you studied your target language(s)?
  10. What’s your favorite word in your target language(s)? Least favorite?
  11. What’s the funniest word in your target language(s)?
  12. What’s the prettiest word in  your target language(s)? Ugliest?
  13. One thing you dislike about your target and/or native language?
  14. Do you have any international friends?
  15. Why are you learning your target language(s)?
  16. Do you ever want to live somewhere where you’d speak your target language(s)?
  17. What was/is the first language you want/ed to learn?
  18. Have you ever made a friend speaking your target language(s)?
  19. Do you listen to music in your target language(s)? If so, who are your favorite artists?
  20. Opinion on duolingo?
  21. What’s your favorite method of studying?
  22. Have you ever played pokemon in your target language(s)?
  23. Favorite blog in your target language(s)?
  24. Do you ever speak to yourself in your  target language(s)?
  25. Ever speak to your pets in your target language(s)?
  26. Do you ever feel like your target language(s) is(are) under appreciated? Why/why not?
  27. How do people usually react when you mention that you’re studying your target language(s)? Do their reactions annoy you? Make you happy?
  28. How do natives react when they hear that you’re studying their language?
  29. Do you have any advice for someone who’s never studied a language before?
  30. Where are you from? What are popular/”useful” foreign languages in your area?
  31. Are there dialects in your country? Do you speak one?
  32. Have you ever tried to learn a dialect for your target language(s)?
  33. Do you ever want to have a career in languages?
  34. How has learning languages impacted your life?
  35. Do you have any big travel plans for the future?
  36. What’s your least favorite language? Why? Favorite?
  37. Do you know any obscure/useless words in your target language(s)?
  38. Was there ever a word you pronounced incorrectly until someone corrected you?
  39. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you while studying your target language(s)?
  40. Have you ever eavesdropped on people speaking  your target language(s) in public?
  41. Have you ever had a negative experience with a native?
  42. What’s the most positive experience you’ve had with a native?
  43. Tell me about your best friend in your target language(s)
  44. Have you ever put sticky notes all over your house before?
  45. Do you ever think in your target language(s)?
  46. Are there any cognates between your native and target language(s)?
  47. Have you ever met a stranger in public with whom you spoke your target language(s)?
  48. Have you ever had an “I understand it now!” moment with your target language(s)?
  49. Do you have any language pet peeves?
  50. Is there a language that you’ve tried to learn but could never stick with it or just weren’t interested?
How to read 20 minutes a day in your target language(s)

Why you should do it? 

Story time: A few years ago, I had to prepare an exam that was quite hard (it takes you 2 years to prepare it, and you basically study more than 12 hours a day). I had to study around 10 different subjects, among which English and Spanish. So when our English teacher told us that to make progress we had to read in English for 20 minutes every day, we felt like it was going to be impossible. However, most of us decided to give it a try and we didn’t regret it: the results were super good and we all made a lot of progress very quickly ! (I guess the key here is immersion) So here’s how to read in your target language for 20 minutes every day :) 

When to read ? 

Finding 20 minutes each day to read can be quite hard. You can try to do it at night before going to sleep, which can be a good idea for some of people, but you might be tired, not very focused on your reading or want to watch a movie instead. And if you’re a party animal you might miss a lot of days ;) 
What I did was reading while I took my breakfast, for maybe 5 or 10 minutes. But I often didn’t have the time to read or to take a breakfast at all so I found out that the best method for me was to read while I was on the bus. I had 25 minutes of bus every morning so that was the perfect time to read some English. I would just download a few articles on my phone, sit down and read :) Sometimes I would also read on the way back. 
Some other methods that might work for you could be reading while brushing your teeth, waiting for the bus, waiting for your episode to download, waiting for the water to boil, during lunch or dinner etc. If you can find only 5 minutes four times a day, you’ve done it ! :) 

What to read ? 

I personnally mainly read newpapers articles because I had to focus on the news for my exam. 
But it’s even better if you vary what you read: it can be a book, a magazine, some poetry, lyrics, browsing social networks in your target language, fanfiction… whatever you like :) For example, I really love surfing so I still read the World Surf League articles in English and Portuguese almost every day.  The more you vary your resources, the more vocabulary you’ll learn and the more you will be immersed in the language !

Also an alternative that my English teacher gave us was to read for 15 minutes and then listen (to a podcast, an audiobook, the radio, the news etc…) for 10 minutes. 

Good luck and trust me you should try it! :) 

  • L: Actively tortures Light and Misa, takes away basic human rights, and does so much shady shit that I'm really not making a bigger list
  • Some people: *looking away*
  • L: Smiles once
  • Some people, for some reason: omgggggg sweet baby boy!!!!! so precious uwu!!!! needs to be protected and he can do no wrong!!!! i love Ryuzaki Lawliet!!!!!!!

masterlist || coming soon//recently posted || come say hey?

Requested: Hey love!! How are you? Can i ask you one thing? Alright… I hope you can make an imagine where reader and shawn are all goofy, sassy, bitchy and all those playful relationship. i hope you can make imagine just based on how playful their relationship is. thank you very much.

Note: I thought a lot about how I wanted to write this concept and I finally settled with writing four completely unrelated scenarios or moments to illustrate the type of relationship requested. 

Your name: submit What is this?


“Babe, I love you and that song, but shut up.” You tell Shawn partially joking, but also partially serious because Shawn has been singing the same two lines of Barcelona by Ed Sheeran practically non stop for the past twenty minutes and you’re getting to the point where you really can’t take it any longer.

“In Baaaaaarcelona!!!” Shawn sings very high pitched for a reason you don’t understand obviously ignoring your demand for him to stop. You barely even look up from your phone. Instead, you just reach out your hand and place it over his mouth. But you feel his teeth graze your palm and then he moves and bites down lightly on your fingers.

“Ow!” You say, retracting your hand and pretending it hurt a lot more than it actually did.

“Don’t even lie, y/n, you like when I bite you,” Shawn says, and your eyes widen and you immediately look around to see if anyone heard Shawn’s comment because he didn’t even bother to say it quietly and his band is all in the dressing room with you. Luckily, they’re all busy doing their own thing so no one seems to have heard Shawn’s comment.

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One of my least favorite things is when a younger person is interested in something or just like, talks about some general subject and an older person is like ????? what??? you weren’t even alive/you were so young when X!! like imagine if you started talking about how much you love Shakespeare and some rando time traveled just to tell you “But you weren’t even alive when he was writing!” like did you know that it’s a lot more fun if you expand your interests to things that haven’t existed exclusively in your lifespan & that the past will inevitably affect the present so it’s good to be aware of it

Actual reasons that the keyblade wielders of the various factions brought darkness into the world:

  • That was a swipe, not a tap, dammit!
  • What do you mean it only targets one?
  • Why don’t people update their share medals? it′s all Donald. Again.
  • A mimic? Really? That′s the last thing I need right now, so thanks for that
  • Oh come on, it’s got like no health left and i’ve beaten every other fight in one round just give me this please…
  • Ah yes, another young hercules. Now I can fuse five of them to give someone I care about half of a single level…
  • But everything else in this level is power! I only brought my magic medals! Why is there an Invisible! This is bullshit.
  • No that was just the side of my finger touching the edge of the phone. That’s how I hold the phone please don’t spam all my medals agai–
  • Xehanort Voice: Would you like to continue? It’s only 100 Jewels…
  • Xehanort Voice: It’s only $15, you pay three times that for other KH games
  • Xehanort Voice: Embrace your desire for a Tinkerbell medal
  • Xehanort Voice: Pick up the phone and play KHx, the rest of your life doesn’t matter that much. Come on, time is munny you know…

I’m seriously starting to wonder if the whole mobile game freemium model isn’t supposed to be some meta commentary on the theme of sin and excess driving the protectors of light to start the war that blankets the world in darkness.

Maybe the super overly aggressive censoring in the chat is part of the metaphor, too…

Offbeat (Part Three) - Auston Matthews

A/N: Hey! I’m back with part three! This chapter has a bit of filler, so I appologize for that but it’s necessary to get the story moving! I loved all the feedback from part two and I can’t wait to hear from you all again! :)

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Auston Matthews (Feat. Connor Brown, Morgan Rielly, William Nylander, Zach Hyman, Mitch Marner, and Kasperi Kapanen)

Words: 5,564

Warnings: Language

[Part One] [Part Two]

Originally posted by artturi-lehky

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Love to Hate

Hello, Love bugs!

Draco X Reader

Warnings- swears

Can you write a fic where Draco is constantly rude to the reader, but in a teasing way? And then they just hit it off there. -Anon

“No Hermione I despise him. He is the definition of an ass.” You had finally had it. Draco had always pushed your buttons but today was the straw that broke the camels back.

“Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic?”

“You realise we’re talking about the Draco Malfoy. Not Harry or Ron who were being a twat. He literally thinks you and I should have our powers because we weren't born to the right family.” Hermione nodded as she figured it was a losing battle. She never thought she would be sticking up for Draco but here she was. It seemed like she was the only one who could see right through all of the mean words and attention that the two of you used on each other. Draco Malfoy and yourself had the biggest crushes on each other. The problem was that the two of you were too strong headed to realise that in your own weird way the two of you were perfect for each other.

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why do you antis assume that im targeting you? i literally ship ships for fun. I’m not out to get you, i don’t get off to your experience - i have never met you before, so how can i find your trauma arousing?

is it because a lot of antis are young so they think the world revolves around them? im genuinely baffled at why some of them think shippers are out to get them.

anonymous asked:

Hm- maybe a general "when they know they're in love" for Genji, Hanzo n McCree?


Except for the faint hum of the engines, the flight home was silent. After a Talon ambush had turned a one week recon assignment into three weeks of combat, conversation was the last thing on your mind. You were exhausted and sore in every place you could be, and to top it all off you were still mad. Genji had nearly killed himself diving in front of a bullet to save you. He should have known better than to put his life on the line like that. The moment the flight landed you hoisted your bag onto your shoulder and stormed off toward your room. Genji rushed after you, nearly leaving his own things in his hurry to catch you.

“You’re still mad at me,” he stated, barely keeping up with you. “I can explain.”

You scoffed.

“You’re not trying to get yourself killed, so you must think I can’t take care of myself,” you accused, finally expressing the thoughts you’d been mulling over on the flight.

“I know you can take care of yourself,” he corrected you. You felt that his feelings were hurt, but you were too angry to care. “You’re one of the fiercest fighters I’ve met.”

You assumed he was just trying to flatter you and didn’t answer.

“But I’d be lost if anything happened to you,” he said finally.

You stopped and turned to stare into the scuffed chrome mask that hid his face. He took it off and stared back into your eyes.

“You are more precious to me than anything in this world,” he told you. “I did what I did because I love you.”


A weary smile lingered on your face as you headed back to your room from the informal birthday dinner everyone had thrown for you. As you walked you shuffled sentimentally through the varying cards, reading the notes inside. You stopped, hearing a soft cough behind you, and turned to see Hanzo waiting with a small box in his hand.

“You missed the party,” you told him. You had been hoping to see him and disappointed when he hadn’t arrived.

“I did.” He glanced at the package in his hands and offered it to you uncertainly. “For you, happy birthday.”

You thanked him before you opened it. The box was about three inches square and made of plain cardboard. You lifted the top to see a bracelet made of rounded hematite beads. The stones felt cool when you slipped it on to your wrist.

“It suits you,” he said, satisfied. “Do you like it?”

“It’s beautiful,” you answered. “You didn’t have to-”

“But I did,” he interrupted. “Because I love you.”


McCree was already at the practice range when you arrived. When you first joined Overwatch, he was the one who trained you. You were a long way from being the marksman that he was, but with a little practice every day you had become a pretty good shot. Once a week the two of you met up to train together. There’s was something different in the cocky smile he greeted you with this week.

“You up for a little bet?” he asked while he watched you load your weapon.

“What kind of bet?” you asked. Had he put on cologne?

“If you can out-shoot me, I’ll buy you dinner,” he proposed casually.

“And what if you out-shoot me?” you prompted. You might as well know all the stakes if you were going to lose.

“You’ll buy me dinner.”

You scoffed.

“You could just ask me out to dinner,” you told him.

“I could,” he agreed and added with a wink, “But I like a little gun play.”

“Alright,” you laughed. You readied your gun and aimed it at the first target. “Why do you wanna take me out anyways?”

“I think I love you, is why.”

30 day OTP Challenge Day Fourteen: Genderswapped

Note: Genders are reversed! It’s all Tony’s fault! (I don’t own the picture credit to bbqfish) 

Words: 1055

Your head throbbed as your eyes fluttered open to adjust to the harsh daylight that was shining in through the windows. You felt… weird, like heavier than normal as you sat up frowning as you ran a hand down your face. You froze seeing it was larger than your own hand as you stood up before running to the bathroom. Your eyes widened at the male staring back at you when you suddenly ran back into the bedroom. “L-Loki!” Your deep voice called when you slapped a hand over your mouth at the raven haired woman laying in you and Loki’s bed.

You gently walked over to her when you noticed you were still in your bra and underwear that felt as uncomfortable as it looked. You bit your lip before changing into one of Loki’s pair of briefs and honestly it’s not the first time you have. Still standing in front of the sleeping woman you noticed how beautiful she was as you bent down. You felt like she was familiar to you as you looked around for your boyfriend with a small frown. “Good morning.” She mumbled reaching across the bed patting where you had laid. “Darling?” She asked opening her eyes.

Oh my goodness… It was Loki. You knew from her eyes as your jaw dropped open before waving when Loki looked over to you. “(Y/N)?” She asked sitting up before covering her mouth. “Wait, I don’t remember shifting my form…” She said as you nod. “And I can’t.” You answered as her eyes widened. “Wow.. that is some voice.” She said sitting up as the covers felt before you blushed covering your eyes. “Looks like we’ll have to borrow each other’s clothes.” You said as she nods getting up before going to the closet to get dressed.

“What happened? How could this have happened?” She asked pulling over one of your shirt and you could help but think how adorable she looked in them. You immediately shook your head before getting some of his clothes on when she came out. “Hm too bad, I quite liked you in my other clothing.” She smirked as you blushed before clearing your throat. “A-Anyway, we need to figure out what happened last night. We were with the others.” You said pacing the room as Loki sat down on the edge of the bed thinking.

“Wait a minute.” She said standing up looking at you as you looked at her. “What?” You asked. “Anthony, he gave us those cupcakes.” She pointed out. “But everyone else got one.” You said. “Although, he was very persistent we took those two he kept shoving in our faces.” She said crossing her arms as your eyes widened. “I’m killing him.” You growled as she grins kissing your cheek. “Have I ever told you I love when you get violent?” She asked as you chuckled pulling her closer feeling how she was smaller than what you were use to.

“I’d show you just how much I love it, but we should have a little chat with Anthony, yes?” She asked running her fingers through your hair as you nod. “Definitely.” You said taking her hand when she let out a small squeak as you pulled her along. “Are you okay? I didn’t pull too hard did I?” You asked before she laughs. “I wasn’t expecting you to be so strong as a male.” She said when your face lit up in a dark red hue. “U-Ugh th-thanks?” You asked as she laughs harder covering her mouth before pressing the button for the elevator.

“Norse Gods, you are flustered easily in this form. I quite like it.” She smiles as you rolled your eyes looking away when the doors to the elevator opened before you both stepped inside. “Are you going to give him a piece of your mind? Can I record him crying?” She asked as you looked at her. “You are very wicked.” You comment as she winks. “You wouldn’t want me any other way my darling.” She said as you chuckled. “You are right, I wouldn’t.” You said before the doors opened to the communal living room where everyone was chatting.

Your eyes locked onto Tony who was chatting with Bruce on the couch. “ANTHONY STARK YOU ARE A DEAD MAN!” You shouted as everyone’s eyes widened when Tony jolted before he turned around looking over. Everyone was staring at you and Loki in shock at the state of your condition when you crossed your arms over your chest. “You better have the best reasons for this or I am shoving you through that window and dropping you.” You said as Tony hid behind Steve who frowned looking down to Tony who chuckled nervously.

“What did you do?” Steve asked before looking back to (Y/N). “Alright, calm down. It’ll be better if you don’t try and kill Tony despite him being an idiot.” He huffed looking down to Tony. “It was a joke, I didn’t think it’d work!” Tony said. “It won’t be that long maybe a few hours. I promise it isn’t permanent.” He said as you scowled. “Why do you feel the need to make us your targets?” You demanded. “First a bet, now this.” You huffed as Tony shrugs. “Eh, well you two are perfect despite being so different. I’ve been putting you two to the test.” He said.

“Seriously? I am the God of Mischief.” Loki huffed crossing her arms. “Yes, and you hated mortals before you met (Y/N). I wanted to see how far you two are willing to go for each other.” He said as your expression softened. “I…” You let out a small sigh. “Fine, but you know you’d save yourself the trouble if you just told us.” You said as Tony nods. “Come on, we have a few hours to kill before we go back to normal.” You took her hand leading her back out of the room. “I’m still smacking the crap out of you whenever we get back.” You called from the elevator as Loki chuckles leaning against you. “And I’m the one who is supposed to be bad.” She said. “Oh my dear, you haven’t seen my bad.” You smirked as her eyes widened before she smirks. “Show me.” She commanded with a grin.

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THREE {pt. 10}

Type: Halloween Special Series; Nine | Ten | Eleven 
Genre: Drama, Mature, Thriller
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 1,567
A/N: I consider THREE to be one of my more dark and unsettling works, so I do want to warn you guys to read it with caution as the story progresses.

Joshua finally returns home. After calming you down this morning, he helped you get ready for work. At first, he suggested you not go, but you insisted because you didn’t want to get in trouble with your manager. He walked you to the bus stop and even rode the bus with you and took the extra step to drop you off at the entrance.

If anything were to happen, whether it be you were feeling anxious or saw the strange man again, you were to call Joshua immediately. He would drop everything and come to you right away.

You also wouldn’t be returning home for a few days and instead would be staying at your friends. Joshua would keep a close surveillance of your house while you were away, but he knew it wouldn’t be needed.

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Headcannons for the RFA+ V and Saeran finding out MC is a total Punk Rocker/Metal Head

I know shit about metal and punk, so I made this based on a very superficial research I did.Sorry in advance if MC sounds too much like a poser lololol

RFA + Saeran and V with a MC who’s into punk/metal


  • Okay, so he’s probably one of those guys who think you’re wearing a Ramones t-shirt because it’s very trendy these days, little did he know…
  • Not only Ramones, you’re super into glam metal bands from the 70s/80s.
  • He listens a little of rock, you know, just to compose and set the mood for some of his characters, but yeah… it’s not really his thing.
  • But seeing you so excited when you start talking about it makes him really interested.
  • He’s impressed by Mötley Crüe and Twisted Sister’s aesthetics, it’s really cool! He could definitely pull that off and be considered even sexier!
  • Has a nosebleed when he sees you ready for a metal concert. He loves your day-to-day looks, but seeing you so edgy definitely makes the beast interested.


  • He didn’t know you had it in you, it’s amazing how you always manage to surprise him
  • You know basically everything about The Clash, Dead Kennedys and Black Flags.
  • It’s definitely not his style! The way they sing and play doesn’t really please him, and the whole punk aesthetics give him the creeps.
  • Buy you like it, so he plays along. He feels so lucky that he’s dating someone so cool!
  • Until one day he finds your Green Day and Blink-182’s playlist. Those ones are actually kinda cool… why are they tagged as your guilty pleasure?
  • Not that guilty anymore as your boyfriend really likes it, you can finally show off all the knowledge you have about them without being judged by those pretentious punk rock fans.


  •  Also impressed by this side of you, and a little turned on?
  • She can’t really tell why, but all that edginess is really hot? And the way you manage to incorporate to your day-to-day looks is really cool and well-thought.
  • When it comes to the songs, she doesn’t really… get it. She wouldn’t say because it would probably hurt you, but it sounds just like noise, tbh
  • Until you explain the lyrics. Like, Sex Pistols was about political statements, and punk carries a very strong message about defying rules and embracing difference, of course you would like something like this! And why wouldn’t she?
  • She still struggles about getting the whole point of it, but she feels so rad when you borrow your customized “Never mind the Bollocks” jacket with spikes.



  • No matter how edgy you try to look. To him, you will always be cute.
  • Not his thing at all, you can show him all your knowledge, how relevant bands like Anthrax, Korn and Megadeth are, but nah…
  • He used to think he has a very eclectic musical taste, now he knows he hasn’t.
  • But if it makes you happy, he’s more than glad to pay for VIP tickets on concerts. Just say the word, and you’ll even get an exclusive meet and greet.
  • He doesn’t judge or demeanor your musical taste. He’s really respectful and waits for reciprocity when it comes to him not enjoying this so much.
  • And okay, you don’t look just cute, you look really sexy! And he’ll show you how pleased he is by the way you look after the concert, just wait!


  • So… cool! He loves it! He thought you looked really badass from the first time he saw you on that CCTV.
  • He’s probably one of those people who have the most random musical taste. You can find k-pop, contemporary jazz, the Hamilton’s mixtape and Selena Gomez in his playlist, so there’s definitely some death metal too.
  • He’s not as fanatical as you, but he enjoys a lot, especially if he gets to listen to you while you show your deepest knowledge about every composition.
  • He goes to concerts with you. You’re worried about him not enjoying huge crowds, but you constantly find him in mosh-pits
  • When it comes to aesthetics, oh boy… you gotta teach him how to work it off this eyeliner. Next concert, he’ll definitely crossdressing!


  • Gurl…why do you think he even chose you as a target in the first place?
  • I mean, of course there were other things about you, but let’s say among all the, uhm… suitresses, you were the only one with a decent musical taste, this was important if he was taking you to paradise!
  • It’s so good he gets to share this with you, it makes him feel less inadequate. If someone so nice and adorable like you enjoys these songs, he’s probably on the right direction, right?
  • He’s not into concerts, tho. You know, big crowds, loud music… no, sir!
  • But he hacks into producer’s and record label’s emails, so you two always know the next steps of all your favorite bands.


  • He can’t tell anything about your looks, since, you know, he can’t see
  • But he likes to imagine the details and the colors, you probably look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
  • When it comes to your musical taste, he’s genuinely interested in everything you have to share about lyrics and other trivia facts too.
  • He enjoys all the energy and the anger, how these people are able to be so expressive by their singing really amazes him
  • He wouldn’t feel comfortable in concerts, but like Jumin, he’ll pay for the best spots in arenas and manage for you to know your idols.
  • Everything to make you happy, and you always show him all your gratitude, he wouldn’t say out loud, but that’s his favorite part.

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Killjoy!Mace was amazing, what happens next? Do people find out? What other changes have they made? How confused is everyone?

“Well Karma is a bitch isn’t it Mace?” Obi-Wan was grinning in delight, arms crossed over his chest as he stared at the man on the medical cot. “What was it you told me last time I ended up here? Oh right, you were not going to kiss my booboos better because I was underage. That was it.” His grin was ramping up a notch.

Mace narrowed his eyes and would lunge at the boy…man…ugh… his husband, if he could. But there was the little problem of both his arms being in cast at the moment to do anything about it. “You are in so much trouble when I get out of here. I swear Obi-Wan.” The Korun growled quietly.

“Promises, promises.” Obi-Wan offered in return aridly. Then he slid over the floor like the graceful swan he was, all slender muscles and youthful bounce.


Mace couldn’t wait until Obi-Wan started to broaden out again, he did miss that part of his love.

The eighteen year old leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead, taking Mace by surprise, making the man look up in surprise to catch Obi-Wan’s lips curving into a small smile. “Karma might be a bitch, but I’m not.” He offered softly to the obvious question in Mace eyes.

That got a small snort out of Mace. “Well, that’s true at least.”

Chuckling faintly, Obi-Wan settled on the bedside, the two staring at each other with a quiet sort of understanding and a bond that went deeper then even the Force.

This bond was forged through spirit, through years, through peace and war, through fire and through death.

Through understanding and love.

“…There’s revolution in the air. Can you taste it?” Obi-Wan whispered. “We’ve done either to much or not enough.”

“There was always going to be revolution. Two Jedi are not enough to put out the flames of the Galaxy my Obi-Wan.” Mace countered quietly. “You know that better then me.”

The redhead stared at him a long moment. “…I’m not dousing us in gasoline again. We lit ourselves on fire once for the Galaxy, I refuse to do it again Mace.”

The Korun sighed quietly. “We’ve removed many tools from the grasp of the Sith, we can’t stop a tidal wave Obi-Wan, we are not all powerful.”

There was a quiet growl and then Obi-Wan pushed from the bed, pacing.

This was not the first time they’ve had this argument.

It wouldn’t be the last.

War and pain and loneliness had made Obi-Wan reckless, demons nipping at his heels with every new day and every new revelation of what had made the war possible.

“Then we should lea-”

“And if we leave Obi-Wan, then what? What about the ones caught in the crossfire? If the Jedi leave…” He let his words trail off and Obi-Wan closed his eyes.

“…Why do you always have to target my sense of duty?” He laughed bitterly.

“Because there are four things true about you Obi-Wan Windu Kenobi.” Mace gave him a half smile, on the verge of sadness. “One, you will always adore your padawan Anakin Skywalker regardless of all that happened. Two, you will always love me. Three, you have a sweet tooth that survives a war and a purge. And four, your sense of duty wins over all other emotions.”

The two stared at each other, Obi-Wan at the foot of the bed.

Obi-Wan looked away first, his face contorted in a grimace of pain that hurt Mace more then he wanted to admit.

And then the door swished open, both turning their attention to it in surprise as Yoda stared up at them, tapping his cane lightly on the floor. “…An confession you two have?”

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How can you possibly ship narusasku and sasusaku? I mean their both miles apart!! Unlike sasuke, naruto understood sakura perfectly, never tried to kill her (I know that sasuke wasn't in the right state of mind but a killing attempt is still a killing attempt) Never insulted Sakura like Sasuke. Plus Sakura turned into such a fangirl because of Sasuke! She losed all her development and even grew her hair longer in gaiden (Which was a symbol of weakness for her)

Bro don’t…..

I may ship NS and SS? but SS is my OTP and I would defend it even from NS fans! (I apologize to all the NS followers I have, please refrein yourself from reading further)

Unlike sasuke, naruto understood sakura perfectly,

Wrong. Sasuke knew Sakura was feeling upset when Naruto didn’t. And mind you, he only knew her for couple of months than

While Naruto…

Couldn’t tell even though he knew her for years

never tried to kill her (I know that sasuke wasn’t in the right state of mind but a killing attempt is still a killing attempt) Never insulted Sakura like Sasuke.

Oh? Then what is this?

Are you gonna deny that Naruto also tried to kill Sakura? I mean I know he wasn’t in the right state of mind but a kill attempt is a kill attempt right?

Plus Sakura turned into such a fangirl because of Sasuke! She losed all her development and even grew her hair longer in gaiden (Which was a symbol of weakness for her)

It’s like a girl can’t act shy around the boy she loves. Like Kushina, tsunade, temari etc. But somehow when it’s Sakura? it means that all the feats she achieved instantly vanishes the moment she blushes around sasuke. And really? The long hair thing? I mean if long hair is a symbol of weakness for sakura, Why did she grew it in the time gap?

I mean why do you NS extremist target Sakura when she’s around Sasuke but consider her amazing when she’s around Naruto? Claim that she’s falling for Naruto just cause she blushed here

By your definition, she’s fangirling which means she’s loosing all her development?

Enough with the double standards!

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Alphabet Intricacy (3) Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

Summary: The Winter Soldier may have been taken down, but the Avengers never expected HYDRA to have a secret backup weapon. Bucky strives to help this stranger become human again. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?

Chapter Warnings/Themes: Cussing, Panic attack, angst, A tiny bit of fluff

Author’s Note: Back on track! I can tell that this’ll be a lot of fun to get back into! Please enjoy~

Y/N = Your Name

Concomitant [Adjective]:

Naturally occurring after a previous event

Last chapter: B - Blanched

Tagging: @chamongangae  

“Mommy, whatcha cooking?”

Your mother turned, tightening the green apron around her waist before kneeling down beside you with a grin. She pulled a finger to her lips and shakes her head. “It’s a secret, (Y/N)” she whispered, eyebrows moving up and down quickly to amuse you. You giggled in response, reaching a chubby hand to fix her tilted apron. “But It’s my birthday, mommy! no surprises!” 

A melodious chuckle rang out from your mother’s lips as she ruffled your hair and stood back up. “Just one more surprise, I promise! Why don’t you go get your father and I’ll show you what it is?” She turned her back to you, putting the finishing touches on the cake on the counter. Of course, you couldn’t see it due to being so short, but you had a suspecting feeling that whatever she was hiding was for you. You grinned to yourself, turning to find your father.

Your loud footsteps echoed along the wooden floorboards, a bounce to your step with each one you took. You stop in your tracks, eyes squinting in curiosity when you saw your father in the doorway, back facing you as he spoke to someone. He seemed rather rushed and afraid.

“Please, you can’t take her” he chokes out, gripping the doorframe with desperation. “I resigned long ago. You can’t get between me and my family!”

You couldn’t understand what the stranger had said in response, but by your father being shoved back, you knew it was hostile. 

“I think you forget,” the voice says as a large, bulky man steps in. 

“HYDRA takes what it wants.”

Your father turned to you, his eyes widening in pure terror.


You jolt awake, gasping for air. You hadn’t realized that you had been screaming until your throat burned with pain. Those memories, you hadn’t dreamt them for so long- or at least you can’t remember if you had. You seem to have trouble remembering anything nowadays.

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