why you coming home in 5 in the morning


Angus: MUMMY!
Sonia: Good morning, everyone.

She slides into her usual seat at the breakfast table. Angus beams as he shovels his cereal into his face, freckles gleaming like tiny stars. 

Angus: Where’s Daddy? Did he stay at the hotel?
Sonia: Yes. But I had to come home because I missed you all too much!

She would love to turn around and see the looks that Apollo and Constance are giving each other right now. She can almost smell Apollo’s desperation to know why she came home without Roy. He bangs a plate of waffles down on the table and stands beside her chair, every fibre of his being bristling in an agony of unsated curiosity.

Apollo: Did you have a nice night? Did you see a show? How was dinner?
Sonia: We went to see a jazz band at The Basement. It was very enjoyable. Dinner was lovely. Roy had the duck. I had the Vichyssoise.

She speaks evenly. Her hand holding her spoon barely trembles.

Apollo: Did you go anywhere else? What time did you get back to the hotel?
Constance: Let Mrs Goddard have her breakfast in peace, Apollo!
Apollo: I was only asking. Unwad your panties, Miss Crabby Pants.
Sonia: It’s okay, I’m going to have to dash off now anyway, I have an appointment to get to and I didn’t realise how late it was…
Angus: Awww. Does that mean you can’t give me a lift to school?

His shoulders slump and the light drains from his face. Sonia hesitates for a fraction of a second.

Sonia: I’m so sorry, Angus. But I’m going in the opposite direction.


‘Xxxx disbands after 5 years.’

‘xxxx + xxxx rumoured to be looking for new agencies.’

It was everywhere. He couldn’t avoid it and neither could you.

He’d come home every single night the last few weeks, head for the shower and then crash. He’d disappear before you woke. You weren’t sure why he’d been acting this way, convinced the next time you spoke it’d be for him to tell you ‘this isn’t working anymore…’.

But now it was public knowledge. And all of his late nights and early mornings made sense. His lack of energy, his loneliness.

You jumped out of your taxi and into his apartment building. He hadn’t used it in the last year that you’d been dating but you had a feeling it had become his refuge.

You pressed the buzzer on his door. You’d had to attempt it several times before you heard the creak and it swing open. He was already walking away, his bareback slouched and his grey bottoms hanging around his hips.

The apartment was silent, dust had settled on all the sides and the glass windows showed the fog that had settled outside.

You followed him into his room, watching as he perched himself on the edge of his mattress. He leaned forward holding his hands around the back of his head.

You moved forward, edging closer to him as he messed with his hair and flexed his fingers. He was angry and scared, but he looked beautiful and sad at the same time. You knew he wanted to scream, to cause a scene, to let everyone know the truth. But he couldn’t and it was eating him alive.

You stood in front of him, resting his head against your stomach. You ran your hand through his hair, squeezing your fingers and massaging his head. He didn’t need your words, he just needed your presence and comfort before all of this consumed him.

His hands reached around your back, cocooning you in his embrace. He squeezed you close and tight. He began to shake, his screams were caught in the fabric of your shirt and his tears wiped away. You let him stay like that, you let him release everything. All of his anxiety, all of his sadness.

He pulled himself away, staring up at you. His eyes were red, his lips swollen, his cheeks puffy. You brought a hand to his face, wiped away the remains of his tears then brought it back down to his shoulder. He smiled, standing up and kissing your forehead. You held him close again. Breathing in the scent of his skin, feeling his warmth.

“You’re not alone.” You stared up at him, pushing a fist into his chest. Right over where his heart was. “Never. Alone.”   

  • John: Stand down, Cortana. Come home with us. It's not too late to stop this.
  • Cortana: Stop? No, John. This is too important to stop.
  • John: Uuuugh. I figured you might say soomething like that, Cortana. That's why I prepared a backup Cortana with a more supportive attitude.
  • Cortana Fresh: *skateboards in* Woahoho! *high-fives Blue Team* Wiggity-wiggity-what's up, dude-bros? I'm Cortana Fresh! I like skateboarding, not committing genocide, and punctuating every sentence with a high-five!

A Min Yoongi/Suga Fanfiction

Summary:  Exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it’s been captured by a camera…So why can you only see rainbows when you look at him.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13

Part 13





I dont know, he didn’t come home last night. And when I woke up this morning and found out he was still missing, I figured this was the first place I should check.’

You wake up to the sound of voices, the weights on your eyes telling you to go back to sleep and almost dragging you under, but not before you had squinted to look around the room and had got shocked awake by your surroundings-

-as well as the nearing voices.

I…I thought he would have been in his usual studio. Jesus, I only saw him last night, where the fuck could he be?’

‘Yoongi! Yoongi, wake up!’ you hiss, becoming slightly embarrassed when you realise he was curled against your back on the sofa, with both of you completely naked and only a thin blanket wrapped over you, the feeling of him pressed up against you making your body flush with heat.


'Mnnh.’ he grumbles angrily, not in the slightest bit awake, but being conscious enough to tighten his arm around you.

'Yoongi! There are people outside looking for you- we have to get dressed!’ you stress quietly, trying to sit up as your heart thunders in your chest, wiggling to get away from his arm and nudging him urgently, trying not to smile at him groaning, and panicking when the voices outside the door get closer.

'I’ll ring him again, but he hasn’t been picking up so far..’

You shove Yoongi harder then, waking him up with a groan, before hurriedly scrabbling about as you try to find his phone, trying not to get embarrassed at the fact that you were stark naked in the middle of the studio, on your hands and knees, trying to find a phone that would begin to ring any minute.

'Is that Namjoon outside the door?’ Yoongi suddenly asks in a husky whisper, surprising you at how alert he appeared compared to seconds before, and clambering to the floor with you as he grabs for his clothes which were scattered around the room, his eyes tired and barely open and his lips swollen from sleep.

'Yes. Thank you for finally waking up!’ you hiss, watching him as he quickly shrugs into his clothes, only getting his jeans halfway up his legs before the buzz of his phone starts, and he shoots you a look of panic at how loud it is.

'Hey…can you hear that?…’


'Just wait here, get your clothes on and make the place look normal- i’ll stall Namjoon.’ he mutters quickly, hurriedly pulling up his trousers and doing up the fastenings, before simultaneously shoving his feet into his shoes and pulling his shirt over his head, just before picking up his phone.



When you hear the voice echo outside the door your heart misses a beat and you’re almost sure the younger guy was about to walk through the door to see you struggling to shimmy into your own skinny jeans, when Yoongi lunges for the door and opens it just enough so that he could slip through.

'Hey, whats going on-’

'Hyung! Where the hell have you been?! I’ve been trying to call you all morning, after not being able to find you after your set last night and- …why are you still in the same clothes!?’ Namjoon immediately says, seeming to grow suspicious of Yoongi in no time and pushing you to hurry your movements as you hear the sounds of Yoongi trying to direct Namjoon’s attention away from the studio you were in.

'Well…um…after my set…Melody wanted to see how I turn my stuff into music…and, uh, such- so we came back here…and we, I mean, we ended up crashing at around 6- we only woke up a few moments ago to your phone call.’ Yoongi improvises, his attention to detail as he tries to keep the lie as close to the truth as possible impressing you, and his ability to stall Namjoon meant that by the time the door handle was turned and the door itself was flung open to reveal the two guys, you were smartly arranged in the desk chair in front of the computer, with all the guys research up on screen ready, and your clothes appropriately adorned.

'Oh…hi Namjoon.’ you greet him, quickly getting to your feet and bowing and bowing at Seojun stood behind him who was looking at you curiously, but with a comfortable, warm smile.

'I think I might have worried Namjoon after not going home last night, after you begged me to show you my music.’ Yoongi says, quickly clearing everything up as he widens his eyes slightly to tell you to go along with the story, despite the fact you’d already heard everything.

'Oh. Wow. Sorry Namjoon! I mean, I was just so gobsmacked by Yoongi’s performance in the club last night that I just had to know how he came up with his lyrics and beats and everything.’ you improvise, pulling a half apologetic and half interested face as you make eye contact with the blonde haired guy in front of you, who was shooting you a very sceptical expression back- Yoongi beside him trying not to laugh at your overly apologetic tone of voice.

'Oh….well, you dont have to apologise…it was hyung’s fault for not answering his phone. I-uh…I guess you’ll want to go home now then-’


You suck your lips into your mouth when you and Yoongi both shout the word at the same time, your gaze flickering to his and catching his amused, yet startled expression, before you look back at Namjoon and see him looking between the two of you suspiciously.

'I mean…Melody really wanted to get on with the research and composition projects that Shihyuk gave her, especially after everything I showed her last night. …So I expect she’ll want to stay here.’ Yoongi quickly babbles, the very tips of his cheekbones tinging the lightest pink, and the sight makes you smile in amusement when you see it, before you quickly shake the expression from your face when you see Namjoon look to you from the corner of your eye.

'Right. …well…I have a quick errand to run before practise anyway…so, as long as you’re okay hyung, i’ll see you in the practise room in 5.’ Namjoon mutters, still looking between the two of you, before shuffling back out the door when Yoongi nods and murmurs a quick 'yes’ to him- the taller boy shooting you a questioning look just before he turned the corner.

'Well…I think we got away with that.’ Yoongi mutters quietly as he closes the door to again, turning to look at you with a smug smile and making you remember just what you’d woken up to only minutes before as you feel your face heat up.

'and I think, Namjoon definitely knows what’s going on at this point.’ you argue, smirking at him as you see the state of disarray his hair was in and you step forward to reach a hand up and straighten it out.

'Nah…he still hasn’t said anything…which means I can still do this-’ Yoongi mutters triumphantly, milliseconds before wrapping an arm quickly around your waist and pulling you tightly against him, just to crush his lips against yours. His spare hand holds your ribcage gently, cradling you with a feather light touch, as his mouth riots against yours, the morning breath that you were both sporting, somehow not being an issue for you both.

'You know…if it was anyone else..I wouldn’t have woken up…- you must be special to wake me up that easily.’ he mutters, leaning his head to the side slightly when he breaks the kiss, his sunshine smile making your heart flutter horrendously, and you worry that he might be able to feel the way your heart was racing with the way your chests were pressed so close to one another.

'I guess I feel privileged?’ you tease, grinning back at him, and biting your lip subconsciously as you think of all the things he could do with that mouth, those plump lips, and that skilled tongue…

That was until he spoke his next words.

'So…last night was fun, huh? ….I think we should do it again…’