why you asking all them question video


if anyone ever again asks me the worst question on the face of the planet, “why do you main junkrat?” im just going to send them this video and that’s all i need

30 day Kitten Space Tag

We’ve created a Kitten Space Tag that every Kitten can do, regardless of if they have a master or not. (Most tags out there ask questions about a Kitten’s owner/master and not every Kitten has one, so that’s why.) And we’re tagging all of our Kitten Followers to give it a try! The idea is you answer one question a day, but if you feel like answering all of them at once, feel free to do that! You can also use these questions as a base for a Q&A video. 

Day 1 - Describe the type of Kitten you are

Day 2 - List your Favourite Petnames

Day 3 - What gets you into Kitten Space?

Day 4 - Favourite Kitten Space Activitiy

Day 5 - A Picture of your Favourite Collar

Day 6 - Favourite Kitten Space Snack

Day 7 - How long have you been a Kitten?

Day 8 - What got you into Kitten Play?

Day 9 - Do you wear your gear in public?

Day 10 - A Picture of your Favourite Toy/Plushy

Day 11 - Do you like to take on any other Parts? (ex. Little, Puppy, Bunny, etc.) 

Day 12 - What’s the best thing about being a Kitten?

Day 13 - What can other People do to get you into Kitten Space?

Day 14 - A Picture of your first Gear

Day 15 - Cuddles or Kisses?

Day 16 - Lace or Leather?

Day 17 - Obedient or Rebel? 

Day 18 - Buckled Collar or Ribbon-Ties?

Day 19 - Fluffy Tail or Thin Tail?

Day 20 - Playtime or Naptime?

Day 21 - Favourite Kitten Space Drink

Day 22 - Ideal Kitten Play Date

Day 23 - Your Advise for a new Kitten

Day 24 - Three Kitten Play related Things on your Bucket List

Day 25 - A Picture of your favourite Kitten Outfit

Day 26 - First Kitten Play Experience

Day 27 - Favourite place to take a Nap

Day 28 - Your Kitten Play Inspiration

Day 29 - Your Kitten Play Aspiration

Day 30 - A message to your fellow Kittens

Will you be doing this tag? Let us know by tagging us in it! And make sure to tag your Kitten Friends, too! Take care, and have fun! 



It’s been two weeks and I already say this in the video, but I meant to get it out last week. But, since I was sick and didn’t want to sound/look like a complete and total mess, I made this now. I got A LOT of questions and if you by any chance have asked me a question in the past 2-3 weeks, it’s most likely answered right here straight out of my inbox! (almost all of them agoadjgpsahg)

This was really fun to do and I may make one in the future, but here it is! :D

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A kinda rant

Okay, okay….Let’s have a little talk.
I really love Dan and Phil and happy to be part of the phandom. They did a tour last year, have two books and always do everything for the fans. Unfortunately some of us really want them to be in relationships.
Pj have his own office with Pewdiepie and deserved 1 million subscribers. I like his content.
Now, Chris, he stopped using YouTube and was in many short movies. Recently he returned to make videos. For this situation he asked the fans on Twitter for questions.
From all four of them, Chris was the only one who was bothered with questions about the Fantastic Foursome. Didn’t everyone get that this is dead and just ruin Chris. Why aren’t we asking Dan, Phil or Pj about that. The poor being have a depression apart from that he says it’s playing and not real but you can hear by the voice that he is broken and only putting the Fantastic Foursome on point when he ask about questions it’s not great.
I am part of the phandom but watching Chris so sad makes me want to punch someone in the face…

Rant out….Respect their lifes. They are humans like us.

BTS Reaction To Finding Out Their GF Is A Youtuber

Request: BTS reaction to finding out their gf is a youtube star??

Namjoon: He would probably find out through one of the other boys who said he stumbled upon you when they were just looking at random youtube videos. He would then watch almost all of them before running up to you and asking why you never told him. He would also be pretty impressed by how many subscribers you have.

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Jin: He would find out when you ask him nonchalantly to record something for you. He’d bombard you with questions and get upset with you because you never told him. You’d have to be all cute with him to get him to forgive you and of course he would eventually.

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Suga: He would think you’re lying when you told him about what you do but when you showed him your channel he would be in shock He would then make sure to interrupt you every time you were recording a video.

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Hoseok: Someone else would’ve told him about you being on YouTube and when he saw how many subscribers you had, he would be honestly really proud and jealous at the same time. He would have to see you and scold you for not telling him but after that he would be gushing about how popular and cool you were.

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Jimin: He would find your videos when he was bored one day and would watch all of them and the more he watched the more upset he got. He didn’t like that you never told him and when he saw you again he would quote your videos hoping you would catch on to what he now knew.

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Taehyung: He would be excited to find out suddenly and tell you which videos he liked and didn’t like. He’d also suggest you to put him in some of your videos.

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Jungkook: He’d tease you for some of the sillier videos you’ve done but you can beet that he liked every single one of your videos and commented something silly.

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“I think they are a form of breathing. I think that’s what happens. It’s just the way– because they can change their bodies, and because they can go onto different planets where the atmosphere is different, they probably have to alter the way they breathe. And the way we breathe through our mouth and our nose isn’t quite enough for them. So, I think they use all of these, what you call suction cups, to take in the atmosphere, and make it safe for them to breathe. That’s my idea. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect it’s something like that. Excellent question!”

With The Zygon Invasion airing soon, I remembered this cute video of Peter answering questions from kids during this year’s San Diego Comic Con. One girl named Rowan (appropriately cosplaying as Osgood) asked why Zygons have suction cups. Peter’s answer was both hilarious and creative. :)

GIFs were made by me from the video, Whovian Kids ask the Doctor! - Doctor Who on BBC America w/ Peter Capaldi. You should watch the whole clip if you haven’t. The kids are adorable and Peter is such a class act. :)

bugging you while reading {michael}



you just know michael is one of the most annoying and impatient guys in the band he would be so annoying like 95% of the time which would be why you love him so much like i can see you reading a serious book and your really into it and all of a sudden you hear a bunch of noise because michaels sitting at the foot of the bed playing video games and then you would ask him to please turn them off and he’d crawl up to you and ask a billion questions like ‘what are you reading? is it good? what’s it about? it looks boring. when are you gonna be done?’ and he’d peek his head up through your arms to take a look at the pages, completely blocking your view and i bet he’d keep asking 'are you done yet’ and taking the book to try and be funny but really it’s just completely irritating and when you finally finish the book he’d be like 'I’m going to try and read it’ and pick it up, read the first paragraph, say it’s boring and ask if you wanna do something